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Genius Pairing of Fashion and Charity

Natacha Lacosse has just released a new project called "Acossi jeans: Fashion & Freedom Become One." Acossi jeans Travel jeans and Jackets are made with high quality patterns made in Italy and they also help a cause that provides to children and families living in the slums. The project is now up on Indiegogo for everyone to see and be a part of. This campaign is showcasing the project in a unique way. The backers are able to get an inside look at how this idea came to realization and become part of the conversation on its future. Anyone who has a passion for fashion and charity will be interested to see how this works.

Makeupbrush Offers a Variety of Makeup Brushes for Sale

Women prefer makeup brushes that help them to apply makeup quite easily. Makeupbrush has launched many fashionable and trendy makeup brushes that support smooth makeup application in any part of the body and face. It has brought many affordable makeup brush items in the market. Customers can view these products on the basis of price range and product models before placing the order. Besides, these items help to remove excess makeup powder from the face. The most popular product includes the likes of Japonesque 933 Travel Powder Brush. It is available at an affordable price range of $11.99 only. It helps to apply makeup powder in every corner of the face and can also be used to remove any excess makeup item.

School of Hard Locks Opens New Immersive Entertainment Experience in Carlsbad, California

LogoThe School of Hard Locks announced the grand opening on May 2 of its themed Escape Room, a new immersive entertainment experience in a small press event.

Graphics Mesh Launches Online Store for Providing Home and Office Decors

Logo'Graphics Mesh, a company manufacturing various items for office and home use today announced the launch of their online store.  The company provides a wide range of wall decals, canvas, prints, dry erase boards, murals, self-stick wallpapers and more.

Kapoya's Activation at Boca Bash Located on Lake Boca Raton

LogoKapoya Energy Drinks is all set for its new and vivacious event in April. This event – Kapoya's Activation – is going to be held on 26 April at Boca Bash, located on Lake Boca Raton, FL 33432. Kapoya is presenting Taurine Free energy drinks for people to make their daily performance better and more energetic.

Clashofclanstricher.Fr Launches an Undetectable Method to Hack Clash of Clans

The latest hacking tool for the game Clash of Clans was recently by much to the delight of players all over the world. According to the website, their hacking tool allows Clash of Clans players to generate unlimited supply of game resources like elixir, gems and gold for free. Furthermore, players won't need to download any additional software to access this hack tool as it works online, is 100% undetectable and works comparatively faster in bringing the free game resources than other Clash of Clans hack tools.

Fabulous AAA Presents Its Store with Quality and Fashion Products for Online Buyers

The market of fashion products have always been a major domain which is dynamic and keeps on changing from time to time. With the advent of globalization and the online ecommerce websites, the fashion world has changed dramatically. Not only fashion from all corners of the world are available for customers at a single place but also it offers them the convenience to buy it at affordable prices. The boom in the ecommerce industry is quite evident and in the coming decade the number of online stores is set to rise. In an attempt to offer products from the fashion world to customers from across the world, Fabulous AAA has come up with its own online store. The store features a vast range of fashion products and accessories to choose from.

Racingrivalscheats Launches Ultimate Generation of Racing Rivals Hack for Fierce Car Racing Games

Racingrivalscheats has launched a new form of getting cheats for online racing games. Started with the sole aim to provide unlimited cheats for getting ahead in racing games, this racingrivalscheats helps in getting ahead of the rival players in car racing. The racing rivals hack and cheats are adaptable with all the popular operating system such as android and IOs. The players can boost their profile with cash and cars and play nonstop. Racingrivalscheats came up with this idea as it is impossible to get huge cash and cars with normal gaming rewards. Besides no one is willing to part their real hard earned money on online games. Thus racing rivals hack supplies the help for insane gaming experience online.

Tamesha Pruett to Release New Single on April 30

Independent gospel artist Tamesha Pruett will be releasing her new original single, 'Always Watching Over.' The track will be subsequently available across a wide variety of platforms. Pruett will also be touring the song around Brenham, Texas, where she currently resides and performs.

Jetstream 4 Launches a TV Box That Combines Movies, Music and TV Shows

Live streaming on TVs is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon amongst people from different parts of the world. There are quite a few benefits of the same. Apart from watching the content which they like, they can avoid commercial breaks and can get top quality videos at all times. JETStream Direct is one such company which is available for individual viewers and distributors alike. The cost of their TV box is effective and their streaming is also good.

Coffee Kate Publishes New Guide to the Best Coffee Makers of 2015 Across a Range of Categories

Coffee has gone from a powdered, freeze dried convenience that delivers a shot of caffeine when needed to a gourmet drinking experience. Popular coffee chains have made consumers care about the provenance of the bean, the roast, the blend and the process through which the grounds go to make the coffee. As a result, many people are now looking for the best coffee maker on the market, even if they have little idea what makes it the best. Coffee Kate is a website designed to create accessible reviews for consumers, and has published a list of best coffee makers of 2015.

Millions of Children Set to Exercise Simultaneously in the 27th Annual Project ACES Event

On May 6th, millions of children from all over the world will be fighting childhood obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes by exercising simultaneously in the award winning Project ACES event.

Scott Tucker Will Screen Cult Classic Double Feature at Summer Kickoff

Movie Favorites, a blog that highlights local film events for film buffs and movie critics, will feature Scott Tucker's Summer Kickoff. The event will take place on the first day of summer, and screen two yet to be decided cult classics on the big screen.

An Enchanting New Children's Book Demonstrates the Power of Rhyme in Helping Kids Expand Their Vocabulary

Any parent familiar with a Dr. Seuss book, knows that rhyming books are wonderful tools to keep kids occupied, entertained and engaged. However, a new enchanting book by Roee Anuar demonstrates that beyond the giggles and silly words, rhyming has tremendous power to expand a child's vocabulary.

The New Gourmet Boutique Chic Professional Hand Zester Grater Rasp with Protective Cover Guard Launched on Amazon

Boutique Chic announce the launch of their new product called Gourmet Boutique Chic Professional Hand Zester Grater Rasp with Protective Cover Guard, which is now available on Amazon at just $14.97.

Scott Tucker Curates Black Light Poster Gallery Show

Never Be Bored, a site that shares interesting ideas and activities to keep boredom at bay, will cover Scott Tucker's "Under The Black Light" gallery show this June. The show will feature both vintage and modern black light posters.

My Identity Doctor Offers Tips on Spotting Hypothyroidism in Women

Hypothyroidism is a very common medical condition where the thyroid gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone helps to regulate body temperature, metabolism and heart rate, and hypothyroidism disrupts these functions. It is most prevalent in older women and can be diagnosed with a blood test and treated medically.

Great Western Painting and ICI Paints: A Partnership for Better Painting Services in Calgary

Great Western Painting is the local house painter in Calgary founded by Ron Wood in 1993. The team is comprised of professional painters that service both residential and commercial properties. The company offers painting services whether the client wants one room painted or the whole interior or exterior of the property. Inquiries via calls are answered directly by Mr. Wood. A detailed written estimate will be provided to the client as well as assistance in choosing the right color for paint. Sample paint will also be shown to the client prior to the actual painting to give the client a visual example of their choice. Great Western Painting does not ask for deposit and fees carry no hidden charges.

The New Gourmet Boutique Chic Professional Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat Has Become a Bigger Seller on Amazon

The New Gourmet Boutique Chic Professional Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat has now been made available on Amazon. Since the launch of the product, it has become a big seller on Amazon with cooking fans.

Scott Tucker Hosts First Annual "Touch a Truck" for Families

The site that brings families actively together, Our Family Fun Night, will feature Scott Tucker's "Touch A Truck" event. The event, scheduled for early May, will bring large vehicles to the community and make them available for hands-on play. Parents and children will be able to touch, feel, climb, and pose for photos with the vehicles.

Scott Tucker Hosts EDM Foam Party on Independence Day

Never Be Bored, a site that shares interesting ideas and activities to keep boredom at bay, will feature Scott Tucker's "Freedom Foam Fighterz," a party hosted by the talent management group on the 4th of July. The party will feature several of Tucker's artists playing live electronic music sets.

Experienced Credit and Mortgage Underwriter Now Author, Releases Newest DIY Book on Credit Repairs

Former Certified Home Buyer Educator and guest presenter for Consumer Credit Counseling and NACA, now author H. Denise Martin releases her newest book entitled "Loving My Season of Good Credit: Bad Credit Be Gone" in time for tax season in April for many Americans. It currently normally retails at $19.99 on Amazon but also available directly on Martin's website via PayPal with shipping and handling fees for just $24.94 within the USA. Various tariffs may apply for international orders.

Is It Better to Give Wholesale Roses or Receive Them?

Millions of people every day send flowers to their loved ones to celebrate good news, to express their feelings to their significant other or just to show someone they were on their mind. Wholesale roses have the ability to brighten up someones day or make someone feel special. Rosenerds, who sells wholesale roses directly from the farm and includes free shipping wanted to find out is it better to give bulk roses or receive them? To find out we will be referring to a study done by Rutgers university on this topic.

Parenting Helpers Offer Advice on How to Get Pregnant Naturally

In today's world of technology and modern medicine it is easy to get caught up with methods that are synthetic and deviate from the natural ways. ParentingHelpers believe that when trying to conceive people tend to drift off from the natural methods which are much safer and mostly effective except in extreme cases. blog has been launched by a group of women who have been through the infertility issues and have won using natural methods. They have now taken their experiences, advice and tips online to help others facing the same issues. On the blog issues such as How To Get Pregnant Naturally and what to expect during the different phases of pregnancy wil be discussed.

Gourmet Boutique Chic Professional Hand Zester Grater Rasp with Protective Cover Guard Becomes an Important Tool in the Kitchen

With all the cooking shows on TV, more people are now turning their hands to cooking meals at home. Thanks to television shows and chefs, which include Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, amateur cooks are making meals at home that could be found in top restaurants. One kitchen tool that has become popular is the Gourmet Boutique Chic Professional Hand Zester Grater Rasp, which is available on Amazon.