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A-Z Vets Updates with New Information on Pet Supplements and Money Saving Promotions

Veterinarians provide an essential service to pet owners by helping them keep their pets in the best possible health to live the fullest and happiest lives possible. Their expertise is invaluable, so getting it for free is a real boost for pet owners. A-Z Vets is an online resource with information and advice authenticated by experts in the field, and has just published new content on supplements for pets to keep them in great health, and special offers on pet products to keep them pampered and happy.

Scott Tucker Speaks at Technology Conference

The latest article from Never Be Bored covers next months Hanson Conference. Scott Tucker will be speaking as well as several other well known authorities in the graphic design field.

Image Beauty Now Offering Wholesale High-End Brands This Spring

When it comes to offering high-quality products and services, salons and beauty stores want to make sure that they are offering their consumers the best on the market. That's why Image Beauty aims to offer only the finest brands available in the beauty industry. For over 30 years, the online beauty supplier has been providing salons, professionals and shops with wholesale items from the biggest brands. The distributor has added a variety of new cosmetics and hair trademarks to its selection, and continues to do so. Retailers and salons are invited to view the wide selection of brands available, which are obtainable online and in-store.

VoiceAmerica and Host Beth Green Announce a New Radio Show Galvanizing the Inner Revolution Already Rocking Our World

LogoIn mid-May, Voice America, the premiere internet radio network, and host Beth Green launched a new radio show called InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, whose purpose is to be the voice of the Inner Revolution, which Beth claims is already shaking our world. Based on the premise that we need to challenge everything we think, feel and do, the show features high-profile guests who have already made a substantial impact in their fields. But it also shines light on ordinary people who are challenging old ways of being in their own spheres and communities.

Danny's Wine Brings Sommeliers to OC Doorsteps and Creates a Taste for the Extraordinary

LogoWhether networking, brokering a deal, or enjoying a party one OC company can make it unforgettable. Treating Orange County residents to an informative, interactive experience Danny's Wine brings tastings to doorsteps. Offering up fun facts and stories about regional wines the service is designed to enhance the places people meet. How so? By providing inside information on the world's wines from dedicated Sommeliers right at a guest's fingertips.

OC Veterinary Medical Center Garners Impeccable Reputation in Community by Providing Compassionate Everyday Pet Care

LogoFounded in July 2011 in Orange, California and boasting a new state-of-the-art hospital facility designed with the comfort of its furry four-legged patients in mind, OC Veterinary Medical Center has garnered an impeccable reputation in the local community by providing compassionate everyday pet care. The primary goal for the specialists at OC Vet Center begins with the provision of premium veterinary medicine and pain-free comfort, and includes using technology to help educate pet owners so they become active participants in their pets' health care plans. The clinic's doctors have been practicing in Orange County for years, and understand the unique needs of the animals in the community.

Airwheel Technology Self-Balancing Scooters Builds a Cooperative Bridge in High-Tech Area Between China and Europe

On June 5 Research and Innovation Tour started. Airwheel intelligent scooter which relies on its technology, cool look, low-carbon and eco-friendly design sold well at home and over the world. It helps to build a cooperative bridge in high-tech area between China and Europe.

Scott Tucker Announces Children's Science Camp

Our Family Fun Night, the website for hot tips on new family activities, announced in a recent article that registration will be open in June for Scott Tucker's science camp. Open to ages four to fourteen, this is the first time Tucker has run an event of this size. The camp beings the second week in July and runs for six concurrent weeks.

New Social Media Startup in California Partners with Canva

LogoA new social media platform called eClincher that helps businesses manage and organize their social media presence recently launched a new service through their partnership with Canva.

Fashion Attitude and Simple Life - Airwheel Q5 Twin-Wheel Scooter

Airwheel Q5 electric unicycle pursues a kind of simple but not ordinary lifestyle, which has an entirely new concept to lead a new way of urban life and green energy saving concept of continuous product airframe create ergonomic mechanics boutique, encouraging the practice of the pursuit of life.

Headed West, a Leading Online Head Shop in Denver, Offers Smoking Accessories at Unbeatable Prices

LogoKnown to be one of the best suppliers of smoking pipes, Headed West is offering a plethora of smoking accessories at competitive prices. Being a well-reputed online head shop in Denver, the wide collection of smoking accessories that they provide consists of Glass pipes, Water pipes, Vaporizer pens, dry herb vaporizers, Crush oil riggz and many more. The company also offers refillable and disposable E-Hookahs, E-Cigs and E-Juice in 40 different flavours.

"I Meditated Before I Hosted the Oscars," Says Hugh Jackman

For Hollywood actor and Golden Globe winner Hugh Jackman, Transcendental Meditation has been a "life-changer." Before he he learnt in 2012, Jackman described how his mind had previously been on a constant lookout for something to do, and this had led to bizarre habits. For example, while driving, he would raise his left foot every time a telegraph pole went past the window: "There was no fear of something bad happening, just the need to ceaselessly occupy the mind," he said.

UAC Custom Pools Builds Dream Swimming Pools at Competitive Prices

LogoWith years of experience in building and repairing pools, UAC Custom Pools has become well known for creating pools of all shapes and sizes in Los Angeles and across the nation. The company is willing to work with residents in building their dream pools that will match the size of their budget. UAC Custom Pools Los Angeles is offering services from landscaping to heating Installation!

A New Fashion Trend Made by Airwheel Self Balance Electric Unicycle from Airwheel Technology

The opening of Festival de Cannes leads the fashion trend again. Speaking of fashion, it's hard to let everyone hold a universal view of it. Airwheel, however, leading the fashion of transportation by its state-of-the-art technology and fashionable appearance, fulfill customers' needs with various models.

New Website Unveils the Top Streaming Sites to Watch FIFA World Cup

A new blog, geared towards sports and sports betting fans, unveils the best sites to watch sports online for free. The reveal comes just in time for one of the biggest sporting events of the year; FIFA Women's World Cup. On the blog, administrators reveal the best places to access Women's World Cup live streams and discuss options for recaps, highlights and commentators' analyses.

Yellow Beaks Launches a New Product on Amazon

Yellow Beaks announces the launch of a new bird feeder on Amazon. The unique shape of this bird feeder prevents the seed from getting wet, and Yellow Beaks ( is offering this product at an introductory price. Consumers should be sure to check the bird feeder out, as the feathered friends are in abundance now and humans need to ensure they have the food they need at all times. Individuals who purchase the feeder also receive a free copy of "The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Backyard Bird Watching".

Express Shoe Outlet Announces They Are Now Carrying Nike Shox Deliver

Express Shoe Outlet announces they are now carrying Nike Shox Deliver, among the most popular Shox footwear of all time. This long lasting stylish shoe features durable rubber combined with a sleek presentation, making it perfect for everyday wear or a run around the track. With multiple styles to choose from, individuals will find a Shox shoe that meets their needs in every way.

Retro Image Apparel 2 Adorns US's Highways and Biways with Fashionable Attire Sale

With cycling experiencing the largest boom in popularity since the 1880s when the first bicycle craze hit America, it's become more than just a past-time, reaching the heights of a lifestyle. While some people have taking the lifestyle to the next level, biking to work in their suits, skirts and heels, the average rider knows the importance of proper attire.

ABC Home and Commercial Launches Initiative in Response to Growing Termite Risk

With typical southern Florida daytime temperatures ranging from the low 70's during winter months to summertime highs in the 90's, Orlando Termites are considered a year-round threat. Due to their small size and accelerated destructive capabilities, these wood devouring insects often catch home and business owners unprepared for the damage potentially ensuing from an infestation. With all this in mind, Phillip Pickerill of ABC Home and Commercial Services has launched the company's annual property inspection initiative.

InfusionH20 Announces a Sale on Their Popular Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

InfusionH2O announces a sale on their popular fruit infuser water bottles. To take advantage of this sale and pay only $24.95 for a bottle, individuals need to visit Act quickly, as there are limited supplies of these popular items and the sale may end at any time.

Do You Appreciate U.S. Veterans

LogoLocal Business, BusiNeighbor Inc., needs support to be moved on to the next step for a $100,000 Grant from [Insert business's logo] Mission Main Street Grants®

Reviewers Requested for Two Murder Mystery Novels Through Lola's Blog Tours

Lola's Blog Tours has been chosen by publisher Books, Authors and Artists (BAA) and Kentucky, mystery author Marc Hirsch to organize a book review opportunity for both The Case and upcoming Hard Case.

A First: Luxury 70-Foot Catamaran with New Hydrofoil Technology

Longtime sailing enthusiast Tom Phillips of Orlando, Fla. is looking to combine the best of both worlds: the speed and maneuverability of the latest hydrofoil technology along with the luxury of a 70-foot catamaran.

Michael's Jewelers Now Carrying Entire Coast Diamond Jewelry Collection

LogoWith weddings on the mind, Michael's Jewelers is excited to announce they are now carrying the entire Coast Diamond jewelry collection. The diamonds and engagement rings are designed with precise attention to detail in an artful form that magnifies its beauty. When a proposal is on the mind, the sophistication and quality of the Coast Diamond collection will provide the perfect engagement ring.

New Lifestyle Watch Brand 08/15 Watches Announces Launch on Indiegogo Crowd Funding Platform

LogoThe inaugural series of watches from 8/15, a recently launched lifestyle watch brand, are now available for pre-order on Indiegogo. With its unique idea of interchangeable bezels, these watches promise functionality that integrates seamlessly into every user's life.