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Jamberry Nails Announces the Clearance Sale of Its Winter Catalog and the Launch of Exclusive Summer 2015 Catalog, one of the most reputed online destinations to buy nail wraps, is proud to announce the launch of its Spring/Summer nail wrap catalog and collection on March 1, 2015. The customers, partners and associates are invited to the clearance sale of the Fall/Winter Catalog, which would be only up for sale till end of February. The customers looking to have the first look at the Spring collection can look at it by noon of the 1st March and thereafter. As the final phase of the Winter Catalog sale would be active till Feb 28 11:59 PM (MST) on Saturday, there would be a downtime of around 12 hours during which the company's technical team would be working in full force to update the site with the new catalog. truly apologize to its clients for the inconvenience caused for this downtime. Anyone accessing the site during this time would be redirected to a maintenance page that states that the site is currently updating.

Phytoceramides Gluten-Free Anti-Aging Supplements Now Available on Amazon

Phytoceramides gluten-free anti-aging supplements by famous health and beauty company, BioGanix™, is now available for sale on Amazon. This clinically proven formula is highly potent and is known to work in renewing skin that has been damaged and loosened by age, sun damage, stress or excessive pulling. It is a plant-derived supplement that has been extracted from rice, rather than being a generic variant. The Phytoceramides gluten-free formulation is safe to use and is highly effective for skin renewal and reversal of skin aging.

Veteran Owned Warrior 1 Yoga Brings Hot Yoga to Bakersfield Grand Opening Saturday

Dana Healey, owner of Warrior 1 Yoga, has brought home years of experience teaching yoga to fellow soldiers and defense contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a disabled veteran, Dana knows first hand just how much yoga helps the mind, body and spirit. She has become an expert in the practice of hot yoga, a form growing in popularity, which promotes a greater physical cleansing during the sessions. Dana is proud to be back home in Bakersfield and working on her new yoga studio, which has its Grand Opening this weekend. This Saturday Warrior 1 Yoga will celebrate its Grand Opening with fun, food and discounts.

Andrea Lin Aka Superdoll to Launch a New Music Project in 2015

Andrea Lin aka Superdoll is a passionate artist and much more. She is quite popular as having worked with a number of top music divas like Madonna and Britney Spears as a dancer and choreographer. Though she is quite passionate about her art, what is unique to her is she is very concerned about the people around her and this earth. So, to influence people into finding solutions to problems around them and to empower them to take care of Mother Earth better she is launching a new music project in 2015.

Tiki Cosmetics Announces Hottest Beauty Product of 2015

LogoTiki Cosmetics officially announced the release of the Blender Pro, calling it a professional makeup artist in the palm of your hand.

Dr. Casey Theriot and Dr. Martha Clokie Join the C Diff Foundation to Discuss Their Latest Scientific Research on C Diff Radio

LogoInterview on C. difficile research with Key Scientific Researchers. Dr. Casey Theriot of University of Michigan will be discussing the latest research how C. difficile wreaks havoc on the guts of animals in a short time, and causes severe diarrhea and life-threatening disease in humans. and Dr. Matha Clokie of University of Leicester UK will also be discussing the most recent work in the are of C. difficile research.

An Innovative Idea That Speeds Up the Dating Process on Tinder

There are not many organizations that manage to attract people with their innovative ideas and software programs and 'Executive Marketing Services' is one of those few companies that has managed to make a difference with their application called Fuego Messenger. If Tinder managed to create waves with its smart features and user friendly interface, Fuego goes a step ahead with its design, features and interface that enables users to save on time by allowing them to like multiple profiles at once and message all their matches at the same time with the same message.

Tiki Cosmetics Announces 48-Hour Sale on Blender Pro

LogoTiki Cosmetics officially announced the release of the Blender Pro two days ago, calling it a professional makeup artist in the palm of your hand.

Hottest Beauty Product of 2015 Now Available on Amazon

LogoTiki Cosmetics officially announced the release of the Blender Pro yesterday, calling it a professional makeup artist in the palm of your hand.

Matt Ritchey Releases New, Free Lifestyle Transformation System to Stop Procrastinating

The only resource we can never get more of is time. Once it is used, it is gone, and that's why wasting time is anathema to happiness. Many people want to be more productive, to work toward something, but find that they simply don't know how. Matt Ritchey has addressed this problem with The Procrastination Blaster. It is a system designed to help people attain all the obvious, universal aims like earning more money, success and respect, but also adds an X factor of doing all this while in the pursuit of a happier, more joyful life. The secret to achieving all these things lies in productivity by design, and minimizing time wasted.

Tucson, AZ Abstract Art Sales Designates Portion of Original Art Proceeds to Charity

LogoKR Moehr, Abstract Artist in Tucson, AZ, has announced a new Spring charity donation program. She will give a portion of all art sales made between March 1, 2015 and June 30, 2015 to her favorite charities.

GDS Garage Door Services Launches Campaign to Increase Garage Door Security Awareness

Nationwide home invasion statistics reveal an estimated 60 percent of thieves gain entry to their target residences through the garage. Despite the size and weight of garage doors, a number of informants indicate the majority of these break-ins take as little as 6 seconds to achieve for experienced criminals. In an effort to increase security awareness among Dallas area homeowners, John Lander of GDS Garage Door Services has launched the company's "Do You Need Garage Service?" campaign.

GDS Garage Door Repair Services of Columbus Now Offers 24-Hour Emergency Repairs

GDS Garage Door Repair Services launched a new, 24-hour emergency service option. Responding to the requests of customers who have suffered garage door problems at inconvenient times of day, the company will now provide repairs around the clock, giving residents of the Columbus area an affordable, top-quality service to rely on, whatever the hour. GDS Garage Door Repair Services is Columbus's most highly rated and frequently recommended garage door specialist, so the new emergency option will be of great interest to homeowners throughout the area.

Kaza Fire Reports Success and Popularity of Exhibit at Recent Pittsburgh Fire Expo

Kaza Fire Equipment Co., one of the country's leading sources for fire and rescue equipment and service, reports that the company's exhibit at the recent Pittsburgh Fire, Rescue, and EMS Expo was a great success. Kaza Fire representatives set up and staffed a booth at the Monroeville Convention Center from Feburary 28 through March 1, offering Expo attendees access to some of the company's most popular boots, helmets, Flash Lights, and other gear.

Are There Powerful Possibilities in Our Turbulent Times? New Book Reveals the Success Secrets of Today's Women in Leadership

In Lisa Marie Platske's new book, Turn Possibilities into Realities; Experts Bridge the Gap from a What If... Into a What Is, a carefully hand-picked group of women contributors present a collective of philosophies and unique and personal strategies to stand in a leadership position… guiding and directing others to see and live in the world from a renewed standpoint of possibility.

Clean, Inc Dr. Chance Haugen's Book Toxic Inflammation Hit #1 on Amazon latest book Toxic Inflammation: Why You're Tired, Sick, and Overweight and How to Become Energetic, Healthy, and Fit by expert and chiropractor Dr. Chance Haugen offers you a solution if you have been struggling with life altering fatigue, weight loss resistance, digestive issues, not sleeping well, dry skin, depression, anxiety, or trouble remembering. Are you ready to give up, have you tried diets, cutting calories, exercise, detoxes, medications and supplements with little to no success? Maybe you've already lost hope and just given up. In this revolutionary new book, Chance Haugen takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process he used and has used with hundreds of patients to eliminate inflammation from the body.

One Love Honeymoons Launches Tailor Made Destination Wedding Packages

The wedding is the most important day in a couple's lives, as they commit to spend those lives with one another. As such, people want the day to be a perfect start to the rest of their lives, and many seek to make their vows in stunning locations. After having a great deal of success with their One Love Honey Moons vacation packages for couples and families, One Love Honeymoons has recently redoubled their efforts to help people make that perfect commitment with stunning destination weddings.

Spanish Acoustic Pop Duo Monalisa & Rodrigo Seek Funding via CrowdBolster to Record Their First EP

LogoSpanish acoustic pop duo Monalisa & Rodrigo are in the process of recording their first EP. After living and working in the US for over a decade, they have recently moved to Panama with the intention of contributing to the country's cultural growth. They presently create their own gigs and play for lounges, bars, restaurants, weddings, private parties, charitable foundations, and different other venues.

Mister Service Provides Residential Refrigerator Repair for March and April 2015

Mister Service is a Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania-based organization providing appliance and refrigeration repair services throughout South Jersey, Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA. Mister Service is reminding both new and returning clientele that they will provide reliable and effective residential refrigerator repair throughout March and April 2015.

Behavioral Genes: New Book Exposes Genetic Root Causes of Common Behaviors That Seem So Mysterious

There's no way to sugarcoat it – most people are truly baffled by their own behaviors. From why they are unhappy to why the morning commute makes their stress levels sky-rocket, understanding the human condition is something of a mystery. However, having spent over three decades researching behavioral genetics, James D. Baird finally has answers that all can understand.

CH Ventures, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Ecofriendly Products

LogoCathy Haselby is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of ecofriendly and green living products including various sized recycling bins, composting bins, recycled bamboo products, rain barrels, vertical plant growers, solar lighting, and many sizes of greenhouses. Haselby was inspired to start her website by her desire to make it fun and convenient for people of all ages and occupations to learn the importance of recycling and buying recycled products to live a more ecofriendly life. Her website makes it easy for customers to find items that they can use in their homes, outdoor gardens, garages, offices and schools to help keep the environment and themselves healthier.

New Dating Service Provides Serious but Fun Online Environment for Cougars

LogoWhile there are many options for older women today who are comfortable using the internet to find love, few of them know how to do so confidently, and can easily become lost among the plethora of options that may be confusing or contain too many fake profiles. This is where comes in.

Branded Champagne for Businesses Provided for Corporate Events

Businesses are always looking for ways to make their special events a little bit different, and now a champagne sourcing and delivery service is providing them with a way to do just that.

PureLamps Show Cases Recommended Tiffany Lamps

After launching its new website in 2014, which has been praised by users and design magazines alike, PureLamps is now aiming to make the shopping experience even better with its recommended lamps on its home page.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Now Offering Deep Cleaning Services in Time for Easter

LogoSpring and Easter are less than a month away, and one thing that is probably on many homeowners' minds is spring cleaning. For many people, Easter is also the first holiday they celebrate with family and friends in the New Year. Therefore, in order to help homeowners prepare for this special occasion, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC has just announced that they have availabilities to perform deep cleaning in homes just in time for Easter.