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Wedding Bands World Now Offers Their Perfectly Designed Series of Three Stone Rings at Reduced Prices

LogoEstablishing themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality wedding bands, Wedding Bands World is now offering their perfectly designed series of three stone rings at the reduced rates. The series that they are offering are designed utilizing 14K & 18K Gold, Platinum and Palladium. All the rings that they are offering under their three stone rings category are affordable and are available at the discounted prices. Besides this, they even enable their customers with their hassle free and fast delivery services.

New Website Reveals How to Become a Better Singer Quickly

Tips, advice, and techniques shared on a new blog called is helping people to improve their singing voice and bringing them closer to their dream of becoming a famous singer.

Vitalete Takes a New Approach to Vitamins for Athletic People

Vitalete launched their athletic-focused vitamin lineup to the US market today via crowdfunding site Their unique approach offers 3 different morning multivitamin formulations – 3hr, 6hr, and 9hr – each tuned to match the number of hours a person works out per week. Vitalete also offers a companion night formulation to aid sleep quality and overnight recovery. The ingredients and dosages were selected based on published research showing effectiveness in replacing what's lost through sweat, elevating energy levels, or improving muscle recovery. Following a successful launch, Vitalete plans to offer their products consumer-direct through a subscription-based service.

Innovative Theatres Launches New Website to Showcase Home Theatre Systems in California

Entertainment has evolved rapidly in the last twenty years, and from small, heavy CRT televisions with thick toughened glass, we can now outfit homes with lightweight, ultra high definition flat screens and projectors, with dedicated sound systems for an immersive experience. Innovative Theatres is at the absolute cutting edge of this technological wave, and has just created a new website to better promote these approaches, so potential customers can get inspired into transforming their home entertainment experience.

Fresh MTB Reviews Publishes New Suite of Reviews Including Reviews of Mountain Biking's Biggest Brands

Mountain Biking is more than just a hobby for those who love it, it is a way of life. As such, the bike itself is subject to constant maintenance and upgrades. There are so many potential products to invest in however that even aficionados get blinded by choice. Fresh MTB Reviews helps people quickly and effectively source the best products currently on the market by reviewing all the latest releases from the biggest brands. The website ( has just been updated with a brand new suite of reviews aiming to transform almost every individual component of a mountain bike for increased performance, better handling and a more comfortable ride.

Durable Sporty Armbands Available on Amazon for iPhone 6 Users

Along with the expensive iPhone 6 smartphones comes the risk of scratches or breakage. One needs to handle them properly and take effective measures to make sure that their phones are carried safely. The risk increases when they have their phones with them while they play any outdoor game or when they are working out. This makes it important for them to use protective covers and cases for their phone. MarlJohns has come up with innovative sporty armbands for iPhone 6 users that is available on the Amazon store.

Amazon Starts Selling Sporty Armbands for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Users

iPhones are one of the most amazing devices that have been developed in recent times. There have been different versions of iPhones developed by Apple and most of them have received great response among the users. Along with this the users also like to produce various accessories available for this innovative samrtphone. One of them is the sporty armband developed for these phones. MarlJohns is selling the sporty armbands through the Amazon store and these products are available at cost effective rates.

Iconic Emmy Winner Robert Hooks, Actor, Producer of Film, Television and the Stage

LogoIconic Emmy Winner Actor Producer Robert Hooks Shares Powerful Wisdom And Inspiration From His Keen Insight And Experience With Over 100 Roles Of Performing In Film, Television and The Stage. Listen In And Join Host Sharon Rose Washington As She Interviews Luminary Guest Robert Hooks On The Empowerment Channel's Show, "Why We Are Here" Friday May 29th At 3:00PM PST.

MarlJohns Comes Up with Its Designer Range of Armbands for iPhone6 Users

iPhone 6 is the latest addition among the different versions of iPhones launched by Apple. This multifunctional smartphone tends to be a style quotient for many people and huge amount of people have bought it around the world. There are various accessories available for iPhone 6 and people buy them as it increases the style quotient along with protective measures required for the phone. MarlJohns is one such manufacturer that has come up with his arm band that helps in carrying iPhone 6 conveniently and sells them through Amazon online store.

Amazon Comes Up with Multifunctional iPhone 6 Sporty Armband Manufactured by MarlJohns

Often people need to monitor or remain connected online or reply messages instantly while busy with some activity. It is quite difficult to hold the smartphone with one hand and accomplish other tasks smoothly in some cases. There is always a fear of dropping the device unintentionally and damaging it. However, the problem is being solved with arrival of sporty armband for iPhone 6. It delivers both protection and functionality with its unique design which has multiple utilities. This armband is very easy to use while pursuing daily activities such as exercise.

Dr. Nicholas Kartsonis Discusses the Many Contributions of Merck and Ongoing Research, and Treatments Addressing CDI

LogoJoin us on Tuesday, May 26th at 11a Pacific / 2p Eastern Time for an on-line live broadcast to learn about Merck's current treatments and research focused on C. diff infections by Dr. Nick Kartsonis, Associate Vice President of Clinical Research for Infectious Diseases for Merck Research Laboratories (MRL) and Section Head within MRL for antibiotics, antibacterials and cytomegalovirus

MarlJohns Sells Protective iPhone 6 Armbands Through the Amazon Store

Devices like smartphones and iPhone are sophisticated and develop scratch marks in their surface bodies during exercise or sporty activities. Besides, such devices do get break easily when slipped from our hands. MarlJohns has brought out variety of sporty armbands that can prevent such devices from early damages. Not only protection, these armbands also help the users to carry their smartphones and other portable devices in a well organised manner. Users can view these sporty armband products in the for selecting any model before purchasing. Besides, these armbands protect the screen of the iPhone from dust and dirt accumulation. These armbands are mainly designed to protect iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models of Apple.

So Scene Is a One Stop Shop for People Looking for Ear Stretching Accessories, Jewelry or Guidance on How to Stretch Ears is one stop shop online for all things ear stretching. Whether you want to know how to stretch your ears, or looking for organic plugs, septum rings or ear gauge sizes, the site offers just about everything. The site is completely dedicated for people, who want more information about ear stretching, or wants to get the ear stretching done, but doesn't have proper guidance. Also, the site has a very comprehensive range of ear stretching products, which are not only of good quality, but also priced reasonably.

Primal Gym Adds Youth Kajukenbo Classes to Weekly Schedule

LogoA mixture of classic and modern martial arts, Kajukenbo combines several combat systems that aid in self-defense techniques. Recognized as the first martial art to be created in the United States, Primal Gym is adding youth Kajukenbo classes to its weekly schedule. Available for youth ages 8-14, participate in the training classes on Monday or Wednesday at 5 pm, or Saturday mornings at 8 am.

Primal Gym Announces Close Quarters Combat Seminar in Tennessee This June

LogoStriving to teach combatants the best and most innovative techniques associated with strength during close quarters combat situations, Jim McCann of Primal Gym is announcing a new seminar he will be hosting in Tullahoma, Tennessee this June. On June 6 and June 7, McCann will be in Tullahoma speaking and training on jeet kune do and close quarters combat fighting techniques.

Replica Jewelry at Reasonable Rates Being Launched at

People who are looking for replica Cartier Jewelry, Bvlgari Jewelry and Hermes Jewelry can consider for all their requirements. It is a reliable place to find the same and the prices are also claimed to be competitive. Right from rings to bracelets, chains and ear rings, there are a number of products for those who like to wear jewelry that matches with their attire.

Tower Bridge Productions Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Promote the Feature Length Crime Thriller Movie Violence

LogoViolence is a crime thriller that shows that everyone has a dark side and a breaking point…

It Is Time to Wean off of Tinder

Finding potential swinger partners can be a tough challenge considering how difficult it is for couples as well as individuals to find people who think on the same lines. Normally, swinger couples have to depend on personal interactions and social events to find partners. This not only compels them to spend a lot of time and energy in the pursuit but, also robs them of the many delights of the active swinger community in their area.

The Media Revolution-- "It's Like the Wild Wild West" Says Ron Geskey, in His New Book, "Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century"

There's no doubt among experts that the marketing-media world is changing exponentially—from demographic and geographic shifts to new media technologies. That means media professionals, advertising experts and marketers looking to achieve optimal levels of success in this world need to always have access to the latest information to keep their edge. In that spirit, author and acclaimed advertising expert, Ron Geskey, recently announced the release of the 3rd new and improved edition of his best selling book "Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century."

Online Advertising Fraud Requires Increased Due Diligence by Media Buyers, Says Ron Geskey in His New Book "Advertising Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century"

There's no doubt among experts that the marketing-media world is changing exponentially—from demographic and geographic shifts to new media technologies. That means media professionals, advertising experts and marketers looking to achieve optimal levels of success in this world need to always have access to the latest information to keep their edge. In that spirit, author and acclaimed advertising expert, Ron Geskey, recently announced the release of the 3rd new and improved edition of his best selling book "Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century."

Things Not to Do After a Fire Damage to Get Lower Michigan Home Owners Insurance

Disaster Response, a reliable company with over three decades of experience has offered solutions to home and commercial property owners in Michigan area that they can adhere to after fire, to prevent further fire damage, water damage, or cause future mold damage.

6-Figure Healer Telesummit Provides Free Training, Wisdom, & Healing Activations

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Telesummit, hosted by the Academy for Invincible Healers, is an empowering interview-style telesummit online with 18 speakers lined up to offer advice, guidance, and activation for healers to find out how to earn 6-figures in their healing business.

Up to 30% of Disaster Claims from Michigan Home Owners Denied by Insurance Companies

A Michigan based company is offering answers to all those who want to find ways to save on home owners' insurance rates. The company has already made a difference to thousands of clients in the area and has bigger plans for the future.

Michigan Disaster 911 Advocates Helps Homeowners Eliminate Mold Wisely

Disaster Response has offered home owners in Michigan area a smart way to eliminate mould and what's more, get the mold claim covered by home owner's insurance policy.

Remy Capillus Now Offering Luxury Collection of Hair Extensions

LogoFor many individuals, the expression of their self-image through their hairstyle is an investment. Extensions are a convenient, fast way to achieve a beautiful head of hair that allows for ultimate styling. As a hair product, extensions look the best when they are made of 100% Virgin Remy Indian hair because of their irresistible look and feel. This spring, the hair extensions retailer and manufacturer, Remy Capillus, is offering their signature Luxury Collection of hair extensions that consist of clip-ins, tape-ins and wefted applications. Retailers, salons and stylists are invited to shop the Luxury Collection available online.