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Glow Yoga Kids to Present at the "Spring Into Inclusion" Conference

LogoOn March 21, 2015, Edmonton based kids yoga and creative movement company, Glow Yoga, will be offering two sessions at the "Spring Into Inclusion" conference at the Alberta Teachers Association presented by Community Options. The hands-on session is entitled "Breathe, Stretch, Play & Relax" and will have attendees doing exactly that! This dynamic and engaging exploration of kids yoga will begin with an overview of the theoretical side of kids yoga, including topics such as anyone can teach yoga, the benefits of kids yoga, yoga in the classroom, and preparing the yoga lesson. Then the fun begins, as we transition to the practical application of kids yoga by experiencing a variety of meditations, breathing exercises, games, poses, and relaxations. Attendees will also be provided with a mini kids yoga manual, boasting over 100 kids yoga inspired activities! This session is ideal for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Early Educators, and other child advocates as it will provide a wealth of knowledge and belt full of tools to confidently integrate yoga into their daily practices and programs.

Rising Pop Singer Songwriter Alyssa Galarza Announces Release of Hot New Single "Nothing Amazing" on iTunes

LogoDon't make any mistake, there's everything amazing about the new single from rising singer/songwriter Alyssa Galarza, "Nothing Amazing".  The hot new song, which released recently in late 2014 on iTunes, fuses the best of R&B and soul, with her unique energy and delivery.  This combined with her beauty and presence are quickly making Alyssa a hot topic of conversation among music insiders.

Biblefy Studio Releases a New iOS App Called Bible Baseball Trivia

LogoBiblefy Studio, a passionate family business, has officially released the new iOS app called Biblefy Studio's Bible Baseball Trivia, which is a fun way of mixing the love of baseball with the love of learning the Bible.

'The Singing Guru' Introduces Readers to the Power of Spiritual Awakening

LogoKnown for her extraordinary literary skills, Kamla, a highly sought after Sikh writer around the world is getting ready for the big launch of her next book, 'The Singing Guru' this month.

The Design Republik Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Their Curated Outfitting Service

Westwood Inc Limited has started a new Kickstarter Campaign that will help them launch limited edition of men's and women's outfits for less than $351USD. The DESIGN REPUBLIK brand, which has been called exciting, allows men and women to look fashionable like a celebrity.

South Florida Manufacturer Sleefs Contracts with US Colleges to Produce Sports Arm Sleeves

LogoSleefs licenses with many sports teams around the world to make arm sleeves boasting team colors and logos. Today they announced that the company will be selling sports arm sleeves for many US Colleges. They have numerous college sleeves up on their website ( already. Many more colleges will be having their colors and logos appear on Sleef's arm sleeves soon.

Jane Austen Education Series Launches Promotion for March

LogoJane Austen's classic novels (Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensability, et. al.) are well known, but many people haven't taken the leap to read her stories. Whether it's a case of limited time, or the daunting nature of classic literature itself, there are countless book lovers who haven't yet tackled Austen's work.

Child Actress Aja Wooldridge Debuts Alongside Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Sequel "The Divergent Series: Insurgent"

LogoTop Atlanta child actress Aja Wooldridge's first 2015 feature film debut will be the popular young adult dystopia "Insurgent".  This is the second of the four part movie franchise adapted by author Veronica Roth. Last year blockbuster hit Divergent had record breaking box office numbers.  The second series is slated to exceed all expectations and expected to bring in higher box office sales. Reviews have given Shailene Woodley a very solid performance in the movie.

Exciting Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Postcards with a Twist

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched for these postcards with a twist, that hopes to raise $4,500 to bring a smile to people's faces.

Absolute Hookup Publishes Exclusive New Guide to Dating a Cougar

The makers of Absolute Hookup, the world's top casual dating app, published a new guide to dating older women. Known colloquially as "cougars," middle-aged women who particularly enjoy dating much younger men have become something of a cultural phenomenon in recent years, making waves everywhere from blockbuster Hollywood films to the most popular online social networking sites. Absolute Hookup's new guide to arranging for the perfect Cougar Hookup is the most comprehensive and useful of its sort to be found anywhere, conveying practical, proven advice in an entertaining way.

Shralpin Skateboard Undergos Full Website Redesign

Shralpin has recently decided to revamp their website. This was due to the overwhelming encouragement from skateboard fans as the site was lacking that modern, 2015 feel. To fix this a few major changes took place.

Airwheel X8 Model Unicycles, a Fun and Unique Way to Commute and Work Out

Airwheel Technology Holding ( USA ) CO.,LTD. has come out with a news story that is sure to surprise everyone and more so, the fans of Mos Patiparn, one of the most popular and phenomenal singers from Thailand. In his recent concert that was held to mark the 25 th anniversary of his debut, he surprised everyone and the fans who thronged the venue with a highly impressive electric unicycle show. It was a pure white Airwheel X8 Model unicycle he rode during this show and caused a sensation among his fans.

Ivan Raiklin Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for Documentary

LogoIvan Raiklin has created an all-encompassing documentary based on Vladimir Putin's rise to power and the recovery of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  From the time that Putin entered the national scene, he has become a polarizing figure, and this documentary explores the implications of his career as the leader of the Russian Federation.  Now, Raiklin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of the film.

Creator of bookGUTS Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Pre-Sell Subscriptions and Raise Funds for bookGUTS 2.0

LogoFred McLaurence LLC is a company that understands how quickly the world is changing.  Ideas are coming at most people faster than they can process them from a wide variety of media, including books, the Internet, television and other sources.  bookGUTS is a way to synthesize what is most important from non-fiction books allowing readers to quickly discover, digest and apply the information they need most.

Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock Re-Imagined as Interactive Apps for iOS and Android

LogoGriffin & Sabine: The Interactive Trilogy is the latest work by author Nick Bantock in collaboration with software development and creative content studio, Bound Press in Santa Monica. Bantock, along with Bound Press, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and marketing funds for the project due to ship to consumers in Summer 2015. The campaign has already garnered Kickstarter's coveted 'Staff Pick' status.

Costa Mesa Gym Brings the World of Kettlebell (Girevoy) Sport to Orange County

Innovative Results Gym (IR), Orange County's "Fitness Playground," will host the 2015 California Open Kettlebell Championship, the biggest Kettlebell Sport competition in the United States. Organized by Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC), this exciting annual event eagerly anticipates the arrival of near 150 athletes to compete in 200 competitive lifts.

Gynecomastia Affects Up to 70 Percent of Men, Man Boobs Lab Announces

According to Florida Hospital, 70 percent of men ages 50 and older may suffer from gynecomastia or enlargement of the breasts. Although this problem is quite common, men find it to be very embarrassing, especially when their chest jiggles as they run or jump. Man Boobs Lab ( was created to assist men suffering from this problem, by offering advice on various methods of eliminating this issue.

Hop N Party of Austin Stocks Up on Inventory for Upcoming Spring Carnival Parties

With the warm, beautiful days of spring just a hop, skip, and a jump away, Hop N Party is stocking up for the fun, memorable events the season will bring. There is no better time of the year to host an outdoor carnival event in Austin, and, thanks to recent additions to an already-unmatched inventory of rental equipment, Hop N Party stands ready to provide everything needed. With bounce houses, water slides, concession equipment, interactive games, and more, Hop N Party is the number one source in Central Texas for everything it takes to make any spring fling an unforgettable one.

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Highlights the Importance of the Ideal Graduation Party

A child's graduation only comes once in a lifetime. Although the child may graduate from different institutions over the years, each event is unique and the celebration of this momentous occasion should be special as well. With the help of Big Bounce Fun House Rentals graduation party rentals Indianapolis, ensuring this is the case for each child and each event has never been easier.

Susama Yoga Mat Towel Has Become One of the Biggest Selling Yoga Products on Amazon

Yoga over the years has become even more popular with people wishing to relax and keep fit, and due to the popularity more products have been hitting the market. One popular product, which has become a huge seller on Amazon, is the Susama Yoga Mat Towel.

Executive Marketing Services Announces Fuego Messenger

Dating apps take the convenience of online dating to a whole new level. Tinder is a free app that anonymously finds nearby matches and connects them if they are interested in each other. It lets users quickly say yes or no to potential matches by showing you people who are near them, and letting users anonymously "like" them or "pass" on them. If you and a potential match "like" each other, Tinder makes an introduction and lets you text each other through the app, without giving your real phone number away.

Airwheel Self Balancing Scooter Whooshes to the Top at the Malaysian Open

The Malaysian Open which was recently held in the city of Kuala Lumpur featured some of the top seeded games enthralling crowds who had come from all over the world to witness the event. But, one attraction that left everyone asking for more was the Airwheel self balancing scooter which was a true crowd puller.

Popularity of Airwheel Scooters Soared Still Higher After the Stockholm International Boat Show 2015

For those interested in self-balancing scooters, here is an exciting news. The world-renowned company, Airwheel Technology Holding ( USA ) CO.,LTD., that makes self-balancing scooters not only took part in the Stockholm International Boat Show 2015 held between 28th February and 8th March but starred in the show as well. According to reports, the Airwheel team brought their latest premium models of recreational and work-out gears on a boat.

Real Price Per Head Launches New Affordable Version of Their Pay Per Head Software

Gambling is just as popular now as it has ever been, and with the lingering economic downturn, individuals have been looking for ways to transform their fortunes rapidly. This has meant more bookies than ever, and each of them requires a means to manage the accounts they run without it costing the earth. Real Price Per Head has launched a new version of their pay-per-head (PPH) online software, which enables individuals to manage both domestic and offshore users, as well as having seamless migration technology to bring pre-existing clients' transactions over to the software. Adds a New Level of Competition to March Madness Pools is pleased to announce the launch of their website designed to add extra levels of competition to traditional March Madness pools.