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Leawasson Presents Its Online Store MuchMap Selling a Range of Women's Dresses

Online shopping has been a rage when it comes to purchase of any kind of product. Each and every country has its range of stores for products in virtually every category. However, companies have gone global and are catering to audience from across the world. Moreover, more and more customers now prefer to shop online as it helps them save on costs and time. One of the most important benefits of shopping online is the fact that customers have a huge collection to choose from. Seeking this trend and the demand of quality and trendy dresses, Lewasson has come up with its own fashion store featuring a vast range of women's dresses. To add convenience, the store has been sub divided into respective categories.

Dawn Latex Assures Best Sleeping Comfort with Pure Natural Latex Mattress

LogoAussie homeowners looking for a quality latex mattress need not search further, Adelaide based Dawn Latex has assured best sleeping comfort with pure 100 percent natural latex foam mattresses.

Los-Angeles Based Momtrepreneur Janell Goplen, and Illustrator Mariajo Gajate of Spain Launch Crowdfunding Campaign via Toybacker

LogoWithin Me Now friends are a group of quirky and cuddly kids who remind children that all the LOVE, STRENGTH, COURAGE, JOY and PEACE they are looking for is already within them. The stories are inspired by the daily challenges of kids' lives and the powerful lessons learned when using what's already inside. Goplen was inspired to create the Within Me Now line after struggling with postpartum depression and she experienced the healing power of looking inward for love, strength, joy, peace and courage. She discovered Toybacker, and left her corporate job to pursue her dream of developing toys that inspire and nurture children.

Mark Edwards Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Take VersaGolfer Multi-Functional Golf Tool to the Next Level

LogoVersaGolfer is a new product developed by Mark Edwards that is expected to revolutionize the golf industry. Though it primarily functions as a ball retriever, VersaGolfer can also be used as an efficient club stand, cigar holder, divot repair tool, and also as a practice target. Mark Edwards initially developed VersaGolfer to assist senior golfers that find it difficult to bend over to pick up golf clubs. Its advanced design makes VersaGolfer a must have for any golfer with back problems or any other physical limitations.

I Love Networking: Dr. Ivan Misner on Being Here

LogoAriel & Shya Kane (, award-winning authors, seminar leaders, business consultants and radio show hosts of #1 rated show Being Here, welcome back special guest Dr. Ivan Misner, New York Times bestselling author of I Love Networking: A Story About Finding Your Inner Networker (The Mentor Code).

Stinky Thoughts: Life-Changing Book Empowers Children to Triumph in Life…Through Their Thinking - It's Time-Tested & Scientifically Proven

There's no way to sugarcoat the statistics, a report by the Surgeon General concludes that 21% of U.S. children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness – often thought to be the product of negative thinking and weak self-esteem. In her compelling and celebrated new children's book, writer Mary Ross helps kids buck the trend and change their lives by changing their minds.

Temple of Hope: Searing Crime/Thriller Novel, Inspired by Author's Global Travels, Exposes Ugly Side of India's Supposed 'Friendly' Society

It's no wonder critics have hailed Narendra Simone a 'master storyteller', 'stunning & original' and 'highly stylish'; he's an intricate engineer and writer who has spent his entire life travelling, throwing himself into dozens of different cultures and picking them apart to get to their often tumultuous cores.

Lifestyle Fitness Coach Reveals Blueprint for 'MonkeyBrain Fix'; Reversing Stress's Impact on the Brain, Body & Spirit - Baffled by Uncontrollable Negativity? Read On

Through his work as a lifestyle, wellness and fitness coach with hundreds of clients over 20 years, Johnny Oye has confirmed his belief – almost everyone spirals into a toxic pattern of negative thinking when stressed. More, Oye's research uncovered that emotional wellbeing has a direct influence on overall health, including: improved blood pressure, healthier digestion, and stronger brain function.

A Pinch of Paprika: Delectable New Cookery Book, Inspired by Author's Life, Thrusts Paprika Into the Culinary Limelight

Andrew Szava-Kovats spent much of his early childhood in the kitchen, fostering a passion for cooking that still sizzles more than fifty years later. Born to Hungarian immigrants, his palate was broad from an early age and expanded by that magic ingredient: Paprika.

Sexy Shoes Woman Presents Its Online Store Selling Different Range of Shoes for Women

Shoes are regarded as one of the most important things for everyday use. On top of it the kind of shoes you wear compliments the dress and accessories you wear. Especially for the important occasions, it is important to wear the right kind of shoes so that it makes the wearer look good. Like the dresses and other fashion accessories, the trends and designs for shoes keep changing from time to time. Mostly people go to local branded shops and make purchase of the shoes they want. However, besides being time consuming it could be quite expensive to buy the shoes of your choice. But with several online fashion stores offering products for sale online, it has become more cost effective as well as convenient for customers to shop. Sexy Shoes Women is one of those shopping sites which offer its exclusive collection of shoes for women.

Szyzxx Comes Up with Its Designer Range of Dresses

Buying clothes online has become a trend and there are various online stores coming up. Huge amount of people have started preferring these online stores rather than going to physical stores. But before buying any dress online one should make sure that he makes a proper research on the shop where he makes the purchase. One of the online stores that specialize in these wedding dresses and prom dresses is Szyzxx.

2014 Summer Dress Presents a Huge Range of Women's Dresses for Every Occasion

Fashion trends keep on changing from time to time. Especially women's fashion keeps on changing drastically which means they need to keep shopping to stay with the trends. With rising prices and the need to go out and spend time at shopping malls makes it a bit difficult for people in today's busy world. To bridge this gap and offer people an option to shop affordable dresses right from their homes, 2014 Summer Dress has come up with its own store. The company is based in Hong Kong. Its store is available in different language option and the products are shipped to people across the world. To make it easier for people to shop on the website, the store has been divided into different categories. Each category offers a range of options to choose from.

Finest Wigs at Amazing Prices Available Online and at Mall Outlets

Those who are looking for authentic and high-quality wigs has a reason to rejoice because is offering the best selection of wigs. They are a leading wigs retailer offering not only wigs, Hairpieces, Hair Extensions, Cosplay Wigs but accessories as well. Those who wish to buy wigs and the other finest items can do secure e-shopping on their site and buy the most famous brands as well as the exclusives at the wig outlets.

Gina Rossi Armfield's No Excuses Watercolor Will Release in June of This Year

Gina Rossi Armfield, author of the highly regarded and influential No Excuses Art Journaling, announced that her upcoming book No Excuses Watercolor will become available in stores and online in June of this year. The eager reception No Excuses Art Journaling met with when it was published in 2013 led Armfield to found, a project that has since become a top source for online watercolor classes and other art courses. With No Excuses Art Journaling still selling briskly and reaping glowing reviews, Armfield's upcoming release of No Excuses Watercolor is eagerly anticipated.

One-Stop Shop for Backyard Beauty Launches Online

LogoDrill em and Cut em has announced the official launch of their website. At, customers can find a range of products that will help them beautify their backyard.

Caves, Corpses, Nightmares, and Terror - Effects Master Hiroshi Katagiri Announces His Debut Feature, an Indie Horror Film Entitled "Gehenna - Where Death Lives"

Hiroshi Katagiri is a longtime special effects artist making a bold jump to producing and directing his first-ever feature film, an indie horror film called GEHENNA … Where Death Lives. Large parts of Hollywood's practical effects community, impressed with the script and fans of his talent, have come aboard to support him. Katagiri promises "a film that fans of quality indie horror will love and respect." He has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to help finance the film.

Hypnotist Corrie J Brings the Party to Edmonton

Renowned hypnotist Corrie J is now travelling to Edmonton and Western Canada to ensure that the party never stops. Those interested can find out more about the details at

Best Mom Products + Nest Consultants Launch Initiative to Support Mom Entrepreneurs

Rachel Olsen, Founder, Best Mom Products, the go-to media site for mom entrepreneurs launching their business, and Flesché Hesch, Founder, Nest Consultants, a leader in coaching mom entrepreneurs announce their initiative to support mom entrepreneurs by donating $20k in business services to mom's looking to #LeanIn and make history as women starting and growing businesses.

Health Connections 4 Life Publishes Guide to Starting a Walking Club for People Getting Fit

In a high pressure working environment, walking is a difficult thing to fit in. People drive to their offices and sit all day, then drive to their homes and sit all night. As a result these people live a largely vegetative life, devoid of the one thing that can help them keep their weight and health in check. Walking is an easy way to keep active, and Health Connections 4 Life has published a new definitive guide to setting up walking clubs so people can commit to the activity together.

Effectual Rating System Against Tennis Sandbagging Introduced by eTennis League

LogoWe've all heard about sandbagging in tennis, and almost every tennis player has at least once found himself in situation to deal with, so called, sandbaggers.  Playing tennis could be for fun of playing at the level that is challenging, or it could be all about winning, at the level that enables winning most of the players. Those players who are playing at the wrong level to benefit from the easy wins are called sandbaggers.

Ninja Trail - New Puzzle/Game App Released in 2015

HARLEY PIERRE, a 21 year old from Plymouth came up with the vision of creating a game that fulfills the fun, addictive, strategic needs of gaming consumers after trying to find a game like this on the iTunes app store and not being successful with it.

Citizens for Affordable Housing Expands Scope Amid Organization Restructure

Citizens for Affordable Housing will launch a new apprenticeship program to educate the at-risk community in Nashville while providing affordable housing to those who struggle to qualify for the "American Dream". Starting April 2015, the 28 year old HUD housing counseling agency will expand its scope to play a part in the promotion of getting at risk individuals into institutions of higher learning by introducing them to the housing industry. The agency seeks to provide scholarships to 4/ 2year colleges to students who go through the entire program.

St. Patrick's Day Brings Paranormal Activity to NYC Grand Central Terminal

Pete and Stew Kandel noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the "Ghost Doctors" are starting a new trend on how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day weekend -- a paranormal activity trend.

'Powered by the People' Connects Home Owners with Garage Doors Companies in New York

LogoThere could be a number of reasons as to why a garage door might give way, and no matter what the reason is it's important for one to get the problem rectified in time. There are a number of garage doors repair New York has to offer, however most of these companies use low quality products which don't last long and thus one might have to constantly get their garage doors and gates repaired after short intervals. Finding the perfect garage doors company New York is tough considering the number of companies provide services. Although there are a number of garage door repair companies in New York, it's important to hire a reliable company that can provide solutions which will last long.

Boost Mental Health and Harness Creativity with Journal2day

LogoKAB Software is pleased to announce the recent release of their new software for Windows entitled "Journal2Day." The program is an innovative journal/diary that is simple to use and offers a variety of benefits. Unlike online journal applications, Journal2Day is completely offline and does not require people to post their private thoughts online. Journal2Day can be used to keep a personal diary, prayer journal, daily journal, or to keep track of any information that should be kept private. Although initially developed for adults, the program is also suitable for tweens and teens.