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Innovative Pet Fashion Company Wagdrobe Announces Launch of Exciting Online Store

Many people would agree, that there are few things on Earth as cute as a well dressed dog. While pet sweaters and other gear have been around for years, recently a new company Wagdrobe has announced their launch, and they clearly take pet fashion to another amazing level. Wagdrobe offers adorable and high quality fashion choices hand selected and curated by top pet fashion stylists. Pet lovers agree, the results need to be seen to be believed.

Dustin Young Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Help a Friend Start Her Dream Business

LogoThe objective of this project for Dustin Young is to stand by a friend who has been dancing almost throughout her life. Since the past few years, she has been making all possible efforts to purchase the studio she currently works at.

Flight Risk Entertainment Announce the Official Release of Polar Bear's "She a Killa" & "FU-FU"

Sparking fires in the hearts of hip hop fans all over, Polar Bear continues to blaze the airwaves with his lyrics. Announcing the official release of his TWO latest projects, and soon-to-be HIT singles "She A Killa" and "FU-FU", Polar Bear has proven he is a man of many talents and many more successes.

Minority-Owned Handbag Brand Continues to Emerge

LogoHe is commonly called "Mr. Sylvia", but Sylvia is not his name at all. Gregory Pope, 32, is the co-founder of a growing leather goods handbag brand based in Charlotte, NC. He, and his wife Terri "Sylvia" Pope, 32, are the owners of Gregory Sylvia, LLC. With a focus on aesthetics to meet the standards of strength and elegance for the contemporary woman, Gregory Sylvia features cutting edge product design and quality leathers at affordable luxury pricing. The latest Gregory Sylvia collection will be available this summer at and other select retail locations.

Luxury Bazaar Introduces New Credit Card Line

LogoThe upscale online designer jewelry retailer, Luxury Bazaar, is pleased to introduce the brand new Jewelers Reserve credit card line, available for clients with qualified approval. The company specializes in selling luxurious accessories, watches and jewelry designed by high-end labels. Luxury Bazaar is the go-to source for authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces online, featuring brands such as Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Roberto Coin, Dior, Bvlgari and more. Customers are invited to apply for the exclusive Luxury Bazaar credit card, which offers various retail benefits.

Smart Thinking; SmartSilk - Showcase of Allergy-Free Pillows & Bedding to Be Featured at Costco Locations Nationwide

LogoSmartSilk™ ( has announced a nationwide showcase of their premium, allergy-free and asthma-friendly bedding and pillow line to take place at Costco locations around the United States. Offers Complimentary Shipping on Orders $50 or Over provides a wide variety of gifts and other novelty kitchen items and gadgets. is reminding both new and returning customers that they offer complimentary shipping and handling on any order exceeding $50 and a flat rate $5 shipping.

Lumé Swimwear: Fashion, Art and Giving Back

Born in Colombia and raised in the US, Paula Daza-Chenu has always dreamt of a way to give back to her beautiful native country.

Carlton Pools Now Servicing the Bucks County, PA, Area

LogoThe pool construction company, Carlton Pools, is pleased to announce that it provides the Bucks County, PA, area with custom swimming pool design and installation services. The business invites commercial and residential property owners to opt for their services when it comes to pool maintenance or pool construction. The company also serves the New Jersey area as well as Montgomery County, PA, and beyond. Carlton Pools specializes in providing quality pool maintenance, renovations, in-ground pool designing and building.

Online Dating Sites 2015 Launches with Reviews and Information on Top 5 Dating Sites

People of all ages throughout the nation are using dating sites in an effort to find companionship and love. To assist the lovelorn in making quality connections and informed decisions, John Smith announced the launch of Online Dating Sites 2015. The site provides information and reviews on the Top 5 dating sites, associated costs, and presents the pros and cons of each online dating site that should be examined before signing up.

Remy Capillus Offers Ethically Sourced 100% Virgin Remy Indian Hair Extensions

LogoThe hair extension manufacturer and retailer, Remy Capillus, is pleased to announce that their hair products are all ethically sourced from India. Customers and beauty supply retailers in the market for real, 100% Virgin Remy hair extensions can rely on Remy Capillus for high-quality products. The company collects their human hair from temples in India, where women come to voluntarily offer their hair for religious purposes. The temples use the profits generated from selling the hair to support and improve the surrounding communities.

How the Female Population Revolutionized Arabic Music Videos

LogoArabian Music is the representation of the rich culture of Arabia and the rest of other culture, which somehow influenced Arabia today.

New Book Explains How to Get the Most out of Your Job Shadowing Experience

Job shadowing programs can offer a unique first-hand insight into the day-to-day realities of almost any variety of work imaginable. As such, they are an invaluable experience for students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the career they wish to embark on, as well as for anyone of any age who is considering a change of career. However, as a new book explains, there are steps people can take to ensure their experience of job shadowing yields the maximum possible benefit.

MYM Skincare Explains the Benefits of Skin Needling and the Wonders of Derma Roller

LogoExpect that the Botox injections frenzy as a fight against ageing is not exiting the scene yet. But then, its adverse effects remain controversial. Botox injection specifically requires a physician for administering, is quite expensive, and is feared by those with fear or needle sensitivities.

Artificial Grass Manufacturer, Global Syn-Turf, Inspires Californians to Keep Lush Lawns Despite of Mandatory Water Restrictions on WaterSavers Day

Global Syn-Turf, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of artificial grass, participated in WaterSavers Irrigation's Demo Day on April 3rd. The event took place at one of WaterSavers Irrigation's warehouse stores in Dublin, Alameda County, California. More than 100 Northern California irrigation and green industry professionals and consumers attended the event to test out the latest irrigation systems and landscaping supplies, and listen to presentations from top supply manufacturers.

U.S. Adventurer Goes Bananas with Uplifting New Children's Series, Promoting Fairness, Ethics & Social Responsibility

While every child loves a good, solid story, many parents and critics are becoming frustrated with a new culture of children's literature that has become fixated on violence, vengeance and good versus evil. Through decades of travel and adventure, Timothy Brower knows that life is actually about having fun while being a good person – and his new book series is swinging from the trees to prove it. Offers the Best Fashion Items for Women

The website of has been launched recently, to offer a new collection of fashion items for women. The said company is complete with the latest and hottest dresses and heels for ladies who look for great items they can wear this upcoming summer season.

Experience Both the Ordinary and the Obscure of Alabama

The noted author behind several lifestyle and children's books, Amber Richards is pleased to announce the recent release of her new book entitled "Alabama - Travelogue by State: Experience both the Ordinary and the Obscure". The book is the latest installment of her Exploring America by State series. The series is designed to provide an inside look on the locales, events, goods, foods, sights, sounds, and characters within each state.

Online Dating Sites 2015 Publishes Their Round Up of the Year's Best Dating Sites

Online dating has revolutionized the way people meet potential partners. In the twenty first century, it is limiting to think of meeting someone to share a life with through a chance encounter, at an office party or through the friend of a friend. Instead, people can leverage the power of the internet to share their interests, tastes and objectives up front and meet people who share those values. Online Dating Sites 2015 is a repository for all the best information on dating sites, and has now published a top five for the year.

Game of Thrones Audiobook Download Offers Free Audiobook from George RR Martin's Series

Game of Thrones has become a cultural phenomenon. Taking fantasy tropes and turning them on their head, blending them with medieval English history and underpinning them with brutal morality and ethics ensures one of the most compelling series in modern times. Millions have watched the series on HBO, and many have gone on to buy the huge books that inspired the tales. Audio books provide an amazing way to get all the richness of detail of the books without the need to read, and Game Of Thrones Audiobook Download is offering a free Game of Thrones audiobook as a special offer.

My Fitness Den Enlightens Readers on How to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Everyone in the world wants to be fit. That is the number one priority of every single human being in this world, to get in shape and to feel in shape. That can only be achieved by being physically fit. These things may seem easy but do not come without any hard work. Fitness means different things to a lot of different people. Some think it is looking immensely attractive in a swimsuit, others think it is being extremely good in some sports. But is it the real definition of fit? Basically, being fit is having an in general quality of health, which means, being a healthy weight that is considered normal and having a good internal immune system and feeling healthy as well. A person may not be a really good athlete or may not even be that good at sports but the thing is that if the person is comfortable with his body and is able to do multiple tasks while being at a normal weight and having an immune system, that person would still be considered fit.

Amber Richards Has Published a New Book That Helps Beginners Understand and Create a Home Photo Studio

The noted author Amber Richards is pleased to announce the recent release of her new book entitled "How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio." In her new book, Richards descriptively details all subjects related to setting up a basic home photo studio. While the book is geared towards beginners wanting to learn more on the subject, it contains enough information to also benefit intermediate levels. She discusses various methods such as how to use continuous studio lighting, strobe lighting photography, and techniques that enable the photographer to control their own lighting. Readers will develop not only an understanding of home photography studio setups, but also how they can make adjustments in order to create the optimal blend of lighting and colors.

New Investments Ready Gettum Home Exteriors to Repair Damage from Recent Hail Storms

With harsh hail storms having just pounded homes throughout the region, Gettum Home Exteriors stands ready to help local residents shore up their houses against the elements. For nearly thirty years, Gettum Associates has been one of the most highly regarded remodeling contractors in the Indianapolis metro area, and new investments put the company's Gettum Home Exteriors division in even better position than before to help with every home exterior need. Whether for help with damage caused by the recent hail storm or advice about a long-planned exterior renovation project, Gettum Home Exteriors is happy to provide quick, free estimates to all in the Indianapolis area.

Custom Maid Celebrates 30th Anniversary Focusing Entirely on Homes and Apartments

According to a survey released by the Center for American Progress, nearly half of all families with children were headed by two working parents, and over 25% were headed by a single parent. While this statistic may be revealing on a number of different fronts, Susan Helms, spokesperson for Custom Maid (, a residential house cleaning company servicing the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk Virginia areas, revealed with the number of homes they clean, by far, the majority are for families with both parents working. Says Helms, "We are seeing an increasing amount of work from families who want to spend the little time they have together doing fun activities with their children, not cleaning the house."

New York Times Best Selling Author, Veteran & Abuse Survivor Opens Up

What does it take to overcome? New York Times Best Selling Author, Award-winning Blogger, Marine Corp Veteran and Abuse Survivor George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking ( knows and is spreading the word to others with his latest blog post, an open and honest listing entitled '26 Things you Probably didn't know about me!'