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Eager Beaver Lawn Care and Landscaping Offers New Lawn Thatching Services

Thatch is the name given to dead stolons and rhizomes created during the natural lifecycle of grass. This thatch can discolor a lawn and affect the health of the live grasses over time. Because this thatch is knitted into the turf, it can also be difficult to remove. Michigan Lawncare Company Eager Beaver is now offering thatching services to remove this dry and dusty grass, allowing the healthy grass access to more nutrients and giving lawns a new lease of life just in time for the coming summer.

The Binoculars Guy Publishes New List of the Best Binoculars for 2015

Binoculars are magnifying devices that offer a greater field of view than a telescope, and are used for everything from bird watching to astronomy to opera. These devices are the result of a huge amount of precision engineering as applied to the finest quality of materials, so competition between brands is fierce when trying to design the ultimate pair. The Binoculars Guy is a seasoned enthusiast, and has been using binoculars for years. Now a veteran, he shares his views on the latest designs with an eager audience, and has just published his best binoculars of 2015.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Welcomes Ghostly Spirits of Ancient China

Behind the walls of NYCs Metropolitan Museum of Art lies galleries that house priceless arts of ancient China and taking in their splendor are patrons of the arts...including some ghostly ones according to Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides, aka the "Ghost Doctors."

World's Largest Comic Book Store Hits Landmark of 1.5 Million Comics Sold, the world's largest comic book store, sold its 1,500,000th comic on March 19, 2015. NewKadia opened for business in 2000, and now sells approximately 200,000 comics per year, according to its CEO, Jim Drucker. The leading online only platform to buy comic books is growing at "about 3% per month."

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Announces End of Winter Inventory Reduction

LogoThe Oriental rug discount warehouse outlet, Maloumian Oriental Rugs, is holding a clearance sale on their Maloumian rug products. The promotion is titled "End of Winter Inventory Reduction" and features rugs at 50% to 60% off original prices. Customers of the Philadelphia area are invited to take advantage of the clearance event to purchase beautiful, antique rugs for their home or commercial business. Some of the rug styles that are sold by the company include Aubusson, Antique, Collectables, contemporary, Tibetan, and more.

Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser Announces March Madness Skin Care Specials

As the weather in the Boston area is warming up and spring is on the horizon, many individuals are yearning to treat and hydrate their dry winter skin. To help clients maintain a healthy glow, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is announcing their March Madness skin care specials. Those needing brown or red spots removed will be treated with discounted pricing models through the month of March.

The Royal Worthington Offers Various Floor Plans for Prospective Residents

The Royal Worthington is a high-end apartment complex forming an "urban village" in Malvern, Pennsylvania. They are offering a wide variety of floor plans for any interested individuals, accommodating both single residents and large families. These floor plans range from studio to three bedroom apartments.

MOTD Cosmetics Get Into the Beauty Game

LogoKickstarter company MOTD Cosmetics introduces a new line of makeup brushes that get straight to the point.

Global Reach and New Premium Brands for Derbyshire Hiking Boot Specialist

Having established itself as a leading online retailer of hiking footwear, Rimanco carries one of the broadest ranges of women's and men's hiking footwear and clothing, hunting boots and clothing, formal footwear and casual footwear. The Derbyshire, UK company has extended its market to Australia and New Zealand, all of Europe and North and South America. The company is also celebrating striking a deal that will see it stock the range of Loake shoes; a classic, 130 year old English brand granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM The Queen.

The Training Store Announces New FISH! Experience Workshop This APRIL

LogoThe Training Store has announced to host a new FISH! Experience workshop on April 14, 2015. The FISH Experience Workshop is great for anyone looking to bring passion and purpose to their work and life.

Bike PetZ Roll Into Production with Funding Assistance via ToyBacker Crowdfunding Platform

LogoBike PetZ has been designed to encourage children to express their natural, creativity and at the same time encourage physical exercise. These foam animal shapes include both a head and tail, which are packaged with water-based markers.

Health Experts Recommend Steps to Encourage Arthritis Sufferers to Work out Regularly

One of the challenges that arthritis sufferers face is maintaining physical activities. This can be extremely difficult to do, especially if pain is always getting in the way. However, the truth is that sufferers are not absolutely helpless, and all they need is willpower.

Ohana Fishing Charters Allowing Online Booking for Spring Fishing Excursions

LogoAs spring has arrived, many groups and families are organizing their itineraries for spring and summer vacations. When days are being planned, Ohana Fishing Charters is allowing their guests to book trips directly through the website for optimal convenience. Through their reservation calendar, guests can select a date and time that fits their schedule. If a desired date is currently unavailable to book online, interested individuals are encouraged to call the company for booking.

Songwriter and Entertainer Rachel Stacy Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Release Her New Album FULL CIRCLE

LogoRachel Stacy has been a musician, songwriter and entertainer since she came out of the womb, but has been fortunate to have a career in music for the last ten years. She attributes this success to her fans and followers. She loves and continues to work hard in order to create more and more top notch music for these music lovers. Rachel's new album "FULL CIRCLE" has just been completed, and she is ready to unveil it to the world.

South Coast Plastic Surgery Opens in Irvine, California

Dr. Kyle Song and Dr. David Dorfman are pleased to announce the opening of their new plastic surgery center, South Coast Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA. South Coast Plastic Surgery will provide clients with a new experience in innovative youth-enhancing procedures, including skin injectables, breast augmentation, fat grafting, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and other aesthetic treatments.

Luxury Bazaar Announces New Models of Audemars Piguet Watches Available

LogoLuxury Bazaar, the internet jewelry retailer that is based out of Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that new models of the Audemars Piguet watches have been added to their inventory. The company specializes in offering high-end jewelry and timepieces below retail price value. Customers who love to collect luxury watches are invited to shop the Audemars Piguet selection available at Luxury Bazaar. The Audemars Piguet brand has been one of the business's bestselling products.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Announces Availability for Eyelid and Brow Lift Procedures

LogoIndividuals who want to eliminate the excess skin around their eyelids or eye brows can consult with the cosmetic surgeons of Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery. The medical facility specializes in high-quality cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction and more. Another procedure offered at the cosmetic surgery center is Blepharoplasty, which is the term for an eyelid or brow lift. The procedure involves the removal of the wrinkled skin around the upper and lower eyelids.

The UDI RC U839 RC Quad Copter Is King of the Skies

LogoThe skies are crowded these days with many remote controlled flying machines and drones. But with all that turbulence there is one that soars above the competition. The UDI RC U839 2.4G 3D Nano RC Quad Copter offers both new and experienced pilots alike a 6 axis stabilized quad copter that is capable of loops and high speed flight. It's not only a fun toy that sports a cool UFO look, but a serious flyer as well offering 2 flight modes for enhanced performance.

Moringa Capsules: USDA Certified Organic Moringa Now Available on

Moringa capsules, Moringa teaand Moringa powder are now available on, all made with USDA Certified Organic MoringaOleifera.

Reefer Mail Offers State-of-the-Art Email Marketing Systems to Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis is now legal in more states than ever. As such, legitimate businesses have sprung up across the nation, offering cannabis products to those licensed to use them. These businesses still struggle with the 20th century stigma of being an illegal commodity, and this can make it difficult to market cannabis as a legitimate product. Reefer Mail was created to overcome these problems, providing a great way for cannabis businesses to harness the power of email marketing without risk of being banned and losing their valuable email list and statistics. The software has recently been updated to provide the most cutting-edge capabilities yet.

The Brand New Updated Edition of the World's First Social Skills Book

Humans need social interaction for survival and studies have shown that improved social skills can lead to increased happiness, work fulfillment and even longer lifespans. Author Gabriel Angelo explores these ideas and provides practical applications in "Social Skills: The Modern Skill for Success, Fun, and Happiness Out of Life," the world's first most profound book ever released on social skills last year ended becoming a phenomenal bestseller.

How NetflixMovies Is Revolutionizing the Way People Search for Movies on Netflix

Originally launched on March 1, 2015, "NetflixMovies" is fast becoming one of the most popular online destinations for movie fans worldwide with its simple yet innovative approach that provides users with a systematic access to on-demand streaming of millions of movies and televisions shows. In other words, it's a universal destination for everything about movies, offering a free service that allows users to search the most popular streaming, rental, and purchase services to find where a movie is available and what it's all about.

Primefitnesspasadena Launches an Advanced Body Building Program Under the Well Trained Experts

Primefitnesspasadena has announced a sure success way to train the body weight. The option of losing and gaining weight is claimed to be made easier with this trainers of body building. They give coaching on using different kinds of weight training equipments and train with great expertise. These body building coaches teach the clients to get their desired goal with great consistence and patience. With these two factors in mind they are ready to take the challenge with any type of body building. The presence of high intensity interval training for the clients separates this program from others.

Best Paintball Gun Reviews HQ Launches Facebook Page to Share New Reviews Through Social Media

The nature of journalism has changed radically in the age of the internet. Rather than purchasing a publication and reading all it has to offer, individuals will now pick and choose the articles they want to read online, and share the best of them with their friends. This social sharing is now the main way in which journalism builds momentum. Best Paintball Gun Reviews HQ understands this, and has seen the passionate Facebook communities sharing articles on paintballing. To help paintballers get great content via Facebook they have launched their own Facebook page ( to help get their editorials a wider reach.

Breckenridge Landscape Co. Launches New Website in Celebration of 16th Anniversary

High up in the scenic alpine region of Breckenridge, homeowners face an entirely different set of landscaping needs that those of other areas throughout the United States. For more than 15 years, residents of this community have turned to Breckenridge Landscape Company to fulfill these unique requirements. In celebration of their upcoming 16th anniversary, owner Kevin Rathbun is launching a new company website.