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Web Entrepreneur Launches Website Featuring Turquoise Jewelry and Accessories

LogoEunice E. Sanderlin is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, Her website features a wide assortment of turquoise jewelry items and accessories such as turquoise bracelets, turquoise necklaces, turquoise rings, and many other amazing items that feature this attractive stone. Sanderlin started her business in the hope of creating a place where people could come to find attractive turquoise accessories and jewelry items that they could use to enhance any outfit that they wear.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Selling Quality Outdoor Gear

LogoKelly Sikes is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, Her website offers a wide assortment of quality outdoor gear items such as outdoor backpacks, hiking gear, and a variety of camping lanterns and flashlights. Sikes started her business with the hope of building a website that would offer quality camping and hiking gear to anyone who was interested in spending some quality time in nature.

Brooks Pet Supplies, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Pet Products

LogoArmenda Brooks is delighted to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of pet products that can be used when caring for pets including pet beds, pet collars, pet training items, pet toys, and healthy pet products. Armenda was inspired to start her website by the love and affection shared by people and their pets. Through her online store, Armenda wants to help pet owners get the products that they would need to ensure their pets are comfortable, happy, and there to love and understand them like no human can for as long as possible.

Single Women in Allentown Get Flirty at NEPA Singles Events

Every guy looks forward to the upcoming weekend, yet when the weekend rolls around most of them don't know where to go to meet single women in Allentown. Tinder requires too much effort and local bars are played out. So where can men meet attractive women locally? The answer is simple, at the fun NEPA singles events happening every weekend.

Tinder Isn't the Only Way to Meet Single Women in Williamsport

Single men in Williamsport, your dream has finally come true! The largest singles group in Northeast PA is hosting social events and singles parties every weekend and is inviting everyone to attend. Tired of dating sites and dating apps? Fret not, these social events are going to revamp everyone's social life in no time. NEPA Social Events has been helping singles in Williamsport connect with real and sincere singles and looks forward to another busy season of festive fun.

Meeting Single Women in Pittston Has Never Been Easier

Turkey, holiday shopping, Christmas music, and Santa… Oh, yes, the holiday season is among us! The binge-eating, holiday traffic, packed shopping centers, festive (yet frustrating) work parties and family gatherings, and—the most dreaded thing of all—those uncomfortable questions about one's single status. This year, singles don't have to endure another lonely holiday season because the largest social singles group in Northeast PA is hosting exciting holiday theme parties every weekend.

Single Women in Northeast PA Attend NEPA Singles Mixers

It feels like Halloween was only a few days ago, and now the holidays are around the corner… Where does time go? Those who are single tend to feel a little depressed and lonely this festive time of year. But there's nothing to get down about this year because there's something exciting happening in Northeast Pennsylvania. The largest social singles group in Luzerne County is hosting engaging and exciting singles mixers and parties all winter long. Singles can skip the holiday blues and have the time of their lives at these fun and festive events.

The Best Way to Meet Single Women in Bethlehem Is Here

The holidays are just around the corner, which can be a lot of stress for local singles. To help singles stay busy this time of year, the most popular singles group in Northeast PA has organized a jam-packed calendar full of social events and singles mixers. Each weekend there will be a new holiday theme party to help singles break out of the loneliness and beat the holiday blues.

Finally, the Best Way to Meet Single Women in Luzerne Is Here

This year the holiday season is creeping up earlier than ever before. To help local men meet single women in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, a popular singles club is hosting festive parties and popping mixers all winter long. The events are taking over the Luzerne County dating scene and stirring up a buzz with locals. Whether someone is new to the area and wants to develop new friendships or they're looking for real love, these events provide the perfect atmosphere for singles to mix and mingle and chitchat the day away. The organizers host social events with engaging activities that are fun, exciting, and relaxed. Members all over Luzerne County and the surrounding areas come out to enjoy the many exciting all year round singles events.

Single Women in Lehigh Valley Are Here Every Weekend

The holidays bring a mixed bag of emotions for people; some love everything about gift giving with loved ones, while others dread the entire season. But Northeast PA singles don't have to dread the holidays anymore. Thanks to a local singles club in Lehigh Valley, men can now meet beautiful single women in Lehigh Valley every weekend. The secret is out! These social singles parties are a hit with locals and here to stay.

Cheap Custom Made Hoodies from is pleased to present their "Design your own hoodie" for those who want to design, create or make their own hoodies. This place is for people who need hoodies that speak volumes about their style and personality. The place is also for people who want to wear something unique with a personal touch. has its own hoodie creator tool. The tool can be used by customers to design and create their own logos, pictures, artwork, quotes and many more.

PICKAFLAVAEVENTS & PROMOTIONS Nominated for "The Business of the Year" Award

Roxy Robinson, an inspiring female entrepreneur from South Africa and the sole owner of PICKAFLAVA EVENTS & PROMOTIONS is pleased to announce their nomination for the ROCCI & FNB Business of the Year 2017 Award. This is a true recognition for all the hard work put up by Roxy and her team. They have definitely made a special place for themselves in the industry of corporate and social events not just in South Africa but on the global map as well.

Mantra Yoga Announces 2018 Schedule for 200 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

LogoMantra Yoga Center, a leading yoga training center in Goa, is known for offering extensive and thorough training courses on Ashtanga Yoga. These courses offer the right guidance that can help students to transform and lead a holistic yogic lifestyle. Mantra Yoga School has announced the Ashtanga Yoga TTC Schedule for 2018, where RYT 200 hours teacher training courses will be offered by the institution. These courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals, two of the most recognized non profit organizations for yoga teachers.

The Peter Ferrandino Group Gets Properties Ready for Spring with Winter Rejuvenation Pruning

Property owners who are looking to cut down shrubs and hedges without destroying the structural integrity of the plant are encouraged to contact the Peter Ferrandino Group today to inquire about the benefits of winter rejuvenation pruning.

Independent Filmmaker, Teju Prasad Takes Cue from Zach Braff with New Kickstarter Campaign

Famed thespian Zach Braff of the hit show Scrubs and film Garden State did it so, why can't he? That's what filmmaker Teju Prasad is asking in his newly launched Kickstarter campaign - A.K.A. the new way films get made. In 2014, Braff raised over $3 million on the crowdfunding platform for his film "Wish I Was Here." Now, Prasad (who incidentally shares the same high school as Braff) hopes to do something similar. With homage to a Hindu auspicious number 108, he is seeking $100,108 for his new independent film. It's about what it's like to be a white, local, born and bred American Hindu in the heartland.

TucciPolo Launches Men's Handmade Luxury Shoe Collection on Indiegogo

LogoDesigner label TucciPolo is excited to launch its Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to further produce its high-end, handmade luxury shoe. The company's shoes help fill a unique market – one of designer, high-quality, dress shoes for men with larger than average feet. The Indiegogo campaign will help the company, with its fan and celebrity favorite shoes, to meet production goals and to increase overall access to the product.

WakeBake Co. Announces CHiLLCAP: The World's First Travel and Environment-Friendly Coffee Cap with a Built-in Smoking Pipe

LogoWakeBake Co. wants to help people glide through their busy week more easily by allowing them to chill out and perk up – all at the same time, if they're so inclined.

Burleigh Travel Announce Football Tours for 2018

When booking sports tours and tournaments with Burleigh Travel teams are able to rest assured knowing that they are in the best of hands, knowing that their tours are going to come complete with high quality accommodation and activities for players to enjoy in their downtime.

FloorSwitch App to Revolutionise the Way the World Sees Floors

LogoThe 'imagination gap', the point between a sample request and a loss of custom, currently costs the UK flooring industry an estimated £60 million per year. FloorSwitch is set to solve this problem with their revolutionary augmented reality flooring application.

Charity Shooting Event Raises 190k: Solware Comments

Last month Shooters at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School raised a whopping £190k for two charitable causes at its 20th annual charity clay pigeon shooting event – The charities in which the money was donated to are Great Ormond Street Hospital and Marie Curie.

Beautyrest Black Mattresses Now Available in the UK

LogoUK bed specialist MattressNextDay has just announced it will now stock Beautyrest Black mattresses as part of the company's new range. The experts hope the move will help customers who struggle to get a decent night's sleep using their current solution. Compared to some other leading mattresses on the market today, the Beautyrest Black designs available online and in-store are second to none. Hundreds of UK residents have already begun to benefit from the improved sleeping aid, and insiders expect that sales will skyrocket during the holiday season.

Velthor Introduces the S1 Concept, an Automatic Watch with a Soul

LogoThe S1 Concept, an all new automatic watch from maker Velthor®, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union Offers Low Rates on Credit Cards

LogoPolice and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU), which has 14 conveniently located branches in and around the Philadelphia area and New Jersey, is offering a great low rates on its PFFCU Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card and its Classic PFFCU Visa Credit Card. These low rate credit cards are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa and offer the same low rates for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. Members can save money because there is No balance transfer fee and no cash advance fee. There is also no annual fee. PFFCU Visa Credit Cards also offer the added security of EMV/Chip technology. Additional benefits offer added convenience including Visa Checkout, (digital payment service), Apple Pay (digital wallet), and Samsung Pay (digital wallet).

Rasdale Stamp Company Participates in the APS StampShow 2017 as an Accredited Dealer

Rasdale Stamp Company, a philatelic dealer and auctioneer operating in Illinois, participated in this year's APS StampShow. This was the American Philatelic Society's 131st Convention since its formation in 1886 and the four-day philatelic extravaganza was an event to behold.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Preps for Latest Fall Fashion Trends

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection recently made an announcement in which it shared several fashion tips for the fall. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection stated that fall is a season that brings big fashion changes every year. According to the company, "Every year, shoppers trade light and airy summer pieces for thick and cozy fashion that is perfect for the cooling temperatures." The Lauren Ashtyn Collection went on to indicate that, being in the style industry, it is in a unique position to provide tips on fall fashions, while it prepares for  these latest autumnal trends in its salons.