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NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Is a Haunting Experience

This upcoming holiday week, NYC's own Ghost Doctors will be leading groups of adventurous amateur ghost hunters through the sweeping hallways and majestic galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art searching for signs of the paranormal. After receiving a crash course in the fundamentals of ghost hunting, they'll be instructed in the proper use of different electronic ghost hunting equipment as well as how to detect and even photograph glimpses of the supernatural.

Carlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi Seek Crowdfunding via ToyBacker for His Upcoming Animated Comedy 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad'

LogoCarlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi are the creators of 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad' or The Little S.H.I.T.S. This animated comedy is about a team of five super-powered kids that accidentally end up obliterating their homeland while trying to save the same. A twisted comedy, the show promises to have plenty of wrongful observations on human existence and elements of social satire.

Little Garden Company, a Supplier of Gardening Tools, Now Offering Joseph Bentley Tools at Discounted Prices

LogoA garden enhances the beauty of any property. The spread of green grass, blossoming flowers and a touch of natural beauty can really heighten any location's ambience. The Little Garden Company, suppliers of gardening tools, is now offering Joseph Bentley tools up to 60% off. With the right kind of equipment, people can garden more efficiently. The range of gardening items that this company offers are watering cans, pots, planters, border edgings, hanging baskets and more.

Bernard Rangel Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Participate at the Art Expo NYC 2015

LogoBernard Rangel started his life as an artist at the age of fifteen by painting backdrops for the Amateur Hong Kong Ballet group. Over the years, he has painted household and commercial interiors, ceramics, bed linen, jeans, paper and on canvas.

Steve Ryan, the Expert on Self-Improvement and Personal Finance Announces Successful Launch of New Book "Out of Pocket"

Steve Ryan, renowned author and self-improvement expert has set out to demystify the information that surrounds those who cannot leave out their old beliefs about life and money. Instead of changing, such individuals keep on making excuses and continue to struggle financially. In other words, they are ignorant towards their personal finance and never dare to try out new things that could actually help them improve their personal and financial life. However, with the launch of his new book "Out of Pocket," Steve wants to present such individuals with a comprehensive guidebook that could break age old myths, and inspire and motivate them to become better in their personal life.

ADVENT Advertising Produces Successful 2nd Annual Mummers Mardi Gras

LogoAfter uncooperative weather postponed the Mummers Mardi Gras for one week, the organizers and event planners are extremely proud to announce a successful event with the great Mummers string bands. The parade took place on Saturday, February 28, and more than 5,000 residents and spectators made the trip to Main Street in Manayunk in an effort to support the Mummers.

Custom Cleaning of the Palm Beaches Now Offering Free Consultation and Estimates for Homes and Offices

Hiring a cleaning service can be a stressful process. On the one hand, most people in the 21st century don't have time to clean their homes to the degree they would like, due to their many commitments. On the other hand, finding a trustworthy cleaner who will have access to all areas of the home feels risky. Custom Cleaning of The Palm Beaches understands the power of building trust, which is why they are offering in-home and in-office initial consultations for free on all services they offer.

GINIK Starts a Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand Its Fashion Business

It's a dilemma facing any fashionista: You've found the perfect handbag after years of hunting. The only problem is that it's about $200 more than you wanted to pay. Then, when you do find a bag that does meet your price range, the style just isn't quite what you're looking for in a fashionable accessory.

Jewels by Alex Continues to Offer Custom Handmade Jewelry

As computer design technology increases in popularity, fewer stores design jewelry by hand. However, a few stalwarts dedicated to making handmade custom jewelry remain, and Jewels by Alex of Southampton is one such store. As of this March, Jewels by Alex is proud to announce that they continue to design and make custom jewelry by hand in their Southampton store.

The Perfect Dump Now Providing a Great Poo This Spring

LogoThe Perfect Dump™ is pleased to provide users with a great poo this spring. Waking up in the early morning can be quite a task. Who wants to get up at the crack of dawn and get ready for work? Well, The Perfect Dump™ will make individuals look forward to getting up with their supplement that makes for a better poo.

Landfill Goals Aiding UK Employment – SEAC Ltd Comment

According to a recent report by theGuardian- reducing the amount of non-hazardous waste going to landfill hasresulted in a strong body of employment and avoided more than £1331.2m in unnecessary costs. The results have been released in light of the internationalcompany Unilever's efforts to send zero non-hazardous waste to landfill. SEAC LTD, a company working for a more sustainable use of resources, have been quick to comment.

CuraGuard Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds for App

LogoSenior citizens often need help carrying out daily tasks or overcoming occasional challenges in their lives.  With the help of the new CuraGuard app, creator Lars Ole Mathisen hopes to enable the elderly to stay longer in their own homes and receive a helping hand from friends, neighbors and family.  CuraGuard enables seniors to live an independent life with support from their family and friends. Now Offering Portable Pre-Built Saunas at Reasonable Rates

LogoBeing a reputed online store, is now offering a wide range of portable pre-built saunas at reasonable prices. They offer two types of portable pre-built saunas including 7KW Portable Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit and 2.2KW Portable Pre-Built Sauna Room Kit. Available at lower rates, these saunas are not just easy to use, they are also portable. They can be kept anywhere in your house.

All the Bollywood News from a Single Source

Here is an exciting news for those who are interested to know all the information about Bollywood and the Indian film industry. FilmyMantra, an online Bollywood Portal, has been providing all the news and happenings of Bollywood since many months. In fact, the portal, that is considered the most credible one-stop shop for all the happenings in the Bollywood fraternity, has earned the reputation of catering to the needs of viewers, distributors, producers, exhibitors, actors, and music companies.

Kim Jewelry Design, an Online Jewelry Website Now Offers Exquisite Range of Bridesmaids Jewelry Online

Maintaining their name as one of the leading providers of online jewelry, Kim Jewelry Design now offers exquisite range of bridesmaids jewelry online at competitive prices. The one of its kind jewelry items available with online jewelry store can be used by bridesmaid for creating that much needed aura around the lovely bride. The portal provides their customers with jewelry of various designs, shapes, and sizes that individuals can choose to wear for the special day. The jewelry available with the website is suitable for people of any age group grandmother, sister, mother, neighbor, bridesmaids, or girlfriend. So, customers can browse through the sea of choices available on the portal for getting the perfect piece of jewelry item for the D-day and avoid the stress of finding a suitable item.

Natural Hair Movement Among Black Women Being Embraced by National Chain Retailer

On March 1st, the "tgin Moist Collection" for natural black hair rolled out to more than 250 Target stores nationwide. Target stores are the first major chain retailer to feature natural hair products, they won't likely be the last. The natural hair products segment of the nearly billion dollar black hair care industry has been growing ever stronger with the emerging natural hair movement that women of African descent have been embracing in droves over the last 5-7 years., a Division of David Moore & Associates, Announces Extensive Private Antique Clock Dispersal Auction – Museum Quality

David Moore & Associates, a professional, accredited auction company with 31 years of auction experience, has recently announced plans to auction off an extensive private antique clock collection owned by Irene and George Hartwick of Goderich, ON. Approximately 350 lots of antique clocks, parts, tools, merchandise and books will be sold by online auction at from April 5 -12, 2015.

Thoroughbred Analytics Now Enabling Their Customers with the Services of Horse Racing Software

Maintaining their prime position as one of the leading providers of horse handicapping services, Thoroughbred Analytics is now enabling their customers with the services of horse racing software. Through this software service, individuals will get assistance in creating all of the components of the handicapping model. Besides this, with this software, individuals can even generate customized reports for Premium Past Performances, Premium Analysis, Best Bets and Live Long Shots. Moreover, this software is perfectly designed to meet all the needs and demands of each of their customers. Not just this, this software is easy to save as well as reuse.

The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy Announces Registration Open for Sports and Summer Day Camps

LogoWhen school lets out, the summer fun begins. This summer, the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy of Cherry Hill, NJ, is offering a variety of sports and summer programs called the Super Star Summer Camp for children throughout the region. The company specializes in providing children with entertaining physical activities and teaches them new skills. Parents can register their children for the Super Star Summer Camp day camps over the phone, by mail, in person, or online via the company's website. The camps are for children ages 3 to 13 and focuses on providing a rewarding opportunity as well as helping build confidence.

Alcohology App Bridges Gap Between Science and Myth for Alcohol Awareness Month

According to the creator of the new 2015 app, Alcohology, there's a wide gulf between what people think alcohol does for them and what alcohol does to them. Case in point: The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism notes that less than10 percent of the public realizes alcohol is a carcinogen. "That's the core of what Alcohol Awareness Month is about: Education...not some new take on Prohibition," says author Scott Stevens.

A Well Deserved Place for Surreal Art

In the present age, art has been much appreciated- true. But there have been instances where the finest kinds of art have seen dirty drains because of absence of people with a good sense of artistic style. In this, the success story of Elena Vizerskaya is one that could be a source of motivation for all artists that have a talent and a good hand at art.

The Vines Celebrating Easter with Special "Pay 3, Stay 4" Offer on Luxury Accommodation

LogoGreat news for those planning a grand holiday this Easter weekend, The Vines Resort & Country Club is celebrating Easter Long Weekend with special "Pay 3, Stay 4" offer on luxury accommodation.

LakePoint Sporting Community Announces Exclusive Partnership with Cooper Global Chauffeured Transportation

LakePoint Sporting Community, the premier sports vacation destination, announces an Exclusive Partnership with Cooper-Global Chauffeured Transportation. This new partnership is designed to provide a full range of transportation options to all of LakePoint's guests.

How Do We Navigate Happiness in Our Turbulent Times? New Bestseller Reveals Today's Roadmap to Bliss

Diana Fletcher's new Bestseller, Happy on Purpose: Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women is a mini-roadmap to mega-happiness. Happiness starts with the realization that being happy is a personal choice that we make every day. Happy on Purpose gives readers the tools to do so. Diana guides readers through the year with daily messages to help remove self-imposed obstacles and claim true power. Each page offers a chance to pause and reflect on how we approach situations. She reveals how even the smallest changes can make the biggest differences in our life. The accompanying happy action items help readers regroup and focus on what really matters. As a loving inspirational guide, Diana shares her wisdom and humor to encourage readers to step beyond limitations and take good care of themselves — physically, emotionally and spiritually, to connect with their authentic nature, which can lead to profound joy.

Fevrie Tendance: A Radically New Approach to Women's Fashion

Julia Chase of Los Angeles knows all about the pain women feel when shopping for clothes.