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America's Blues Set to Premiere at New Jersey International Film Festival

TrAGiK Entertainment is pleased to announce that their new documentary, America's Blues, is set to premier at the New Jersey International Film Festival in June 2015. The new movie tells the story of the impact that Blues Music has had on American culture and society.

Ohana Fishing Charters Announces Availabilities for Memorial Day Weekend Excursions

LogoAs Memorial Day is rapidly approaching, many families will be enjoying the long weekend away from home. As trips are planned to Hawaii, there is plenty of entertainment and catch to be had in the waters off the island of Kauai. Ohana Fishing Charters is announcing they still have availabilities for deep sea and sport fishing excursions throughout Memorial Day Weekend.

The Notionaries to Celebrate Debut EP 'Brave with Wires'

LogoThe Notionaries have completed the highly anticipated EP titled 'Brave With Wires'. The five song EP includes four new hit songs as well as the hit debut single 'Excited Eyes', which has been a spinning on the radio since its release. Known for the lyrical creativity and artistic sound, the EP will be a classic for years to come. Using LIVE instruments, message driven lyrics, catchy melodies, related concepts and clever wordplay make The Notionaries music the blueprint for your everyday life.

My-Bargains Set to Launch Stainless Steel Flavor Injector business My-Bargains, a company dealing in kitchen accessories, today announced the launch of its new stainless steel flavor injector at a small press event. A flavor injector is used to inject marinade and garlic directly into meat, reducing the need for hours of marinating and ensuring an instantly juicy roast.

KBW Global Corp. on the History and Meaning of Each Venetian Mask in the Carnevale Di Venezia

LogoDifferent countries live by the different traditions, customs and cultures which make them different from the rest; this is also true with how people celebrate colorful festivities just like with the Carnevale di Venezia or what is more popularly known as the Carnival of Venice. This grand and vibrant festivities are held in Venice Italy each year which is concluded 40 days before Easter; a day before Ash Wednesday and this is referred to as the Mardi Gras. Awards DJ Scott Fijolek with Their Couples Choice Award

Wedding DJ Scott Fijolek secures the top spot in the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award and has been named as one of the top 12 Djs in the nation in a competition with over 3,000 of the best.

Ultrasound Machine Providing Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Ultrasound Machine is one of the leading online retailers who provide diagnostic ultrasound machines at affordable prices. The rapidly growing company has gained good reputation and customer satisfaction for providing warranty and service with every ultrasound machine and they also provide veterinary ultrasound scanners for sale. Launches New Website Design Catering to Unique Needs of Churches

An estimated 70 percent of Christians reveal they turn to their online resources when searching for scripture and inspiration, many of these home bound or otherwise unable to attend conventional sermons. In contrast, less than 40 percent of churches currently utilize the internet for reaching out to the public. Leading church website design firm was established to create websites for churches in an effort to help bridge that gap, delivering schematics geared toward the specific needs of churches.

Surf Shop Raises Funds to Bring the Joy of Surfing to Special Needs Children and Teens

Special Surfer Night, a nonprofit offering free surfing adventures for special needs children and young adults, announces an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring the joys of surfing to hundreds of "special surfers" each summer. Since 2004, Special Surfer Night has been organized by surfer Nanci Boutet, whose Aquaholics Surf Shop provided the free wetsuits, surf boards, and SUPs. The program, which pairs volunteer teams with special surfers, has become so popular that Aquaholics owner Nanci Boutet created a nonprofit to separate the program from the shop. Newly armed with its nonprofit status, Special Surfer Night is now seeking funding to buy its own surfboards, wetsuits, and SUPs, and get these kids into the water.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Now Offering a Wide Selection of Granite Countertop Shades

LogoWhen it comes to selecting a granite countertop for the interior design of a kitchen, color is important. Granite countertops can reflect or absorb light depending on the shade, which can affect the hue of the kitchen atmosphere. Having a variety of color options to select from can help determine the right choice of shade for the countertop because it provides a basis for comparing. The wholesale granite countertop company, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc., has a range of granite textures and colors available to view online and in their showroom. Homeowners in need of granite countertops for their home improvement project can browse over a hundred shades available at the company.

Pearl River China Printing Provides Hardcover Book Services Worldwide

LogoPearl River China Printing (PRC Book Printing Service) is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based organization with a printing and manufacturing facility located in Guangzhou of the People's Republic of China. They provide bulk printing for clientele worldwide, and right now are announcing their availability for hardcover book printing services accommodating a wide variety of hardcover printed products.

Shop at Status Announces New Clothing for April

Philadelphia's favorite streetwear store, Shop at Status, is always the first to stock up on must-have clothing and accessories for men and women. Recently, Shop at Status' online store re-stocked its shelves with the hottest streetwear items for April.

Periwinkle Inn Welcomes Heated Pool and Betsy Drake Pillows

LogoThe Periwinkle Inn, famous in Cape May, NJ, as "the pink hotel," is beloved by vacationers for its dedication to providing a convenient and comfortable stay. With a friendly, attentive staff and thoughtful amenities, the Periwinkle Inn delivers a boutique oceanfront experience. To make their guests' visits even more luxurious, the Periwinkle Inn welcomes two recent upgrades.

Can Entrepreneurs Solve Today's Global Problems? New Bestseller Reveals the Secret to Economic Success

Judy van Niekerk, author of the new bestseller IVF-Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Success™: Unlock Your Financial Freedom and Turn Challenges into Opportunities says, "We are all born natural entrepreneurs. It is embedded in us as we negotiate and market ourselves through life. However, when it comes to business, we do not tend to recognize our innate abilities, and often lock down our capacity to create the success we desire. We separate the spiritual self from the material self, as we have come to believe that they are separable. This book shows that they are not. When they work in unison, the results are amazing, with rich material and spiritual rewards."

Free Teapots and Cups for Loyal Tea Drinking Clients

InNature, a leading provider of loose-leaf tea for over 10 years in the UK with a selection of 100% natural and organic teas in various delicious blends, is providing a traditional teapot and strainer to customers who make three online purchases within a 12-month period through the reward scheme.

SESTV Internet TV's Agency Lauded for Multilingual Information News

Officially registered in the year 2008, July 23, the sia voice media company has recently announced it is has expanded its voice information agency to double its size as compared to before. The company has been lauded for the multi lingual medium of mode in which its information has been gathered. Some of the top listed languages are the Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages.

Softdogcrates Launches a Series of Fashionably Soft Dog Crates for Dog Owners

Softdogcrates has announced a new series of dog crates for dog lovers. The dog crates are designed in such a way that the dogs will have a comfortable stay while they are inside the crates. Having a dog crates for dog will give security for the dogs to themselves and to others too. Softdogcrates have crates that are made of aluminum, steel and strong plastics. There are different size and designs available with them. Customers can check out the official website and place orders online. Custom made crates are also available to the customers.

"Soy Alto" Announces Upcoming Launch of Exclusive Men's Elevator Shoes Collection for Summer

Logo"Soy Alto", one of the premier online retailers of high quality elevator shoes today announced the upcoming launch of its latest collection of special semi-hand crafted, "Wild Leather Loafers" elevator shoes for spring-summer 2015. The new collection will feature discreet, stylish, and extremely comfortable elevator/height increasing shoes with highest quality textile or leather lining and soft leather uppers. These shoes have been specially designed to be comfortable, elegant and provide a well hidden elevation up to 2,75 inches.

ALAGARA Jewelry Launched IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoMatching jewelry to outfits of various colors became incredibly simple with the launch of ALAGARA Jewelry.  ALAGARA is a wirelessly connected jewelry piece that syncs with a smartphone app to automatically match the color of any outfit.  Users can take a snapshot of their outfits, upload the photo into the app and instantly watch ALAGARA change shades to compliment the clothing.  Now, this incredible technology is available to consumers, and the company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production funds so that everyone can have an ALAGARA Jewelry piece of their own.

Silver Coast Company Now Offers Brown Leather Sofa at Competitive Rates

Individuals, who believe in an elegant lifestyle know the importance of living room leather sofas. So, with a view to provide the best-quality seating solutions, Silver Coast Company now offers a Brown Leather Sofa. This latest addition in their beach collection is made with down blend seating to provide comfortable seating that will enhance the décor of any setting. Individuals, who are seeking a vintage-style product with a dash of modern sensibility, can count on the leather sofa provided by the silver Coast for its luxurious simplicity.

Funny Dragon Slays Early Readers with Comedic Picture Book

LogoThe new children's picture book Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon is not only an imaginative fantasy with a modern twist, it's an easily devoured lesson in following your dreams. But there's another theme in Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon and it's one that's rarely touched upon in children's literature; the idea that parents have their own visions of what their children might be when they grow up, but they will love them no matter what career path they choose.

Choicee Qee Robot Adds a Unique Level of Excitement to the Music

LogoQee, a highly popular and beloved childhood character, has been given an inspired makeover and is being introduced to the world via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000, which needs to be raised in order to begin mass production and bring "Choicee Qee Robot" to market. Choicee, the company behind this transformation, state "Choicee Qee Robot is not only a fashion icon and a beloved character popular in countries all across Asia, but now Choicee Qee has been brought to life as a multi-functional Robot speaker system that delivers incredible sound quality." Choicee Qee Robot has morphed from being a simple toy, into an exciting robot that functions as a high-quality speaker while dancing to the music it plays.

Drew McAnany Seeks Kickstarter Funding for the Making of His Upcoming Movie 'Polygon'

LogoA native Philadelphian, Drew McAnany is ready to start the making of his new film 'Polygon.' This will be a story of friendship and love revolving around the idea that friends are the only relations people get to choose in life. The major characters of the film will be played by the likes of Matt Schulte ("General Hospital", "The Ghost & The Whale") Amy Paffrath (Host of VH1's hit "Dating Naked", upcoming feature "Do Over"), John Ierardi ("Killers", upcoming "Stormageddon") Carlee Baker ("The Woman"), Brooke Lewis ("iMurders, "Sinatra Club"), and Drew McAnany himself.

Ben Roseberry Looks to Create His First Music Album with Funding Support via Indiegogo

LogoBen Roseberry, a writer and musician in Brooklyn, NY, has spent his whole life loving and creating music. For years, fans and friends asked him to make an album, and he is finally attempting to answer their request.

Writer/Director Murphy E. Tom Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Making of His Upcoming Film 'A Philosophy of Ruin'

LogoMurphy E. Tom believes that his upcoming film A Philosophy of Ruin will not only offer tremendous entertainment value, but will also urge viewers to confront the fallout of the increasingly radical changes that we (as human beings) keep making to our way of life. Changes that are often touted as the signs of progress, when in reality they threaten our very existence.