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Media Mogul, Business Guru and Bestselling Author, Scott Duffy, Joins Have It All with Devin Alexander

LogoScott Duffy shares the true process of turning a simple idea into a HUGE and THRIVING business. The fact of the matter is that you CAN live your dream! Your ideas do not just have to remain ideas.

The Node Makes Kitchen and Pantry Organization Easy and Convenient

LogoCooking at home is the best way to eat nutritiously and save money on food, but many people avoid it because it is too complicated and time consuming. The Node aims to solve that problem, providing a unique way to store seasonings and other dry goods. The Node is a storage case made from high-quality walnut. It incorporates slots for 26 glass jars. These jars come in four distinct sizes, ranging from 2 ounces to 16 ounces. This way, users can store a wider variety of items than traditional spice racks allow, like dried fruit, nuts, flour and more. Each jar fits neatly into its slot, and it's top is above the surface of the Node about half an inch, making it easy to grab when needed.

Lunarbaboon's 'Parenting Is Easy' Game Is Making Record Fundraising on Kickstarter

Lunarbaboon's Parenting is Easy Game and Anxiety Troll Plush are two of the hottest things being introduced in a single crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter right now. Developed by the globally renowned Golden Bell Studios, the game simply attempts to tackle the struggle of parenting and anxiety that comes with it. Moreover, the crowdfunding campaign that was launched to raise funds for the game on Kickstarter has already exceeded its original goal of $10,000 and is now nearing $60,000 due to the overwhelming response by the supporters. During the campaign Golden Bell's Lunarbaboon page excelled 1,000,000 Facebook Fans!

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Upcoming Feature Film, 'Steeple'

With an aim to spread the message of love, "Steeple" is an inspiring new feature film about the church and church community. A crowdfunding campaign is currently being hosted on Kickstarter to raise funds and community support for the film. "Steeple's" creator and director, David Dubczak, is an Iowa-based writer, filmmaker, producer and teacher, who always strives to bring joy to the lives of others.

Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Offers Finest Bathroom Remodel in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada

LogoLas Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling provides a complete solution for the kitchen and bathroom restoration needs particularly for the residents in Las Vegas. The company has been providing such services for more than 30 years now and is known for offering passionate, arresting design along with competent, systematic, and supportive customer services.

6 Spooky Sounds That Haunted Furnaces Make-and Why

The most popular haunted houses feature plenty of scary sound effects: haunting music, creaking doors, squeaking floors, rattling chains and howling ghouls.

Toby Merrington Launches Kickstarter Campaign for His Debut EP

Toby Merrington is an aspiring Paris based English music artist, who aims to release his first EP, titled 'Kindred Lights' by the end of 2018. The artist has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and community support for this cause, and he is welcoming music fans from around the world to support him. His goal is to raise a sum of EUR 4000. He has already recorded and released one of the songs for the EP. It's called That's Rock n' Roll.

Berrylook Unveils Exciting New Offers

Berrylook, a renowned online fashion destination has introduced smart offers including Black Friday Dresses and discounts on outwear, which lead to further savings for users.

Berrylook Launches Smart New Collection

Berrylook has launched a stylish collection of Cheap Women's Boots and coats, which helps women make the best impression without spending huge amounts.

Kids Yoga Stories Announces New Counting Yoga Book for Toddlers and Preschoolers: 123 AFRICAN SAFARI

Kids Yoga Stories and author Giselle Shardlow are thrilled to announce the official release of their newest yoga book for kids, 123 African Safari: A Kids Yoga Counting Book.

New Online Store Called "Its All About Pets" Provides High-Quality Accessories and Toys for Pets

Pet owners often find it hard to locate high-quality toys and accessories for their pets. Most of the times, the quality of such products found online is simply not up to the mark, or in other cases, the prices are just too high.

Mind Control: Breaking the Stigma Around Mental Health with an Innovative New Comic Book Series

LogoWriter and founder of TAL Creative, Teddy Leo, has created a comic book series to raise mental health awareness and encourage struggling kids to speak up. The series, set in a universe where the characters are all struggling with mental health issues, is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. It aims to educate young people on what it's like to suffer from mental health conditions and to promote a kinder, positive society without the stigma still often attached to mental illness.

An Online Guide to Being and Feeling Fit and Healthy

FitnessHacks.Org as the name suggest offers some very useful fitness hacks for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. The store offers everything that people need to keep their bodies in prime condition. Today, there are many individuals who are considering a fit lifestyle rather than a lethargic lifestyle. There has also been an increase in the number of people hitting the gyms, joining yoga and Pilate classes. Every individual goes through so much stress these days – be it at work or home. They do not have enough time to eat healthy food and to take a good night's sleep. As a result, they are prone to different health ailments which turn out to be dangerous and risky in the long run.

Meg Wheatley Joins Cheryl Esposito for a Special Episode of Leading Conversations on VoiceAmerica

LogoMeg Wheatley, will join host Cheryl Esposito for a special episode of Leading Conversations, on Friday, October 12th from 10:00-11:00 AM (PT)/1:00-2:00 PM (ET) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel (

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Concrete Tiny House Co. – Expands Into Buildings of All Sizes, Even Tiny Stables

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses, a proud member of American Tiny House Association, expands from tiny houses and tiny buildings to offer precast concrete equestrian stables. Known as Sydney's Stable, this tiny stable is based on a tiny home design, which is built on a permanent concrete foundation and can be scaled up or down in size based on the customers' needs or specifications. Available in a variety of exterior textures, this fully customizable tiny stable is available in wood, brick, stucco, stone or a combination of finishes.

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Concrete Tiny House Co. – Offers an Impressive Line of Tiny Homes in a Variety of Design Options

A leading provider of Tiny Home Services in Texas, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses – The Original Tiny House Co. – offers affordable tiny homes that can be fully customized for a variety of uses. With more than thirty years of industry experience, the company has designed seven tiny home models and counting! Currently, the company has designed and built The Cleburne Ranchette, The Chisholm Trail Cabin, The Colorado Cool, The Big Spur Micro Cabin, The California Shed, Sydney's Stable, and The Texas Two-Step. This full service tiny house company handles everything from design to construction – including framing, roofing, siding, plumbing, and electrical.

Top-Rated Wellness Podcast "Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane" Celebrates 600th Episode

LogoThis week, award-winning authors and seminar leaders Ariel and Shya Kane celebrate the 600th episode of their internationally-acclaimed podcast Being Here, one of the top-rated shows on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel.

Dr. Raymond Moody, World-Renowned Best Selling Author, Joins Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoThe University of Heaven, an online platform with courses and conversations about near death, shared death and after death experiences, was just launched by Dr. Raymond Moody, PHD, MD, and Lisa Smartt. It is in honor of Dr. Moody's half century of research into these areas and includes contributions from leading edge writers and thinkers ranging from Kenneth Ring to Eben Alexander to Mary Neal to Hearts of Space composer Kevin Braheny. The content will include descriptions of out-of-body experiences, being in the presence of a light, appearance of deceased friends and family members along with a life review and the feeling of unconditional love and spiritual peace. Many of the guest faculty are physicians who bring the dual perspective of being scientifically-minded as well as being spiritually transformed by their research and experiences. Please join us Thursday to learn more about this fascinating research and The University of Heaven.

The Black Travel Movement Continues Its Growth with the Real South Africa – A Travel Company

LogoThe rise in African American travel over the past 6 years due to increased education and income led to the creation of travel companies, such as Travel Noire, NoMadness and Tastemakers Africa. "Although international travel for African Americans is rising, there still seems to be a gap left in the market," Paris Taylor, I.C.E

Work Like an Immigrant, by Carlos Siqueira, to Be Published Oct 16th

LogoCarlos Siqueira, internationally known as "The Mentors' Mentor," is releasing his book Work Like an Immigrant: Keys to Unlock Your Potential, Attain True Fulfillment, and Build Your Legacy Today on October 16th, published by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. The book blends Carlos's real-world experience, business insight, and contagious sense of humor in a work aimed to help others achieve professional and personal success and fulfillment.

Halo House Animal Resort to Participate in 2018 "Pledge-a-Paw" Event in Camden County, NJ

LogoHalo House Animal Resort will be participating in this year's "Pledge-A-Paw" Dog Walk & Event in Blackwood, New Jersey on Saturday, October 20th. This annual event is organized by the Camden County Animal Shelter and sponsored by the Camden Co. Board of Freeholders.

Kyomo Watch Offers Beautiful, Stylish Watches for Trendsetters and Fashion Lovers

LogoKyomo Watch is a new watch brand that delivers gorgeous pieces for both men and women. The creators of Kyomo Watch, Isabelle and Alessandro, bonded over their shared love of fashion and traveling the world when they met in India, which led them to design the watches together. Alessandro said, "We create timepieces to inspire your unique experience in this life."

Radiator Hut Offers an Extensive Collection of Vertical Designer Radiators in Modern and Contemporary Styles

A renowned provider of radiators in the UK, Radiator Hut offers an extensive collection of vertical designer radiators. Along with a sleek design and elegant look, each radiator in their collection provides a practical heating solution for all rooms. The radiators don't require as much wall space as usual horizontal radiators and can be placed in small, tight hallways, tiny cloakrooms and small en-suites. The radiators are a combination of new and contemporary designs, measuring 1200mm to 1800mm in height. The radiators produce maximum heat output usually more than 10,000 BTUs per hour. Some of the vertical designer radiators offered by them include 1600 x 280mm Black Flat Panel Vertical Radiator, Single, 1600 x 280mm Anthracite Flat Panel Vertical Radiator, Single, 1780 x 280mm Anthracite Flat Panel Vertical Radiator, Single, 1780 x 280mm Black Flat Panel Vertical Radiator, Single and various others.

Carrot & Stick Is an Exciting Storytelling Card Game for All Ages

LogoFinding a game that is suitable for both adults and children can sometimes be challenging. Either the game grownups like is too advanced for children, or the game kids prefer is too juvenile for adults. Mindpipe aims to solve this problem with the introduction of its new game, Carrot & Stick.

Alleging Religious Bias by Federal Judge & Prosecutor, Church Asks 10th Circuit to Unseal Records

LogoAfter serving 3 years of an 11-year prison sentence, convicted felon Gary Walker decided he'd had enough of the prison life and filed a motion and affidavit requesting release on the basis that he was not responsible for his actions because he was under a religious spell of his mother-in-law pastor, Rose M. Banks of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church (CSFC). Walker also claimed that a junior attorney and close friend from CSFC (Gwendolyn Lawson), one of two attorneys on his legal team, was also under the religious control of Pastor Banks which caused a conflict of interest representing him and four other defendants during sentencing.