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King Athletic Reveals 3 Fun Family Fitness Activities for Improving Everyone's Health

King Athletic, designer of the speed rope, announces three fun family activities for parents that want to help their children exercise more and develop a love for working out. Through its skipping ropes for athletes and non-athletes, King Athletic helps families get into the habit of group exercising as a way of bonding and improving their fitness and health. Children spend many hours every day playing games and socializing through tablets and smartphones, foregoing physical activity. It is crucial that they integrate exercising into their lives to stay healthy.

Bestselling YA Fantasy Novelist, Marc Secchia Releases New Title

Amazon bestselling fantasy author Marc Secchia is excited to announce the release of his newest book entitled Dragonfriend also set in the same world as his bestselling dragon adventure series, Shapeshifter Dragons. Print length is 451 pages long and currently retails at $3.49, Kindle edition. Price is included in free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.

Barry Ratcliffe to Play Convicted Murderer on True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

LogoThe story of Rachael Anderson, murdered in 2010 in Idaho will be featured on the NBC Peacock Production slated to air on the Discovery I.D. Network and available for download. The accomplice to the murder, David Stone, will be played by veteran actor Barry Ratcliffe.

Outreach Center of West Houston to Host 4th Annual Simulcast of Leadercast on May 8th

Leadercast is broadcast LIVE from Atlanta, GA to hundreds of sites around the world. The Outreach Center of West Houston is proud to announce its 4th Annual Leadercast will be simulcast at Studio Movie Grill in City Centre (822 Town and Country Blvd., Houston, Texas 77024) on Friday, May 8, 2015 from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Invites Paranormal Awakenings of the Mummies

Sprawled across the walls of New York's most iconic art museum are ancient Egyptian parchments called the "Book of the Dead." These mystical scrolls detailed this ancient civilization's all consuming obsession with the afterlife. Could their beliefs be more than just primitive superstition? They just might be, says NYC's Ghost Doctors.

Michael's Jewelers Adds Spring Flair to Alex and Ani Bracelet Collection

LogoAs the 2015 spring season has arrived in earnest, many individuals will proudly be displaying their skin and the jewelry that covers it. With beautiful bangles that can be displayed on all occasions, Michael's Jewelers is announcing the arrival of new Alex and Ani bracelet collections to brighten up the spring. The new collections are available in both the Yardley and Fairless Hills locations, and add an elegant appeal to any spring outfit.

SpawnCandy Gaming Entertainment Is Changing the Future of Online Gaming

LogoOn April 15th 2015 SpawnCandy Gaming Entertainment officially launched their crowd funding campaign for a development project that has potential to change the game in regards to how gamers' socially connect online. The highly anticipated project is now available to view on the crowd funding website Indiegogo.

Updated and Multiple Television Channels Now Available at Iptvchoice with Number of Movies and Series

Iptvchoice has recently announced a different high quality TV viewing experience. They have launched a direct to home digital channel package that ensures to supply a huge list of channels from around the world to its customers. Not only is this service provider hosting a large number of channels but they are compatible with most of the boxes with enigma 2 too. Iptv updates their channel periodically and makes sure to provide the best high definition television viewing experience to their customers with great reliability. The channel package provided by Iptv comes in the form of Bronze for 1 month, Silver for 2 months, Gold for 5 months and Platinum for 12 months.

Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser Announces Spring Clean Specials at Boston-Area Facility

As the sun is starting to shine and the weather is getting warmer after a brutal winter in Boston, many individuals are going to want their skin to glow through the spring and into summer. For dedicated skin treatment, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is announcing their spring clean specials for new and existing clients. As certified and experienced skin care specialists, their specials include hyperpigmentation and red spot removal, as well as intense pulsed light hair removal.

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Offers Power Yoga Classes

LogoYoga students in Nashville looking for diverse yoga class options can find them at Fahrenheit Yoga. The studio offers hot yoga classes in Nashville, and they have announced that they also offer power vinyasa flow classes for their students.

Diningtablesandchairs Announces New Series of Handmade Dining Tables and Chairs Made of Oak

Diningtablesandchairs launched a modern line of furniture in the market that aims to provide durable products with great designs. They have all the modern dining room furniture, kitchen furniture and living room furniture. The distinct thing about diningtablesandchairs is that they produce beautiful traditional hand crafted furniture for homes and offices. Some of the fine furniture the store caters to are benches, bookcase, butcher blocks, chairs, desk and workstations, dining tables, dressers, kitchen units, stools, storage units, TV stands and set of table and benches. Some of the unique products are farmhouse tables, oak tables and furniture, chunky dining tables and farmhouse kitchen dressers.

A to Z Pet Care Launches Feed a Stray Campaign to Help Stray Pets Find Much Needed Food

For as long as humans have been civilized they have kept pets, nurturing members of the animal kingdom in exchange for their companionship and loyalty. Pets are hugely popular, but a small number of owners are unable to take care of their pets, and these inevitably become strays without a home to go to. At risk of starvation and illness, these pets live a life of neglect. A to Z Pet Care helps people take the best possible care of their pets, and has now launched an initiative to help stray animals get a much needed meal. The Feed A Stray campaign has just been launched in a special section on their website. to Expand Website and Add New Anime Shows and Series was launched recently as an anime streaming website for watching English dubbed and subbed anime online. As stated by sources, this website has already gained a lot of popularity with anime fans for its huge collection of anime series which are updated hourly. "We update our site hourly because we want to ensure that anime fans will always have something new to watch every time they visit our website", said the spokesperson for He added, "Our website guarantees high quality stream and download links."

Californian Band Love Hunt Is Releasing a New EP with 6 Songs

As a new and alternative funk and rap trio located in the very heart of Corona, California, Love Hunt is making an impact on the world's music industry. They produce music that is well-liked by the young generation.

Chiropractor in North Seattle Helps Women Find Relief from PMS Symptoms

LogoWith an estimated 90% of women suffering from some form of premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS, about 10-20% experience severe or disabling symptoms that interfere with their daily life each month. Fortunately, chiropractic care may help if female patients have evidence of nerve compromise to their reproductive organs. Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic is helping local patients find natural, drug-free relief from PMS symptoms through chiropractic care.

Affordable, Organic Turmeric Powder Now Available from Wakaya Perfection

LogoAlways with its customers' health and wellness in mind, Wakaya Perfection now offers Organic Turmeric Powder at a competitive price. An herbaceous plant from the ginger family, turmeric has a wide array of health benefits. Ayurvedic practitioners have used the herb for thousands of years to alleviate pain, depression, arthritis, indigestion and nausea. It also works as an effective natural antiseptic and liver detoxifier and can boost the immune system. Wakaya Perfection's organic turmeric powder boasts a bountiful 5.96% of curcumin, the active healing ingredient in turmeric, in comparison to traditional turmeric that contains only 0.92% curcumin. It is hand-cultivated in the rich volcanic soil of Fiji's Wakaya Island without additives or pesticides.

Looking for Love in the Wrong Places: New Book Gets Lonely Hearts on Track to Find True Love

While most people find Mr. or Mrs. Right by the time they reach thirty, millions more suffer in the belief that dating and true love isn't in their life plan. Chris Ross knows first-hand that this sentiment just isn't true and, through a powerful and potentially life-changing new book, he is out to prove it.

Moments of Impact: Sole Survivor of an "Unsurviveable" Plane Crash Explores Humanity's Relationship with Risk and Short Impactful Conversations That Can Save a Life

The bottom line is that Tom Wilson shouldn't be here; he should have died in November 2008 along with the other passengers in a Grumman Goose seaplane that crashed and exploded.

Brigid's Power: In Gripping Second Volume of 'Moonlite' Series, Maverick Teenage Protagonist Explores Newfound Magic Powers

Nobody will admit to not wanting magic powers, and all of the excitement that would come with such unique abilities. In her celebrated new 'Moonlite' series, author Maria Valenti has granted this power to a young girl who least expected it.

Jack's Wild Ride: Thrilling New Novel Sees Wealth, Tragedy & Redemption Collide - Can a Narcissist Really Reverse His Ways?

Life has a reputation for throwing people curveballs when they least expect them – or need them. For some it's a momentary panic, for others it's something that could change their lives forever. For the protagonist in Mark Michelson's gripping new novel, that curveball could well take him to hell and back.

Ohana Fishing Charters Announces Marlin Hunting Fishing Trip This April

LogoWhen embarking on a deep sea fishing trip, both the experienced and the novice are looking for excitement on the waters. This April, Ohana Fishing Charters is announcing an exclusive Marlin hunting trip on the grounds off Kauai, Hawaii. Guests who are interested are encouraged to climb aboard the Ho'o Maika'i on April 30 at 6 am for the deep sea fishing trip of a lifetime.

Lady Jane's Salon: A Romance Reading Series, Featuring Zoraida Cordóva

LogoNYC's First & Only Romance Reading Series. As seen in Time Out New York and The New York Post…

LaContempo Offers Wing Sofa Bed from Innovation at Highly Discounted Prices

LaContempo welcomes customers in the magical world of designer furniture gallery. An online furniture store with great order and repute stocks a wide selection of designer modern furniture that it directly sources from top of the line European brands. What makes the online furniture store the preferred choice of even the most discerning customers from LA or beyond is the fact that each piece of furniture listed is designed while keeping the ever-changing demands, market trends, home décor aspirations and budgetary concerns of customers in mind. As a result, the online furniture store never fails to impress those who look for something unique and different in furniture.

Surprising THAT Skin Care Ingredient Hydrates with No Clogged Pores

The Age-Defying Moisturizer from THAT Skin Care™ is marketed as an anti-aging cream that provides plenty of moisture to the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A lot of products claim to do the same thing and the most common complaint among users of these formulas is clogged pores or an abundance of oil for combination skin types.

Adult Cinderella Blue Dress Ball Gown from Disney's Live Action Film Cinderella Is Now Available to Buy

With the hit film Cinderella available at the cinema, people are now looking to buy merchandise from the film. One exciting piece of merchandise that has become available is an Adult Cinderella Blue Dress Ball Gown.