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Sports, Money and Marriage with Guests Ashleigh McIvor and Jay DeMerit on Conversations with Money on the Business Channel

LogoAshleigh McIvor, age 30 is a newly retired Canadian skicross Olympic Champion currently residing in Whistler and Vancouver, BC. As the first gold medal winner of women's skicross in it's Olympic debut at the 2010 Winter Games, Ashleigh has a very interesting story to tell about growing up in small town Whistler and being hurtled onto the world stage -- for Canada's Home Games.

Active Duty Service-Member Reschad Oliver Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for His Album – Smoke & Mirrors

Reschad Oliver is serving as an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a budding Hip-Hop Artist with the ambition to become your new favorite Hip-Hop Artist. To help raise funds for his new Professionally Recorded, Mixed & Mastered album: Smoke & Mirrors, he has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to $7,500 by Mon, May 4 2015, this provides campaign backers 30 days to help Reschad's dream come true. Reschad calls this campaign an "all or nothing" step towards achieving his dream.

Savannah Gankiewicz Crowned Miss Supertalent of the World USA

Nineteen year-old Savannah Gankiewicz of Stephens City, Virginia, was crowned Miss Super Talent of the World USA 2015 on March 14, 2015 at the Arena State in Washington, DC.

Celebration of Life and Fashion at Live out Loud Charity 3rd Annual Chicago Fashion Show

The City of Chicago, national and international guests celebrated life and fashion at the Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) 3rd Chicago Fashion Show during Chicago Fashion Week. The prestigious event, held on St. Patrick's Day, was an annual fundraiser that promoted self esteem, suicide prevention and awareness, anti bullying, and community service.

The Website Provides Visitors with Examples Using Lots of Tools to Turn a Hobby Into a Living is pleased to announce the launch of his web pages and related domain links to those seeking to share his widespread interests and comments. The free site, which he promotes, contains a number of free items that viewers can access for their own use. The items include software for creating various products, as well as examples, which the author has used to display his own interests and creativity.

Scott Tucker Curates Side Car Art Gallery Show

Everything Entertaining, a portal for fun and interesting people on the web, will feature the art exhibition "Super Side" by Scott Tucker which begins in May. The art show will contain vintage side cars and paintings of side cars in various styles.

Nebulous: Spirituality & Philosophy Collide, as Vol 1 of Compelling 'Jet Black' YA Sci-Fi Series Opens Gates to Humanity's Eternal Path

While nobody will deny young adult fiction's recent boom in popularity, both readers and critics are crying out for wholly unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, author T.S. Littlefield has stepped up to the plate with gusto, through a powerful new series that fuses spellbinding entertainment with an exploration of humanity's true potential.

Bold Novel Explores Cornerstones of the Human Condition - Shocking Tale of Two Women Sharing One Farmhouse: One Living & One from 1770

There's no way to sugarcoat it – the hardships faced by colonial women are shocking by today's standards. As the often-abused property of their husbands under the law of coverture, their lives can't be compared to the lives of modern-day women. In Acquiescence, Susannah Mathews has waited over two hundred years to tell her story to Pamina Campbell, who has unknowingly moved into Susannah's former farmhouse in Connecticut. Pamina and her family are trying to piece their lives back together after a shattering family betrayal. In this searing and heartfelt new novel by Velya Jancz-Urban, an unlikely bond develops as Pamina and Susannah discover parallel circumstances in their lives as they help each other heal.

The Broke Man's Survival Guide: Celebrated New Book Shares No-Nonsense Survival Skills for Making Ends Meet – Right Now

Like millions of others, A.M. Harris knows what it is like to suddenly transition from a financially-privileged to life to one of being broke. After fleeing an abusive marriage in 2004 and taking her four children with her, leaving the breadwinner behind meant their life plundered to near-poverty. Harris didn't have time for finance books about building a million dollar net-worth in ten years or trading the stock market to top-up retirement funds; she needed succinct, actionable advice that would allow her to keep the lights on and feed her kids.

Scott Tucker to Judge Third Annual BBQ Cookout

In the second article of their 'Food and Stuff' series, Never Be Bored will be covering the Garville BBQ Cookout with Scott Tucker. The event will take place at the end of next month. Registration is currently open.

Norton Kiritz's "Grantseekers' Bible" Gets Vital Update; Equipping New Generation of Grant Developers to Create Rock-Solid Programs & Proposals

When Norton J. Kiritz launched his 47-page publication, 'Program Planning & Proposal Writing' in 1972, it rapidly established the field of grantsmanship and created a model that over a million people have used in forty countries. It's no wonder The New York Times dubbed it the "Grantseekers' Bible"; managing to turn a strategy-heavy topic into something fun, easy-to-understand and, most of all, able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

From a Criminal Mind to the Mind of Christ: Uplifting Memoir, a Beautiful Example of God's Love, Proves Christ's Dynamic Power

When looking back at her former self, Melody Wolfe can barely believe it is her. With a young adulthood blackened by crime, prison and resulting mental illness, Wolfe was once a perfect candidate for getting lost in the statistics. But Wolfe eventually found God, and he had other plans for her…

Make a Stand: Bold, Intense New Novel Exposes True Impact of Gangster Rap Music on Society

Gangster Rap music means different things to everyone; for some it's an uplifting reminder of any underdog's ability to prosper, to others it is a dangerous lyrical manifesto that inspires thousands to dabble in crime. To the protagonist in Agnew Smith's gripping novel, it's a stark reminder that success often comes at a price.

WIN Foundation Recaps Winter 2015 Events

LogoThe When in Need Foundation strives to provide financial support for education, specifically for people of African descent. The non-profit group has organized seminars, fairs, and workshops to create awareness of preventive healthcare education. The exceptional efforts of the organization helps assist minorities in achieving educational goals. The company is pleased to recap the events they attended in support of their efforts, as well as their volunteer work.

HJ Has Launched a New Video in Which She Shares Her Best Weight Loss Tips for Women

LogoHer video is one of the best videos ever made on the topic of weight loss, and even though so far her fat loss video has only around 2000 views, over 100 women have emailed Heather after having watched her video, thanking her for the weight loss tips that she shared in the video.

Game Repair Inc. Announces Prize Schedule for April Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments

LogoOne of the fastest growing venues for hosting Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments in the Las Vegas area, Game Repair Inc. is excited to announce their prize schedule for all April Yu-Gi-Oh trading card contests. The popular video game store in Las Vegas has extended their tournaments to three days every week, from Friday through Sunday. The action begins every Friday at 5:30 pm and every Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm, with signups available one hour prior to the start time.

Remy Capillus Announces Private Label Program Available This Winter

LogoSalons and large retail companies looking to sell the best hair extensions on the market can opt for the Private Label Hair Extensions Program available at Remy Capillus this winter. Remy Capillus manufactures real human hair extensions derived from an ethical source. The Private Label Program allows businesses in the hair industry to purchase Remy Capillus Indian Remy Virgin hair extensions and sell them under the name of their own label. Customers and clients will love the natural look and soft feel of the high-quality hair extensions manufactured by Remy Capillus.

Superior Labs Inc Reports They Have Lowered the Price on Their Boswellia Supplement

Superior Labs Inc announces they have reduced the price on their popular Boswellia supplement to $19.95. Individuals may purchase this amazing product at and take advantage of prime shipping when doing so. Experts believe boswellia reduces inflammation in individuals and may be beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma.

Crackula Goes to Hollywood Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoCrackula goes To Hollywood is a movie idea from Freddie Rhone, a long-time industry song writer who has now turned to becoming a film producer.  The premise of the movie is centered around a one-fanged vampire from Alaska who becomes addicted to crack after drinking the blood of those smoking the drug.  In this thrilling dark comedy, Crackula brings a message about drug use and intervention once bitten you're "kick the habit"  in a way that will appeal to all viewers.

Superior Labs Inc Releases a New Saw Palmetto Product

Superior Labs Inc announces the release of their new saw palmetto product, which may only be obtained through the official superior labs website and the shopping portal. This product qualifies for Amazon prime, thus prime members obtain free shipping. Individuals wishing to try this product find they feel confident in doing so as Superior Labs is known for offering high quality supplements.

Hire Yourself Incorporated's Strong Shoulders Award

Finding jobs that provide artist with an income that pays enough to maintain housing, food, transportation, health care and other anticipated living cost are rare. The pressure from unemployment and under employment deliver a serious blow to the artist's self- esteem. He/she is subject to not only abandon passion for their artistry but too often this humiliation encourages them to give up on life.

Frustrated Husband Protests Lack of Sex on Front Lawn

LogoEffective communication goes a long way in building a blissful relationship. But we all know that it's easier said than done. Without proper communication between couples, the partners often do crazy things to get their point across. Writer and Director Tamir Mostafa's upcoming short film 'We Want Some' promises to be a hilarious take on this common problem.

Asylum Seeking Lesbian Couple to Marry at San Francisco City Hall

LogoAfter years in limbo and a long harrowing journey Mari and Cara, (pseudonyms to protect family members from reprisal in Angola) finally made their way to the United States. While seeking asylum, they are planning a wedding at San Francisco City Hall, this month. They may be the first asylum seeking same-sex couple to marry at San Francisco City Hall.

SumatoKado: A New Card Game That Uses Smartphone Technology

If you think card games have no place in this fast-paced digital age, think again.

Suspense Novel Entered Into Readers' Favorite Monthly Book Giveaway

The Wraith of Carter's Mill, by C. Evenfall, published by Books, Authors and Artists, has been entered in the Readers' Favorite Monthly Book Giveaway.