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Rittenhouse Home Offers Designer Light Fixtures and Other Stunning Home Accessories

Rittenhouse Home offers beautiful light fixtures by designer brands, striking home accessories, and other extraordinary home renovation items.

Green City Beauty Introduces Their New Athletic Apparel Line

LogoGreen City Beauty has built a reputation amongst their customers base for providing the best clinical and organic skincare and beauty solutions in Philadelphia. The company prides itself in taking a holistic approach to beauty that focuses on caring for not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. Their new athletic apparel line builds on their philosophy of taking a simpler and more natural approach to beauty by encouraging their customers to get active.

FITLIFE Offers Winter Break Strength & Conditioning Programs for High School & College Athletes

LogoStudents who are home for Winter Break have access to FITLIFE's Winter Break strength and conditioning programs. Most students take a break from training during winter break; however, this break can slow them down and position them to be in worse shape than their fellow athletes upon returning. Athletes who want to have a competitive edge over those who are not training during winter break should enroll in one of FITLIFE's Winter Break training programs.

As Society Becomes More LGBTQA+ Friendly, Some Still Struggle with Sexual Orientation

At least in the United States, the LGBTQA+ community has gained more legal rights and more societal support; members of these communities are even becoming more represented in pop culture, with movies like Love, Simon, and in Congress, with the recent election of several openly gay or lesbian politicians. Unfortunately, members of this community still experience intense societal pressures to legitimize their identities and experiences and, sometimes, are forced to hide them altogether.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Unzip the Future of Dry Trimming with Trimbag

Green Spirit Hydroponics, a leading online hydroponics supplier, has recently introduced an amazing, collapsible, hand-held, quick and high capacity new tripping solution to their collection - Trimbag!

Spider Mite Predators & Nemetodes in Stock Now at Green Spirit Hydroponics

Green Spirit Hydroponics, a leading online hydroponics equipment supplier, have now added Spider Mite Predators and Nemetodes to their collection, allowing their thousands of web customers to save their hydro-crops from creepy crawlies.

Golfers Can Count on More Game for Their Grip with Duofeel, the World's First Rotating Dual-Face Putter

LogoIntroducing DUOFEEL, the world's first rotating dual face putter. This truly impressive innovation seeks to simplify the decision-making process that most golfers have to face on slow and fast greens that have been changed by factors like rain or freshly cut lawns. Reading green speeds is crucial to selecting the right putter feel and type but many golfers fail to correctly anticipate the conditions and switch between putters that are entirely unsuitable for the greens conditions.

The Ultimate League of Evil Is an Exciting New Party Game to Bring out Players' Evil Sides

LogoParty games have surged in popularity in recent years, and The Ultimate League of Evil is the latest entrant in this category. Designed for adults, the game pits players against each other to come up with the most evil scheme to accomplish a particular goal.

Through Filming "Ghost" Stories, Ghosted Web Series Aims to Uncover the Darker Reasons Why People Disappear

LogoLittle Doors Media, the bright and creative team behind the newly emerging web series Ghosted want viewers to know that if someone they've liked or loved has simply stopped communicating and disappeared, they're not alone. Everyone has experienced the so-called "millennial" phenomenon of "ghosting" — but this may be the first time we're openly speaking about it. Through a series of vignettes inspired by true experiences, the web series Ghosted aims to be a pastiche of forms: An anthology, a web series, and a multi-season show, delivered online, through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook in Spring 2019.

Boondocks Food & Fun in Parker, CO WINS the Macaroni Kid Douglas County Gold Daisy Award

Boondocks Food & Fun's Parker, CO location won Macaroni Kid's Douglas County Gold Daisy Award for the family-favorite attraction to entertain kids and celebrate with family! The Gold Daisy Award recognizes the most beloved local businesses by polling from their readers. These awards recognize businesses that are trusted by parents in the area to be fantastic locations for family fun.

Window Guardians Offers Factory Direct Pricing on All Window Types

Window Guardians is among the leading innovators in the window industry. Continuously perfecting and creating revolutionary installation techniques, Window Guardians has set the bar for providing top-quality customer experience. And, with their commitment to factory direct pricing, clients don't need to worry about purchasing windows with unreasonable markups.

National "Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady Month" Proclamation and Awareness Program

LogoPresident and Founder of Fratire Publishing LLC, Corey Lee Wilson, is leading a new national proclamation and presidential petition to make every month of April the National "Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady" Month Proclamation and Awareness Program.

Two Children Discover Santa's Workshop in Philadelphia's Old City

LogoLate at night on Wednesday, October 31st, a video began to circulate around Facebook in Philadelphia. The video, posted by a page called Old City Santa, opens with a shopfront covered in Christmas decorations. On the door, a sign reads 'Santa's Workshop.'

An Original Fictional Story by Robin Dyson Reveals the Truth About Christmas Eve

LogoAn Original Fictional Story by Robin Dyson Reveals The Truth About Christmas Eve This is the untold story of Mrs. Claus. She does more than bake cookies!

Deanna Jaya Nakosteen Shares Her Inspiring Story of Community in Her Book Creating Community Wherever You Are

LogoCreating Community Wherever You Are is the work of Deanna Jaya Nakosteen who has lived in intentional communities for over 30 years. She has witnessed what can be accomplished as a community and how we define it. The reader can learn the aspects of her alternative lifestyle that are unique and beneficial and those that can be challenging. Deanna provides tried-and-true solutions to these challenges as well as guidance for the reader who wants to integrate aspects of community into his or her own life.

Fountain Mountain Offering Beautiful and Energy Efficient Kasco Aerating Pond Fountains

LogoFountain Mountain is a reputable company dedicated to rolling out a broad range of beautiful, high-quality, and energy efficient pond fountains. Established as an online business in the year 1999, the company initially started selling tabletop fountains on eBay. After some time, its focus shifted to fountain and pond pumps and the business made a major move to a warehouse location in Santa Maria on the central coast of California in the year 2003. Ever since then, Fountain Mountain has been serving as a reliable provider of pond and fountain products that exceed customer expectations in terms of both quality and cost-efficacy.

CCGNJ Examines the NHL's Sports-Betting Partnership with MGM Resorts International

On Monday, October 29, 2018, the National Hockey League announced its new, multi-year agreement with MGM Sports International, becoming the second major professional sports league in the United States to ink a deal with the Las Vegas-based casino giant since sports gambling was legalized earlier this year.

CCGNJ Weighs in on MGM Resorts Gaming Partnership with the New York Jets

October 31st, 2018 marks a very significant day in the history of sports betting in Atlantic City, as MGM Resorts International joins the New York Jets as their official gaming partner. The multi-year deal is a first of its kind and the most comprehensive and integrated partnership within the National Football League. While the deal with the Jets will not immediately benefit MGM Resorts' bottom line, the casino hopes to see more and more app downloads of its app over time.

iBuoy Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Ultimate Floating Entertainment Solution

iBuoy has proudly announced the worldwide launch of its all-new floating multimedia solution for those who want to stay connected and entertained in water. iBuoy basically brings its high-tech IPX7 speaker, a waterproof phone case and a floating base in an innovative all-in-one mechanism, which will enable users to stay connected and entertained during their time in water. Moreover, the Miami based startup has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project, and they are welcoming generous contributions.

Launching on Kickstarter, Bandboard2: An Aluminum Clipboard for Tech, Tools, and Writing Instruments

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, Bandboard 2 is a customizable aluminum clipboard system for the organization and transport of documents, writing instruments, and electronic devices.

LaToya Divine Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Novel Faith to Strength

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, Faith to Strength is a book on relationships, marriage, transition and resilience. It's told in an unforgettable story following the life of a young woman, Justyne, whose longing for love ultimately reveals the true essence of her own faith and strength.

Hope Eden Garden, a Hydroponic Indoor Garden for Any Lifestyle, Launches on Kickstarter

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, the Hope Eden Garden is a simple, plug-and-play indoor garden that is affordable for any lifestyle.

Backstreet Boys Tickets on Sale for Moda Center in Portland at Event.Tickets

LogoBackstreet Boys are hitting the road for a 43 city North American tour. One of the most anticipated tour stops is Moda Center in Portland, OR on July 30, 2019.

Houzer Offers Stainless Steel and Granite Sinks for Bathrooms and Kitchens

LogoSituated in New Jersey, HOUZER is a reputable company known for its high-end provisions in the sink industry. Seeking to meet the diverse needs of their clientele, the company offers a broad range of items which include top mount kitchen sinks.

Stormfitters Brings in Replacement Windows in Tampa and Sarasota, Florida

LogoStormfitters offers quality replacement windows in Tampa and Sarasota, Florida that increase the value of one’s home.