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The Remarkable Stability of the Electric Unicycle Offered by Airwheel Electric Scooters

That the female tennis players who played in the WTA BMW Malaysian Open 2015 tried riding Airwheel electric scooters is a great news. This news story will also dispel the apprehensions in the minds of those who have been skeptic about these scooters.

Online Dating Sites 2015 Provides Information for Singles Searching for Companionship

Online dating sites have come under fire in recent years as a playground for the insincere. Reputable sites do exist and John Smith has launched Online Dating Sites 2015 to help those seeking companionship locate the best online dating sites.

Best Surveys for Money Releases Top Tips for Avoiding Scam Survey Sites

Rob Tomlinson is an expert on paid surveys and has launched Best Surveys For Money to help others maximize their opportunities to earn cash with online surveys. The newly launched resource provides individuals with information and news about surveys, the top survey sites and how to distinguish scams from legitimate surveys.

Desi Serna Is No Dummy when It Comes to Teaching Guitar

Like many professional musicians, guitarist Desi Serna decided he wanted a career in music while a teenager. He realized right away, that a musical career would involve more than just playing an instrument. "I had a business instinct right from the beginning. I knew that if I wanted to make a living as a musician, I would need to offer a variety of related services and products. I decided to perform on the guitar, teach music to anyone interested, and create instructional material."

Sam Horn, to Appear as Guest on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoCheryl Esposito welcomes Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert, TEDx speaker, and coach to entrepreneurs, executives, and authors on how to craft concise, compelling communications that connect instantly. Sam Horn has cracked the code for creating a brand, pitching an idea, or making acquaintances. You have 60 seconds - max - to capture people's favorable attention. (Sam says "goldfish have longer attention spans than most of us do!") And…if you can't get people's favorable attention, you'll never get their business. Sam is an award-winning keynote speaker who has presented to more than half a million people worldwide, and has authored 6 books, the latest being "Got Your Attention?" Join Cheryl Esposito & Sam Horn as she reveals her "secret sauce" to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone!

Publishing Pioneer to Launch New Radio Show on Voice America's Variety Channel

LogoVoice America announces the addition of Publishing Today, a new voice and resource for communicators with a message to share. The show will make its debut May 2, 2015 at 10 AM PST. The weekly one-hour Saturday morning broadcast is designed to educate and empower aspiring authors, thought leaders, business owners and others with a story to tell. The show is produced and hosted by Athena Dean Holtz, author, blogger, speaker, publisher and pastor's wife. The format is designed to creatively mix author and industry expert interviews, along with answers to all manner of publishing related questions in the "Ask Athena" segment of each show.

Is Human Happiness the Ultimate Goal?

The Greek philosopher Aristotle famously said, "Happiness depends upon ourselves." In fact, in his great work, the Nicomachean Ethics, he explores the question of what the ultimate purpose of human existence is, the goal toward which all our activities should be directed. For Aristotle that ultimate purpose is happiness. Every move, every decision we make is about our own personal happiness. Now, 2,300 years later, we in the 21st Century are still consumed with questions regarding happiness. Of course, such questions tend to lead us to the very biggest issues, when we look at them from a global perspective.

College Dropout Shares Secrets on How to Start a Subscription Box Business

Subscription box companies are among the hottest trending startups around the globe. There are tons of success stories like the famous Birch Box, a beauty subscription service that was valued at a whopping $485 million in 2014! There are also many new companies launching that are experiencing unprecedented success.

Designer Introduces Refillable Glass Pen

An industrial designer in Portland, Ore., developed a prototype of a pen built to write with raw inks, such as dark beer, berry juice and soy sauce. The startup, WINKpens, is running a Kickstarter campaign from April 27 through May 30, 2015 to fund production. WINKpens will be sold in wineries, travel companies, art supply stores and specialty gift shops, as well as via e-commerce (

Gourmet Boutique Chic Launches the Premium Heat Resistant Flexible Silicone Spatula Set of 4 Plus Brush

Gourmet Boutique Chic, the name that is trusted for kitchen products has now launched the Gourmet Boutique Chic's Premium Heat Resistant Flexible Silicone Spatula Set of 4 with Added Brush on Amazon.

King Athletic Reveals Three Reasons to Use Newly Released Resistance Band Set

Just in time for summer, sports brand King Athletic announces three reasons why their newly released Resistance Band Set is ideal for strength training. King Athletic is offering a special 30% discount on the set through their Amazon store with the code RBSKING1.

Gear District Announces Launch of Innovative Digital Luggage Scale with Blue Backlight and Lock Bundle

Most people would agree, traveling can be somewhat stressful, with new rules, regulations and other measures that have come to life in recent years. One that has caused not only stress, but also cost fliers a significant amount of money is baggage weight rules. Fortunately, the innovative travel accessory company Gear District recently announced the launch of a product set designed to remove this problem entirely, the Gear District Digital Luggage Scale with Blue Backlight, Battery and Lock Bundle. The affordable set allows users to check the weight of their luggage easily before leaving for the airport making any adjustments necessary to meet an airline's requirements simple and easy.

Kitchen Supreme New Product Complete Bundle: 10 Liquid Chalk Markers Now Offered at Promotional Price with Huge Discount

Kitchen Supreme offers their new product, a Complete Bundle 10 Liquid Chalk Markers in a promotional price with a huge discount for artists and crafters to enjoy. With this new offer from Kitchen Supreme, artists or no artists will be able to get a high quality, researched chalk marker to indulge their artistic side.

The Album of a Person Who Abandoned His Mainstream Successes for the Sake of God

Those who are fond of Christian rap music have a good news because Stevie Sightz, who has been voted the #1 Christian rap artist by for the period from June 2014 to October 2014, has brought out a Christian rap album known as "The Witness Stand." Launches to Provide New, Informed, Perspective on World Affairs

American exceptionalism is a deeply rooted tradition this is ingrained into American culture yet notably absent in digital media. It drives the country to achieve more and ensures a self-regulating integrity that overcomes personal, vested or partisan interests. is a news website that brings this integrity to journalism, explaining world news from an American perspective. The site looks to inform instead of sensationalize.

Luis Valero Seeks Support from Indiegogo to Complete the Creation of ComicStream

LogoComics have always been extremely popular in different corners of the globe. However, comic fans often complain that this industry is far too expensive for them to afford. Many of these people end up spending as much as $50 a week, and still wish they could buy more. ComicStream is an upcoming comic streaming service that has been created just for the global community of comic enthusiasts.

Trend-Bucking Children's Book Sees Twins Put Parents Up for Sale; a Scheme Steeped in Lessons About the Priceless Love of Family

At some point, every frustrated child has entertained the idea of putting their parents up for sale. In her powerful and hugely-entertaining new children's book, Dr. Nicole Audet depicts a set of twins doing just that, with results far more tumultuous than they could have ever expected.

Volume One of Enchanting 'Short Tales of a Long Doggie' Series, Inspired by Author's Dachshund, Gives Kids Insight Into Minds of Furry Friends

Any dog owner will know what JC Colarusso means when she says that Buddy wasn't just a pet – but the cornerstone of her family. When Buddy grew old and Colarusso knew that their time together was approaching its end, she decided on a compelling and unique legacy – a series of children's books inspired by Buddy that would help foster a passion for animals.

Yolk: Trend-Bucking Mystery Novel, by Colleen Baxter Sullivan, Embroils Gay Detective in Wrath of "Montreal Mafia" - Hailed "Plot Twists Aplenty" by Critics

In 2009, Colleen Baxter Sullivan stormed the literary scene with 'Lil's Way', a compelling and murderous novel that broke new ground by featuring a protagonist battling Dissociative Identity Disorder. The novel became a huge success with fans demanding more and more from Sullivan, who was by now garnering a reputation for crafting fiction that pulled no punches when exploring subjects most authors wouldn't dare.

New York City Is Abuzz with Paranormal Activity

Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tours guides aka New York's own "Ghost Doctors" have found something strange going on in the neighborhood's of NYC "for real."

Popular Instagram Account Fights Society's Negativity Overload with a Launch on Indiegogo

LogoSuiting up to show up and make a difference in the lives of people worldwide, Occasional Muse launches a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Zyane Tan, the founder of the popular Occasional Muse Instagram account, has a dream to parlay the sale of inspirational products into financial support for children at risk. While making a charitable difference with the setup of a humanitarian project fund, Zyane will continue to inspire her followers with encouraging quotes. Quotes that can now be purchased on unisex apparel and lifestyle goods.

Renowned Tailor, Henry A. Davidsen Image Consultants, Recently Featured at Vetri Ristorante's "Bourbon and Bespoke" Event

LogoHenry A. Davidsen, Master Tailors & Image Consultants is an organization of high-end image consultants and custom tailors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recently, Henry A. Davidsen's CEO and President, Brian Lipstein, presented at the prestigious "Bourbon & Bespoke" event held at Vetri Ristorante in Philadelphia, PA.

Online Vet Supplier Retails Anti Tick and Flea Products for Coming Warmer Weather

A to Z Vet Supply is an online organization providing pet owner, breeder and vet supplies related to animal healthcare and maintaining a healthy pet. They provide their products to veterinarians, breeders and pet enthusiasts alike. For the coming spring and summer seasons, A to Z Vet Supply is announcing that they are retailing several high-quality flea and tick control products for animal owners and caretakers of all levels. A to Z Vet Supply also provides the highest quality vaccines for dogs for sale aside from their extensive selection of flea and tick control items.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, Announces Pet-Friendly Cleaning

LogoHomeowners with pets face specific challenges when hiring a professional cleaning service in Philadelphia and nearby areas. Cleaning may be particularly difficult for pet owners because not only do they need a cleaning service that attends to pet stains and odor, but they also need to know that hired cleaning services are equipped to care for pets if the homeowner is away. To alleviate these issues, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, offers pet-friendly cleaning.

Rene Russell Offers Folk Rock with a Percussive Groove on Her Latest Album "Freeverse"

Having traveled the United States and being part of numerous city music scenes, Rene Russell's music has elements of American roots genres spliced with a unique modern sound. During her travels, Russell built a wide resume that includes sharing the stage with legendary folk performers Indigo Girls, Michelle Malone, Top Chapin, and Danielle Howle. Released on New Year's Day 2015, her latest album "Freeverse" is clearly designed with the express purpose of reaching music lovers of all genres on an emotional level.