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The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Announces Spring 2015 Room Rates

LogoAfter the bout of record-breaking winter cold that swept the East Coast and Midwest, meteorologists predict that temperatures will warm up in the coming weeks. The rapid approach of ideal beach conditions in Florida will bring a flood of vacationers looking for affordable, amenable hotels. Travelers seeking an affordable hotel or motel on the beach in Treasure Island, FL, should take note that the Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel has announced their room rates for the Spring 2015 season.

Independent Artist and Musical Innovator J'Da Prynce Seeks Funding to Finish His Second Album 'Heart vs. Head'

LogoAn independent artist, charismatic entertainer and musical innovator, J'Da Prynce is known for his vocal styles that have been compared to that of the "Last of the Great Soul Singers," Al Green. His fans love him for his electrifying presence on the stage. Many of them feel that J'Da Prynce's stage energy is similar or even equivalent to James Brown, "The Godfather of Soul".

The Design Republik Launch a Monthly Collection of Affordable Curated Outfits for Men and Women Worldwide

For many years, men and women have wanted to look like their celebrity idol, wearing limited fashion. However, up until now it has been unaffordable to wear limited fashion pieces that will make people stand out. Now, thanks to The Design Republik, men and women can now buy quality outfits at affordable prices.

The Author of How to Make an Impossible Marriage Possible Looks at the Relationship Fighting Styles Redefined

There are many styles of fighting and this is not good news for most couples, especially when there is either a cultural or sociological clash. It's important to know what people's fighting styles are, to help them understand if they are trying to heal their relationship or harm it. Each style can only achieve one or the other and while many of the combinations have made for great TV comedies, they can be downright deadly for couples.

The Design Republik Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Offer Curated Outfitting at Affordable Prices

Being a fashion company with an innovative approach, The Design Republik has started their new outfit collection on 8th of March, 2015. Their goal is to release limited edition men's and women's outfit each month and help people buy outfits for $350 USD. They need sponsor's support to reach this goal and make their unique and luxury collection affordable for more people around the world.

Kenny Phan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Right Step Educational Board Game Development

LogoKenny Phan is the father of a young son, and as such he has learned a great deal about how children learn language and math.  In watching his son play, he learned that games are one of the best ways to teach lasting skills.  Kenny has now created a series of fun and educational board games to teach children math and language skills, and is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution of these games.

SWEAT IT OUT Wins Award from the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society

LogoThe compression apparel company, SWEAT IT OUT®, was awarded recognition from the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society on February 16th. The award was presented at the National Invitational Combine in Indianapolis to SWEAT IT OUT® for their quality of work in their sportswear products. The sports garments are provided to NFL teams by the company, which help enhance the performance of the body during excess activity. The workout garment company supplies sports teams and famous athletes across the nation with high-quality compression apparel.

Xirl Street Couture London Brand Launches Collection of Animal Tops and Vintage Denim Shorts and Jackets

Straight from East London, the latest in street couture, Xirl, is here. Xirl is a young brand revealing its SS15 line - animal print tops and vintage denim shorts that are impactful, eye-catching and totally radical. Fashionistas of all ages looking to make their wardrobes more hip can mix and match a range of styles to make their own.

Remco De Vries Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds for Happiness Trainer Certification

LogoRemco de Vries has always worked hard to make others happy.  He has been a certified NLP trainer and coach for seven years and wants to help others learn the secrets of happiness.  By offering his happiness workshops later this year for a lower price, de Vries hopes jumpstart his business and to help others achieve true success by first becoming truly happy and use the raised funds for his certification.

Creator Sergio Pedolazzi Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Start Producing SKIDDI, the First Pocket-Sized Ski Wheels

LogoSergio Pedolazzi, the creator of Skiddi, is an avid lover of skiing. He always found it tiring and dangerous to transport his skis on shoulder. This is the reason Sergio thought that there was a need to simplify every skier's life by creating a new way of moving the skis. With this intention, he has created a small and simple device called Skiddi that can be used by people of all ages including the kids. SKIDDI will help users save energy and feel more confident on the snow.

Sanofi Pasteur Discusses C. Diff. Prevention on Developing a Preventative C. Diff. Infection Vaccine March 17, 2015 on C Diff Foundation's 'C Diff Spores & More'

LogoSanofi Pasteur, one of the leading vaccine manufacturers in the world, is currently conducting a Phase III clinical trial called Cdiffense in more than 20 countries across 5 continents to evaluate the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of an investigational vaccine for the prevention of primary, symptomatic Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). The Cdiffense Phase III clinical program hopes to recruit up to 15,000 adults over 200 sites across the 20+ countries.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Providing Holiday Apartments Deals in Melbourne CBD for March 2015

LogoPreserving their top position for two decades as one of the leading providers of accommodation apartments in Melbourne, City Edge Apartment Hotels are now enabling their customers with the services of holiday apartments in Melbourne CBD. Individuals seeking to enjoy the Moomba Festival and want budget accommodations during this festival can rely on City Edge Hotels. The accommodations that they are providing for March 2015 will assist individuals in celebrating this festival with utter excitement and within their budget.

Know What Oscar Outings This Year, Have the Best for Fashion Wardrobes in Dubai

The Oscars have always been special not only for the huge celebrity attendance but also for the popular celebrity brand endorsements. As expected, the dresses were phenomenal, and providing a perfect example of luxury clothing in Dubai. Here are few sizzling dresses for fashionistas in Dubai to sport and include in their luxury ready to wear in Dubai closets.

City Tap House DC Announces Updates to Their Craft Beer Menu

LogoLooking for one of the go-to Washington, DC craft beer bars? Well, look no further than City Tap House DC located at 901 9th street in the Nation's Capital. This March, they are pleased to announce that they have recently updated their craft beer menu to feature many new and old favorites. City Tap House DC's goal is to provide their patrons with the best craft beer selection possible, and works hard to ensure that their beer menu offers something that every craft beer connoisseur can enjoy.

Harivara to Offer Online Hindu Puja Services Including Homams, Pariharams (Vedic-Remedies) and More

In Hinduism, there are ceremonies for all sorts of occasions in daily life, meant to help bring a favourable result by satisfying the Gods and doing Good Karma. It is auspicious even now to undertake these ceremonies, though with Hindus spread around the world, finding the priests and required puja items to perform them can be difficult. Harivara was created as an answer to this problem, and performs ceremonies on behalf of people anywhere in the world, streamed live into their homes via the power of the internet. They have just expanded the range of ceremonies they offer in this way to include Online Puja services, Pariharams, astrology consultations, Chandi homams and more.

Online Affair Dating Site Ashley Madison Was Banned in Singapore, but There Is an Alternative

A modern trend in both dating and marriage, is to enter in to mutually "open" relationships. Each couple can set the guidelines for their open relationship, but the challenge most open relationships come across is finding a date who understands their circumstances—and this is where Saphrina comes in.

High End Fashion Now Made Affordable with Cheap Dresses Online

Finding high quality designer style cheap dresses online is a tough challenge as there is hardly any choice that involves offering both quality and price. Ericdress Dresses is however an exception to the rule here as it brings to its growing base of loyal customers, styles that are unique, chic and up to date.

Comfort Design Launches Latest Office Furniture Line to Foster Work Place Efficiency

Recent studies indicate a comfortable office environment can improve employee productivity by as much as 50 percent with a number of elements impacting such an atmosphere. Having been aware of these statistics for more than 30 years, the staff of Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. has become a foremost authority in corporate furniture sales. In an effort to foster efficiency in the workplace, spokesperson Grace Shen has launched the company's latest line of office furniture.

HTML5 Flipbook Software 2.7 by FlipHTML5 Announced with New Updates

LogoThe renowned HTML5 flipbook software introduces the latest updated version, V2.7 including many developed features in the Desktop and Online categories. The new version is believed to simplify the HTML5 flipbook publishing process.

Singh from the Heart: Melbourne Musician Self-Produces the Music Video He Always Wanted

It started with a dream to share his style of music with the world. With no precedent for a style involving a fusion of crooner jazz, Latin rhythms and Bollywood influences, Sanje Singh of Melbourne never quite knew how to make his mark on the music scene. From joining talent shows to impersonating music legends, from performing at functions to strumming a guitar on YouTube, nothing seemed to bring him even remotely close to his dreams.

The Design Republik Launches Curated Outfitting Kickstarter Method to Increase Awareness

Enter The Design Republik, a new concept in fashion that presents 'Curated Outfitting', building a capsule collection throughout the year. On the 8th of each month a new outfit will be released for both women and men on a limited edition basis, meticulously styled to coordinate with past and future outfits, slotting effortlessly into your go-to wardrobe. The price for the entire outfit is $350USD. on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana: A Profound Issue That Needs Intensive Clinical Research and Trial to Define Its Safety and Efficacy to Patients

LogoThe bill of legalizing the use of medical marijuana in 13 states including Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky has yet stirred the attention of the public as various questions have arisen whether it is necessary to pass such bill or not. The interest of some legislators to pass the law that allows health specialist to administer and prescribe medical marijuana to patients came from the fact that medical cannabis has been in use for medicinal purposes by many people across various cultures thousands of years ago. Yet, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that, even though, the cannabinoids found in marijuana is a potential therapy for patients, the use of it is still not recommendable until further research is done.

Western Fireplace Supply, Provider of Heating Solutions, Now Offers Exquisite Gas Fireplaces in Colorado

LogoIntending to provide some of the best heating solutions, Western Fireplace Supply now offers exquisite gas fireplaces in Colorado. The company has a record of helping a large number of customers. Their staff is highly-trained and helps clients choose the right kind of stove, whether it is gas, pellet fireplace or wood. They only offer the finest products from top-notch manufacturers around the world. The operation of this equipment is highly-reliable and efficient. The company is fully licensed with many years of experience for installing gas products.

Rock Solid Landscapes Now Offers Exquisite Water Feature Landscape Designs

LogoA little touch of natural elements on a property can make people feel relaxed and peaceful. Thus, Rock Solid Landscape, a designer of outdoor living areas, now offers exquisite designs of landscape water features at remarkable prices. The architectural designs that they provide are really interesting, and help people unwind whenever they want to. Customers can enjoy the calmness and tranquility of flowing water in their backyard, making their experience absolutely special. These water features also enhance the beauty and value of the property. The company also offers maintenance of the water features to make sure that customers can enjoy them without issue.

One World Dive and Travel, Formerly Underwater Phantaseas, Now Offers Scuba Diving Lessons

LogoAny activity that offers thrill and adventure can be really exciting. Scuba diving is one such activity through which people can enjoy themselves and learn about the underwater world. Intending to provide people with an outstanding experience, One World Dive and Travel, formerly known as Underwater Phantaseas, now offers scuba diving lessons. The company has designed various programs to enhance the thrill of scuba diving. There are experienced instructors who provide various levels of assistance ranging from basic to advanced.