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Gavin Rajah Concept for Grand Events and Glamorous Fashion Shows

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Gavin Rajah Makes It to the Top Spot Again – Crowned Creative Director of the Year 2015

Catersource and Event Solutions have recently come up with a list featuring top catering companies and event management agencies that have displayed exemplary performance in community and professional development. Gavin Rajah and his renowned venture GRC have both secured a place in the list of distinguished finalists in the following categories

New Book Club Forms in Support of Traditional Values

Mrs. Sorcha Liu, a resident of Essex County, U. K. has recently assumed the role of U.K. Marketing Director for a newly-formed group, created with the intention of raising public awareness about issues of traditional morality.

Authorpreneur Marica Love Releasing Her Much Anticipated Book: Married to the War

Journals of Love, Life and Sweet Liqueurs, Australian born author Marica Love is more than thrilled to be releasing the first book in her Married To The War series of autobiographical novels. In the book, Marica Love paints a rich, vivid and compelling tapestry of love and loss as she writes about her personal battle that she fought during the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995.

Kitchen Design Victoria Offers Free Appliances on All Kitchen Renovations Booked in April

Kitchen Design Victoria ( has been redesigning and renovating kitchens for 25 years. They have stayed at the cutting edge of their field throughout that time, offering people the latest and best technology married to a design sensibility that maximizes the economy of space while creating a visual treat. They have launched a special for April that includes a range of free accessories to choose from, when booking a renovation.

Western Fireplace Supply, a Well-Known Fireplace Store, Provides Unique Fireplaces in Colorado Springs

LogoRetaining their name as one of the best suppliers of fireplaces, Western Fireplace Supply provides unique fireplaces in Colorado Springs. The company provides a uniquely designed fireplace that is designed to suit the needs of each of their customers. The highly-trained and experienced staff working with the company provides assistance to their customers in choosing the right products for their home. Customers can count on the products supplied by this fireplace store in Colorado Springs as they believe in supplying a fireplace that will cut their customers' heating bills dramatically.

Made Presents Lil Wayne and Future to Perform Vegas Fight Weekend

Mayweather Fight Weekend w/ Lil Wayne to perform Fight Weekend Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Foxtail SLS Vegas, 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 - 10:00 PM.

DualDraw, Provider of Air Filtration Solutions, Now Offers Downdraft Systems at a Competitive Price

LogoFacilities allowing employees to breathe easy in their working environment is the basic right of every human being. Due to excessive pollution and contamination of grinding dust and welding fumes, many technicians and workers are prone to major health issues. Therefore, to provide the best air filtration solutions to people in their work place, DualDraw now offers a downdraft system at an affordable price. The company has offered various applications that are apt for dust collection and for solving various other issues effectively.

S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms, Provider of Restroom Services, Now Offers Portable Toilets in Denver

LogoKnown popularly for their excellent restroom services for various occasions and job sites, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms is now offering portable toilets in Denver. The company offers various kinds of products that are necessary for job sites. The toilets that are supplied here are highly maintained and therefore they are always clean. They come in a standard form which is equipped with three rolls of toilet paper and anti-bacterial hand sanitizers. Being in the business for the last 30 years, the company offers some of the best services catering to every requirement of their client.

Rock Solid Landscapes, a Landscape Designing Company, Now Offers Exceptional Landscape Water Features

LogoEveryone needs to relax and unwind after a hectic day at work. With nature and greenery around, it's easy to attain a peaceful ambience. Therefore, Rock Solid Landscapes, a company well-known for designing landscapes is now offering exceptional landscape water features at an affordable price. The sound of fresh running water in the backyard is a calming experience. The company offers landscaping of various sizes be it small, big or extravagant. These water features help to enhance the whole landscape which people can enjoy with their friends and family.

Leading Port Grimaud Real Estate Agency Updates Its Holiday Rentals for the Upcoming Summer Season

LogoBoutemy Immobilier, one of the leading real estate agencies in Port Grimaud, has recently announced that they have updated their online list of holiday rental properties as they now have fresh properties prepared for the upcoming summer season.

Peter Dodd's Next Animated Feature Goes Into Production

LogoGlobal Genesis Group and Bug Blue Films is proud to announce that they have signed a worldwide distribution agreement at miptv to bring the Peter Dodd and Kristian Kamp big budget animated feature Troll, the Tale of a Tail to the big screen.

One World Dive & Travel Now Offers Padi Scuba Diving Certification to Diving Lovers

LogoPositioning their name as one of the best Scuba Diving schools, One World Dive & Travel now offers Padi Scuba Diving Certification to future divers. The independent school, formerly known as Underwater Phantaseas South, is authorized for providing swimming instruction to students of any age group. The school has designed its swimming programs which consist of both swimming as well as safety skills to set a benchmark. Students who enroll in the program are provided with proper training in a safe and secure ambience. Individuals who intend to become a certified Scuba Driver can learn the basics of diving with the assistance of the school's professional staff.

Nikon Scopes Offering Long-Range Reliability

Mostly it happens that the dream buck or ram steps out across a canyon or somewhere in a distant corner of a food plot. That's why it's important that hunters must accurately shoot longer distances, and Nikon scopes do take care of that problem. The automatic focus range also known as zoom-in range of Nikon scopes is 5x. It makes a Riflescope more viable and usable. It enhances spitting distance, magnification and accuracy which makes it more efficient. High magnification, thanks to Nikon scopes again can be used for long-distance hunting. These scopes deliver great value in rifle shooting and precision optics, as well.

Trophy Hunting Is Recklessly/Relentlessly Doing Enduring Efforts to Save S. African Wildlife

One of the controversial blood sport which consider as a big game is dubbed as trophy hunting. Parts of animals such as the horns, skin or head-are kept as a winning trophy, with the corpse often used for food. In some of the area of African countries, it is a permissible and lucrative business. A 10 to 12 day "elephant hunting package" could cost $36,000 and hunting a rhino could cost a hefty $100,000. South Africa's wildlife and luxury tourism industry allow the hunter to do the hunting of rhino, elephants and other wildlife for hunter's enjoyment and experience.

Dee, an Advanced Wearable Technology Product for Dogs, Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Kickstarter

LogoSenorld claims that Dee is the most sophisticated dog wearable product ever that will connect the dog lovers and their favorite pets to a dedicated cloud platform. The overall funding requirement for this project is $30,000.

Adam Nutter Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Making of His Upcoming Short Horror Film 'Reverend.'

LogoReverend is a short horror film from small time filmmaker, director, actor, and comedian Adam Nutter. The funding requirement for the completion of this film is $1,500.

Recent Hunting and Shooting Incidents Sparkle New Ethics Campaign

Anglers, Hunters and other outdoor adventurers activities are invited to join by the Division of Game and Fish in this summer holiday season in Mexico. Where real hunting and shooting enthusiasm will find all information about upcoming fishing, hunting, and trapping chances, all-terrain riding, the most recent gear and many more.

Good News! Now Kids Too Can Enjoy Hunting at the Special Day of Youth Turkey Weekend

The tenth annual state youth turkey hunt fair is going to be held on this April 25 and 26. All the hunting and shooting fans waited for this fair throughout the year and practice a lot through the year. But to become a real turkey hunter every individual need to cover the basics of turkey calling and turkey hunting safety. A famous Fish and Game wildlife biologist well-known as Andrew Timmins said "if a person wants to become a real turkey hunter, they need to know the natural behavior and history of wild turkeys. This will help them to analyze and make a perfect shoot that can hit the bull's eye.

Georgia Boots Are Now Available in All-Season Oxford and Hiker Styles

Georgia boots made with advanced technology are exceptionally lightweight and hunt-ready. This boot has become a favorite big game hunting boots without sacrificing stability or support. Avid hunters are in the field well beyond hunting season. There are trail cams to check, hooting lanes to clear, dogs to train, scouting to be done and, more than a few errands to run. Hunting a lifestyle, Safford Sporting Goods, a leading sporting goods store in Alabama, offers a line of footwear for year-round wear, because the hunt season never ends.

Global Sporting Goods Market to 2019 - Top 10 Countries, Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts

This industry report provides the many updated market data about the real market trends, situation, and future perspective for sporting goods in the world as well as in the top 10 effective global nations. Along with an international sporting goods market report contains country reports from the following nations: Canada, Australia, France, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom.

Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us Welcomes Energy Healer Scott Smith of Shaktify

LogoI, Gilles Asselin, have been working with Scott since July of 2014 and I call him my "energy coach." He seems to be able to direct energy whenever I need it, and that means far beyond the boundaries of my narrow physical body, into those areas of my psyche that need the most care or attention. I am rarely conscious of what goes on in a clearing session but, down the road, spiritual folks tell me that my chakras feel clear and that I radiate a new sense of vitality. I know where this beautiful energy is coming from.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, Bestselling Author & Renowned Speaker / Leader in the Art and Science of Medicine Joins Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoWe've been taught to think of doctors as gods. They know our bodies better than we do. If we want to get better, we have to listen to their advice. They know the truth. We have learned to deny our own wisdom and to put ourselves solely in their hands. Sometimes this is the right choice. Often it is not. We must change this pattern of ignoring what we know about our own body. We must take charge of our own health and stop denying that nagging feeling that something is wrong. Getting more than one opinion from medical doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and trusted healers and determining which course of action is best for you now is essential. Especially in this age of litigation, doctors depend more and more on tests that are often inaccurate and/or only tell part of the story. They often miss cancer until it is terminal. They choose to listen to the test rather than to the patient. Join us Thursday when world-renowned expert, Dr. Bernie Siegel, tells us to be our own advocate.

Football Kicksuk Offers Its Online Comparison Site for a Vast Range of Boots

Football is the most followed sport in the world today. It is not only the most watched sport but also among the most played sports in the world as well. Like any other sport, football too needs players to wear the correct accessories and boots. Football boots as we know are the major elements which help the players to be safe and have the best ability of playing the sport. There are several brands which offer their range of shoes which includes the likes of Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, etc. However, with all of them offering something similar, it becomes quite difficult for the customers to select the best ones for them. To facilitate and offer them enough information and compare the available shoes by these brands, the website Football Kicksuk has come up with its own comparison website.

Gbridal Prompt Worldwide Shipping Service for Customers

Gbridal, a company providing fabulous party dresses announced to introduce daily worldwide shipping in a small press meet here today. The company will deliver the dresses to the customer globally in limited period of time. According to sources, number of the customers wordwide of the company is increasing at tremendous pace and to meet the requirement of customer worldwide Gbridal is providing daily worldwide shipping service.