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TidePromDresses Launches Its New Online Prom Dress Store

To offer high quality prom dresses which perfectly meet the global standards to the fashion-conscious girls worldwide, a new online store, TidePromDresses steps into the market with its latest e-store launch., a global online lifestyle retailer of affordable items, sells all kinds of fashion and lifestyle items. From home improvements to beauty supplies, from electronics to fashion, it caters to every need of today's global citizen who want the best buy in everything. Right now, they have launched the online store with the latest 2015 Spring collection as this is the time of the year for prom.

New Crowdfunding Campaign for Book Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter

LogoThe crowdfunding campaign for upcoming book Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter will go live on April 7, confirmed the authors of the book Jaqueline Kyle and Charles Dickens. They aim to raise $2200 from the campaign. The amount will be used for publication, distribution and marketing of the Book.

Versatile Actor Eric St. John Portrays American Legend in "Ride the Thunder"

Eric St. John portrays the character of Colonel John W. Ripley in the new film "Ride the Thunder". The film which is based on a true story of two war heroes and their experiences premired on 27/3/2015 at the Regency Theater with huge success. Long box offices lines were commonplace as show after show was sold out all weekend long. The tremendous box office sales resulted in "Ride The Thunder" achieving the highest average per Theatre Box Office in the country.

VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network Launches Leading Edge Women Talk Radio Channel

LogoVoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the leader in Live Internet Talk Radio, announced today the launch of the VoiceAmerica Women Channel. The channel celebrates the forward movement of women's success. The VoiceAmerica Women channel is the eighth branded online channel of The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the leader in Live Internet Talk Radio since 1999.

Author Reveals the Story Behind an Impossible Promise

Often, successful books have a back story that readers really want to discover. When Howard Bronson sought publishers for his new book, 'How to Make an Impossible Marriage Possible,' the first question posed by prospects dealt with his qualifications. "What makes you the authority on how to make impossible marriages possible? Not even Dr. Phil makes that outlandish claim. " Further, Bronson does not have a PhD in psychology, does not have a TV show and he limits his therapy practice to a small village in Southern Vermont. Yet his relationship advice has been found useful by thousands of readers all across the globe.

Five Dollar Dan Releases Huge Range of New Gift Items for Five Dollars or Less

Gifts seem to be becoming more and more ubiquitous in the modern era. Where before perhaps a birthday and Christmas present for close friends and family would suffice, now gifts are required for colleagues and co-workers, distant relatives, even acquaintances. What's more, they're required at Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween and more. With more people to buy for and more occasions to buy, people are looking for affordable gifts. Five Dollar Dan helps people get great gifts cheaply, and has just published a new suite of five dollar gifts.

Prima Fashion Launches New Section to Host the Very Latest Fashion Items Added to the Store

Poland has one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and is a major exporter to the big nations like the UK and Germany. While they have many great industrial products, their fashion is lagging sadly behind. Fortunately the UK is a world center for fashion, and Prima Fashion is helping Polish people source major British brands for less through their e-commerce store. To enable people to get the very latest and best deals available, they have created a new section of the website which is updated live, with the latest fashion items as they come in.

A Directory That Lists Every Marijuana and Head Shop in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom Has Been Launched

People, who are looking for a particular smoke or marijuana shop, can visit and search by states and cities in America, Canada, and the UK

Fairfield Village Apartments Announces New Management

Fairfield Village Apartments has announced that it has come under new management. Austin investor Markus Heitkoetter recently purchased the residential rental complex, and Fourth Dimension Group is the new management company that will oversee operation of Fairfield Village Apartments.

Persian Jewelry Designs -New Fashion Styles of Ancient Persian Empire

Southern California-based Pars Art Galleries has relaunched its e-commerce website in time for the Persian new year. The elaborate, high-quality site took nearly a year to complete and was created in collaboration with Nika Labs of San Jose, Calif. The site offers access not only to unique cultural merchandise but also news and interesting videos aimed at informing and educating viewers about Persian civilization.

Cleaning Exec Launches New Flat Rate Affordable Service in NYC to Clean Up the Cleaning Industry

Getting an apartment cleaned in New York can be a nightmare, and with so many companies to choose from it can be difficult to know who to trust beyond simple trial and error. Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services is a unique New York Cleaning company in that they allow users to book times that suit them, for one of three flat rate packages designed to match the scale of any home. The clean is utterly thorough so there are no added extras to worry about. This unique approach allows them to deliver a more affordable clean with a superior customer experience, and they are poised to cause a storm in cleaning industry with new lower pricing.

Luxury Car Rental Club Makes New Range of Exotic Cars Available to International Clients

A supercar is many things to many people. It is a status symbol, a dream experience and a sign of having achieved. However, even for affluent business tycoons, owning a supercar is a huge investment for special occasions. To solve this problem, Luxury Car Rental Club was founded, enabling clients to enjoy the complete exotic car rental experience. LCRC have just introduced their very latest fleet of vehicles to their distribution centers around the world.

Curl Centric Publishes Curly Kids Coloring Book to Help Children See Positive Portrayals of Curly Hair

Curly hair is often considered a nuisance for those who have it, but its true potential is far more varied than straight hair can be. Unfortunately for curly haired children, their minority status can see them subject to bullying and derision. As such, it is important that this is counterbalanced with positive messages. As the media cannot be relied upon to show curly hair in a positive light, people have been left looking for alternatives, and Curl Centric has provided one. They have just published a new Natural Hair Coloring Book for children with curly hair.

What's Your Secret? Launched to Help People Unlock Their Potential and Start Achieving

Published by Mogul Division Publishing, 'What's Your Secret?' has been created to promote personal growth and success in a unique way. Fewer than two hundred pages in length, the book is designed to help people live their dreams in a way that will see them join the ranks of those they aspire to be.

Treat Epic Rage with TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK, Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Make Rage Relieving Book a Reality

Happy Go Lucky and Master Rage Ripper Hung Thai, who is otherwise known by his pen name "Zen Thai" has launched a kickstarter campaign for his newest project the TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK. This may be a one of kind self-help book that takes helping oneself out of feelings of anger and rage to a whole new practical level. To make this book a possibility Zen Thai needs to raise $3,000 by Thu, Apr 23 2015.

A to Z Vet Supply Featuring Rotating Deals on Pet Vaccinations and More

A to Z Vet Supply provides veterinarians, farmers, breeders and pet owners in general with a wide variety of pet supplements, medications, vaccinations and a huge assortment of other accessories. They are currently reminding new and returning clientele that they feature rotating deals on different products, so it's important to check their website frequently for new deals and special offers.

L&H Guerra Ltd.'s New Spring Line of Dog Toys and Accessories Has Been Released on Amazon

Dog toys are important to the life and health of pets, especially those whose life is spent predominantly indoors. Every age and size of dog requires some form of toy or behavioral tool to enhance their life or growth. Puppies, for example, will use dog toys as a way of teething and breaking new teeth. For those new dog owners, chew toys for puppies from L&H Guerra (Amazon) are the more preferable way to break teeth than if they were to use skin or furniture to do so. Even older dogs can benefit from toys. Behaviorists have shown that dogs who have been given toys to play during the day are less likely to misbehave as they are entertained. Dogs have displayed behavior their owners consider naughty are usually energetic and become bored without something to do. Using dog toys enables a pet owner to redirect the dog's bad behavior in a healthier, constructive way by enabling him or her to feel entertained when the owner cannot be there to interact with him or her.

Regreen Springfield Spring Gala Planned for Barney Estate

LogoRegreen Springfield will celebrate the Spring season and acknowledge the work of the organization's community volunteers and partners, who have helped to regreen the city… one tree at a time, by holding a "May ReGreen Springfield Fundraising Gala". The event will be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at the Barney Carriage House in Springfield's Forest Park, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. The Gala is planned to help fund the Regreen Springfield's Summer Youth Intern Program and its 2015 Tree Planting initiatives.

Fine Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Welcomes New Designer Mary O'Connor

Fine Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath provides high quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They also have a beautiful showroom on North Flower Mills Road in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, with examples of their versatile capabilities. Right now, Fine Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath welcomes new designer, Mary O'Connor, to their design team.

Entrepreneur Milana Leshinsky Shares Her Secrets to an Amazing Work Life of 5 Hour Days with Talk Show Host Georgene Summers

LogoTo hear Milana Leshinsky tell it, every business starts with an idea and a dream. But somehow somewhere that dream turns into a "job" we never meant to create.

Pretty in Paint Parties Announces Open Paint Party Event April 8th 2015

LogoLooking for a creative night out with plenty of food and drink specials? Well, Pretty In Paint Parties is pleased to announce their Open Paint Party event on April 8th 2015. For $35, those interested will be able to take home their very on 16X20 canvas painting of "NY State of Mind" by Michelle Nicosia Coyle—a great painting for both women and men. This wine and paint party event is being held at 21 South Bar & Grille from 7:00 to 10:00 PM, and there will be $5 pizza pies as well as $15 Sangria pitchers. Additional details regarding the event can also be viewed on the Pretty In Paint Parties Facebook page.

Marks Jewelers Advises Couples That Engagement Season Draws Near

Marks Jewelers is a Pennsylvania-based jeweler with showrooms in Levittown and Montgomery County, PA. They are strongly advising couples to consider that engagement season is approaching quickly. Marks Jewelers creates and retails some of the most distinctive and high-quality diamond engagement rings for Philadelphia, PA and many surrounding regions.

XYZ Acquires .Rent, a New Domain Extension for Property Owners, Real Estate Professionals, and Related Businesses

LogoXYZ, the company behind the most widely registered new domain extension, .xyz, is giving the rental industry its own namespace with the launch of .rent. With real estate driving 18% of the national GDP, .rent will introduce a new way for industry professionals, property owners, and related businesses to generate leads, communicate with customers, and close deals.

$300 Science Fiction Film Discovered on YouTube Gets National Release

"Memory Lane", a no-budget science-fiction thriller discovered on YouTube, has been given a national release. It is available now On Demand with more than 300 cable providers in 30 million homes. It is also available on DVD at national retailers including Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and FYE.

Tan on the Run Offers Mobile Airbrush Tanning in Canada

Tan on the Run is a mobile spray tanning franchise with over 40 locations in Canada , the concept of the Canadian business franchise as seen on the popular program 'Dragon's Den', has gained momentum since it was first presented on the show. The business provides solutions for people who prefer tanned skin but wish to avoid spray tanning booths and tanning beds. The franchise is also great for busy moms who wish to achieve financial freedom and start their own business with a low investment but great income.