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Affordable, Organic Turmeric Powder Now Available from Wakaya Perfection

LogoAlways with its customers' health and wellness in mind, Wakaya Perfection now offers Organic Turmeric Powder at a competitive price. An herbaceous plant from the ginger family, turmeric has a wide array of health benefits. Ayurvedic practitioners have used the herb for thousands of years to alleviate pain, depression, arthritis, indigestion and nausea. It also works as an effective natural antiseptic and liver detoxifier and can boost the immune system. Wakaya Perfection's organic turmeric powder boasts a bountiful 5.96% of curcumin, the active healing ingredient in turmeric, in comparison to traditional turmeric that contains only 0.92% curcumin. It is hand-cultivated in the rich volcanic soil of Fiji's Wakaya Island without additives or pesticides.

Looking for Love in the Wrong Places: New Book Gets Lonely Hearts on Track to Find True Love

While most people find Mr. or Mrs. Right by the time they reach thirty, millions more suffer in the belief that dating and true love isn't in their life plan. Chris Ross knows first-hand that this sentiment just isn't true and, through a powerful and potentially life-changing new book, he is out to prove it.

Moments of Impact: Sole Survivor of an "Unsurviveable" Plane Crash Explores Humanity's Relationship with Risk and Short Impactful Conversations That Can Save a Life

The bottom line is that Tom Wilson shouldn't be here; he should have died in November 2008 along with the other passengers in a Grumman Goose seaplane that crashed and exploded.

Brigid's Power: In Gripping Second Volume of 'Moonlite' Series, Maverick Teenage Protagonist Explores Newfound Magic Powers

Nobody will admit to not wanting magic powers, and all of the excitement that would come with such unique abilities. In her celebrated new 'Moonlite' series, author Maria Valenti has granted this power to a young girl who least expected it.

Jack's Wild Ride: Thrilling New Novel Sees Wealth, Tragedy & Redemption Collide - Can a Narcissist Really Reverse His Ways?

Life has a reputation for throwing people curveballs when they least expect them – or need them. For some it's a momentary panic, for others it's something that could change their lives forever. For the protagonist in Mark Michelson's gripping new novel, that curveball could well take him to hell and back.

Ohana Fishing Charters Announces Marlin Hunting Fishing Trip This April

LogoWhen embarking on a deep sea fishing trip, both the experienced and the novice are looking for excitement on the waters. This April, Ohana Fishing Charters is announcing an exclusive Marlin hunting trip on the grounds off Kauai, Hawaii. Guests who are interested are encouraged to climb aboard the Ho'o Maika'i on April 30 at 6 am for the deep sea fishing trip of a lifetime.

Lady Jane's Salon: A Romance Reading Series, Featuring Zoraida Cordóva

LogoNYC's First & Only Romance Reading Series. As seen in Time Out New York and The New York Post…

LaContempo Offers Wing Sofa Bed from Innovation at Highly Discounted Prices

LaContempo welcomes customers in the magical world of designer furniture gallery. An online furniture store with great order and repute stocks a wide selection of designer modern furniture that it directly sources from top of the line European brands. What makes the online furniture store the preferred choice of even the most discerning customers from LA or beyond is the fact that each piece of furniture listed is designed while keeping the ever-changing demands, market trends, home décor aspirations and budgetary concerns of customers in mind. As a result, the online furniture store never fails to impress those who look for something unique and different in furniture.

Surprising THAT Skin Care Ingredient Hydrates with No Clogged Pores

The Age-Defying Moisturizer from THAT Skin Care™ is marketed as an anti-aging cream that provides plenty of moisture to the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A lot of products claim to do the same thing and the most common complaint among users of these formulas is clogged pores or an abundance of oil for combination skin types.

Adult Cinderella Blue Dress Ball Gown from Disney's Live Action Film Cinderella Is Now Available to Buy

With the hit film Cinderella available at the cinema, people are now looking to buy merchandise from the film. One exciting piece of merchandise that has become available is an Adult Cinderella Blue Dress Ball Gown.

Fit Food Launches New Program to Help Create Healthy Lifestyle Revolution, Eliminating the Need to Cook

When people are trying to get fit, many fail to realize that nutrition is responsible for nine tenths of progress. Without the right nutrients, the body cannot repair, replenish, adapt and grow. Following and devising a diet that contains all the nutrients required for optimal performance is virtually impossible. The sheer amount of grocery store shopping, preparation, cooking and imagination it takes to keep meals varied and nutritious is overwhelming. Fortunately, Fit Food has the answer.

COR Residential Calls on Local Heroes Offering Them the Opportunity to Save Thousands of Dollars on Their Homes

Spring is the peak of activity in the housing market, and Jeff and Sarah Johnson of COR Residential Real Estate want to spread the word to local heroes about how the Homes for Heroes® program can save them thousands of dollars when buying or selling a home. Since their partnership began with Homes for Heroes in 2014, the agents of COR Residential and their Homes for Heroes partners have saved local heroes in Forsyth County and surrounding areas over $45,000. They have just signed on to the program for the second year, right as home searches hit fever pitch.

Fitness Life Stories Announces Ski Instruction DVD by Scott Tucker

Fitness Life Stories, a fitness and lifestyle improvement website, announces an upcoming review of "Ski Your Way To Fitness," a DVD by renowned precision skier Scott Tucker. The review will cover Tuckers' personal skiing history, as well as the personal fitness advice and core instructional videos on the DVD.

The 3 P Solution for Solving Pet Odor Issues

We love our pets, but we hate the associated smells and "ook" - an invisible layer of bacteria - caused by the 3 Ps (poop, pee or puke). We've all experienced this; the happy, tail-wagging reunion with your pet is suddenly ruined when the 3 P smell hits you. The traditional way to deal with the mess is to remove the organic material, use an all-purpose stain-remover/deodorizing cleaner and then spray the area with an air freshener. But that doesn't really work, the cleaner spreads the bacteria around without killing it, and air fresheners only mask the smell temporarily. Because the bacteria is still there, the smell will come back. The solution to the 3 Ps is Performacide® Disinfectant for Hard Surfaces, an EPA-registered product that kills the bacteria that causes odor. After you've removed the organic material, spray the area with Performacide® and allow to air-dry. The odor won't return and the treated surface has been thoroughly disinfected and sanitized.

Stone Masters Inc. Announces Special Pricing Model for Soapstone Countertops

LogoAs the seasons change and homeowners begin their spring cleaning projects, there is no better time to remodel the kitchen with an elegant and eye-appealing countertop. With a timeless beauty and a non-porous material, Stone Masters Inc. is announcing their new special pricing for soapstone counters near Philadelphia. Offering a large variety of soapstone slabs, their 40 square foot package is available for the discounted price of $2,999.

Pulse Entertainment Announces Exclusive Partnership with Partners in Sounds Productions

LogoAn entertainment and event planning company that offers an elite fleet of dancers, DJs, and MCs, Pulse Entertainment is proud to announce their new exclusive partnership with Partners in Sound Productions. Partners in Sound Productions is one of the largest wedding, Super Sweet 16 and event companies out of New York and North Jersey. They operate out of offices in Staten Island and Manhattan in NY, as well as Freehold, NJ.

Jay Burna Announces Debut EP "Fear Is a Lie"

Earlier this month, BCMG hip hop crossover recording artist Jay Burna announced the release of his debut EP "Fear Is A Lie". The highly anticipated project officially drops in both physical and digital versions on April 21, 2015.

YouTube Channel Launches New Video Promoting the Safe Online Purchase of Acai Berry Products

Video Marketer Beth Chandler announces the launch of her newest video, which promotes the safe online purchase of the superfood acai berry.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offering a Wide Range of Vinyl Sheds at Reduced Prices

LogoIn order to retain their name as the leading provider of sheds, Storage Sheds Outlet is now offering their clients vinyl sheds at reduced prices. Individuals can use vinyl sheds for various purposes like keeping lawns and commercial equipment such as tractors, ride-on lawn mowers and trailers safe and protected. The company provides a wide range of vinyl sheds such as Vinyl Storage Sheds, Vinyl Garden Sheds, Vinyl Sided Wood Sheds, Lean-to Vinyl Sheds, Insulated Vinyl Sheds and Large Vinyl Sheds that customers can purchase as per their needs. The vinyl storage available with the company creates an insulated environment that keeps its contents cooler or warmer than the ambient outside temperature.

Party Savers Present New Disney Themes for Birthday Rentals

LogoBoth kids and parents look forward to their birthdays! This is the special occasion when all their wishes will come true and it will be a day of fun and games with some of the most special people – friends and family. However, arranging the perfect birthday party can be a tough task. Not only is there a need for a lot shopping but driving around to find personalized rentals. For most parents in Narrabeen, hosting a birthday party would mean a dearth of time, money and resources. Well, not anymore! Party Savers has come up with a unique range of themed supplies that can be adequate to the expectations of any kid. With its new Disney themes, the supplier has become one of the most exclusive party shops in Narrabeen.

Programmer and Author Leeland Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Thread Skein, the Third Novel in His Debut Trilogy

LogoLeeland Artra is a programmer by the day and a fantasy author by night. His first two books Thread Slivers and Thread Strands have both been a great success. The first two books have over six hundred user reviews to date, receiving excellent ratings on Goodreads and Amazon. Thread Skein, the third novel in this debut trilogy, is now all set to be published. This book is a perfect blend of a science fiction saga and fantasy, set twenty thousand years into the future.

Artist Scott Tucker Chosen for Town Hall Mural

Never Be Bored features Scott Tucker, a canvas and mural artist, in their upcoming article. Tucker will paint the new town hall mural on South Main Street this coming spring. The mural will cover three sides of the building, covering almost three thousand square feet, making it the largest work Tucker has taken on.

Scott Tucker Forms Greyhound Canine Rescue Organization

Home and Recreation, a website dedicated to wholesome lifestyles, is writing an article concerning Scott Tucker in their upcoming 'Canine Friends' feature. The article will contain information on Scott Tucker's new Greyhound Rescue organization that will begin operating in early summer.

Summer Yoga Classes by Scott Tucker Announced by Fitness Life Stories

The Woodland Hills Community Center and Park will offer summer yoga classes on a weekly schedule with master yogi Scott Tucker. Fitness Life Stories has recent in depth interviews with Tucker and the community center to bring the summer class to their readers in the upcoming 'Lazy Summer Says' series.

Five Star Painting Inc. Now Offers Residential and Commercial Painting in Hamilton Square

LogoAs New Jersey becomes an increasingly popular destination for homeowners to buy property and for businesses to set up shop, more residents find themselves in need of professional painting services. To meet the demand for residential and commercial painting services in the area, Five Star Painting Inc., New Jersey's premier painting company, now serves Hamilton Square.