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Campbell Tent and Party Rentals Reports Couples Spend More on Their Weddings

According to, the average cost of a wedding in 2013 ran $29,858. In comparison, the average cost of a new car was $31,252 in August 2013 and the average cost of a home was $311,400. Imagine buying ten cars over one's lifetime and the cost would be almost comparable. Before one spends this amount on a one day event, they need to look for ways to cut costs and Campbell Tent may be of assistance here.

Equip Your Gym Announces Cash for Clubs Program

Equip Your Gym announces the launch of the new Equip Your Gym Cash For Clubs Program. This program pays cash for used commercial gym equipment, and the company purchases items from across the nation. Businesses looking to sell an entire inventory of fitness center or health club equipment find this to be a viable option as there is no pickup fee. In addition, the company buys fitness center liquidations and bank repos, ensuring every potential customer has access to the items they want and need. Offers an Instant Price Quote on Inflatable Rentals

Schools continue to face massive budget gaps resulting from lagging local tax revenue and state funding cuts, according to The Council of State Governments. Teachers often find they are now without a job, computer and textbook purchases come to a halt, busing is limited or suspended and more drastic actions are taken to make up these gaps. Many schools turn to fundraisers to try to make up for these budget shortfalls and NEO Amusements Inflatable party rentals Akron OH are a great way to host a successful fundraiser for this purpose.

Breakthrough Women's Product Adorna Cream Announces a Safe and Proven Way to Increase Breast Size

LogoStatistics are clear, that in their lifetime a huge percentage of women seriously consider breast enhancement surgery at least once.  Many are deterred by the cost, or the potential health risk, while still keeping the wish that they could reshape their breasts.  Fortunately, a new, safe breast enhancement product, Adorna Cream , has just hit the market and all signs are pointing towards it being a game changer in what women use or do to help themselves look their best.  Using a special mix of natural ingredients, the new product has been praised for not only increasing breast size, but also helping shape breasts to be more attractive and appealing.

Wildtek Announces White Version of Their Iconic Waterproof Smartphone Case

Wildtek announces a white version of their Waterproof Cell Phone Case. The Wildtek Waterproof Case allows you to waterproof any smartphone so that you can take underwater photos and videos or simply protect your phone from the elements.

Game Repair Inc. Announces Weekly YuGiOh Tournaments at Las Vegas Location

LogoAs a leading company for game console and Xbox 360 repair in Las Vegas, Game Repair Inc. is excited to announce they have started weekly YuGiOh Tournaments. Those interested can visit the store and sign up for a tournament every weekend an hour before the tournament is set to begin. All players who enter will receive a swag bag, and there are prize packages awarded to each winner. The success of their first month hosting tournaments has led to recognition as an official Konami Tournament Store.

An American Legend Is Portrayed on Film by Eric St. John

Vietnam War hero, Colonel John W. Ripley is portrayed by Eric St. John in director Fred Koster's new film, "Ride the Thunder." Based on the best-selling book by Richard Botkin, the film features the true story of the brotherhood between US Marine Colonel John Ripley and Vietnamese Marine Lieutenant Colonel Le Ba Binh during their fight against the Communists and then their experiences in the aftermath of the war. Ripley comes home to a divided America while Binh is imprisoned in a communist re-education camp.Colonel John W. Ripley is one of America's greatest war heroes, who stunned the world with his efforts to destroy the bridge at Dong Ha on Easter Sunday morning, 1972. The premiere of "Ride the Thunder" is this Friday 3/27/2015 at Regency Theater 6721 Westminster Blvd, Westminster CA 92683. The movie will continue showing through April 2nd, 2015.More information on the lead actor, Eric St. John, is available at

Wax and Wick NYC Launches, Delivers Candles Recycled from Liquor Bottles and More

Wax and Wick NYC has announced its official launch and is currently rolling out its line of luxury lifestyle candles. Each candle features an exciting twist - every single unit is made from all-natural wax and created from recycled liquor, champagne, and beer bottles.

Bikini Luxe Help Women Stay Active on the Beach with the New 2015 Sauvage Sport Collection

Spring is officially here, and that means women are already looking forward to the summer bikini season. Many people are already training to hone their bodies for the summer, and they want to wear the ideal bikini to show off what they've achieved. Bikini Luxe is helping women do just that by offering the Sauvage Swimwear 2015 collection, which is now available on their popular bikini store. Highlights the Importance of Regular Gutter Cleanings

Clogged gutters remain a danger to homes across the United States, yet many homeowners fail to complete this basic maintenance task. A clogged gutter often leads to foundation damage or mold growth, damage to the fascia boards which hold the gutters, ice dams or landscape damage. With the help of a service offering gutter cleaning milwaukee wi, such as ViewRenew, homeowners may stop these problems in their tracks and protect their investment in the home.

Uplifting Entertainment Comes to Emerson, NJ, April 14th

Pastor Paolo Tanzini of Church of the Assumption, RC Church welcomes all to the next event of our Jubilee Celebration - "Reflections on Love"; a concert featuring uplifting spiritual music, Broadway favorites as well as operatic selections. The concert is scheduled for Sunday, April 14th at 4pm in the main church.

Crime Series "Redrum" Guest Stars Barry Ratcliffe April 21st, 9 Pm

LogoThe episode title "Girl in the Shower, Ep. 311" will air on Investigation Discovery on cable on April 21st at 9 p.m. It will also be available as an Amazon series highlight special one week after the airing on television.

American Collectors Insurance Providing Specialized Coverage for Sports Memorabilia

LogoSports collectors are often looking for the next item to add to their collection. Whether it's an autographed ball, a limited edition trading card, or other types of memorabilia, every collectible product can be graded and provided an estimated value. When collections and prices grow, having a plan to ensure protection will deliver peace of mind. For those that require specialized protection, American Collectors Insurance is announcing their collectible insurance coverage for sports memorabilia.

Co-Founders Nicolas Seynaeve and Francois Mermoud Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Mass Production of BAM City

LogoNicolas Seynaeve and Francois Mermoud started BARAMIND as a student project way back in 2007. They crossed several hurdles before converting it into an industrial project, and their company Red-Motion was started in 2010. BARAMIND is a flexible handlebar technology that has been designed to minimize the impact of small shocks and vibrations while biking. In 2012, the duo released their first product named BAM XC, followed by the current version that has been used extensively for Marathon MTB races.

Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family – Vividly Imagined Book Comprising 1600+ Images, Showcases Life and Work of Philately's Most Cherished Cachet Artist

While most are aware of their existence, few people truly understand the history and vibrant imagination behind the nation's envelope art. For over a century, stamps, covers and their vast array of designs have been used to communicate to people and detail the continuously evolving American story.

Lady Jane's Salon, NYC's First & Only Romance Reading Series

Join us Monday, April 6th, 7-9 PM at Madame X (Loft) when we greet spring with three great romance fiction readings.

Retired Principal's Intense New Novel, Inspired by Tumultuous State of Modern Teaching Brings Honor & Integrity Back to Profession

Nobody in the education system will deny it; principals and teachers are caught up in a toxic sea of politics that often takes priority over their innate obligation to inspire and empower the nation's children. Some teachers have reportedly turned to severe, drastic and even illegal measures to ensure that their test scores remain high. However, in a powerful and hugely-insightful new novel by Irwin Sadetsky, it becomes obvious that the profession still has honor and integrity as its core foundation.

The Higher Shop Launches Its E-Commerce Website to Feature Weed Clothing

The Higher Shop is a minimalist Fashion Brand that mainly focuses on merging comfort and style in a unique and eclectic way by producing and selling Chill/Weed clothing that's instantly recognizable for its style and quality.

Fort Lauderdale Eye Surgeon Launches Botox Special

The Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Surgery has long been known for advanced eye care and innovative laser treatments. Now this esteemed Fort Lauderdale eye center may now be known for their cosmetic treatments, as they recently announced a new special on Botox treatments.

"Let's Be Clear Georgia" Campaign to Educate Georgians on Marijuana Issues

LogoThe perception of marijuana's harmfulness is falling among Georgia's young people and 18.2% of Georgia's high school seniors have smoked marijuana in the last 30 days. To reverse these trends a collaboration of over 150 private and public agencies, employers, and individuals engaging in best practices and policies to prevent marijuana abuse in our state have launched "Let's Be Clear Georgia" today in Atlanta. The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce marijuana use among Georgia's youth and young adults and in the workplace. Its central hub is

Discount Cabinet Corner Offers Custom Cabinets from Covered Bridge Cabinetry

LogoAccording to the Wall Street Journal, Americans invested $130 billion into home upgrades in 2013. Clearly, this trend indicates a strong desire to transform homes into reflections of individual use and style. To meet the demand for custom home remodeling, Discount Cabinet Corner now offers a full line of custom cabinets in NJ and Philadelphia from Covered Bridge Cabinetry, effective immediately.

AWMA Now Offering New MMA Clearance Items This March

LogoAWMA® knows that having the right MMA equipment and gear is absolutely essential to the well-being of the fighter. Also, whether the fighter is a rookie or a professional, being protected with quality gear should always be one of his or her highest priorities. As a leading provider of both martial arts and MMA gear and equipment, AWMA® is always updating their inventory with products that provide nothing but the maximum amount of protection and comfort. What's more, those who visit their website this March will find that the company has high-quality MMA clearance items available for extremely affordable prices.

Victoria Warehouse Is Manchester's Ultimate Party Venue

LogoClients and businesses looking for function rooms to hire in Manchester will truly be spoilt for choice. Corporate events including drinks receptions, product launches, conferences, award ceremonies and gala dinners can all be accommodated in this vibrant city with spectacular ease. Private room hire is also available for personal functions like birthday parties, wedding receptions, and engagement, anniversary and graduation celebrations.

Sightline Introduces Breakthrough in Bi-Folding Door Technology

LogoSightline Doors, a manufacturer and supplier of quality architectural and patio door systems, has revealed a breakthrough design in retractable bi-folding doors. The "UltraSlim" fully retractable doors feature aluminium side frames that are just 19 mm wide, about 70% narrower than comparable double-glazed door frames.

Derek O'Sullivan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Create the World's First Correctly Insulated Tent

LogoDerek O'Sullivan considers himself lucky enough to be born in the southwest of Ireland, a perfect destination for camping. As wonderful as Ireland is in so many ways, Derek frequently found himself wishing he had a tent that was correctly insulated to prevent the tent from getting too hot, too cold, or too noisy. Thanks to Derek's desire to enjoy camping even more, campers across the pond, such as those who go camping in the northeastern region of the United States, can breathe a sigh of relief whether its 100 degrees during the dog days of summer or 20 degrees on a frigid fall night.