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PourVous Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Tourbillon Watches

PourVous Watch is a Hong Kong based watchmaking company that has proudly announced the launch of its all-new line of Tourbillon Watches. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for these tailor-made watches and it is welcoming watch lovers worldwide for their generous support. Moreover, the goal of this fundraising campaign is to raise a sum of $7,654 and the company is offering these exquisite luxury watches as a reward to the backers of this campaign with worldwide shipping.

Homeowners Can Turn to Big Timber Tree Service, LLC for Any Hurricane Damage Cleanup

Now that hurricane season is slowly coming to an end in 2018, it is important for homeowners to not let any lingering damage stay on their property any longer than it should have to. Any dead trees or rotting trees can be removed this fall by the experts at Big Timber Tree Service, LLC. Located in Marlton, NJ, the team at Big Timber Tree Service, LLC has offered their award-winning services and tree removal services in Haddon Heights and the surrounding area. Offers Lawn Winterization Tips

As the country's premier provider of the highest-quality lawn supplies online, is committed to helping their customers create beautiful and alluring landscapes for their homes' exteriors. Now, the company is offering tips on lawn winterization, and how to get it ready for the upcoming cold weather.

Rettinger Fireplace Systems Will Help Homeowners Install a New Fireplace Before Winter Arrives

LogoThis fall, Rettinger Fireplace Systems is offering everything that homeowners need to install warm and cozy fireplaces in their homes before winter arrives.

Heller Approach Acting Studio Stars Continue to Shine on TV and Movies

LogoThe Heller Approach Acting Studio continues to cement its reputation as one of the leading acting institutions in Hollywood; with its talents finding their mark in various projects on TV and Cinema. Tony Nicholson, Herman Rosales, and Brad Heller are currently involved with several high-profile productions that are currently running or filming. Nicholson, who is also known as a personal trainer and fitness coach, will soon flex his acting muscles in an upcoming film starring Jackie Chan. Rosales recently appeared in The Rookie; while Heller is set to appear in season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

A Game-Changing Social Network Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Puppander has announced that it is launching its all-new online dating and social platform through Kickstarter. The Puppander app has been designed to become a game-changer in the social networking industry. From working to dating and socializing, the all-new app will serve as a one-stop platform and it is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Moreover, the goal of this recently launched crowdfunding campaign is to raise a sum of CA$ 3000, and everyone is being welcomed to make generous contributions in the project.

Inland Home Improvements Offers Quality Window Replacement in Spokane and Mead WA

LogoThose who are on the lookout for quality window replacement in Spokane and Mead Washington can get in touch with one company that has earned a good name for their window offerings.

Miko Dulalia Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Seek Support for the New "Inspiring the Next Generation" Youtube Channel

Miko Dulalia is an inspiring Filipino-American artist and vlogger, who is using his digital presence as an effective tool to inspire the next generations. The gifted photographer and an active YouTuber has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for his YouTube Channel, photography business as well as a weekly podcast, and he is welcoming generous support. Moreover, the artist also aims at spreading hope in the next generation in order to help them avoid what he faced as a child.

Recreating the Historic 1919 German Fleet Scuttle in Scapa Flow

Nick Jellicoe, the author of "Jutland The Unfinished Battle" is all set to produce a 25 minute animated video about the 1919 Scuttling of the German Fleet at Orkney. After a successful launch of the animated version of Battle of Jutland in 2016 viewed by over 2 million people and having received rave reviews; Nick is coming together with the same team to create yet another historic animation. The team consists of Stefan Draminski, a popular 3D animator who is known for his unique creativity and vast experience in the field.

Kaleigh Marielle Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Her Yoga Training Program

Kaleigh Marielle is a Canadian model and an accomplished media personality, who has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for her upcoming yoga training program. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of $7,259, and Kaleigh is offering the entire yoga training program for a pledge of only CA$ 10 as a reward to the backers.

WEIDE Announces the Launch of WEIDE WS003

LogoWEIDE Adds Multiple all-in-one Features to the WEIDE Watch

Aceline Backpack Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Aceline is an inspiring new startup and a product design studio based in Sydney, Australia and founded by two likeminded engineers and entrepreneurs from Sydney and Shenzhen. Founded in early 2017, Aceline is a minimalistic luxury brand, that combines luxury with practicality and it has proudly introduced an all-new backpack called Aceline Backpack.

Boondocks Food & Fun: A Thrilling Fun Park for Colorado Residents

Coloradans searching for an exciting location for an outing among family and friends can visit Boondocks Food & Fun, a thrilling fun park located in Northglenn and Parker, CO. People who visit Boondocks' locations in Colorado come for the food and drinks but stay for the fun!

Boondocks Food & Fun Is Utah's Premier Family Fun Attraction

Utah residents looking for an exciting location for a family outing can visit Boondocks Food & Fun, an entertainment destination located in both Draper and Kaysville, UT. Many people who visit Boondocks' locations in Utah come for the food and stay for the fun — something that these attractions are in no short supply of.

Smith Publicity Offers 6 Tips for Authors to Write Compelling Byline Articles

LogoAside from selling books, if one of an author's primary goals in a book publicity campaign is to use a book and media coverage as marketing tools to get more business, byline articles can be very effective.

New Artist's Book, FLORAE, Is a Unique Collection of Imaginative and Colorful Landscapes

Now Seeking Support via Kickstarter for a high-end, signed artist's book of 80 pages of inventive collages.

Global Management Associates Expands Its Pool of Filmmaking Talent

LogoInternational talent management agency Global Management Associates (GMA) has officially signed award-winning filmmakers Deborah Louise Ortiz and Frank Besser.

Colorado Fireplace Stores Offer Gas Fireplace Inserts, Custom DaVinci Fireplaces, and the Latest Styles of Modern Fireplace Design

LogoA few decades ago, fireplaces were often a standard fixture. Homebuyers searching many properties in one day may have seen similar looking fireplaces in each of the properties. With advances in technology and a focus on interior design, the humble fireplace is being elevated to the focal point of a home or office space. Gas fireplace inserts transform inefficient fireplaces into cleaner burning units, adding to the value and the appeal of real estate property when it returns to the market. To make an undeniable interior design statement, custom DaVinci fireplaces can be assembled from a modular kit which can take a multitude of custom configurations. With glass heights of up to 36 inches, and a platinum crushed glass media covering the burner, the size, and colors of the fireplace command attention. Safe touch glass is a feature on all DaVinci custom fireplaces, reducing the risk of potential burn injuries, an important consideration for office designers and homeowners alike.

Key West Cocktail Cruise Takes the Cruise Charter to a New Level in Key West and the Florida Keys

LogoA luxurious charter has the power to make the extraordinary events of life even more special than imagined. Other than the glittering presence of the guests in colorful attires, it is the setting that plays a vital role in elevating the spirit of an event. Those who are looking forward to celebrating one such special occasion in their life can consider a boat cruise charter in Key West and The Florida Keys.

Key West Cocktail Cruise Redefines Weddings in Key West and the Florida Keys

LogoThere is nothing like getting married on a beautiful spacious boat and celebrating the marriage with friends and family while sailing into the sunset. To make the event even more gorgeous, Key West Cocktail Cruise brings its experience to the table to provide a truly exceptional guest experience.

Anyone Can Reserve a Spot in Kennedy Fitness's Fall CrossFit Classes This Fall

Although the holidays are approaching, it's never too early for anyone looking to improve their physical appearance in time for next summer. As 2018 slowly starts to come to a halt, next summer will be here in no time. Working out and staying in shape during the cold weather is essential to being in great shape come summer time.

Kennedy Fitness Offers a Variety of Services to Help Members Achieve Their Health and Fitness Goals

Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, offers a variety of helpful services to assist members as they work to achieve their health and fitness goals.

New National Helpline Launched for People with Metastatic Breast Cancer: "TalkMets/Tuesday"

LogoNational breast and ovarian cancer nonprofit SHARE Cancer Support is launching the first dedicated Metastatic Breast Cancer Helpline program, called TalkMets/Tuesday, this November. TalkMets/Tuesday will allow metastatic callers to SHARE's Breast Cancer Helpline (844.ASK.SHARE) to use extension "6" to be assured that the person who answers their call is also living with metastatic breast cancer and has been trained to offer empathetic support, reliable information, and a listening ear.

The Hot Tub Place Has Various Hot Tubs with Financing Deals

Hot tubs have long been popular luxury features that can be added to homes all around the United Kingdom. With the winter season coming along, people are looking for many of these appealing items for use in their homes. Today, people can take advantage of what is available through the hot tub world by contacting The Hot Tub Place to find some attractive models that fit in well for anyone's use.

Window Guardians Offers Lifetime Membership to Homeowners Across Eastern PA

Window Guardians, headquartered in historic Langhorne, PA, is a premier window provider and installer with over two decades of industry experience. Not to be confused with a typical window contractor, Window Guardians is a full-service operation with specialized employees who have undergone strict background checks, intensive year-round trainings, and who possess a minimum of 10 years of industry experience installing windows. This ensures that every window installation is performed by an experienced professional with hundreds of successful installations under his or her belt. The benefit to the customer? A window that is sure to perform as efficiently as advertised.