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LogoAs the founder and owner of Outdoor Petwear Shop LLC, John is excited to announce the creation and launch of a new online marketplace,, that caters to pet owners looking for a fantastic selection of outdoor pet wear, including warm coats, booties, harnesses and more. For additional information, customers can visit the website’s blog at

The Power of CHANGE

LogoLife is all about Change! Our 'CHANGE EXPERT' is Jim Britt, Co-founder of the International Change Book Series. From the moment we were born, we learned to walk, grow and progress through life. Sometimes, complacency moves in. Many people today are stuck in their jobs, their careers and the future looks bleak. Are you one of those people who are looking for 'What's Next?" or 'Where do I go from here?'

Dynamic Wall Art Prints for the Masses

Sometimes art can be a bit picky for the home and office walls. What will clash or not can add some excitement for your well being. Digital artist Bill Waggoner has some things to cover your personal or work space that is easy or vivid on the eyes.

Rittenhouse Home Offers Stunning Custom Kitchen Designs for 2019

Rittenhouse Home is the premier provider of custom kitchen designs in Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas. As the new year kicks off, many homeowners are looking to put 2019's most popular kitchen design trends to the test. Whether it's utilizing contrasting textures or integrating functional kitchen storage, the team of professional interior designers at Rittenhouse Home can create custom kitchen designs that exude luxury and elegance.

Biography Details Waking from Coma, Healing Trauma with Dreams

Pronounced dead at the scene of a motorcycle accident, 18 year old Nadia Bijaoui spent the next three months in a deep vegetative coma. Then, to the surprise of everyone but her mother, Nadia woke up. Now, 50 years later, Dr. Bijaoui has released The Other Side of the Curtain. This new autobiography details both the otherworldly experience of a deep coma and the steps which finally brought her to a deeper understanding of self.

Orchid Floral Arrangements from Bloomr, a Cost-Effective Way to Glam Up Home and Office Interiors

LogoBloomr, a leading online store for high quality artificial flowers and plants, offers a beautiful collection of orchid floral arrangements at the most competitive prices. All of the orchid arrangements they offer are crafted using the highest quality silk orchids to ensure they transform the appearance of home and office interiors, while adding value to the property. What makes Bloomr's orchid floral arrangements apart is their simple, minimal, and high functional characteristics. In addition, their orchid floral arrangements also act as an ideal décor item for different events, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, etc.

Bloomr Offers a Massive Collection of Potted Succulents and Plants to Elevate the Vibe of Any Room

LogoA leading supplier of artificial flowers and plants, Bloomr offers a massive collection of potted succulents and plants to elevate the vibe of any room. All of their floral items are handmade by real florists and match the real flowers they are inspired from. The company offers a variety of faux potted succulents and plants including Salvador Succulent Arrangement, Peruvian Succulent Arrangement, Rio Succulent Arrangement, Desert Dunes Succulent Arrangement, Hot Springs Succulent Arrangement and various others. All of the potted succulents and plants are made using the highest quality materials to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Artificial Plants and Flowers from Bloomr, a Cost-Effective Way to Add Beauty to Homes and Offices

LogoA name that has been revolutionizing the artificial floral industry with their one-of-a-kind products, Bloomr offers an amazing collection of artificial plants and flowers that proves to beneficial for individuals in enhancing the beauty of their homes and offices, cost-effectively. From succulents, palm trees, orchid plants, and boxwood they offer multitude of artificial plants and trees in a variety of sizes, colors, types, and prices, which individuals can purchase as per their interest and taste. All of these artificial plants and flower arrangements have been crafted by an outstanding team of award winning florists who have years of experience working in this industry.

Store Plants in a Good Condition with an Exquisite Collection of Pots & Vases from Bloomr

LogoOne of the largest online stores for artificial flowers, Bloomr offers an exquisite collection of pots & vases to help customers store their plants in a good condition. The vases add an elegant and classic look to any interior space, they're placed in. The variety of pots and vases that customers can purchase from them includes Glass Square Vase, Round Glass Cylinder Vase, Rectangular Sandstone Pot, Rectangular Cement Pot, Ceramic Vase, Round Glass Bowl and more. The pots and vases are available in various colors, sizes and shapes and are manufactured using high grade materials including cement, sandstone, glass, ceramic, wood and more.

Catch Personals Is a Craigslist-Personals Way to Meet and Date Other Adults

A new dating app has launched, which is a little different from other dating apps on the market. Catch Personals is based on the tried-and-tested formula employed by Craigslist personals to display advertisements.

Books for Inmates: Gifts That Keep Giving

LogoAnyone who knows what it's like for a prison inmate to be confined indoors all day with minimal contact with the outside world knows that any kind of stimulation such as reading can be a truly rewarding activity. As a business that has specialized for many years in publishing prisoner publications so that loved can give them as gifts to prisoners. Freebird Publishers have put a smile on many faces through the receiving of a book at mail call. These books give a very positive opportunity of being able to have great material to pass the time while in prison.

Cat Talk Radio Launches on Voice America on January 11, 2019

LogoCat Talk Radio will launch on January 11th, 2019 through Voice America™, the leader in internet talk radio. The show is an outreach program of Cat Behavior Solutions and is hosted by Molly DeVoss, a Certified Cat Behavior Specialist. More information can be found at

Bloomr Offers a Wide Collection of Faux Trees to Decorate Home or Office

LogoA name synonymous with excellence, Bloomr offers a wide collection of Faux Trees for maintenance free decor. All of their faux trees are designed by real florists who understand the natural tree so to mimic it to be a lifelike replica. Some of the artificial trees offered by them includes Banana Tree, Dracaena Tree, Areca Palm Tree, Bamboo, Potted Boxwood Plant, Boxwood Ball, Dieffenbachia Plant and more. Requiring little to no maintenance, these faux trees don't wilt or need watering like their real counterparts.

One-of-a-Kind Origami Swan Sculptures from South African Artist Show Art Has Everyday Use

LogoWhat can one person do in six hours? In the time it takes most people to sleep or take a transcontinental flight, South African-born artist Morongwe Mokone, otherwise known as "Mo," measures, cuts, folds and then, piece by piece, tucks each little triangle into a three-dimensional, origami paper sculpture of a swan. She then glazes it and seals the entire sculpture together, which customers at her fairs and shows are only too happy to marvel at and buy for their home, used as ornamental decorations and even plant holders.

3rder Data Reveals the Tendency of Human Returning Back to Non-Monogamy

Despite anecdotal claims about cheating, no study has shown that humans are predisposed to monogamy or non-monogamy. However, according to, between 1991 and 2008, somewhere between about 20% to 25% of men admit to having cheated on their wives. Rates of admitted infidelity for women have ranged between about 10% and 15%, compared to the 20 to 25% for men. Recently, 3rder team also disclosed a data, which shows the tendency of Human returning back to non-monogamy.

Rely on Bondi Removals for Smooth and Hassle Free Furniture Removal Services

One of the leading removalists in Sydney, Bondi Removals offers world-class furniture removal services for smooth and hassle free relocation. From packaging to loading to delivery, they pay attention to detail to ensure that customers' furniture reach to their destination safely. Their professionals make use of the highest quality packaging materials to reduce the possibility of any damage during transit. The company offers complete furniture relocation service at domestic as well as international level. With their easy and quick process, individuals don't need to wait long hours for their furniture to be moved from one destination to another. Available at the most competitive services, they also offer storage services wherein clients can store their valuable goods at their warehouse. The company charges for their storage services on an hourly basis or on a daily basis, depending on the situation.

Fog-Free Shower and Vanity Mirrors at KBIS – Las Vegas

LogoFog-free mirror leaders, ClearMirror will be featured at North America's largest trade show dedicated to everything related to bath designs! This year ClearMirror® was asked to be part of the Salon by KBIS, a boutique environment celebrating design-forward brands, located just outside South Hall! This uber-cool KBIS "first" features design-forward brands and the KBIS debut of Dallas Market Center's Lightovation virtual reality experience in the Lightovation Lounge. Find us at Booth BL 40020 next to the Lightovation Lounge.

Characters for Hire Offers Midget Wrestling, Animatronic Dinosaurs, and More Entertainment Options for Events of All Types

Characters for Hire offers unique costumed characters and animatronics to make every event spectacular. They work with more than 3,500 characters and premium acts, including their always-popular animatronic dinosaurs and midget wrestlers.

BTELLC Produce Nursery Rhyme Album: I AM

LogoContent distribution company Big Top Entertainment LLC (BTELLC) has released their first ever nursery rhyme album titled "I AM", a seven song character driven musical journey sure to entertain infants, toddler or young child. The album was written by Billboard charting songwriter Curtis Johnson who has composed music for television and film that has garnered millions of streams and views. The sound was a co-production by Cali 303 Productions and BTELLC's in-house production team. The featured vocalist Christina Hernandez along with additional backgrounds create an enchanting and refreshing soliloquy of music geared to the young at heart. The lead single "I AM" playfully emphasizes that we are all somebody to someone, but in a funny, simplistic and relatable way. The other songs spam topics from simple and repetitive cleverly written jingles like "Counting Puppies to good wine down songs geared for quiet time like "Sleep". If the goal was to produce an non-traditional, exciting and new nursery rhyme album, "I AM" has met the standard.

Innovative Tech Savvy Publishing Firm Pinnacle Point Publishing Inc. Disrupts the Traditional Publishing Model

LogoPinnacle Point Publishing recently introduced a program called the Self Publishing Academy that will enable anybody from a novice writer to CEO to publish a book. Pinnacle Point Publishing's latest innovation is the first of its kind to not only include a step by step in person and online training which is important because you'll learn exactly how to go from blank page to completed manuscript in record time, but it will also have comprehensive workbooks which is huge because you are able to move at your own pace.

Rory Brown, Food Critic, Gives Back to Local Communities

Food critic Rory Brown, who maintains residences in Charleston, SC, Kauai, HI, Lake Como, Italy and Sydney, Australia, has announced 2019 as the "Year of Giving Back" to each of these cities that he calls home.

Green Solar Technologies Says 'Enough Is Enough'

LogoAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), 91 percent of people worldwide breathe polluted air. Think about that. Nine out of 10 people worldwide are breathing polluted air. A staggering fact, but it doesn't end there. Toxic pollution in its various forms affects upwards of 200 million people and kills 8 million people every year.

California Tech Company Develops World's Most Universal Stand

LogoGoDonut, an American company in California, is announcing the world's most universal stand to hold smartphones and tablets. It is a recently developed mobile implement that allows consumers to use their electronic devices hands-free. Patented and designed intelligently, it provides the versatility of three different angles to suit a variety of different needs for users who travel, cook, are in school, in the office and so much more.

Tearing Through Space-Time: PK Sound Takes Bassnectar Fans on an "Interdimensional Adventure" at Bass Center XI

LogoBassnectar relied on PK Sound for the second year in a row for his annual flagship autumn gathering: Bass Center XI — Return to the Mothership. Fans flocked to the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia on Labor Day weekend for the DJ's final seasonal event of 2018 which was headlined by Bassnectar on both nights with additional performances by Noisa, Barclay Crenshaw, Stylust, Hatcha, Ill-esha and Ana Sia. Bassnectar's choice of PK Sound to transport fans aboard the "Interdimensional Adventure Ship" with an immersive floor to ceiling sonic experience was key to the event's success

First National Women of Color Beyond Belief Conference Features Secular Women

Black Nonbelievers, Inc., the Black Skeptics Group and the Women's Leadership Project are partnering to launch the Women of Color Beyond Belief Conference, scheduled for October 4th-6th, 2019 at the Marriott Midway Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The event will be the first national secular forum exclusively focused on the perspectives of women of color atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers and skeptics. The conference will highlight the social justice work of women of color within the secular community and provide an intersectional, feminist vision of leadership and activism in secularism. According to conference organizers Mandisa Thomas, Sikivu Hutchinson and Bria Crutchfield, "The conference aims to create more inclusive opportunities in secular organizing, policy and practice. Although the majority of women of color in the U.S. identify as religious, a growing number are examining and rejecting the fallacies of organized religion. Over the past decade, women of color secularists have challenged mainstream secular leadership, pushing for social, racial, and gender justice against the evangelical, conservative right wing tide. We hope this conference empowers more secular women of color to speak up, understand that there are more of us out here, and become motivated to get involved." Scholarship support is available and child care will be provided by Camp Quest. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. The event is being co-sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Secular Woman and the American Humanist Association.