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Groundbreaking Documentary on PTSD Making Its Way Into Police Training Programs

LogoGlobal Genesis Group is excited to announce the distribution of the award-winning documentary "Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance." The Code 9 Documentary unmasks the dangers First Responders face when dealing with stress and trauma on the job which often leads to cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Tera Lee, LLC Launches Website Offering Decorative Figurines

LogoTera Boyd is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, Her website offers a wide assortment of figurine options such as angel figurines, animal figurines, fairy figurines, and more. Each of these figurines is crafted with great detail to ensure that anyone purchasing these figurines will have something incredibly beautiful to display in their home. Boyd was inspired to start her business by her desire to provide quality figurines to those who were looking for an amazing gift or something nice to use in their own home.

Two by Two Hunting & Outdoors, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Outdoor and Hunting Gear

LogoRheta Boyd is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, Her website features a wide selection of outdoor products and hunting equipment including hunting knives, hunting scopes, camping tents, sleeping bags, crossbows, compound bows, binoculars, backpacks, and more. Rheta was inspired to start her website by her love of the outdoors and her family's love of camping and hunting. She has been a stay at home mother for the last 25 years and now that her kids are grown she feels it is her time to do something special. She wanted to provide other people who love the outdoors with all the great gear that they could use to make sure that they were able to enjoy the outdoors more fully.

Endangered Earthlings, Inc. Launches Earthling Pod Project

Endangered Earthlings, Inc., a progressive environmental organization focused on sustainable lifestyles that reduce our use of Earth's natural resources, will announce its first major proof of concept project to build and demonstrate independent and sustainable living shelters through the use of existing and cutting-edge technologies. The Earthling Pod will validate climate change, global warming, depletion of ozone layer and resource exhaustion are real, while at the same time providing practical living alternatives by reducing our demand for natural resources.

Amish Furniture of Bristol: Putting Customers First This Holiday Season

Families from all across the country will soon be driving to loved one's homes to celebrate the holidays with the entire family. Those who are being generous enough to host the holidays at their home can turn to Amish Furniture of Bristol, which is putting its customers first this holiday season.

Abhinam School Announces Start of November 2017 Yoga Teacher Training in India

LogoAbhinam Yoga School in Goa begins its November Teacher Training program which includes 100, 200 and 300 hours teacher training courses. More than 20 participants from all over the world are expected to join the teacher training courses, which starts from 22nd November 2017. Abhinam yoga school has made a name for itself with organizing a beautiful amalgamation of traditional Ashtanga Yoga with Iyengar props. The 200 and 300-hour Teacher Training Courses are accredited by the Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. The teachers leading this training are certified instructors with wealth of experience of leading these courses for many years.

Make a Style Statement Like a Celebrity with Stunning Rolex President Watches from, a renowned online retailer of authentic luxury watches, offers a stunning collection of Rolex President Watches for both, men and ladies. With these watches, individuals can make a style statement and set a new trend in the fashion industry, like never before. All of these watches are shipped to customer's destination both, Newly-Serviced and Polished, from their Rolex-certified watchmaker at no additional cost. The variety of Rolex President watches that individuals can purchase from, includes Lady Rolex 18K Gold President Quickset W/ Factory Champagne Diamond Dial, Men's Rolex Day Date 18k Gold President Double Quickset W/ Factory Champagne Dial orig. Bracelet, Lady Rolex President Quickset W/ Factory Champagne Dial Original President Bracelet, and many others.

Orlinas Inc. Receives Rave Reviews from Consumers on the Hunt for a Shape Bra That Works Wonders

LogoSure, a push-up bra is always the go-to for women who want to enhance their silhouette. But according to their customers, one company out of Virginia seems to have cracked the code on "pretty, comfy, and functional." Imagine that. They're Orlinas Inc. and they have developed a push up wireless bra that could also be categorized as a back posture support bra, a side support bra, and a back fat bra. Talk about multi-tasking. Consumers say the company's undergarment line up has made well-fitting bras a "non-issue" even when they're a breast cancer survivor or have lost over 150 lbs. They say they can't get enough of them.

Lux Dry Cleaning & Alterations Offers Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery Clothing in New York Metro Area

Today's world is fast paced with minimal downtime to catch up on the important things. Lux Dry Cleaning & Alterations understands just how little time there is in each day, which is why they proudly provide prompt pickup and delivery service throughout New York's five boroughs.

Elmwood Park Zoo Is Hosting a Lineup of Events This Holiday Season

LogoTo celebrate the 2017 holiday season, Elmwood Park Zoo is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a jam-packed lineup of events. From enduring favorites including "Brunch with Santa," to brand new events such as their "Gingerbread House Workshops," the zoo has more to see and do throughout the holiday season than ever before. Those searching for one of the leading event venues in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, do not have to look any further than Elmwood Park Zoo.

The Little Vegas Chapel Wins Bronze on the Best of Las Vegas 2017 List

LogoThe Little Vegas Chapel celebrates their being a Bronze Winner on the coveted list, Best of Las Vegas 2017. The Little Vegas Chapel performs unforgettable vow renewal ceremonies in vintage Las Vegas style. The venue promises full-service vow renewal ceremonies with any one of their many packages.

KS Pools and Patios Provides Paver Installation in PA

Homeowners who are interested in switching up the feel of their backyards, while retaining a classic feel and timeless style, are encouraged to contact KS Pools and Patios for assistance from their team of expert paver installers serving Warminster, PA, and other local areas. Pavers, which have a wide variety of uses in the backyard and come in an almost endless number of styles and colors, can be designed with the individual homeowner in mind, allowing Pennsylvania's residents the chance to custom-design their own paver patio, deck, poolside, or other backyard areas.

Save Millions: Avoid Costly HR Mistakes

LogoSexual harassment, workplace violence, discriminatory practices, retaliatory actions, inconsistent processes, bad practices, etc., can quickly become HR mistakes, which can lead to employers suffering from massive lawsuits; as well as costly non-compliance penalties and fines. Nelson wrote her book due to concerns regarding the related rise in workplace lawsuits, which increased 2000% since 1995, with the average lawsuit settlement being $250,000 (not including lawyer fees), which could cost in excess of $1 MILLION, if the case goes to trial.

InLove by Marina Bulatkina Announces First Dress Collection Designed by Plus Size Model for Sizes 6-20

With a decade working internationally in the modeling industry, plus size model Marina Bulatkina is expanding the ready-to-wear market for women who fall in-between straight and plus sizes with her dress collection for women sizes 6 to 20.

Unique Smart Home Water System Mitte Achieves Three Times Its Kickstarter Funding Goal

LogoMitte is delighted to reveal that their ongoing Kickstarter campaign has been a grand success. A first of its kind smart home water system, Mitte utilizes a two-step process to purify water and enhance its quality. Company sources have informed that their Kickstarter campaign started with a funding goal of €75,000 and has already received contributions worth close to €225,000 in just 3 weeks.

Forbes Awards Top 30 Game Changers in 20 Industries, All Under Age 30

Forbes Magazine announced that Rachel Benyola, CEO and Founder of AnneeLondon, was selected as a Forbes 30 UNDER 30 industry leader for the class of 2018. Considered the most exclusive club for young entrepreneurs in the world, Rachel joins the ranks of innovative game-changers such as Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James, Evan Spiegel and Kate McKinnon. Awarded for her innovation in the manufacturing industry Rachel is now poised to represent strong women-owned businesses, who are striving to put people back to work in the USA.

All Natural Dog Beds' Products Free of Harmful Artificial Fibers

Pet owners who are concerned about the effects that environmental toxins may be having on their pet are encouraged to check out this month's blog at All Natural Dog Beds, which helps pet owners to recognize the most common environmental toxins that may be hiding in their homes.

Exclusive Plus Size Dresses for Women from is pleased to present their latest range of plus size dresses for women and plus size fashion tops on sale. While fashion is all about trends, it is also about the personal taste of a woman. For some fashion is wearing the trendiest clothing and for some it is about being comfortable in whatever they wear. Whatever the need may be or personal taste may be caters to all such requirements.

Cedrus Investments Hosts Life Sciences Luncheon in Beijing, November 7th, 2017

Cedrus Investments ("Cedrus"), a global boutique investment firm, will host a life sciences luncheon on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 in Beijing at the Shangri-La China World Summit Wing Hotel. Mr. Randy Hice, Cedrus' Chief Technical Officer and Member of the Life Sciences Advisory Board, will be sharing his insights on two critical themes in biotechnology: "New Frontiers in Immunology R&D" and "Increasing Laboratory Productivity and Meeting FDA Compliance through Software".

Cedrus Investments' Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas Invited to Speak at the 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong Conference

The Chairman of Cedrus Investments ("Cedrus"), Mr. Rani Jarkas, is invited to speak at the 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong 2017 – Spring Edition conference to be held on 29th – 30th of March 2017 in Hong Kong. Participants of the conference include senior executives from leading investment firms and mining companies.

Dress in Style This Thanksgiving with Cute Dresses from is pleased to present their latest range of sexy dresses for the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. The site also features an outerwear sale for the ongoing winter season. The store is famous for offering nothing but the trendiest of clothing designed by in-house fashion designers and tailored by expert craftsmen.

Astounding New Hypnotic Seminar Is Liberating Women's Minds

It was tough arranging time to talk with Master Hypnotist Professor Jay Tee for an interview; he's a busy man. He does hypnosis entertainment shows on cruise ships (and on land), provides hypnotic corporate training, and more. But he still takes time to do one-on-one online hypnotherapy worldwide, even in the middle of the night. He did hypnotherapy last night—this morning—from 4:00 to 5:30AM!

People Who Wish to Have 'My Name Necklace' Can Consider the Aforementioned Website-

People who wish to have 'My Name Necklace' can consider the aforementioned website. It is an Australian based online jewelry store that specializes in various types of items and with the introduction of their latest name necklaces; they have managed to garner the attention of a large number of people from across the globe.

3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Crowdfunding Scams

LogoCrowdfunding has expanded to being a great place to invest money or help new products come to market by pre-purchasing. The Crowdfunding market saw over 87 Billion dollars exchanged in the market in 2016. This market has attracted scammers whose only purpose is to rip off with good hearts. With the Season of Charity upon us, here are a few things you can do to avoid exploitation.

VoiceAmerica Host Tony DUrso Teams with World Martial Arts Champion John Gill on Nov. 18-19

LogoTony DUrso, host of The Spotlight and Revenue Chat podcast shows, has teamed up with 15-time World Martial Arts Champion and Current World Self-Defense Champion John Gill to host several free self-defense classes this weekend, Nov. 18-19 in Fullerton, Malibu and Beverly Hills. The association was borne out of recognition of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, celebrated one week later on Saturday, Nov. 25.