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Vancouver's 365 Junk Removal Company Shares Tips for Removing Clutter in the House

Sometimes keeping homes clutter-free is quite a task. With a fast-paced daily life, it's easy for junk to accumulate, leaving households messy and disorganized. But finding the time and energy to correctly clean-up and dispose of the mess can be challenging. That's why 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver has recently published a blog full of tips on how to manage the process of decluttering. For more, visit

Top 20 iTunes Artist Premieres First Music Video of 2019 on Worldwide Syndicated Radio Show

LogoIn April 2018, Jeremy Parsons released his imaginative music video for "Why Is the Bluebird Blue." The video was an Official Selection in several global film festivals, including the New York Lift Off Festival and the James Bond III Film Festival, among others. The video helped to propel the single into the Top 20 iTunes Country Songs chart (Canada), while racking up more than 7,000 youtube views.

Dequincey Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the LP Vinyl Pressing

Dequincey is an Italian songwriter, musician and producer Marco Tommaseo, who has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for the vinyl pressing of his debut album. The album is titled "...And So The Gates Unlocked", and it is a concept solo album composed at the end of 2017 between Bristol and Turin and produced in the UK between 2018 and 2019.

Steven Sweeney Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Second Issue of the Brink Comic Book

Steven Sweeney is a comic creator, author, musician and a web developer, who is known for his talent as a dark storyteller. Last year, he self-published his renowned comic book titled The Brink Issue #1: The Urban Cryptid (pt1) and this year, he is publishng its second part. Moreover, he is raising funds and support on Kickstarter for this project and is welcoming generous support and backing.

Quality Sod & Landscape Solutions Announces Expansion of Services in Tampa, Florida

LogoQuality Sod & Landscape Solutions is pleased to announce that they have expanded their services in Tampa, Hillsborough County, and surrounding areas. The company also offers sod services in Spring Hill/ Hernando County, Trinity/ Pasco County along with the latest addition i.e. Tampa. The team believes that the success behind any landscape is the sod. The landscape specialists at this company help their clients choose the right kind of sod for their landscaping needs, climate and weather conditions. Bermuda, Bahia, Seville, Zoysia, etc. are a few to mention.

HOUZER Provides Stainless Steel Sinks, Porcelain Sinks, and Farmhouse Sinks

LogoHOUZER is a well-recognized powerhouse known for its expertise in the field of sinks where they seek to transform homes and properties through their excellent range of sink solutions. Run by a team of industry enthusiasts, the company has changed the way property owners and homeowners view the interior décor of their spaces. The sink supplier has been able to impact this segment through their modern sink designs that speak to the varying demands of their clientele. Right from undermount stainless sinks, bar-prep bowls to top mount kitchen sinks, HOUZER has been associated with durable, stylish and exotic sink items that have made a difference for their clients. All their sink products are made as per the industry standards, making them the perfect supplier for any requirements in this arena.

A French Artist Launches Kickstarter Campaign for an Eiffel-Inspired Mirror

Arnaud Berman is an inspiring French artist and he has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to pay tribute to the work of the legendary Gustave Eiffel. Arnaud loves the Eiffel Tower and he has created a unique mirror that is inspired by Eiffel. The goal of this recently launched Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of EUR 16,480 and the artist is welcoming art lovers from around the world for their generous backing and support.

The Miracles Set to Perform at the 2019 SweetSunshine Music Festival

Sponsored by Amada Records & T-Mobile, the 2019 edition of the SweetSunshine Music Festival is set to be another amazing music experience with lots of fun and excitement for attendees with the likes of The Miracles confirmed to perform at the event.

Indigo River Press Publishes Oswald Rivera's New Novel in the Time of the Americans

LogoIndigo River Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of In The Time of the Americans by Oswald Rivera. The book stars off with the invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898, and how this event affects the fortunes of two families, the reserved methodical Walkers and the lusty Benitez clan. This multigenerational story examined how different myths and perceptions will lead to the inescapable repetitions of actions grounded in the history of both families. In essence, it is about the gradual Americanization of Puerto Rico and the internal and external clashes that underlie the current crises and challenges facing the island today.

Men Turn to Buy4Less Tuxedo to Create an Unconventional Twist to Formalwear

In addition to classic designer tuxedos in shades of sleek black and gray, men are now comfortable getting creative with styles that go beyond traditional ideals of formalwear. At Buy4Less Tuxedo, shoppers will find a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and styles of their favorite tuxedos. Menswear accessories that pair well with these styles can also be found on the company's website.

LIVALL Sponsors Winners of Riding to the Moon with Qinghai Lake Bike Tour

LogoLIVALL sponsors its winners of the charity activity called Riding To The Moon with a 7-days tour in China from July 9th to July 15th, 2019, as a conclusion of this international bicycle hobbyists' event.

Prescription for Success: Dr Emil Haldey & Dr Joel Fuhrman in the Episode Titled "Prevent Diseases and Have an Amazing Life"

LogoIn this episode Dr. Emil Haldey will be interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman - an American celebrity doctor who created and advocates for the "Nutritarian Diet", a nutrient rich, whole plant-based diet with mainly non-or minimally processed plant food consumption. Dr. Fuhrman will discuss how he got started and what led him to change his career path from a world-class figure skater to a licensed medical professional who has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Smith Publicity Explains 5 Myths of Book Publicity

LogoAccording to the CEO of book marketing firm Smith Publicity, Dan Smith, there are many misconceptions and negative stereotypes about both the craft of book publicity and professional book publicists. He believes authors are often reluctant to engage a book promotion firm because of certain myths about book publicists that are created in part because of the very nature of publicity and public relations work, as well as portrayals of publicists in films and television.

The Biggest Secret Ever Kept by the United States Government on Making Life Brighter Radio, Exclusively

LogoThe Biggest Secret Ever Kept by The United States Government. Winifred Adams, first sits down with former US Army Sergeant and Psychological Warfare Operations Specialist, Mr. Robert Horton. This Thursday at 10am PST/1pm EST, on the Health and Wellness Channel on the VOICEAMERICA Network.

Minimalist Jewelry Brands Catch Consumers Attention in Recent Years

LogoWhether a hopeless romantic person just like many or a true minimalist; They all noticed that exclusive minimalist jewelry brands are occupy apart of the jewelry drawer. Many people don't keep track of any other stuff like clothing brands or cosmetics, but in terms of jewelry; particularly metallic, consumers' taste has developed indeed during the past years. Ten years ago, they were initially platinum-and-sterling-silver-only kind of girls, but during the past few years, more and more people fell in love from minimalist metallic jewelry.

Mashup Manga-Illustrated Satire of ROMEO and JULIET Launched on Amazon

Readers are qualifying it as "amusing", "irreverent" and even "outrageous" and the author, Aretino Wild, says that "this is the mashup version of ROMEO AND JULIET that typically petulant Shakespeare scholars will show disdain, but only after secretly having some good laughs after reading it."

Keep Running with the Sinners This Summer at Saints and Sinners

LogoWith the Fourth of July behind everyone, many folks will soon be looking forward to keeping their summer sizzling. First and foremost, the public should remember that the fun never stops at Saints and Sinners any time soon! With two separate locations in Philadelphia and Atlantic City, Saints and Sinners is by far one of the best places to go wild and let loose. There is always a load of fun events happening at Saint and Sinners, one of the top Philly lifestyle clubs.

Radiator Hut Offers Modern Vertical Radiators in a Plethora of Stunning Designs and Sizes

The temperatures across the UK can get quite cold during the winter months. Every homeowner has to look for a heating solutions that can save them from severe cold. There is a range of products available for use. Depending on your budget go for the ones that are safe, high on energy efficiency and also easy to maintain. However, a radiator is a perfect option for properly heating up the home. If you're looking to buy radiators, Radiator Hut is your place to go.

Bloomr Offers a Multitude of Faux Succulents and Plants to Decorate Interior Spaces

LogoOne of the largest suppliers of artificial flowers, Bloomr offers a multitude of faux succulents and plants to help decorate interior spaces, be it residential or commercial. These plants bring life to a room without any hassle of the maintenance and keeping them alive. They provide their artificial plants and trees in a variety of sizes, colors, types, and prices to cater to the wide needs of their customers.

Bloomr Offers a Variety of Luxury Artificial Trees to Add a Touch of Life and Elegance to Any Space

LogoOne of the most renowned names in the industry, Bloomr offers a wide range of luxury artificial trees that is designed to add a touch of life and elegance to any space. These trees can effectively add a touch of life and elegance to any space without all the hassle of maintenance and keeping them alive. Designed for a larger interior accent, the faux trees that they offer are highly demanded for commercial spaces. These artificial trees are hand-crafted by their team of knowledgeable and experienced florists using high quality materials.

China's Rising Dragon Racing Team Participates in the 2019 Silk Road Rally

LogoThe 2019 Silk Way Rally through China, Russia and Mongolia will start on July 6th in the industrial town of Irkutsk in eastern Siberia. The event will take place in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar and finish on July 16th. Dunhuang, Gansu. The Soaring Dragon RacingTeam will compete in the event with a Chinese-made, self-developed Soaring Dragon Racing Model.

Maritime Silk Road Motorcycling Culture Event Sponsored by Biukier

LogoThe event of Maritime silk motorcycling has been successfully ended on June 30, this event has attracted 3000 fans from other places in China since its beginning of 6/28.

Nonprofit Fundraising Experts Darren Diess and Michelle Gilmore Release Innovative New Book Dedicated to Changing the Way Nonprofits Approach Events and Fundraising

LogoToday's nonprofit organizations face significant challenges creating profitable events to highlight and support the important work they do in the community. While hanging on to tradition might be perfect for holidays and anniversaries, fundraising in 2019 and beyond requires a new strategy and an innovative approach. The success of a fundraising event hinges upon being able to connect your audience to your organization's mission in a meaningful and memorable way. People donate to your organization because they're passionate about your cause and want to be part of something special; they want to make a difference.

Bridge of the Doomed Is the Latest Entry Into the Zombie Movie Genre

LogoThe zombie movie genre has long been popular with audiences in the United States and around the world, but it is especially hot at the moment. Danny Boyle is working on a new addition to the 28 Days Later franchise, and Wesley Snipes, Zach Snyder and Ian Ziering are all working on their own zombie feature films.

ClayBox Studio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Anatomical Sculpting Bust

ClayBox Studio has proudly announced that it is introducing a creative new anatomical human head bust that will inspire knowledge as well as creativity. The California based studio has designed this bust for artists to use as a study tool for the construction of the human head. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for sculptors, illustrators and art lovers worldwide. In addition, the studio has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project, and it is welcoming generous contributions.