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Users now have the option of knowing more about Blake Griffin Top Dunks, which are considered a thing of beauty, at

Marketing Agency, Cloud 21, Represents 6 Independent Short Films at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival from May 13-24, 2015

Cloud 21 is a marketing and public relations agency located in Los Angeles, CA. The agency promotes products and brands for clients who span the globe. This year, the whiz kids of Cloud 21 will be representing six extraordinary films at the Cannes Film Festival. The list of these notable independent shorts include Artificio Conceal, Medea Melea, Imaginary Fiend, Twice Born, Aquarium, and A Ring Thing.

Co-Founder Paul Beck Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing UnderFit Undershirts

LogoChoosing the correct undershirt has never been an easy thing to do. Most of the regular undershirts available on the market are shapeless, have excess fabric, and often come untucked. Unfortunately, all these factors can lead to sloppiness in terms of feelings and looks. Paul Beck and his team have solved this problem with their uniquely designed undershirts. Now, they have redesigned the shirts to make them even better.

Mogicons Shares the Current Facebook Trends and the Use of Emoticons in Communication

LogoPeople of this modern time have become really engrossed in the use of computers and technologically advanced mobile devices making access to the different websites and communication a lot easier than before. The birth of the diverse social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others has massively changed the lives of millions and even billions of people all over the world.

Mogicons' Takes on the Use of Emoticons as Part of Establishing Consumer Engagement

LogoWith the existence of FB emoticons to express what a person thinks or feel, it makes the message more meaningful but in a short way. Most of the text typed and sent nowadays is about 1 to 2 lines with emoticons included to complete the thought; compared to the previous way of communicating with friends, family and colleagues in Facebook with 150 characters to be the shortest where people cannot identify how the person feels unless they would talk face-to-face. And since there are websites like, that offers shortcodes for any FB emoticons of choice which can be copied and pasted or downloaded from the site, communication has become easier, faster and effective. Helps Fiction Writers Find New Literary Markets That Pay has introduced an exclusive, ongoing editorial department to aid fiction writers in locating publishers who are offering payment for stories and presently looking for unsolicited submissions. The new section, Fiction Submissions, assembles new Calls for Submissions of emerging and well-known paying markets.

MYM Microneedle Skin Care on Derma Pen: The Real Deal in Improving the Skin Health and Aesthetics of Men and Women

LogoTo look young is what most adults are wishing nowadays. It cannot be denied that physical appearance plays a major factor in the industry where most of the dealings are personal and face-to-face. And since there are lots of skin care products that are everywhere, finding the best one could be difficult because there's no definite formula that could guarantee millions of user that they will have the same favorable and anticipated results. Which is why, instead of wasting their time on looking for the fountain of youth on many skin care products available in the market and to different skin care treatment procedures that cost too much but gives only little effect to a person's skin; considering derma pen of MYM Microneedle Skin Care as a great alternative to achieve a younger-looking skin would definitely pay-off all the troubles.

What Is a Marketing Strategy Actually Good For? 3 Secrets to Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy

LogoAccording to Michael Clarke, editor-in-chief of the Punk Rock Marketing inbox magazine, one of the most perplexing issues small-business owners face is understanding what is a marketing strategy...and how do you best create one.

Global Marathon Enthusiasts Rush to Eco AlterNATIVE Tours

With summer just around the corner, adventure enthusiasts from Canada, Europe, and the United States are looking for that next thrill. Eco AlterNATIVE Tours is proud to announce an incredible journey through the magical world of the Tarahumara Indian (Rarámuri) culture. The Ralajipame Tour provides access to rich Tarahumara Indian values, traditions, and its natural world. Travelers can look forward to:, a Renowned Online Store, Now Offers Polar Pre-Built Saunas at Reasonable Rates

LogoEstablishing their position as one of the optimum suppliers of saunas, is now offering polar pre-built saunas at reasonable rates. These portable pre-built saunas have numerous health benefits and also provide relief from strain. The extensive range of pre-built saunas that the company offers includes PB-44 Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit, PB-66 Pre-Built Sauna, PB-68 Pre-Built Sauna, PB-66C (5-sided) Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit, PB-48 Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit and many more.

Velvetdeerantlers Introduces Deer Antler Spray for Instant Body Building Mechanism Without the Harmful Effects

Velvetdeerantlers has presently announced a quick relief for people who are looking out a quick way to build a toned body. They provide deer antler spray which is known to be a quick fix for most of the body builders. This product helps in burning fats and at the same time build muscle. Both man and women can use deer antler spray. There are many uses of this product which is made naturally out of deer antler. The antlers of deer are used for extracting the tissue covering of the antler which helps the users to get their hormones lifted and live an energetic life. They are mostly used by body builders to build muscles and are also considered as a good source for improving sex drives amongst couples. They are found to be safer and more effective than steroids.

Book Released on Everything You Need to Know to Plan the Perfect Picnic

There is no mystery about the enduring popularity of picnics: enjoying a delicious meal outdoors in the company of dear friends or family members is a special experience and one that is sure to linger in the minds of all the guests long after the hazy summer months have faded into memory. Moreover, with a little careful planning, organizing a picnic is both easy and affordable, as an informative and entertaining book by Pacific Northwest author Amber Richards demonstrates. Now Offers Liberty Gun Safe for Sale

LogoWell known as a prime supplier of gun safes, is now offering LX25 Lincoln 24 Gun Safe for sale. Customers will now be able to save $449.00 on its purchase. These safes are highly popular with individuals who wish to keep their guns and other valuables safe and secure and out of the reach of burglars and children.

Edwards & Kautz Employee, Ali Watson, Speaks at Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit 2015

Ali Watson of Edwards & Kautz Law Firm, partnered with the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), along with thousands of foster and adoptive parents and orphan advocates at the CAFO 2015 Summit this past weekend in Nashville, TN. The annual event, held at Long Hollow Baptist Church, contained over 100 workshops and hosted well over 2,500 people. Giveaway Winner Plus More Designs out on Facebook announced Anne Cagalingan as another giveaway winner on Facebook last May 4, 2015.  The contest started on April 16 and ended on the last day of April this year.  It's a random basis and lucky Anne got the £29 worth of fashion bracelet.  The mechanics are as easy as 1, 2, 3 by just hitting the "Like", "Share" and "Comment".  Contest is closed as of the moment and many FB users are waiting for the next giveaway.

Magatune, One-Stop Source for All the Latest News on Music and Entertainment

LogoMagatune is a recently launched online music and entertainment portal that features exclusive content of music and entertainment industry as it will allow the artists and fans across the globe to be in touch with each other. This culturally diverse website primarily focuses on bringing worldwide awareness to some of the world's most talented artists. It houses a multiplicity of independent art forms all under one roof. The articles and featured blog posts on Magatune will resonate with both fans and artists and is a tremendous opportunity for fans to update themselves about music and entertainment and learn more about their favorites and day-to-day affairs.

22K Collective Offering Successful Business Opportunity

Logo22K Collective is providing a unique business opportunity to people with its secret success machine, the TiDom Inc. program. Scott Miller's 22K Collective is the most successful team marketing Tidom Inc.'s business opportunity. Launches Mobile Site to Woo Mobile Phone Users

LogoInteracting with the local press, a representative of the website said, "It's taken a while for things to shape up but we have manages to come up with a beautiful mobile version of our website. This will certainly help our loyal users get the most out of this service. Now, they would be able to access the plethora of options available on the website from any place as long as they have a data connection. Isn't that amazing?"

King Athletic Extends Amazon Lower Price on Resistance Band Set

King Athletic sports brand announced today that the initial 30% promotional offer on its Resistance Band set is extended for two more weeks and will be valid through May 30, 2015. Due to high demand, King Athletic has decided to continue its 30% off discount to enable more individuals to purchase the five-star rated resistance band by King Athletic.

What Is Productivity to an Everyday Person's Life?

Imagine living in a world where people have more time to do what they love! Most folks dream about it but don't actually try to do anything towards that goal of reaching it.

Photo Reviews on Russia's Past and Present on a New Website Russia in Pictures

A new web site, Russia in Pictures, is launched. On the source the significant information on the critical events in the country's past and present is highlated. Its goal is to provide readers with objective photo reviews directly from a team of Russian authors, and make links between the key facts of the former Soviet Union's chronicles. This site is for those who are interested in the modern Russia and wants to know more about the country.

High Fashion Indian Dresses and Salwar Kameez

When shopping for Indian fashion items and accessories, most shoppers want to be assured that they will be receiving authentic Indian items of the best possible quality. Kaneesha not only supplies authentic Indian fashion garments; the company also ensures that their product ranges are always as up to date as possible. Recently, the company added a new and unique range of tunic tops, Salwar Kameez, Indian dresses and Saris to its collection.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. Hauls Away Junk and Trash from Your Home Improvement Projects

LogoAtlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. serves the Metro Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Baltimore, MD, assisting property owners by providing a variety of services. With spring's arrival, many businesses do thorough cleaning. ASC will assist owners with the cleanup process and they offer a wide array of services. One of their specialties is hauling away bulk trash and junk from remodeling and extensive cleaning projects for commercial enterprises., Known for Supplying Garage Storage, Now Offers Storage Installation Services at Affordable Prices

Positioning themselves as one of the best suppliers of garage storage solutions, is now offering storage installation services at affordable rates. With the help of Mr. Handyman, the company provides installation services to individuals nearly everywhere in the USA, and also in many Canadian cities. The company provides storage that is sleek and beautifully designed which gives an elegant and classy look to any garage. These storage cabinets help homeowners keep their products in an organized manner, making their garage look not only clean but also much larger.

Elmwood Park Zoo Announce First Night Adventure of Season at Treetop Adventures

LogoWith the arrival of the spring season, the Treetop Adventures park at Elmwood Park Zoo has opened and features obstacle courses and zip lines. For a unique experience, the zoo has recently announced the first Night Adventure in the Treetop Zoofari. The weekend of May 22, those looking for fun things to do in Bucks County can experience the thrill of the adventures after the sun has set. Beginning at 7 pm, the Night Adventure on Friday, May 22 is available for Elmwood Park Zoo members only, while Saturday, May 23 is open to the public.