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C. Evenfall Announces Completion of the Wraith of Carter's Mill Series

Author C. Evenfall's paranormal novella series has officially been completed by the author. The last manuscript in The Wraith of Carter's Mill series and of the same name is in the hands of the publishing staff at Books, Authors and Artists.

Second Edition of Marc Hirsch's the Case Released by Publisher

Marc Hirsch's first book, mystery novel The Case, has been given a thorough second edit by the publishers Books, Authors and Artists (BAA), with the help of editor Kathleen Baumgarten.

Third Novella in the Wraith of Carter's Mill Series Published

The Forgotten, the third novella in The Wraith of Carter's Mill series by C. Evenfall, has been released by publisher Books, Authors and Artists.

The Bridge Institute Creates Unique Community, Communication Opportunities with Improvisational Music

LogoA recently launched initiative is bringing communities together and inspiring people to express themselves with one worldwide-recognized language: music. The Bridge Institute is establishing Universal Language Rooms in community centers from Richmond, Virginia, to New York City, and New Jersey- bringing people closer together with improvisational music.

Singer-Songwriter Savio Rego to Release New Single "Falling Apart" on March 28th

LogoSinger-songwriter Savio Rego is proud to announce the release of his newest single "Falling Apart" on March 28th. All music lovers can now look forward to another great song from the talented artist that is bound to capture the hearts of every listener.

Grooming for Men Reveals Why Men Need Skincare Products That Are Different to Women's Products

It used to be that it was only women who were concerned about looking after their skin, but now more men are regularly using grooming products. Grooming For Men has now revealed why men need skincare products that are different to the products that women use.

Bobby Rio Introduces the Magnetic Messaging Texting Method

LogoBobby Rio creator of The Magnetic Messaging Method introduces the simplest and oddest approach to turning a woman on – texting. review of Bobby Rio's Magnetic messaging notes that in just 3 simple steps, The Magnetic Messaging Program guarantees that men can get the ultimate cheat-code to women's sexual and emotional desires.

102 Year Old Scientist Introduces Diseaseless: The Quick and Simple Solution to Feel Young Again

LogoAccording to the Diseaseless Program reviews, co-creator of the program, Diseaseless, Ken Drew deeply analyzes the Diseaseless Guide as a unique one-of-a-kind chance to a new and better healthcare alternative for both men and women.

Armadi Casa Opened New Custom Furniture Showroom in Florida

Armadi Casa, custom furniture builder and dealer in the South East, recently inaugurated their new outlet in Florida. For years, Armadi Casa has been designing and constructing modish furniture pieces that are much appreciated by both consumers and interior decorators. They offer a wide array of custom furniture design sets. Armadi Casa is widely regarded as the market leader in designer furniture products and services that are often chosen by home owners in Florida and Miami.

Nerda Jot Cartoons One-Month Kickstarter Funding Drive

LogoNancy Thompson started writing and drawing Nerda Jot in 1999. This light-hearted and positive cartoon made its web appearance in 2014 via Facebook and Each Nerda cartoon is drawn and written by hand. The cartoons pictures are supported by six lines of text that are inspiring, positive and heart-warming.

G-Force Extreme Inflatable Rentals Expands Inventories for Upcoming Spring Events

Preparing for the balmy, pleasant days of spring, G-Force Extreme Inflatable Rentals announced that the company has completed a new round of investments. The new investments bolster the already expansive G-Force Extreme inventory, adding new mechanical bulls, four-station bungee-jumping attractions, and other sought-after amusement rentals and games. G-Force Extreme Inflatable Rentals is one of the country's leading inflatable rental specialists, serving clients from coast to coast with an industry-leading selection of rigorously maintained rental options, low prices, and expert, highly dedicated customer service. Is Now Offering USDA Certified Organic Moringa Capsules

Moringa capsules, Moringa tea and Moringa powder are now available on, all made with USDA Certified Organic Moringa Oleifera.

Another Completed House Refurbishment in Poole Delights Owners

LogoFor the last 4 years the Poole based building firm William Bowley Projects Ltd have been undertaking and project managing a wide range of building projects in and around the Poole and Bournemouth areas. Whether it's a house extension in Poole, a loft conversion in Bournemouth or a new house build in Dorset, William Bowley Projects are the team you can rely on to get the job done on time and on budget.

LISSA the Shop's Comfy USA Line Prepares Women for Every Occasion

LogoAn important company meeting with a potential client, the start of picnic season, an art gallery announces a long-anticipated exhibit, whatever the occasion may be, every woman knows that the outfit chosen will set the tone for the entire event. Nobody can argue that uncomfortable clothing can make them self-conscious and finicky. So if she's not comfortable, she won't enjoy any activity or perform to the best of her abilities. That presentation she prepared for the new client? Delivered without confidence. The picnic that will let her see her favorite niece for the first time in years? She can't wait for it to be over. That exhibit she's been hoping would come to her city? She'll rush through it barely noticing the art. Regardless of her anticipation, comfort is the key to any event's enjoyment or success. Remedying this problem for women everywhere, LISSA the shop's Comfy USA clothing provides relaxed, elegant apparel that is modern, yet timeless.

Pretty in Paint Parties Now Offering 18x24 Party Canvases

LogoPretty In Paint Parties is a company that offers individuals or organizations the chance to host paint parties in the comfort of their own homes or offices. This March, they are pleased to announce that they are now offering 18x24 party canvases for only an additional $5. With these bigger canvases, those who attend a paint party hosted by one of their artists will now have an even bigger and original piece of artwork to hang in their home or office.

ICN Buys Offers High Quality Tai Chi Products at Affordable Prices

Tai chi is a common form of Chinese martial arts practised all around the world. It is practised by many learners and teachers globally for health benefits, and defence training. ICN Buys provides the interested buyers with a wide range of products associated with this form of martial arts. It has feiyue shoes, warrior footwear collection, tai chi apparels, Kung fu and Shaolin apparels etc. Products of the company are shipped to USA, UK, Norway, Canada and Australia.

Benoit Fries and Team Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Print Their Upcoming Card Game 'Women in Science'

LogoThis project is the brain-child of the parents of a seven-year-old girl looking for inspiring role models for their daughter. The Québec based couple decided to focus on great women in science because these scientists rarely received the recognition they deserve. In addition to creating an inspiring card game for the kids, the duo has also tried their best to create a game that is fun and visually appealing.

New York City Teen Sportsmanship Essay Contest Offers $500 Top Prize from New York Sports Connection, a local web-based clearinghouse for youth sports resources in New York City, is sponsoring an essay contest to encourage middle- and high-school students in the five boroughs to learn about—and promote—the values of sportsmanship and fair play. The top prize of $500 will go to the essay that best describes "what sportsmanship means to me" according to the contest rules. The contest launches March 20, 2015 and ends April 30, 2015. Winning essays will be chosen by a panel of judges, and announced approximately 15 days later.

WR1 Introduces a New Asset for Music Artists

Spotify, Soundcloud, Beats, Youtube music tech is clearly transforming the music industry. Streaming technologies are on the rise, replacing CD sales and downloads. The controversy is the impression that music tech is cannibalizing the revenues for artists but at the same time is saving the music industry by compensating losses in physical sales. (see attached graph, source ASCAP). So, what is next in this ten-year-young business of music tech?

Punch Skincare Announces Launch of New Facial Cleanser: Youthful Glow Cleanser

LogoWith a view to change the way women go about facial cleansing practices, skin care experts at PUNCH skin care have launched their new face cleaning product; the Youthful glow Cleanser. A large majority of people believe that regular face cleaning may lead to drying out and hence early ageing lines to become visible on their faces. This new innovative cleanser by Punch skin care promises to retain, and add moisture and elasticity to the face skin after a wash. The organic facial cleanser stimulates cell renewal, strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, with an added toning effect.

Remy Capillus Announces Social Media Coupon Available

LogoHair salons and beauty suppliers that need to stock up on high-quality virgin Remy hair extensions can shop the hair products at Remy Capillus. Remy Capillus is a hair extension manufacturer that specializes in producing the highest quality real human hair extensions available on the market today. Using an ethical source to collect human hair, the company creates their extensions through a careful process without the use of chemicals. In order to build their brand on Facebook, the company is currently offering a coupon for all customers who like their page on Facebook. Remy Capillus invites customers to visit their Facebook page and like them for a 20% discount off of their next order.

Mara-Lee, Author of the Adventures of Cammy Lambie, Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Publication Funds

LogoMara-lee is a children's author who has written a new book entitled The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place Of The Big Blue Sky.  This story details the adventures of a young ram and his brother as they learn about life and focuses on Biblical foundations for living a life of truth and purpose.  Now, Mara-lee has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds for the publication of this book.

Paul Kaskel Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Storree Evolution Distribution of First Comic Book

LogoStorree Evolution Distribution is creating a unique story currently in the distribution system created by Paul Kaskel and located at  Now, Kaskel has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds to finance the production of the first comic book using this system.  Later, Kaskel plans to create more comics using this system as well.

U Turn, God Turns: Inspirational, Life-Changing Memoir Empowers Readers to Carve Path for a New Life, Reaping God's Boundless Benefits

While millions believe that they grasp the true power and influence of God, real-world stories of plight to prosperity are often the only things that can put scripture into real-world context. In his compelling new autobiography, Michael Vincent Robinson not only provides that context, but equips readers with all they need to also embark on a new life showered by God's abundant gifts.

Lux Et Tenebrae: The Three Siblings – Gripping Supernatural Thriller Showcases Humanity's Rock-Solid Familial Bonds

While supernatural fiction has seen an undeniable boom in recent years, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, author Jesse Wolfe is stepping up to the plate with gusto, twisting and redefining the genre into something spellbinding.