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Beretta Introduces New Firearms: Solware Comments

Beretta, one of the oldest firearms manufacturers and suppliers, continue to impress their customers on a yearly basis, always ensuring that they are adapting to modern times, so that they can rest assured knowing that they are offering their customers rifles and shoguns of the utmost highest qualities.

Nooboo Offers Biodegradable, Bamboo Clothing That Gives Back to the Environment

LogoNooboo is a new clothing brand from Amsterdam that aims to make major changes in the fashion industry. Rather than relying on labor-heavy materials like cotton, the company manufactures its clothing from fabric made from bamboo fibers. Because bamboo is so fast-growing, it is a sustainable material.

JokerLiveStream Is Coming-Up with Live HD Streaming of 3 Mega Sports Matches Online

JokerLiveStream is ready to announce its most exceptional service of Live HD Streaming for 3 Mega Sports Tournaments taking-up worldwide. JokerLiveStream.Net is an online platform for watching of all the popular or currently trending sports. It is a great pass time web portal, offers Live HD series of matches, which requires no extra cost as it is free for all of their users.

President Teo Choo Guan of WAKI International Group Implements Mutual Respect and Sharing to Create Harmony

Logo'Respect our differences, share our differences, and share world peace with each other.' This is the philosophy that Teo Choo Guan, chairman of WAKI International Group, keeps adhering to in his life process of running enterprises and engaging in social humanitarianism charity activities.

Dr. Patrick Oben Releases Article to Say Giving's Good But, the Prosperity Gospel Empire Should Fall

LogoA new article written by Dr. Patrick Oben comes to the fore to shed light on recent statements by renowned televangelist Benny Hinn. Formerly a proponent of what is now widely referenced as the Prosperity Gospel, Hinn recently told his followers that "miracles are not for sale." This quote is in response to prosperity preachers, himself included, who have made it a practice to ask their followers for money in exchange for God's blessings. To that end, Dr. Oben has released an informative article entitled, "4 Pillars that Carry the 'Prosperity Gospel' Empire."

Gary Barbera and His BarberaCares Program Are Privileged to Support the Initiative to Bring PAL Back to the Lawndale Community

LogoIf you want a glimpse of what Philadelphia's Northeast looked like before it was transformed from a farming community into a tangle of subdivisions and shopping centers, take a trip to Trinity Oxford Church in Lawndale. Built in 1711, it's the second-oldest church in Philadelphia (after Old Swedes' Church in Queen Village) and still has the look of a small country church. Rustic stone walls enclose the colonial-era graveyard, and immense trees shade the diminutive, red-brick sanctuary.

VoiceAmerica Original "The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David" Surpasses 600,000 Listeners

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, today congratulates The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David as they eclipse the 600,000 listeners milestone for 2019. The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David airs weekly on Thursdays at 4PM Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel and is broadcasted LIVE to 60 countries around the world. For Carol and David this milestone is another in the short history of their program on VoiceAmerica with listenership gains in each quarter since their launch on January 12, 2017.

Andrew Roth Launches Kickstarter Campaign for His New Film Project

Roth's Child is an inspiring film and video project by a seasoned New York based artist and producer, Andrew Roth. Andrew is a 5 year recovered alcoholic-addict who has turned his written memoir into a 1-Man performance piece in New York City. Andrew will direct and produce the filmography of his memoir, and the artist has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project.

The Secret to Successful Self-Publishing

LogoIn today's world of easy-access self-publishing, the most important aspect of successful publishing is usually and almost always neglected- marketing the book! The real secret to successful self-publishing is getting a book in the view of potential readers. What many new authors fail to realize is that getting a book written, edited and in print is only half of the process. In self-publishing, a little knowledge goes a long way. It doesn't matter who or how a book is published. What DOES matter is how effectively it is aimed at the target market.

Brickell Mattress Gives Back to the Bahamas

LogoBrickell Mattress is saddened to see the major trail of destruction left behind by Hurricane Dorian. As efforts continue to assist the Bahamas in its recovery from the storm’s devastation, Brickell Mattress is running a sale aimed at helping areas affected by the storm. Joins Barry Shore on VoiceAmerica

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, today announced the show "Finding YOUR WHY" with Ambassador of Joy Barry Shore and Victor Hailey. Listeners benefit from the lively discussion of Art and LIFE and how the Two interact to bring forth Life Enhancing productions. The episode played live on on Tuesday, August 27th.

"The Mandela of America" Joins Barry Shore on VoiceAmerica

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, today announced the interview with "The Mandela of America" and the Ambassador of Joy. Join Barry Shore and Matthew Charles as they discuss the ability to transcend prison, the criminal justice system, and achieve a Life without anger. The episode played live on on September 10th and is found here, VoiceAmerica at HERE. And on

SVPER Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Moon Landing Inspired Watch

SVPER has proudly announced the launch of its all-new and revolutionary wristwatch called SVPER11. This remarkable new design is inspired by the moon landing and it features an exciting 3D Topographic Face. SVPER11 was designed to take the human imagination to the next level. Every glance at the watch shall remind us about one of the most unbelievable achievements of us as humanity. To make this project a reality, the brand recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Domino LED - We Lit Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Domino is an evergreen tile based game that has been there for centuries and is played by the people of all age groups around the world. This globally popular game is now been taken to the next level by Domino LED, which is an illuminating and rechargeable set of tech-tiles for the domino fans worldwide. A regular set of domino tiles includes 28 tiles and a US based tech-entrepreneur, Marvin Patterson has made all these 28 domino tiles illuminating for the players.

Maggie Rains & Crooked Keys Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a New Music Album

Maggie Rains & Crooked Keys has proudly announced that followed by the success of their debut album in 2016, the Colorado based band is now launching an all-new music album. The US based group will be recording this new album by featuring the work of talented songwriters from across the nation. Moreover, Maggie has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project.

Lenviera Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Feminine Fashion Line

Lenviera is a San Francisco based American fashion brand for women and it is simply taking the women's fashion and style game to the next level. The brand designs versatile and classic clothing for women, which is wearable to work and beyond. Moreover, the fashion brand has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for its all-new clothing line, and it is welcoming generous support and backing.

Mickey Gallina on Murph's American Kitchen

Chef K.T. Murphy from Washington Township, NJ his cooking show "Murph's American Kitchen" which is shown on the Foodist Networks, Chef Murph TV and can be listen to on Chef Murph Radio worldwide. On this show Chef brings on a guest to talk about what they are doing in music industry, But, the guest has to make a dish with the chef for the homeless in the area. Chef Murph I believe we all bleed red and my motto "Good Food Makes For Better Decisions".

Suncoast Weddings Look Ahead to Fall Florida Beach Weddings with Extravagant & Small Beach Wedding Packages for Florida Vow Renewals, Eloping in Florida & Beach Weddings

LogoNo two couples are the same, so why should two weddings be identical? That's the premise behind the Suncoast Weddings approach to tailor each and every ceremony so that it is perfect for the couple saying "I do" for the first time at a Florida beach wedding or indeed "we still do" if the couple are renewing their vows. There are ceremonies where only the happy couple is present, however, more often there are also guests, family, and friends who either live nearby and can visit for a few hours, or out of town guests who may have flown into the sunshine state to be a part of the celebration. These occasions are the perfect opportunity to combine a wedding or vow renewal with a holiday in Florida. Suncoast Weddings, premier wedding planners based in Treasure Island on the west coast of Florida, offer beach wedding packages which can be scaled to any size party. A small and intimate ceremony may include a heart of fresh rose petals in the sand, whereas a large gathering may include an elaborately draped arch, a curved or circular seating plan, a highly decorated aisle, a reception, a DJ, and a custom wedding cake.

Dr. Charlotte Reznick Teaches Listeners How to Teach Children to Use Their Imagination to Overcome Childhood Worries on "Imagine That!" Show

LogoImgine That! Host, Dr. Miriam Franco, talks with Dr. Reznick, an internationally recognized child psychologist about her LA Times best seller: " The power of Your Child's Imagination" airing on September 17th at 12 noon PT and 3 pm EST on Voice America's Wellness Channel.

Tennis Start Up Slinger Bag Selected as Finalist in 2019 Sfia Awards

The SFIA Start-Up Challenge is designed to provide a showcase and platform for new companies? that best represent innovation and entrepreneurship in the sports and fitness industry. Slinger Bag's selection as a finalist is an amazing achievement by a company that is still yet to launch (the global brand launch is planned for November 2019).

Bloomr Offers a Massive Collection of Faux Trees to Enhance the Ambiance of a Space

LogoOne of the largest marketplaces for artificial flowers, Bloomr offers a massive collection of faux trees that can enhance the ambiance of any space. These trees bring life and joy to any room without all the hassle of maintenance and keeping them alive. These artificial trees have been hand-crafted by their team of knowledgeable and experienced award-winning florists. They provide artificial trees in a multitude of sizes, colors, types, and prices, to cater to the interest and taste of individuals.

Bloomr Offers an Exquisite Collection of Faux Orchid Arrangements Crafted with the Highest Quality Materials

LogoA well-respected artificial plants supplier in Dubai, Bloomr offers an exquisite collection of faux orchid arrangements that is crafted using the highest quality materials. Unlike their natural counterparts, these artificial orchids and plants require virtually no maintenance, except only a light dusting every couple of months. These artificial arrangements are widely used in home decoration, wedding decoration, and by interior designers from across the country. Their artificial arrangements are carefully designed and handcrafted by real florists using the highest quality materials.

Whisper Offering Hygienic, Comfortable, EMF Resistant Mattresses at Competitive Prices

LogoWhisper is helping people to sleep healthy and wake up refreshed and reenergized for their next adventure. Whisper is manufacturing and marketing mattresses and pillows featuring the next generation fabrics, foam and technology, developed through years of R&D and feedback from professional sleepers. The sleep systems are hygienic, comfortable, EMF resistant, sleep protected, and ideal for use on any surface - floor, box spring, slatted foundation or an adjustable bed frame. Plus, they are easy on the pocket due to the company's commitment to ensuring good sleep for all.

Book Printing Company Now Accepting New Clients for Fall 2019

LogoPRC Book Printing is now accepting new client projects for the fall season. Known for extraordinary customer service and high-quality book printing, PRC is committed to working with authors to create their books to their desired specifications.

An American Inventor Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Her Creative New Flip Flops for Dogs

Christine You is a US based inventor and the creator of Yori-Zori, the remarkable new flip-flops for dogs. These thoughtful shoes for dogs will not only protect the dogs but will also make them look stylish. Unlike their ancestors, the modern day dogs have to walk on hot and dirty cement streets, which damages their paws and causes them pain. However, this ultimate solution will not only protect their paws but will also create a new revolution in the dog's footwear industry.