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Stephen B. Steward Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Stage the 2nd Annual SBS Youth Talent Competition and Music Festival

LogoStephen B. Steward believes that there is a close correlation between music and academic achievement. Recent statistical data suggests that a student is four times more likely to excel in terms of academic achievements by getting involved in arts. It has also been observed that low- income group students highly engaged in some form of art are twice as likely as their uninvolved peers to graduate from college. However, lack of funding has resulted in a serious scarcity of opportunities for students that are inclined towards arts.

Focus Production Shares Photography Tips in Capturing Candid Wedding Pictures

LogoWedding is the most momentous event in the life of the couples that every detail for this pristine event must leave a lasting impression – especially with the wedding photos that will be taken from it. Since 2009, Focus Production, the well known Toronto wedding photographer and videographer, have witnessed numerous celebration of tying the knot. And from this experience, it cannot be denied that wedding photos are the most important detail of the special event that should not be compromised.

Focus Production on the Current Trends in Wedding Photography in Making a Lifetime of Incomparable Wedding Memories

LogoWeddings are truly one of the most celebrated occasions worldwide and the latest news that hit the global audience are the wedding photos of the famous and well-renowned actor George Clooney and his exceptionally stunning bride, Amal Alamuddin when they finally tied the knot at the Aman Canal Grande Luxury Resort in Venice, Italy. Having some pre-nuptial photos where he and her lovely bride arrived in Venice for their most-awaited wedding in a taxi boat with some family members and friends on board. Some photos showed before-wedding candid moments where Amal spent time dressing up with her bridesmaids. And one of the best shots is their wedding portrait in front of the flower arch where the dress was perfectly arranged; amazing photos aren't they?

Punch Skincare Announces Launch of World's Best Facial Cleanser: Youthful Glow Cleanser

LogoWith a view to change the way women go about facial cleansing practices, skin care experts at PUNCH skin care have launched their new face cleaning product; the Youthful glow Cleanser. A large majority of people believe that regular face cleaning may lead to drying out and hence early ageing lines to become visible on their faces. This new innovative cleanser by Punch skin care promises to retain, and add moisture and elasticity to the face skin after a wash. The organic facial cleanser stimulates cell renewal, strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, with an added toning effect.

Nova Carpet and Upholstery Care Inc Expands Range of Services for Carpet Cleaning in Manassas VA

Carpets are part of what make a house a home. A soft feel underfoot can make all the difference returning from a hard day's work. Carpets do however require cleaning and maintenance, and without cleaning they can soon become drab, worn and hard. Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc offers carpet cleaning in Manassas, VA, and specialize in services that transform carpets to their former glory. They have just expanded their range of services to include tile floor cleaning, mold removal and even Oriental rug cleaning.

Williamsville Wellness Raises Awareness of March as Problem Gambling Awareness Month

All but two states have some form of legalized gambling, and 15% of Americans are known to gamble twice a week. This sadly means that between 2 and 3% of the population meet the criteria for problem gambling, where their gambling affects major areas of their life, creating social, financial, emotional and psychological issues. March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and Williamsville Wellness is helping to promote this important awareness campaign.

Effort to Help Veterans and Provide Work for Americans with Wrist Watches Assembled in the USA

LogoIn an effort to raise funds for charities that assist veterans and their families, and to provide work for Americans by assembling watches in the USA. Minuteman Watch Co has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo which you can see here.

Lecartomanti Launches Cartomanti Al Telefono Service to Answer All the Life's Problems and Making Them Vanish

Lecartomanti has launched a never before tarot reading online service. They have set up this telephonic online service that aims to answers calls from customers who desires to learn about their luck and solve their problems through tarot card reading. Predictions and advices are given by the lecartomanti online service to the customers. They are absolutely confidential and the client's problems and queries are kept under total security by the service provider. Lecartomanti has a team of expert tarot card readers and psychics who has great specialty in reading cards and predicting the future of the clients.

Texas Resurfacing Countertop & Tub Now Offering Bathtub Resurfacing in Texas

Retaining its name as one of the leading providers of bathtub resurfacing services, Texas Resurfacing Countertop and Tub is now offering its customers the services of bathtub resurfacing in Texas at the affordable rates. Texas Resurfacing Countertop & Tub is one of the reputed names when it comes to providing exemplary refinishing & resurfacing solutions. For years the company has been considered one of the leading bathtub resurfacing and shower refinishing service providers in Austin, TX. An individual can save as much as 75% over the cost of replacing utilizing the company's eco-friendly refinishing process which results in a new and improved look that is as good as new!

LISSA the Shop Highlights the Eco-Conscious CP Shades Clothing Line

LogoBig business has been dominating the world's economy for years, as the adage, "Bigger is Better," has become more and more like a mantra. These changes come with many benefits for the average person, making every product imaginable accessible, lowering prices to make those products affordable to the masses, and making delivery time shorter to appease the ever-growing appetites of those masses. However, there are also pitfalls to big business that can include labor issues, quality issues and environmental issues; products are losing their souls in the pursuit of bigger profit margins. In such times, it is good to step back and applaud the companies that make every effort to stay true to themselves, their clients and the Earth. In that spirit, LISSA the shop would like to highlight the eco-conscious fabrics and processes of their featured CP Shades line.

Onur Marble & Granite Announces Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Services Available This Spring

LogoWhen spring hits many people feel inclined to consider renewing or updating both the inside and outside of their home. One particular area they might consider updating—and that also receives most of the foot traffic, is the kitchen. For those who need any kitchen cabinet remodeling done in their Bucks County, PA home, they can turn to Onur Marble & Granite. In fact, Onur Marble & Granite is pleased to announce that they are taking on any new customers who are looking to have their kitchen updated with new cabinets this spring.

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Offering Unlimited Passes

LogoOnce a relatively obscure practice, yoga is now one of the world's most popular personal fitness practices. Beloved for its proven benefits to longevity and mental health, it is practiced by groups as diverse as mindful college students to corporate executives who wish to de-stress. One variation, hot yoga, has gained popularity especially in the past decade. In order to provide Nashville hot yoga students with the maximum benefits of yoga at minimal cost, Fahrenheit Yoga Studio now offers unlimited pass packages.

Steam and Shower UK Creates Havens of Luxury Bathing, Relaxation

Showers and bathing facilities have moved beyond a simple place to get clean. Today's ensembles are miniature spas, offering everything from steam showers that provide the experience of a sauna, to aromatherapy units. Steam And Shower UK specializes in steam showers that provide the benefits of a spa without leaving home.

Shooting High Not Only in Scotland: Just Air Guns Comments

There has been excellentrecent news from the world of shooting sports, in that Angus Sports Development Team, gaining considerable spotlight as the shooting venue for the Commonwealth games, has secured a bold list of 105 nomineesfor upcomingsports awards. With eight categoriesin the competition, this suggests that air gun sports can be part of stimulating a significant sporting presence.This has excited much comment from leaders in the air gun industry, such as Just Air Guns, who believe that the increased attention and recognition given to the sport shows great progress.

Mat Centre Ltd Expands Range of Products on Offer, Sourced Exclusively from Europe

Throughout the modern world there are small, unassuming objects that conspire to make life easier and more convenient without anyone noticing. For businesses however, it is their job to ensure these small conveniences are in place to optimize the workplace for their staff. Mats are one such small convenience that can nevertheless have a profound effect on workplace safety and satisfaction. Mat Centre Ltd offers UK and European made matting solutions, and has recently expanded their range of products.

DoorTrader Announces Launch of New Website That Will Serve as a One-Stop Solution for Homeowners to Find New and Used Doors at Highly Affordable Rates

DoorTradertoday announced the launch of its brand new website that will change the way people buy and sell doors online. It is a unique online portal that will allow homeowners and businesses alike to find doors that perfectly suit their needs. Moreover, one of the unique features of this site is that it allows users to list their used doors, and sell them at a decent price.

AnalogMix Releases Its Hottest Online Mixing and Mastering Services for Top Quality Mix

AnalogMix, an élite music production company, is now launching the services of state-of-the-art online mastering and mixing for songs, music for films as well as short-documentaries. The company utilizes the best high-tech hardware and software conjugated with latest studio equipment to mix and master audio files. Their online studio comes with a specialized group of audio mixing and mastering engineers who had reliably created the very best and finest-quality music.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offers Their Customers Wide Range of Wood Sheds at Competitive Prices

LogoRetaining their name as one of the best providers of outdoor storage products, Storage Sheds Outlet now offers their customers a wide range of wood sheds at competitive prices. The wood sheds available with the company are very attractive and can be used for highly-practical purposes. Customers can use these wood sheds for creating an extra room of the house or can use it to store lawn equipment, tools and accessories. The company provides wood sheds that are so spacious that customers can even use them as home gyms or workout facilities, private studios, game rooms, and much more.

Dubai-Based Plans 3-Day Mega Sale, Expects 7 Million Customers

Dubai-based famous e-commerce website has announced plans to unveil its Grand online shopping sales event scheduled to go live this March. The Grand Sale, running from 29 to 31March, will offer online buyers up to 70 percent off on more than 2,500 product offers, the company stated in their announcement.

Wudang Kungfu Trains Various Skillsets of Martial Arts to People All over the Globe

Martial arts are a combat skill that has been there from centuries. At first it was limited only in the Chinese region but with time this art of defence has become common all over the world. There are various schools all over the world teaching this form of combat skills to huge numbers of students. One of the schools that have a good presence all over the world is Wudang Kung Fu of China.

Bangkok Jewelry Outlet Launches Wholesale Website to Help Stores Source the Best Jewelry at Great Prices

Jewelry is one of the most popular sale items in any store, as people associate it with luxury and indulgence. What's more, choice of jewelry can help people express their tastes and personality to the broader world. This makes it a great investment for stores who are looking for unique point of sale items or specials. Sourcing affordable jewelry has traditionally been difficult, but wholesale fashion jewelry distributor BKK Jewelry has just created an online e-commerce store to offer their unique jewelry to stores around the world.

Carlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi Seek Crowdfunding via ToyBacker for His Upcoming Animated Comedy 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad'

LogoCarlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi are the creators of 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad' or The Little S.H.I.T.S. This animated comedy is about a team of five super-powered kids that accidentally end up obliterating their homeland while trying to save the same. A twisted comedy, the show promises to have plenty of wrongful observations on human existence and elements of social satire.

Anti-Bullying Children's Book Goes Global, as Sami the Magic Bear Sees Translation Into 10 Languages in Effort to Tackle International Epidemic

Every country has a bullying problem, to the point that it is now being identified by Governments around the world as serious societal epidemic. However, there's no catch-all international campaign to help children recognize the signs of bullying and treat it at the root cause. But that's until now…

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: Celebrated Book Series Releases Update on Alcohol Volume; Helping Readers Avoid Fatal Alcohol Poisoning

There's no way to sugarcoat the statistics; six people die from alcohol poisoning each day in the United States, with binge drinking and the nation's other risky habits killing tens of thousands of others annually. Dr. James Rybacki is acutely aware that most Americans are uneducated when it comes to alcohol and its effects, inspiring him to release a potentially life-saving new book.

Cristo Jesus Llave: Uplifting Memoir, Written as Last Letter to Children from Dying Author, Urges Readers to Create Life-Saving 'Learning Health System'

Patrick J. Grant is unfortunate enough to know what it is like to be given two weeks to live. In 2014, he was diagnosed with the rarest form of Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, ironically at a time when he was spearheading the launch of Our Health Data Cooperative, a paradigm-shifting and transformative new clinical research Learning Health System. With just a precious few days to live, Grant set down to pen a last letter to his children.