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Amongst the Killing: Vet-Turned-Publishing Magnate Releases Compelling Cat-and-Mouse Crime Novel

While many bestsellers find their writing talents later on in life, Joe Compton is proud to admit that he has been putting pen to paper for as long as he can remember. Even while serving with the United States Military in Japan, Compton found time to put the foundations in place for what has now become an epic new release.

It's Time to Align: "World's Most Powerful Self-Help Book" Hits the Shelves – Providing Missing & Suppressed Link to Law of Attraction

For thousands of years, incarnations of the Law of Attraction have existed as a magic pill to attracting good things in life. However – the most potent ingredient has been deliberately suppressed from humanity.

The Boatrockers: Powerful, Prophetic New YA Novel Calls on "Christian Superheroes" to Receive Instructions from Heaven & Help Earth Prosper

At a time when secularism threatens the future of the world and few young people are willing to sit down and listen to their community leaders, spreading vital messages from above has become harder than ever. Having become aware of a powerful and potentially earth-shattering prophecy that all young people need to hear, author Amanda Nicole has turned to her pen in order to get them to listen.

Rough on Rats: Vivid New Novel, Based on True Stories of Those Buried in Minnesota Cemetery, Explores Humanity's Innate Struggles

While wandering around the graves at Fergus Falls' Poor Farm Cemetery, few are aware of exactly how many stories the site contains. With many of the deceasing living in America's rural late 1800s and early 1900s, their stories are often overshadowed by downfall, disappointment and defeat.

Women, Power, Hollywood and Marilyn New Feature Film Launches Global Search for Iconic Lead Role and Hails Powerful Woman Director

LogoMore than 50 years after her tragic death, Marilyn Monroe is more popular than ever (14+ million Facebook fans and counting), and the truth behind her passing remains a fascinating mystery. The new feature film, Goodnight Marilyn – helmed by Drew Ann Rosenberg (SAINTS AND SINNERS, FOLLOW THE PROPHET) – is searching the world to find the perfect actress to bring the legendary icon to life on the silver screen once more.

The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy to Feature Author of "The Last Campaign," Anthony Clark

LogoOn Friday, March 20, 2015 The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy will interview the author of the new book The Last Campaign, How Presidents Rewrite History, Run for Posterity & Enshrine Their Legacies.

Abuse: Survival Stories Presents I Reclaim My Voice Welcomes Grammy Award Winning Singer Mýa on

LogoFeaturing compelling stories of survivors sharing their courageous testimonials, this Thursday's Abuse: Survival Stories presents I Reclaim My Voice will be no exception. Grammy Award winning singer Mýa (Lady Marmalade, Chicago) will appear on our March 19th show to discuss healing from childhood bullying and other adversities.

Join Visionary Host, Sharon Rose Washington & Shaman/Author Stacey LL Couch as They Explore "The Gracious Wild" and the Spiritual Connection to All as One in Nature

LogoStellar guest Stacey LL Couch is a gentle animal communicator and the author of "Gracious Wild, a Shamanic Journey With Hawks". She is a remarkable energetic wise earth woman with a background as a biologist and scientist. In addition, what makes her stand out amongst her scientific minded peers is that Stacey is a certified Shaman who works closely with wild Hawks, wolves and many animals of the wild, including endangered species. As a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Stacey works from the heart as a publicist and journalist for Mother Nature. A pioneer at heart, Stacey LL Couch as a liaison, empowers people with the ability to explore some of life's toughest questions. Let's go on an adventure with our visionary Host, Sharon Rose Washington and celebrated guest, Stacey LL Couch as she unveils how we all can form an authentic connection with our true Self which is "Nature" as we connect to all of life's bountiful mirrored beauty. & Your Adoption Coach Radio Join Forces is pleased to announce their partnership with Kelly Ellison, host of Your Adoption Coach Radio, a weekly broadcast examining all aspect of adoption including international, domestic, and foster care.

Arnolds Office Furniture Increases Inventory of Ergonomic Furniture Due to Increased Demand

LogoAs offices strive to create a modern layout in their workspace to foster increased productivity and performance from employees, their demand for ergonomic furniture has expanded. To supply this demand, Arnolds Office Furniture is pleased to announce they have increased their inventory of ergonomic furniture. When looking to buy used office furniture, customers are treated to the best deals and highest quality to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

From a Kansas Town to the Broadway Stage: Angel Reda's Pursuit of Passion on the Business of Living Radio on VoiceAmerica

LogoThe Business of Living: How to Master the Business of Being You with Scott Ventrella is to interview Angel Reda this Saturday, March 21. Angel Reda, successful musical theatric performer, currently starring in Chicago on Broadway, will share insight into her journey to attain her highest career dreams. Reda is to discuss her career from her early experiences as a child star in Kansas to her post-graduate achievements performing in New York City. Reda's unique story will reveal that attaining your highest goal is not as easy as clicking your ruby red slippers three times, but, with a strong will to succeed, reaching "The Emerald City of Oz" is possible.

Summit County Tour Group Introduces Canabis Tours to the Breckenridge Area

A recent research study showed that 36 percent of all American adults drink craft beer at least occasionally. As more Americans are also choosing to travel domestically for their vacations, the need for new and exciting vacation adventures has increased. Summit Lifestyle Tours, now operating in Breckenridge, has found a way to answer this need and are launching a campaign to draw attention to their exciting and unique Summit County Brewery Tours.

PhotoCubbies Featured on Wedding Wire and the Knot for Unique Photobooth Provisions

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple's life together, so it is important to properly commemorate it. In the 21st century, photography has become more democratized than ever, but cell phone photos are rarely of good enough quality to serve as a memoir for life. As such, people turn to photo booth services to help capture the fun of the celebrations after the ceremony. PhotoCubbies offer unique photo booth services around Los Angeles, and has recently been featured in both Wedding Wire and The Knot.

MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement Wins Axiom Business Book Award

LogoAxiom Business Book Awards has selected MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement, as a Silver Medalist in the operations management/lean/continuous improvement category for their 2015 awards. Presenting Sexy a-Line Green Homecoming Dresses is presenting sexy, a line green homecoming dresses at the sale price of under $100. The online store includes a wide range of beautiful and cheap dresses with bright colors and attractive designs.

Hashtag Magic: #AwesomeIdea! New Fantasy Series Fuses Magic & Technology to Re-Imagine Myths Behind Sorcery's Creation

Since the rise of the cherished hashtag, everyone from stay-at-home moms to hostages in some of the world's most remote locations have come to realize and embrace the power they harness. But, for the protagonist in J. Steven Young's new fantasy series, a simple hashtag can have insurmountable consequences.

Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies, by Eric. A. Shelman

LogoIt is announced that Eric A. Shelman has just released his 14th book, entitled Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies, which is the eighth volume in the author's Dead Hunger zombie book series. The book is Eric A. Shelman's first release of 2015, following the 2014 release of his book, The Camera: Bloodthirst.

Kenya Conway-Jones Appears on Chicago's Remarkable Radio Show to Give Life-Changing Advice from Her New Book "Better Than Ever"

LogoTransformational Life Coach, Kenya Conway-Jones was nominated as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called "Remarkable Radio", which spotlights noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe and in your town. Conway-Jones appeared on the show to discuss how individuals and businesses can improve their current situations and lives, using principles from her new book titled "Better Than Ever". The show aired on a Saturday afternoon on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of Hannity and The Dennis Miller Show.

Bye-Bye to Cassettes & Vinyl: Music Promotion in the Digital Age Has Changed Reports MusicPromoToday

There was a time when self-promotion for the unsigned musician was equivalent to selling cassettes from the back of a modest car. To be sure, it was an expensive ordeal and one that few artists today have experienced. With the coming of the digital age, music promotion has evolved into a global phenomenon, accessible to musicians of all stature. Utilizing social media platforms, unknown artists can now go viral on the web and turn into overnight success stories.

The Most Powerful UFO Film Ever Made

A new documentary film on UFO's has virtually eliminated all arguments against their existence. Writer-Director, Damon T. Berry has unveiled a completely new approach to authenticating UFO existence in his new Documentary Film, "Contact 2014." It is a UFO Documentary like no other, and it raises serious concerns about the overall state of our readiness to confront the reality of the existence of alien life. In the film:"Contact 2014," the common wisdom of both the believers and non-believer alike are completely silenced by the overwhelming evidence that proves that we as humanity just aren't intelligent enough to see what is happening to us every day.......Alien Contact.

Earth's Best Pest Control Launches Twenty Five Dollar Coupon on Services for Limited Time Only

Life is a tricky force to try and cultivate. Many people love the richness of life when it comes to plants and pets, but not when it comes to insect infestations. However, to get in between the natural order like this often requires unnatural solutions- noxious gasses and aerosols that can be harmful to children, pets, and plants themselves. Earth's Best offers an alternative, with specially cultivated, naturally derived pesticide solutions. They are currently offering an exclusive coupon offer on their unbeatable pesticide services.

#1 Bestseller by Ravinder Tulsiani Nominated for Small Business Book Awards

Leadership Expert Ravinder Tulsiani announced that his business book, 'Your Leadership EDGE: Mastering Management Skills for Today's Workforce', has been nominated for the 2015 Small Business Book Awards in the category of Management.

Eager Beaver Lawn Care and Landscaping Offers New Lawn Thatching Services

Thatch is the name given to dead stolons and rhizomes created during the natural lifecycle of grass. This thatch can discolor a lawn and affect the health of the live grasses over time. Because this thatch is knitted into the turf, it can also be difficult to remove. Michigan Lawncare Company Eager Beaver is now offering thatching services to remove this dry and dusty grass, allowing the healthy grass access to more nutrients and giving lawns a new lease of life just in time for the coming summer.

The Binoculars Guy Publishes New List of the Best Binoculars for 2015

Binoculars are magnifying devices that offer a greater field of view than a telescope, and are used for everything from bird watching to astronomy to opera. These devices are the result of a huge amount of precision engineering as applied to the finest quality of materials, so competition between brands is fierce when trying to design the ultimate pair. The Binoculars Guy is a seasoned enthusiast, and has been using binoculars for years. Now a veteran, he shares his views on the latest designs with an eager audience, and has just published his best binoculars of 2015.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Welcomes Ghostly Spirits of Ancient China

Behind the walls of NYCs Metropolitan Museum of Art lies galleries that house priceless arts of ancient China and taking in their splendor are patrons of the arts...including some ghostly ones according to Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides, aka the "Ghost Doctors."