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Shoppers Can Create a Backyard Paradise At

LogoBernard is happy to announce the launch of his new website, This new marketplace offers customers a one-stop shop for top quality outdoor and patio accessories. Customers searching for firepits can shop a huge variety of free-standing options, including gas and wood-burning pits and tables, in a wide range of materials and styles. The website also makes it simple to keep firepit supplies organized, offering wood racks of every size and shape. When it comes to outdoor wintertime heating, the website's selection of patio heaters combines quality, efficiency and durability for the best array of portable patio heaters. Homeowners can complete their comfortable outdoor spaces with quality, weather-resistant furniture, including couch sets, bistro sets, canopy swings and so much more.

Fashion Designer diManolo Releases a 4-in-1 Belt with Therapeutic Properties Built for Modern Life

LogoThe Belt by diManolo promises to give wearers a therapeutic and fashionable approach to accessorizing with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO. Handcrafted and packed perfectly in a limited edition wooden box, the campaign promises up to a 55% discount plus free engraving to early bird backers and subscribers. The buyers will be making an investment in a revolutionary belt, the most cost-effective and yet delightful sartorial purchase available.

IT Pro-Turned-Repairman and Founder of Garage Door Repair DFW Touts "Automation-Proof" Career Paths

LogoFor Garage Door Repair DFW Founder Brett Wright, repairing a busted spring on an automatic garage door brings a sense of satisfaction unlike anything he experienced during his time as an IT professional.

Chicago Window Pros Provides Quick Installation of Wooden Windows in Chicago and North Chicago Illinois

LogoChicago Window Pros is a company mainly operating in the state of Illinois, and having more than twenty years of experience in the window installation, maintenance and repair projects. This company primarily provides its services to the people of Chicago and the Chicagoland Suburbs. Chicago Window Pros is staffed with many specially trained and extensively experienced installers who can offer all their clients an absolute excellent quality of artistry and professional services for any project relating to window replacement. All of these professionals are competent enough to install replacement windows that belong to some of the most prominent, well established and extensively known companies. From them, people can seek out the services of Pella window installation in Bolingbrook and Schaumburg Illinois. All of the products offered by this company are of the most superior quality and tend to have an incredibly excellent finish that assures optimal customer satisfaction.

Chicago Window Pros Offers Premium Services for Pella Window Installation in Bolingbrook and Schaumburg Illinois

LogoChicago Window Pros is one of the leading names belonging to the domain of window replacement projects. This company is majorly based in the state of Illinois and offers its services to the people residing in its diverse parts. Chicago Window Pros has been in the industry of window replacement projects for more than twenty years, and are highly trusted by the people of the community for their unparalleled professional service. Through this company, people can ideally install the best in class wooden windows in Chicago and North Chicago Illinois at their home, and subsequently, add a dash of elegance and sophistication to their residence.

FITLIFE Small Group Personal Training Classes Offer Health Benefits to Participants

LogoAmong the vast number of workouts and exercise routines available to people, nothing tops the array of health benefits of those combined in the personal training classes offered at FITLIFE. With 50 sessions available to men and women each week, FITLIFE is able to accommodate the needs of their clients — no matter what their schedule looks like. This semi-private training is perfect for adults and is one of the easiest ways to get in shape.

Retirement Planning Book Promises to Help People Negotiate the Challenges of Retirement

Ignite Press announced the release of The Renegotiation of Your Retirement: The 5 Essential Negotiations to a Retirement without Compromise by financial expert Frank A. Leyes.

SV Massage Wants to Help People to Build Healthier Bodies

SV Massage, a provider of massage therapy in Mount Laurel, NJ, wants people to begin building a healthier body and mind by incorporating massage therapy into their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly health regimen. Many individuals make an effort to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep an appropriate number of hours each night, but when they don't incorporate a massage therapy program into their health plan, they are doing themselves a disservice.

Anthony Jabre Confirms Addition of Martial Arts Project '14 Fists' to Upcoming Film Slate

LogoAnthony Jabre, CEO of Vedette Finance, has partnered with Ascendant Films. Amongst the other projects in development on Jabre’s new film slate, this separate multi picture deal signed with Ascendant Films, will include martial arts project “14 Fists” currently in pre-production. For more information about Vedette Finance contact or visit

California Gun Laws in 2019 Are Changing

LogoLAX Range is a shooting range located in California. They have all the most recent information when it comes to California gun laws. LAX Range is one of the most popular shooting ranges located in California, particularly in the Los Angeles region. California gun laws are necessary for any gun owners to follow due to their continuous changes.

Chinese Will Pay for the Wall – An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Dr. Gregory Finkelson announced today that he proposed a plan for funding the U.S.-Mexican border wall through a cooperative investment visa program whereby high net worth Chinese and other investors would fund the wall.

Stay Updated with California Gun Laws in 2019

LogoDon't let others who are against guns intimidate you from purchasing or using firearms. LAX Ammo knows of the long prejudice that many individuals face when it comes to firearms, which is why they created a list of all recent California gun laws. These California gun laws are what make sure that any firearm holders are carrying and using responsibly.

California Gun Laws Are Easy to Keep Up with with LAX Ammo LA

LogoNow that 2019 has arrived, firearm owners will want to know all the most recent laws. California, especially, is one of the most populated and strictest states when it comes to California gun laws. LAX Ammo LA helps their customers stay updated in this aspect. They have been updating their website every year with the most recent California gun laws.

Chef Murph Launch's in Philadelphia Metro This Month

Chef Murph Radio - promises to play music that is historically erased by traditional FM media practices" - will start fully broadcasting on 22nd February2019. This station will give opportunity to the new musicians of from all genres. The music to be played can be requested through Face book "Chef Murph Radio" or Website: There is no limitation about what you can hear like that of traditional FM Radio station.

SERCAIR: The Ultimate Air Purifier Launches Kickstarter Campaign

SERCAIR is an all-new and revolutionary air purifier that is more effective and advanced than all kinds of modern-day dehumidifiers, humidifiers, ionizers, air cleaners, ozone generators and UVC lamps, which are used to regulate indoor air quality. By combining all these technologies into one effective appliance, the creators of this amazing air purifier have achieved a technological breakthrough like no other. Moreover, they are now raising funds and support for this project in a recently launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and they are welcoming generous backing.

Phoenix Windows and Doors Brings in a Range of Impact Doors in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Florida

LogoAn ordinary window may not survive the onslaught of nature. The impact of a hurricane or a storm can be so high that it will leave the homeowners and business enterprises in shambles. To thwart such damage resulting from violent storms, having an impact door is necessary for the safety and security of the home and business.

Phoenix Windows and Doors Supplies Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida

LogoFor those living in an area prone to storm and hurricane, having adequate protection is necessary for them to live through such traumatic weather experience. Unfortunately, no solution can give a 100% guarantee that the home or the business will survive the force of apocalyptic fury of nature. However, to do nothing is equivalent to courting nature and succumbing to the wrath of nature which eventually leaves one's home or business in shambles and destroyed by elements.

Fence Installation in Vancouver: Comparing Chain-Link Fences and Other Materials

LogoAs an experienced fencing installation and repair team, customers often ask the friendly reps at QS Fencing Ltd. for recommendations when it comes to choosing a suitable fencing material. To assist customers, a new blog on the company website examines the pros and cons of some of the more popular options available today: aluminum fences, chain-link fences, and steel fences. For more, go to:

Knocking out the Little League with the Right Gear and the Perfect Baseball Bats is the go-to place to understand the best way to choose a baseball bat. In recent times, Little Leagues have given 43 players to the major leagues and pro leagues. It is indeed a great number irrespective of the fact that many young players drop out of the games even before they make their debut home run. It is a fact that baseball bats play an important role in giving the players an edge over their games. And many parents are not aware of the factors that need to be determined before buying a bat. This site is an attempt to help parents understand those factors and help them choose the best gear for their little champs.

Sailfish Fishing in the Spring

LogoCaptain Dennis Forgione and the crew aboard the Free Spool are ready to make sure everyone in the family, friends or business associates have an amazing fishing experience. One of the most popular fish to catch during the spring is the sailfish.

Fun for Everyone Offering Inflatables and More This Season

As a premier party rental company, Fun for Everyone specializes in bounce house rentals around Philadelphia, PA, and moon bounce rentals anywhere in Bucks County, PA. Though the company is renowned for these kinds of attractions, they also specialize in character entertainment, catering, and interactive games. They have been in business for nearly 30 years and continue to offer Southeastern PA residents with an unforgettable party for any occasion.

JT Spas Adds to Selection of Available Brands and Manufacturers with April Showers, Mayfair Taps and Showers, and More

As a supplier of bathroom products, JT Spas undoubtedly has one of the most extensive collections around. Its collection comes from a wide variety of manufacturers which include Aqualusso, Lisna Waters, Jupiter Showering, Lakes Bathrooms, Moods Signature, Phoenix, Hudson Reed, and a lot more. And now, it adds to its available brands and manufacturers as well with other names such as April Showers, Mayfair Taps and Showers, and more.

Pizza Pocket Hoodie the First Sweatshirt That Can Carry a Slice of Pizza

LogoThe Pizza Pocket Hoodie is the world's first hoodie that can cleanly hold a slice of pizza and keep it warm for hours. This patent pending hoodie became a "Projects We Love" just two hours after it was launched on Kickstarter on the morning of February 26th, 2019. The hoodie was created for those times where you wish you had a slice of pizza at the ready. The hoodie features a high quality screen printed pizza image on the chest and a zipper pocket that contains a removable, insulated, food-grade, washable pouch that can hold a slice of pizza and keep it warm for hours.

Group Fitness Classes at Horsham Athletic Club Push Clients Through Winter's Final Months

As winter drags on in the Northeast, dumping more snow and ice all over the region, Horsham Athletic Club offers upbeat and effective group fitness classes near Warrington, PA, to help motivate people struggling to keep up their New Year's Resolutions.

GMX Fencing Provides Property Owners with Security and Privacy Benefits

LogoMany property owners believe that the only reason to install fencing is for security if they have a pool or playset. However, the truth is that fencing is good for much more than just safety, and can give homeowners and their family everything from more privacy to a higher selling price when they decide to move.