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Kids' Music Duo Wendy & DB Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete Their Upcoming Music Project "It's a Doo Da Day"

LogoKids' music duo Wendy & DB have been writing, composing, and performing songs that are positive, upbeat, and fun. Their top priority is to create music that educates and inspires kids. They are also engaged in providing funding to different music programs and helping kids meet their basic requirements. Now, they are seeking funding assistance via Indiegogo to help others by completing their upcoming CD project.

TV Star Dylan Dili Signs Distribution Deal with Akon

I'm sure many recall the first Caribbean Hip Hop Artist ever to have appeared on the MTV hit reality show "Making the Band". We're speaking about the unique and energy filled Mr. Dylan DilinJah. The certified platinum recording artist, Dylan, better known as Dili to his core fan base. Continued to "spit hot fire" releasing music and remaining on tour as the years flew on by. He impressed Bloggers and Media at his listening party that took place in Bad Boy Studios late last year for his album "Pain 2 Power"., a Supplier of Customized Promotional Products, Now Offers Personalized Pens

For a business to succeed, it needs to reach its target audience. Potential customers needs to be made aware of the products or services that a company is offering. This is known as marketing., a customized promotional products supplier, now offers a wide range of personalized pens. It is very important to choose the right kind of marketing method for the best results. The company has a successful record of providing some of the best kinds of promotional items which can be used for any kind of corporate event.

Fashion Journal with a Conscience Launches New Website

This week I Love Goldie, a fashion and lifestyle blog with a conscience, launched its revamped website ushering in a new era for the online journal that promotes environmentally friendly fashion labels and brands.

Musical Duo Celebrates 10 Years on Fire: 10-Year Jubilee Duo Concert - Vocalist Lua Hadar and Pianist Jason Martineau

Celebrating ten years of glorious music-making, vocalist Lua Hadar and pianist Jason Martineau come together for a rare duo concert in the acoustic space of creativity salon The Emerald Tablet, Sunday, March 29 at 6pm. (doors 5:30). The salon in the heart of North Beach sits right next to iconic blues club The Saloon and across Columbus Ave. from City Lights Bookstore. Eclectic, worldly and funny, the duo will populate their program with their signature variety of grooves and languages with special emphasis on the tunes you might not hear in concert with their band, Twist. Space is limited and advance sale tickets at $20 are on sale now at as well as at the door on a space-available basis. A reception with the artists will follow the concert. Advance sale orders receive a free download card at the door.

DualDraw, a Manufacturer and Supplier of Air Filtration Equipment, Now Offers Dust Collection Systems at an Affordable Price

LogoOut of the various basic requirements that a worker requires in their work place, having a clean breathing atmosphere is the most important. Therefore, intending to provide people with facility to breathe easily, manufacturer and supplier of air filtration equipment, DualDraw, now offers dust collection systems at an affordable price. Customers can avail themselves with the various benefits of DualDraw.

DualDraw, a Manufacturer of Air Filtration Equipment Company, Now Offers Downdraft Systems at a Competitive Price

LogoIntending to provide people with a tool to breathe easily in their workplace, DualDraw, a manufacturer of air filtration equipment, now offers downdraft systems at a competitive price. The company's downdraft booths are signature self-contained tools which are designed with a vented back stop and patented perforated work surface which is used for capturing fumes or dust. The filtration systems of these booths have been configured on the basis of application. They also include panel filtration which is limited for bag filtration for dust, fumes, water filtration, cartridge filtration for self-cleaning and HEPA filtration. This equipment is optimized for protecting operators of cross contamination and breathing zones for adjacent plant equipment and processes.

Free Writers' Workshop to Educate and Empower Aspiring Writers

LogoThose who are interested in learning the art of writing high quality eBooks and Books are now able to benefit from a free writing workshop put on by author, Franki Kidd.

'Epoxy Flooring' Offering Flooring Solutions in California

LogoPBTP Epoxy Flooring California is providing a wide range of flooring solutions to the clients. The company specializes in providing epoxy flooring and polished concrete services at affordable rates. It provides services to both residential and commercial areas.

UAC Custom Pools – The Premium One Stop Shop for All Swimming Pool Installation and Servicing Needs

LogoGetting a swimming pool installed is a huge commitment and needs to be done by a licensed and knowledgeable firm that knows its job in and out. In this regard, there are few companies that can match the specialized services provided by UAC Custom Pools. This national swimming pool installer works with its clients to make sure that the swimming pool of their dreams that they have envisioned is recreated in the exact same way, according to the budget set by the client.

Make Condiments from Scratch - Author Amber Richards' Latest Book Is Available Now

LogoAmber Richards is a published author of many lifestyle and travel books. Her most recent work is the revolutionary recipe book called 'Make Condiments from Scratch: Fabulous Recipes for Fresh Flavors and Healthier Lifestyles' . The book comprises of more than 300 condiment recipes that anyone can make at home without any extensive preparation. The book covers wide variety of condiments from many cultures so that the readers have a wide range of condiment recipes to choose from.

Popular Artist Valerie Garner Announces Availability of New Landscape Watercolor Art Painting "Lost in Pink"

LogoWith spring here, it's not difficult for many people to find themselves appreciating the season and all its energy and beauty.  Popular artist Garner has certainly found herself expressing her thoughts and feelings about spring in her art and has recently made her work on the subject available to the world.  The name of the landscape watercolor art painting is "Lost in Pink", and it clearly delivers spring's warmth, energy and sense of possibility in the form of  a curved path leading off into the horizon, cherry trees on the sides and colors bringing the fire of life to the surface.

SZYZXX Brings Backless Evening Dresses 2015 to Set a New Footprint in Fashion Circuits

SZYZXX has new announcements for the fashionable women all across the world. The popular online dress store is bringing a new collection of evening dresses and wedding dresses that will set a new trend in 2015. The exquisite and elegant dresses are available at reduced prices for women to don a new fashion in 2015, without paying any exorbitant prices.

Real Madrid Keylor Navas Gets a Word of Advice from America's Got Talent Finalist Mauricio Herrera

LogoAmerica's Got Talent Finalist MAURICIO HERRERA, sends a word of advice to fellow Costa Rican and world famous REAL MADRID goalkeeper KEYLOR NAVAS.

Major Events Are Manifestations of People's Thoughts

Logo"Some major events, including terrorist attacks, are the results of someone's thoughts that are now manifesting,"  says Dr. Nella Ann Roberts, author of the new book, "Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life."

Lean on Him Apparel: Unique Designs and Colors for Everyone

Brandon Powell of Dallas wants the opportunity to combine his creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit, producing a unique clothing line for the expressive, casual and professional consumer.

Fashion Blogger Yael Kimelman Announces Top 10 Tips for 2015

Fashion and style go far beyond what a person wears – it is in everything we do! Well-known Life By B fashion blogger, Yael Kimelman, has released her Top 10 Tips on relevant, current and industry-related topics for 2015 fashion. The jet-setting Kimelman travels and works with high-profile individuals around the world in business development and promotion, marketing and public relations.

Dr Muzzafar Zaman Publishes New Editorial on the Broader Benefits of Weight Loss

When people think about losing weight, often their only goal is an aesthetic one, to look fitter and healthier and thereby, broadly more attractive. However, losing weight is important for many more reasons, especially when western countries are developing an obesity epidemic. Dr Muzzafar Zaman is a fitness guru and weight loss expert who regularly posts advice, guidance and inspiration on his personal website. His latest post is all about the associated medical benefits of weight loss, to help those whose conviction may be floundering to bolster their resolve.

Tara Vallin Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of Add-a-Handle

LogoThis project is about the development of Add-a-Handle, a highly practical and functional tool that can be used in thousands of situations to hold a wide array of objects. This light-weight tool has a weight similar to that of a stick of butter. As a result, it can be handled with ease even by people with Arthritis or many other health related concerns. Although it is light-weight, it is strong enough to hold up to thirty (30) pounds for the contractor, lineman or others, if needed.

Excitement Has Gone Up as Teams Have Entered the Quarter-Final Stage in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The Economies Of Australia And New Zealand Will Get A Boost Thanks To The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Funtasticks Family Fun Park Announces Their Spring Break Hours for 2015

Spring break begins soon and parents continue to look for ways to entertain their children while they are home from school. The Family entertainment center at Funtastics Family Fun Park Tucson releases its spring break hours for parents who wish to bring their child for a day of fun and entertainment. Rides at the Kids entertainment center Funtasticks Family Fun Park Tucson AZ open at noon during spring break and don't close until 11 pm.

A Great News for Those Who Want to Buy Cheap, High-Quality Wigs

There can not be a better news for those who are on the look-out to buy cheap wigs of high quality than the offer of wigs of great quality by The company says they have been a leading retailer wig outlet offering items including Cosplay wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, and accessories that go well with wigs. Buyers can do safe shopping if they decide to buy on their site, says the company. Not only that, customers will get wigs of all the popular brands and exclusives at the outlets.

SUPERDOLL Inspires a New Era in Music Entertainment

Music artists come and go but, only a few stick around that truly hold the title of change makers. One such name is SUPERDOLL. Andrea Lin who is known as a highly versatile artist has had the opportunity to work with other talented musical icons such as Madonna and Britney Spears.

Philanthropy from the Heart Striving for a Better Community

Philanthropy from the Heart, a non-profit organization developed with an aim to help the less fortunate people in the community also commits to put an end to poverty, helplessness and homelessness. The organization empowers people by inspiring them and mentoring them towards becoming productive individuals of the society. PTHeart welcomes all individuals, organizations and all those who wish to help them in this noble cause. There have been many contributors so far who have helped PTHeart accomplish their goals. PTHeart wishes to thank all those contributors and volunteers who have helped the organization spread the awareness amongst the community. The New Destination for Beauty with Brains, being recently launched by Tachelle Wilkes, an author and life coach, is considered to be "one of the most popular online lifestyle magazines over the internet today".