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lolahSoul Jewelry Launches Website

LogololahSoul Jewelry announced the launch of its services in a small press meet here today. The company will be offering unique, handcrafted jewelry designed by Kamysha Martin, who recently left her Fortune 500 job in order to pursue her passion. Kamysha is a self taught jewelry designer and metalsmith whose goal is to promote unique, fearless and wearable art throughout the world.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering Women's Accessories

LogoMarianne Evans is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a broad selection of women's accessories including scarves and vintage style jewelry. Evans was inspired to start her website by her experience with selling these items in the past. She wanted to build her website to help reach more customers and offer them unique and beautiful women's accessories that they could enjoy in their day to day lives.

Research Reveals That 6,000 Steps Every Day Can Help Prevent Activity Limitations

Technology has significantly helped the medical community in providing a wide variety of treatments to patients suffering from medical conditions. However, it seems that conditions such as arthritis don't need as much of the medical sophistication that technology has to offer.

First Annual River of Music Festival in High River

LogoThe first annual River of Music festival is taking place Saturday, May 16th, following the Little Britches Parade! Restoring the true heart, spirit and soul of music, High River hopes to make this a reoccurring annual event that will boost the town and its surrounding areas community spirit!

Inventor Realizes Twenty Year Dream with Spaceharp

It's a story of that spirit of human discovery and invention, where a passion that never says "I quit" perseveres until the vision becomes a reality. A nearly lifelong journey that's led to an Indiegogo launch of the SpaceHarp.

Research Shows Marriage Could Potentially Reduce Inflammation Risk in Men

Marriage is something that many people are afraid of nowadays. However, it is also something that most people are looking forward to in their lifetime. There are actually many benefits of getting married, especially among men.

NYC Grand Central Terminal Is a Ghost Hunting Trip Through Time

If ghost hunting through majestic ageless rooms and galleries connected by century old passageways lined by darkened train platforms seems like a script out of a supernatural thriller...think again! New York's own Ghost Doctors are the real deal and are now leading groups of adventure seekers on ghostly hunts beneath the streets of the Big Apple through the world's largest train terminal.

Sanborn Global Ventures, Inc. Launches Website Offering Quality Outdoor Gear

LogoBrian Sanborn is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website carries a broad assortment of outdoor gear including fishing gear, survival and first aid supplies, outdoor lights, camping gear, hiking shoes, and much more. Sanborn has always loved the outdoors and has enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking throughout New England. He wanted to build a website that would provide customers with all of the products that they would need to better enjoy the outdoors.

Decoding Moses: In the Genesis – Powerful Interpretation of the Book of Genesis Sheds New Light on Bible's Foundational Principles

While he has found himself versed in the Bible from early childhood, David N Malary has had to personally deal with the fierce conflict of what man has made of Bible scripture. In fact, Malary is confident enough to assert that most experienced Biblical teachers fail to truly grasp the higher message contained within the word they proclaim.

Open Aire Affairs Announces Graeme Park Open House Dates

For beautiful outdoor wedding locations in the Philadelphia area area, couples turn to Open Aire Affairs to reserve the venues of their dreams. Couples looking for a rustic, historic wedding location in Bucks County will be pleased to know that Open Aire Affairs has announced its 2015 open house dates for Graeme Park.

The Boating Hub Website Launched to Simplify Sailing Training for Aspiring Hobbyists

Making training courses faster and easier to find helps boaters make the most of their hobby, publishes

Exciting Crowd Funding Campaign Lunches Energy Saving Projects for Residents

The international economics report has recently confirmed that fact of the matter that an increasing number of people are earning good money with the help of the crowd funding. It has become one of the prominent sources of income especially for selling products and projects.

XTRESIA - A Natural Stress Busting Remedy Launched in Oral Spray Form

Xtresia is a stress busting spray remedy that has been developed using only natural ingredients that have been proven to relieve stress. The spray is a non-addictive and easy to use method that the company behind the product Eficientis Soluciones S.L. has developed to suit the needs of modern life. The all natural ingredients used in Xtresia are said to be indigenous to the Babia Valley in Leon, Spain.

Best Buy Washer Credited for Record-Breaking Sale of Washing Machine

Market trends show that one of the highest sold home appliances is none other than the washing machine. The modern day household cannot function without a handy washing machine. Whether it is for the economically well off household or the poorer ends of the household, most households have made it a necessity to keep a washing machine that is within their budget to keep the laundry clean.

The XS Publishing Just Released Today the New Advertising Campaign for the Editoriale Italiano Magazine

Editoriale Italiano is the only italian magazine that is part of the London based publishing company and they really wanted to change the way the news are managed.

WJA Landscaping Offering Patio Redesign and Landscaping for Summer

LogoSummer is coming, which means that Montgomery County homeowners with patios can look forward to backyard dinner parties and barbecues from Memorial Day all the way to Labor Day. Some homeowners, however, may realize that their patio or landscape needs an overhaul before they can fully enjoy the warm weather. To get homes in shape for summer, WJA Landscaping, the most trusted patio contractor in Montgomery County, is offering patio redesign and landscaping to get homeowners ready for summer.

Pronto and Carpet LLC, NC Charlotte Carpet Cleaner, Now Offers Impeccable Carpet Cleaning Services

Clean and beautiful carpets contribute majorly to the décor of your house. It makes the house look impressive and gives a warm and cozy look to the whole interior. But, sometimes, cleaning these huge and heavy carpets single-handedly can be a tiring task. That's why Pronto and Carpet, NC Charlotte carpet cleaner is now offering impeccable carpet cleaning services. All of the services that are provided by the company are handled by their professional team of cleaners. Their services can be availed for residential as well as commercial purposes. They provide a deep-cleaning, giving a fresh and new look to the whole house.

Primal Gym Holding Warrior Fit Boxing Workouts This Spring Season

LogoTo complement their Warrior Fit combat workouts, Primal Gym is pleased to announce they are holding Warrior Fit boxing workouts this spring season. In order to get the body in shape for the warm weather months of the year, these workouts will help trainees stay fit through the high-intensity trainings. The workout will be geared toward individuals of all skill levels, as the intensity is customized with a hard or light approach to garner the best results.

Learn the Tricks of Storytelling and Writing Biographies

There are many people who wish for their stories to be shared across the globe. They may be inspired from their own lives or others. In order to make them interesting, there are a few ground rules which have to be followed. Apart from the story, there are several important aspects which need to be kept in mind during the process.

Survival Zoo Announces Launch of Online Store Offering the Latest Survival Foods, Gear, Tactical Products & Knives at Amazing Prices

Finding premium quality survival products set at affordable prices has recently become much easier with the launch of the new online store, Survival Zoo. Owned and operated by true survival enthusiasts, the new store has been met with a very passionate response from customers.

Parnell Gervais Creates a Huge Platform for Unsigned/Indie Artists: Ultimate Hip Hop Showcase (UHHS)

Parnell Gervais is set to make headlines as he has created a new platform for unsigned and Indie artists to gain recognition for their music. Better known in his field as Parnell "The Connect" Gervais, the entrepreneur takes pride in many innovative things under his name. Being the owner and co-founder of what is sad to be one of the most innovative nightlife celebrity event websites at, this man is keeping himself busy with his latest project and many more to come.

The Rwanda People's Party Issue a Letter of Condolence to the Kenyan Government and People

The RPP issue a public letter to condemn the terrorist's attack on the Garrisa University in North East Kenya. The party wishes to extend their deepest sympathies to the Kenyan President, Mr. Uhuru Kenya, his government, the people of Kenya, the relatives of the victims and those injured in this barbaric attack.

AMG Services Schedules Community Craft Fair

The site that brings families actively together, Our Family Fun Night, is featuring AMG Services craft fair in an upcoming article. Scheduled for early summer, the fair will include local artists, restaurants, and musicians hoping to strengthen community ties. The site will share videos of musicians, interviews with the organizers, and a slideshow of artist's displays.

JM Global Solutions, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Kitchen Supplies

LogoJudith Meyers is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a broad assortment of kitchen products including kitchen tools, choppers, and grinders. Meyers was inspired to start her website by her own experience with various kitchen tools and appliances. She wanted to provide her customers with high quality kitchen equipment that would help them to make their meals more delicious.

Trendy Online Clothing Store Launches New Site Featuring Affordable Prices

With recent studies indicating Americans spend nearly $200 billion via online shopping every year, it's no wonder more online retailers are popping up every day. Statistics indicate about 80% of the online shoppers fall between the ages of 32 and 44, exactly the target audience of the new online offering Earned Not Bought. According to spokesperson Jonathan Rose, shoppers no longer have to brave the crowds to find the trendy, affordable items they need for their wardrobes.