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Cannabis Returns to the Historic Mayan Theater with New Documentary

LogoThe Mayan Theater was built in 1930, one of only three remaining themed theaters from that Era in the United states. When the theater opened, cannabis was sold nationwide in tinctures, clothing, rope, food and manufacturing inputs. Seven years later, in 1937, America's first arrest for cannabis possession happened down the street at the Lexington hotel, sending Samuel Caldwell, who sold two cannabis cigarettes, to Levenworth prison for four years!

'Dragon Front' Brings Cross-Platform CCG Action to Facebook Gameroom

LogoHigh Voltage Software launches Dragon Front, the acclaimed turn-based collectible card game (CCG) on desktop today.

New Release Is a Resource of Hope for Those Experiencing Personal Loss and the Pain of Miscarriage

With 15 to 20 percent of all women experiencing a miscarriage, the pain of this loss is all too common. Many women will identify with the journey of one woman who experienced multiple miscarriages, compounded by several family deaths in a short time. In Miss the Carriage (Redemption Press 2017), Shannon Gallatin shares her testimony of the goodness, grace, and weavings of God in her own journey of grief. She writes for women who have experienced a miscarriage, personal loss, or are struggling in their faith because of grief and mourning.

Former Convict Gives the Gift of Publication to Prisoners

LogoWhile doing time in 2008, Diane Schindelwig quickly discovered that there was a shortage on quality content as far as both informational resources and entertainment were concerned. It was then that she set upon the mission to solve this problem once and for all. Diane had no prior experience nor any real knowledge about publishing and distributing books, but this wasn't going to stop her. She was on a mission and she was going to make it happen.

A Pet Psychic Course, to Be Launched by the Psychic Readings of Portland

This will be a series that covers the basics around animals own intuition and telepathy capabilities toward other animals and humans, and the art, for humans or animal lovers, of understanding how to use it and how to communicate back with them.

Natural Beauty Product Brand Olla Organics Announces Special Grand Opening Promotional Discount Price on Dead Sea Mud Mask

LogoIn most cases, if a beauty product customer expects to make a high quality purchases, they also have to be able to handle a price point that reflects the kind of ingredients used. In exciting news for natural beauty product lovers, rising organic natural beauty product brand Olla Organics has announced they are offering their very well reviewed Olla Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask at a special promotional price for a limited time only and while supplies last. The all natural, all organic product will be available for $15.45 until the promotion ends, with interested customers encouraged to act quickly on the deal.

Southwest Vinyl Windows Provides Durable Windows for Summer

Summer is officially in full swing, and with it comes hot weather. Now is the perfect time to get started on some home improvement projects, such as new windows or awnings. Those looking for windows or awnings in the Philadelphia, PA area will love the services that Southwest Vinyl Windows provides.

All Natural Dog Beds Provides Quality Pet Blankets

Dog owners who want to pamper their pet and provide them with the best quality dog blankets available are now turning to All Natural Dog Beds for well-made products at affordable prices. Though they are most well-known for their organic dog beds, the company also manufactures American-made and organic blankets that keep pets comfortable all year round.

Retro Gaming System Will Enable Gamers to Enjoy the Classic CD and Cartridge Games of the 1990s

LogoA retro CD game console has been designed to enable gaming fans to easily and instantly revisit and play original games from gaming consoles and systems from the 1990s. Seedi has been developed to be compatible with CD console games, ROMs, and cartridge games. With built-in Wifi and Bluetooth, Seedi acts as a network optical drive to help preserve discs. It presents users with their gaming collection in a beautiful interface, and also acts as a multimedia player for CDs and DVDs.

Qualifying vs. Quantify - The Difference Between the Two in Financial Planning

LogoHave you been asked a question like this:

Shooting UK States That Grouse Shooting Is Good for Business: Solware Comments

Shooting UK, the UK's largest shooting website, has recently posted an article which explains to all why grouse shooting is good for business. The article states that many rural Yorkshire businesses benefit amazingly from the trade that is brought in by grouse shooting parties and that this season it is expected that grouse shooting in North Yorkshire alone will contribute over £100,000 to hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Bucks County Homeowners Prepare for the Holidays with Rittenhouse Home

Thanksgiving is just a few months away, and holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah follow close behind. Now is the time to upgrade and remodel living spaces. Rittenhouse Home has dedicated themselves to wedding form and function, providing a plethora of luxurious interior design and furniture options to its clients. Their unique business model allows them to keep design costs low for their clients while offering exceptional service. Their gifted designers seek to ensure that their customers' projects succeed and surpass expectations.

Castletop Roofing Partners with BizIQ

Castletop Roofing, a provider of roofing and building exterior services for over a decade, recently announced that it has partnered with BizIQ, an online marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona, that serves North American small business clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

Continental Maids Launches New Website

LogoContinental Maids announces the launch of their new website and expansion in New Jersey. The new website, designed by SEO Digital Group, features a mobile friendly and responsive design utilizing the Wordpress platform.

Remodel Backyards for Next Summer with WJA Landscaping

LogoWJA Landscaping is the premier name when it comes to hardscape and landscape design in the greater Philadelphia area. Those looking for friendly, yet passionate people who are knowledgeable about optimizing an outdoor living space, need look no further. The company has years of experience completing work on time for customers, as well as making sure they're fully satisfied. From outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, and steps to pool decks, driveways, and stone walls, all landscaping needs in Gilbertsville, PA, and other nearby areas, are in the top-tier when done by the professionals at WJA Landscaping.

Florida Residents Can Turn to the Compassionate Staff at Healthy Pets Veterinary Care when It's Time to Spay or Neuter Their Pets

LogoWhen the time comes for a pet to undergo a spay or neuter surgery, Florida residents can turn to the compassionate and experienced staff at Healthy Pets Veterinary Care. Pet owners want the very best for their animals, and the veterinarians at Healthy Pets treat their furry clients as if they were their own. Comfort and safety are of the utmost importance to the veterinarians at Healthy Pets, so they carefully monitor every animal's heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the entire procedure.

Greenhill Fencing Warns Residents to Clear Snow from Wooden Fences This Winter

LogoResidents who have had a wooden fence installed on their property are warned to keep its condition in mind for the upcoming hurricane and blizzard seasons, warns Greenhill Fencing. As one of the only fencing companies in Philadelphia who has seen over 25 years of business, Greenhill Fencing knows firsthand the effects that weather can have on the quality of wooden fencing - and warns residents not to neglect their fence this fall and winter seasons.

Hot Headz Offers Heating Products for Fall and Winter

Residents who are looking to make the upcoming winter a little more manageable are turning to Hot Headz, one of the internet's top sources for active wear. Their line of thermal gear and aromatherapy herbal packs for sale online can help anyone, athlete or not, make the colder temperatures a little more fun and enjoyable.

Nationally Recognized Artist, Patient Advocate and TedMed Speaker Ted Meyer Joins "The Womb Happy Hour" Show

LogoTed Meyer's project "Scarred for Life: Mono-prints of Human Scars chronicles the trauma and courage of people who have lived through accidents and health crises. Ted's rare niche mixes art, medicine, and stories of healing and survival, drawing from his experience as a lifelong patient of Gaucher Disease (an enzyme deficiency that affects bones and joints). Ted spent much of his childhood in severe pain. His work is influenced by his many hospital stays where he began mixing art and medical supplies. Ted seeks to improve patient/physician communications and speaks about living as an artist with illness. Telling stories about his own art and the stories behind his scar art collection, he offers insight into living with pain, illness, and disfigurement.

Leadership Beyond Borders Broadcast Explains the Impact the New Data Protection Regulation Will Have on Your Business

LogoLeadership Beyond Borders on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel will be airing a special episode on the impact Europe's new GDPR Law has on all businesses, including those in the USA. The episode will air on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 3 pm Pacific Time and be available on demand afterwards.

Lynne Wadsworth Publishes New Book on Natural Migraine Relief

LogoLynne Wadsworth has just published her new book, "Conquering Migraines." As a severe, chronic migraine sufferer herself, Lynne is sharing some of the important components to add to your daily life to help relieve pain and help with prevention from migraines. She has also included migraine-safe recipes for those who suffer with foods triggers. This book is a must for those suffering with severe migraines. Lynne has seen this work in her own life and wants to share the same hope for others. Check out her Website for more information and to purchase:

Philanthropist Shares Story, Empowers Women in Sell-out International Tour

She's a survivor of rape, molestation, drugs, homelessness, and hopelessness who today is a thriving philanthropist, counselor, educator and founder of schools for female empowerment in Africa and Los Angeles. Now, she is traveling the world speaking to women about the importance of living in truth and sharing their stories.

Ignite Press and Elite Online Publishing Announce the Re-Release of Books to Bucks: The Top 20 Ways to Make Money from Your Book (Even if You Haven't Written It Yet)

Originally published in 2015, Book to Bucks, by bestselling authors and publishing experts Jenn Foster and Everett O'Keefe, shows entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors how make money with their books. The book is NOT all about book sales. In fact, Jenn Foster and Everett O'Keefe show readers more than 20 ways to make money with their books, many of which do not involve book sales at all!