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Brian Brown with Champion Racing Oil Wins 6th Victory of the Year at Knoxville

Logo"We've had a really, really good start up there this year," he said. "We've been consistently good. When you're in the hunt every night you can try little things. This weekend we had another good, solid night. Our car worked flawlessly. We're proud to be partners with Champion Oil."

Hope Designs Continues to Attract a Record Number of Clients with Its Home Staging and Interior Design Services

Hope Designs has confirmed that it is seeing a steady rise in customer numbers for its home staging and interior design services. The company notes that the last few years have been quite busy. This trend is expected to continue for the best part of 2018 and beyond.

ProDog Raw Launches Innovative Range of BARF Raw Food

LogoUK company ProDog Raw have launched a new and exciting range of raw food meals for dogs, designed to deliver the optimum in health and nutrition. We take a look at why a raw food diet is the best choice for your dog and the outstanding benefits that ProDog Raw can provide:

FookVR Transforms Usual Sextoys Into Virtual Reality Sex Toys

LogoFrom its inception as a virtual reality start-up, FookVR has focused on bringing an increased level of immersion to the adult oriented segment of the virtual reality industry. The company's main focus is the continual development and refinement of the Fook; a proprietary motion tracking device for men and women that aids in replicating of the user's movements in an onscreen virtual reality simulation. The Fook will be paired with complementary virtual reality environments that highlight use of the device's full range of capabilities and can be integrated to be used with masturbatory sleeves, dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, or simply attached to the user's wrist.

Sibsan Luxury Hotel Rimping Unveils New Deals

Sibsan Luxury Hotel Rimping, a much talked about Spa Luxury Hotel In Chiangmai has ensured that travelers can experience the majestic city in style without breaking the bank.

Cameron Construction Offers Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

LogoCameron Construction is one of the leading building service providers in the city of Melbourne. They have been providing high-end solutions for over four decades, and have the much-needed experience to carry out projects. The company offers building and design solutions, and only work with industry best building designers, and architectural draftsman to create stunning designs for their clients that carefully balances feasibility, aesthetic and functionality. Their solutions are competitively priced to meet their client's budgetary needs.

Gilberto Ayala Launches Kickstarter Campaign for His New Music Album

Gilberto Ayala is an inspiring Mexico-American music artist and he has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to seek community support in order to finish his music album and music videos. The artist has been inspired by movies, relationships, children, anger, love and emptiness, and this album is a mariachi album, which basically covers themes such as culture, tradition, love, insecurities, and how life is not easy.

BeaLady Introduces Stylish Range of Top Quality Products

BeaLady, a renowned online store known for its fashion forward apparel and accessories has unveiled a smart range of Bikinis and Sportswear for today's fashion conscious women.

High Quality Authentic-Looking Hermes Dogon Long Wallets Available

A quick and cursory search of Hermes dogon long wallets and dogon recto-verso wallets will show many enthusiastic buyers that the products are simply out of a reasonable price range. offers and creates authentic-looking and high quality replicas of the Hermes line that are within the budget of most shoppers.

An Aspiring American Filmmaker Launches Kickstarter Campaign for His Dreams

Matthew Hyatt is an aspiring American filmmaker, who wants to live his dreams by traveling across the United States and making films. Matthew is currently stuck in a car business and he wants to quit his job. Therefore, he is seeking generous community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter and he is welcoming the online community to help him in pursuing his true passion of filmmaking.

Brad Heller of the Heller Approach Featured in Voyage LA Interview

LogoVoyage LA, the flagship publication of Voyage Media, published a February article highlighting Brad Heller, founder and teacher at The Heller Approach acting school. True to its mission, Voyage LA delivers an authentic and personal conversation with Brad about his discovery of acting, and where it has led him and his students today.

Nicki Minaj Tickets on Sale for FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN at Tickets-Online

LogoNicki Minaj, will bring her NICKIHNDRXX Tour to FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN on October 23, 2018 with special guest Future.

Voila Caterers Finds a Rank Amongst Top European Catering Companies in Manhattan and New York City

LogoFood is at the heart of every occasion or event, be it a wedding or a gathering. The first thing one needs to take care while arranging a party is the catering. At Voila Caterers, one will find the perfect solution at affordable price. Whether one needs catering services for one's corporate event, they can do it all. They bring one an impressive list of mouthwatering food in a personalized menu that will add an indescribable essence to one's party or event.

Voila Caterers Engages Expert Event Planners to Display Their Culinary Excellece in Manhattan and New York City

LogoFor those who are looking for event catering in Manhattan, Voila Caterers is the name to trust. Over the years, the company has earned an excellent reputation as one of the leading European catering companies in Manhattan and New York City, through the quality of their food and their catering services.

Village Catering Announces Airline Catering Services Are Available This Spring

LogoPeople who travel for either work or pleasure deserve high-quality meals when they're up above the clouds. Village Catering announces airline catering services are available this spring. Village Catering is a leading provider of full-range catering services for today's bustling airline industry. In the caterer's kitchen, the focus is on culinary excellence so that their customers can still receive delicious food while traveling. This spring, get in touch with Village Catering to find out what they can do to make any flight a memorable experience.

A Feature Documentary Film About Beautiful Romania Launches Kickstarter Campaign

On The Footsteps Of The Prince is an upcoming feature documentary film about the beautiful sights in Romania. The film reveals why HRH Prince Charles chose Romania for his holiday home and follows the majestic Romanian landscapes in his footsteps. Moreover, this documentary film is going to be a special treat for those who are planning a trip to Romania.

Four Amazing June Discount Codes Now Available at Bride & Groom Direct

Bride & Groom Direct, leading suppliers of wedding invitations and stationary, are renowned throughout the wedding supplies industry for their great commitment to offering the highest quality wedding stationary at the most competitive prices, and it doesn't stop there! The company are now celebrating June by offering four amazing discount codes to all of their customers, allowing for people to get even greater value for their money when planning their weddings.

ExerciseN - Jumpstarts and Supports Individuals' Health and Fitness Goals

With the aim of jumpstarting and supporting individuals' health and fitness goals, ExerciseN takes pride in offering highly innovative health and fitness product reviews to all health lovers and fitness enthusiasts. One of the most sought after review categories of ExerciseN is health and fitness. This is a clear indication that more and more individuals want to take care of their competence and well-being. That being said, ExerciseN plays its role by helping these individuals accomplish their goals and offering specially designed and innovative reviews on products like weight benches, rowing machines, and many more. Individuals can incorporate these products into their regular fitness routines.

J.Babylon: A Rare Hand-Painted Denim Jacket Launches Indiegogo Campaign

J.Babylon is a rare and hand-painted fashionable denim jacket that is being launched in an exclusively limited edition. The creators of this remarkably comfortable jacket have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and support for this jacket, and they are welcoming everyone to generously participate in the fundraising.

Escape Room Starring Skeet Ulrich Available Now on VOD

LogoESCAPE ROOM, directed by Peter Dukes, is the story of four friends who decide to take part in a popular Escape Room horror attraction only to find themselves stuck inside with a demonically possessed killer. They only have one hour to solve the room's puzzles and escape with their lives.

Clothing Company Invites the World to Say Huhlo with Style

BrandName USA has kicked off the start of Summer Vacation with a global call-to-action aimed at bringing people together with one simple word.

Purple Wishing Gate Celebrates and Honors Members of the Military

Purple Wishing Gate, who regularly offers personalized blessing gifts for sale online, supports troops and veterans from every branch of the military. While it's important to thank soldiers for their service throughout the year, there's no better time to purchase a patriotic gift for them than during the summer.

Composer Arthur Sadowsky Joins Leanh Nquyen to Discuss His Journey to Asylum in the U.S.

LogoOn Voice America this Thursday 5/31, Arthur Sadowsky, joins Leanh Nquyen to discuss his Journey to Asylum and his passion for music, on her show "On Living: The Trauma and Beauty of Being Human."

Modern in Designs Offers Reproductions of Furniture Pieces by Iconic Mid-Century Designers

LogoModern In Designs is a company that specializes in designs of both modern, high-quality furniture and reproduction of famous mid-century pieces. The furniture they produce is bought by homeowners, schools public offices, restaurants and hotels and many other such places. The products from replicated precisely as they were designed during the mid-century era by iconic designers are available at an affordable 70-80% off the retail price of the original pieces. Clients all across the United States enjoy the look of a luxurious classic design piece that is 100% look-alike the original without paying as much.

Florida Beach House Weddings and Receptions Are a Popular Option for Couples Looking for a Vow Renewal or Beach Wedding in Florida

LogoTraditional wedding costs have soared, and for budget conscious couples as well as those who are looking for a modern twist on the traditional ceremony, the beach offers a laid-back setting which can still be tailored to provide everything on the wish list. A Florida beach wedding can be customized in many ways - with brightly colored chiffon, crystal drapes, chandeliers, fresh floral accents, a dramatic sweeping aisle, nautical themed decor, lanterns. tikis, fresh rose petals, a musician, recorded music - the list is extensive! The added advantage of having a beach house wedding is that there are no transportation logistics to worry about - family and friends can get ready at their own pace while the outdoor space is transformed. Suncoast Weddings feature a Florida beach house wedding venue which is made up of five individual suites, allowing up to 22 people to share the same space but still retain some privacy, perfect for the couple who don't want to see each other on the wedding day before the ceremony.