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Accessory Supplier Announces a Brand New Range of Products for Their Spring Collection

The country's leading piercing accessory supplier has just announced a brand new range of products for their spring collection. Most of them are more than suitable for wear during the summer months too. That means making an investment in stylish piercing accessories now could be enough to ensure you look stunning right up until the end of the year. There are some attractive new arrivals listed on the website for everyone to see. Take a look at what Piercing Mania have to offer now to guarantee you are the first among your friends to get hold of the products.

Tarryn Crossman Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for the Making of 'The Kaileigh Fryer Documentary'

LogoTarryn Crossman recently came to know about Kaileigh Fryer's story while screening one of her short films in Sydney. This nineteen years old girl passed away in a car accident. After her death, Kaileigh's parents found that their daughter had created a bucket list of forty-nine things she wanted to do before her death. Interestingly, this list wasn't just about things she wanted to do for her personal pleasure. She had many plans focused on making the world a better place.

The LC System MY SEAT Launched to Provide the Ultimate 21st Century Camping Chair

LC System is an innovative design and engineering firm looking to overcome those of life's drawbacks that take away from otherwise pleasant experiences. One such experience is getting into the great outdoors, time which is now seen as a premium. People don't want to spend this time fighting with cheap, awkward and unbalanced portable furniture, so LC System has devised a unique game changing solution: My Seat, The 21 century camping chair.

iDev Projects Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Birds & Clouds

LogoMobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries at present. iDev Projects is a relatively new mobile gaming studio looking to gain attention in this competitive market by combining their first game Birds & Clouds with a charitable cause. With a slogan of "Earn 1 give 0.50," 50% of the earnings made by iDev Projects from the game will be donated for charitable activities.

Issa Lauda Project Invites Indiegogo Backers to Become the Pioneers of the Future

LogoIssa Lauda is undoubtedly the first project of its kind in the history of mankind. This project is about creating a legal, legitimate, liberal and apolitical sovereign state. In the modern-day world, people often fail to achieve their goals in life because of too many barriers and restrictions. The creator of the Issa Lauda project believes that people's lives and work should only be limited by their own desires. The objective of the Issa Lauda project is to allow people to experience their full potential of life and work.

Airwheel Comes Up with Feature Loaded S3 Electric Scooter

If people need to buy a smart commuting option for your own requirements or for your loved ones, then you must focus on the product line, introduced by the team of Airwheel. This company is regarded to be the market leader, in terms of presenting feature loaded intelligent transportation alternatives.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Offering Cheap Accommodation in Melbourne

LogoMelbourne being the event and cultural capital of Australia attracts number of travellers from all over the globe. In this respect, City Edge Apartment Hotels is now offering cheap accommodation in Melbourne for tourists looking for hotels which are centrally located. Major cafes, bars, theatres, live music, night life and clubs are based close to this property.

Sami the Magic Bear Says "No to Bullying"; Critics Say This Game-Changing Children's Book Is "Wonderful", "Heart-Warming" and "Perfect"

In 2014, Canada's Murielle Bourdon took a huge gamble, plowing her time and finances into a unique new children's book – all out of her passion to help children combat bullying. While many authors are left disappointed, Bourdon's 'SAMI THE MAGIC BEAR - No To Bullying!' has become a roaring success.

Dare to Ask Why: Powerful Book Cuts Through Broken Medical System, Depicting Health Professional's Battle to Recover Her Own Health - Naturally

Having spent decades researching and teaching others about good health, D. Ann Noble was well aware of the medical world's preference for treating pain over the root cause of a condition. However, it wasn't until a series of infections began to deteriorate Noble's own body and mind that she realized just how broken conventional medicine really is.

10 Cheeky Monkeys: Go Bananas! New Children's Book Swings from the Trees, Empowering Kids to Explore & Learn New Words

When it comes to sharing children's collective thirst for life and adventure, nobody is a closer cousin that the much-loved monkey. In her powerful new book, Kat Michels introduces children to ten cheeky primates who are not only about to get up to some mischief, but invite children along to join them and learn new words.

WoodCastle Homes Become Certified BONE Structure Specialists

When looking to build a new home, many people have moved away from traditional red-brick approaches toward the more lightweight, affordable timber-frame houses. Timber frame houses are actually an even more traditional approach however, and little innovation has taken place in the 21st century to improve the way homes are built. Woodcastle Homes Ltd is a custom home builder in Toronto, and has now specialized in a new method of home and commercial structure building called BONE Structure, using a quick-assembly, precisely engineered steel latticework to create customizable structures very quickly.

River City Deck and Patio Introduces Trio of Special Offers for Summer Makeovers

Summer is coming, and with it longer nights, warmer days, and fresher air. Many people want to spend more time outside as Summer arrives, but don't want to sacrifice the comforts of the home, the ready access to comfort and shade, and often end up having to move back inside to cook or cool off. This needn't be the case however, as San Antonio deck builders River City Deck and Patio offer the best of the indoors, outdoors. Their service offers beautiful decking, and the company has created a trio of special offers to get more people equipped to make the most of summer.

Lawn Mower Repair Canada Expands Their National Directory of Lawn Mower Repair Services

Spring is here and lawns are already growing out fast. By summer, the grass will be unstoppable, and lawn mowers will be coming in for heavy use after sustained period of inactivity. Much like cars, this inactivity can cause mechanical problems, while untended lawns can have stones or other debris which can damage blades. As a result, the need for lawn mower repair will soon reach its peak, and Canadians will be able to benefit from the newly expanded directory of lawn more repair services listed on

Genie Bath Systems Expands Range of Products to Include Accessible Shower Modules

With age some things unfortunately become more difficult. Taking a nice relaxing bath is one of life's affordable luxuries, but for those getting older, getting into and out of the bath can bookend that experience with exertion, discomfort and embarrassment. Genie Bath Systems looks to restore the accessibility of the bath with walk-in bath systems that make it as easy as possible to get in and enjoy the experience. They have seen such success with these products that they have now expanded to include accessible, sit-down shower units.

Melissa Hibbert Graces the Cover of 1966 Magazine

Renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert Melissa Hibbert is 1966 Magazine's newest cover girl.

Truck Driver Spreads 'Art Can Change the World' Message from Back of Truck

LogoVisionary artist David Heatwole, 45, has installed a full-color reproduction of one of his most powerful oil paintings on the back of a 53-foot truck. The idea is to spread his 'art can change the world' message as truck owner, Moldova-born Oleg Sulcatan, travels up and down America's East Coast. The image is accompanied by a powerful message to encourage viewers to visit Heatwole's website and discover how they can support his campaign to become the first U.S. Arts Ambassador. In addition to trying to raise seed money to fund his artistic dreams the artist is also running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to extend his branding to the side panels of the truck. Supporters will receive an original artwork in return for their contribution.

Jobifier Increases Chances to Find a Decent Job

LogoJobifier was constructed to cater to the special requirements and job-related needs of any client. The website is daily updated so that each user could be able to find fresh and up-to-date job listings. One of the main benefits of the service is its elaborate search options and filter systems that ensure a simple and comfortable navigation process. Each user gets a chance to make use of a unique vacancy map found at the website. It provides additional information about each open position, including the name of the company, the job type offered, the terms and salary suggested and lots of other important issues. Other options a user will surely appreciate include a detailed search history archive, regular job listings delivery to e-mail boxes, helpful articles about career and job-search process etc.

Century Soldiers: A Film Series About Russian Anti-Semitism in the 1800s

More than a century before Hitler's Holocaust, rampant anti-Semitism in Russia was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jewish boys.

BURST: A Screenplay of the Housing Crisis from an Insider's View

Everyone knows about the collapse of the housing market in 2007 and the effect it had on the economy. Bank executive Harry Holland of Atlanta is now offering an insider's view of the housing crisis by writing a compelling screenplay about this dark period in American history.

Finding the Perfect German Shepherd Dog Is No More an Issue for People of California

For those who wish to buy German Shepherd Watchdogs, here is a good news. German Shepherd Watchdogs LLC can help these people in finding their perfect companion. The company, that was founded by Ron Kester and John Riboni in California, has been offering these services for over 25 years and they have helped many families and professionals find the perfect German Shepherd dog for them.

Michael Strickland Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo for 'The Oracle of Shoes Project'

LogoMichael Strickland has a dream of building a world of equal opportunity without any illiteracy whatsoever. He wants to achieve this objective by storytelling through his upcoming venture, The Oracle of Shoes Project. This project will comprise of a series of educational products such as apps, education oriented games, and eBooks. All these products will be based around storytelling, one of the most effective learning tools.

Zaire Announces Release Date of Newest Album, Royal Blue Dream

Today, Friday May 1, 2015 marks the release date of American hip-hop recording artist Zaire Tyree Small's next album. Small is also a producer, songwriter, singer and actor. Professionally Small goes by the name Zaire. Spring Travel Reminders

In time for the upcoming spring travel season has reduced the cost to renew emotional support animal prescription letters by forty percent. Traveling with your emotional support animal has never been easier or cheaper.

Seattle Ranks Among Top US Cities for Longest Work Week

LogoA new study prepared by the Comptroller of New York City ranked US cities in terms of average hours worked per week. Seattle ranked 7th for the longest work week among major metropolitan areas with workers here averaging 43.17 hours worked per week. The report also weighed average commutes and Seattle came in at more than four hours a week. But as most know in Seattle, commutes can be much longer. All this time spent in the office and the car equals less time spent with family that can take a toll on your relationships.

Mint Condition Fitness Now Offering Free Initial Assessments for Personal Training Programs

LogoAs the weather becomes warmer, many individuals want to get in shape for summer activities. Because the body is unique to each individual, customized workout programs can be more effective when it comes to improving health goals. This spring, the personal training company of Philadelphia, Mint Condition Fitness, is offering free initial assessments for personal training programs. An initial assessment is conducted to determine what services the client specifically needs to meet his or her health initiatives. Individuals who want to enhance their body are invited to contact Mint Condition Fitness for a free initial assessment that will formulate a workout program customized to their needs.