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Rightway Waterproofing Helps Protect Basement Remodeling Projects

Every homeowner wants to enjoy a gorgeous finished basement--but flooding can ruin even the most carefully crafted basement space. Homeowners who are finishing their basements this spring are encouraged to protect their financial investment with help from the team of waterproofing experts at Rightway Waterproofing.

FITLIFE Helps Clients Achieve Summer Fitness Goals with Personal Training

LogoFITLIFE is proud to offer personal training in Bucks County and surrounding areas. For many years, FITLIFE has helped individuals maintain and exceed their personal fitness goals. This has resulted in weight loss, increase in stamina, sporting achievements, and overall improved health and wellbeing for hundreds if not thousands of happy customers.

California Woman Steps Forward and Expands the #MeToo Movement to Take on a Bank via Crowdfunding

LogoEvelyn is a small business owner in Ventura County, California. During a financing application process for her business, the bank vice president in charge of the financing negotiation sexually assaulted Evelyn.

Time After Time Honors Law Enforcement by Offering Citizen Thin Blue Line Watches

LogoTime After Time, a leading expert in watch repair in the Tri-state area, has added Citizen's Thin Blue Line watches to its online and retail stores, proudly honoring the law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect public safety.

Get Cool White No-Tie Sneaker Laces from U-Lace for Your White Converse

LogoAs a global leader in sneaker-personalizing accessories, U-Lace offers a wide range of tieless cool shoelaces including classic shades of white and black. The sneaker laces made by U-Lace are durable and elastic to fit you snugly for all-day comfort. You can lace them up on your white Converse and get going in style.

Total Soccer Offering Advanced Players the Opportunity to Participate in Exclusive Invitational Elite Training Groups

Total Soccer, the best place for personal soccer training in Montgomery County, is holding an Invitational Elite Training program for players who have surpassed the goals for the other classes and wish to hone their skills even more. Total Soccer has always offered inclusive training programs for children of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels; however, some players need more of a challenge, and the Invitational Elite Training Groups are the ideal way to provide that opportunity.

New Picture Hanger Makes Crooked Artwork a Thing of the Past

LogoAnyone who has ever hung a picture understands the frustration of struggling to keep the frame exactly level, only to have it knocked off-kilter later on. Dusting, wiping, kids playing and other common household activities can all leave frames tilting to one side.

The Shame of Life Is a New Party Game That Starts Fun, Weird Conversations

LogoThe Shame of Life is a unique new card game that will delight fans of party games like Cards Against Humanity. This new game features three different game modes to allow players to customize the playing style to suit their preferences and those of the other players. It also includes 100 distinct game cards, one of which a player will draw on each turn.

Unimat Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Its Smart Fitness Mat

Unimat is an all-new and technologically advanced fitness mat that is designed to enable fitness enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy a smart workout. From Zumba to Yoga or everyday workout exercises, this mat is a perfect blend of technology and innovation, and it will inspire the new generation of fitness loving people from around the world.

Love Yourself Love Your Business Launches Mental Health Awareness Month Cam-Paign for Entrepreneurs

In a bid to encourage thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders to prioritize their mental health in the workplace, cultivate an ongoing practice self-love and give voice to the ways in which the business can be an extension of the love, Love Yourself Love Your Busi-ness asks Entrepreneurs to talk about mental health using hashtag #EntrepreneursTalkAboutit

Strange Advance Radical Orbits Tour Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Strange Advance is a Canadian synthpop band from the 80s. Drew Arnott, one of the founding members, plans to lead a Strange Advance ensemble of musicians that include Sean Dillon, Ian Cameron, Will Chapman, Rob Bailey, and Howard Ayee in a 2019 Strange Advance Radical Orbits Tour. Besides being the founder of Strange Advance, Drew Arnott is also a gifted singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The band has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this tour.

Worlds 1st Washable Re-Paintable Soft & Squishy Children's Toy Line

LogoPopar Toys announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the development of their revolutionary new WASHABLE and RE-PAINTABLE craft toy line called Paint & Play. The company set out to raise $22,000 on Kickstarter to finish development and produce the first batch of their latest invention that is going to change crafting forever...not to mention save parents a ton of money!

Platinum Taps & Bathrooms Offering a Wide Range of Attractive and Durable Counter Top Basins

LogoDedicated to supplying bathroom and kitchen products with a difference since the year 2005, Platinum Taps & Bathrooms is an online retailer, with company headquarters based in the heart of Preston City Centre. With a wealth of experience in the home and bathroom industry, the family-run enterprise specializes in providing people with the finest selection of baths and taps at affordable prices. It rolls out the highest quality kitchen and bathroom taps at a price that is up to 70% cheaper than high street and the majority of online retailers. Platinum Taps & Bathrooms is bent on creating bathroom experiences that are both enjoyable and affordable for its customers.

AMBEROS Offering Authentic Amber Jewellery for Baby's Teething and Happy Mothers

LogoAMBEROS has been established with the passion to share what Mother Nature and the beautiful and stormy Baltic Sea has bestowed on humans. Amber, born after millions of years' depositions and careful sedimentation process, is in itself a miracle. After preserving this treasure for decades and generations together, AMBEROS has decided to share its pleasure with the world in the form of its amber jewellery for babies and their moms. The naturally born amber stone, a plant resin with a unique colour and properties, can be woven in any form.

WHISPER Bed Mattress Has Been Designed for Providing Good, Restful and Deep Sleep

LogoGood restful deep sleep is a prerequisite for a human's health and well-being, as it helps the body to recover and provides stress relief, increase energy level and strengthen the immune system. Those aware of the importance of quality sleep often look out for ways to achieve the same and WHISPER bed mattress is one such reliable way. It is the only mattress that adjusts to the sleeper's DNA to provide utmost comfort. WHISPER is a Dubai-based company committed to enabling people to experience restful deep night sleep with its innovative and high-quality sleeping products (mattress and pillow).

GlassTek, an Innovative Glass Company, Brings New IR Touch Frames to the US Market

LogoGlassTek, a leading US company offering premier glass technology products and services, offers a new product called an IR Touch Frame, or also referred to as Multi-Touch. This product fits on top of any monitor to make it an interactive touch screen display. This Multi-touch technology has been aptly named for the ability to simultaneously detect a minimum of 2 touch points, meaning where you have touched the screen. GlassTek offers a 6-point touch system, how many simultaneous fingers, on the screen, can be recognized by the touch overlay. "Being able to make any screen a Multi-Point Touch Screen display allows users to get creative with their applications," said Jin Pak, President of GlassTek, "such as interactive display tables where certain applications necessitate an accessible type of display laid out horizontally instead of a vertical display."

Bikes Guider Releases Its Full Guide on the Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Bikes Guider has released its full guide on some of the best mountain bikes in the market right now going for under $300.

Ultimate Patios Offers Outdoor Furniture from Tropitone, CabanaCoast, and O.W Lee

Leading outdoor furniture supplier Ultimate Patios is proud to stock a wide range of patio dining furniture for residents of Delaware County and surrounding areas. The company has been sourcing and providing quality outdoor furniture for over 13 years and are delighted to partner with top brands such as Tropitone, CabanaCoast, and O.W. Lee.

Urban Artisan Boutique Shares with Customers the Benefits of Owning a Leather Handbag

As a premium supplier of handcrafted leather handbags, Urban Artisan Boutique has shared its knowledge of the actual benefits leather handbags hold over other materials. For many women, a handbag is an integral part of most outfits. Handbags are perfect for almost all occasions, with leather handbags having a list of exclusive benefits that other materials can't match.

Men's Prom Attire Available from Buy4LessTuxedo

Buy4LessTuxedo carries an extensive inventory of tuxedos that are perfect for prom season. In fact, the Buy4LessTuxedo brand is known for always carrying an inventory that is unmatched both in its vastness, and for its competitive pricing. That's why all students, as well as all parents of students, who are currently searching for the right tuxedo for prom are encouraged to visit the company's website and browse the men's prom attire found there. People with questions — whether about prom tuxedos or other attire — can find answers online by viewing the Buy4LessTuxedo FAQ / Help Center page or by virtually chatting with a representative when prompted to do so on the company's site.

Union Roofing Offering Property Owners Roof Replacement This Season

Union Roofing, the leading source for siding services for Philadelphia and other nearby areas, is proud to be offering homeowners roof replacements this spring and summer. Now that wintertime is gone and over; homeowners may notice that it is high time for a new roof or have spotted a problem with their roof that happened during winter.

An Inspiring Book on Ending Transnational Terrorism Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Christopher Onyekwere is an inspiring author and Boren Fellow, who has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for his inspiring new book. The book is titled 'ISIS-TODAY: Weapon of Choice and Global Expansion', and it is aimed at ending the ISIS carnage around the world. Transnational terrorism by ISIS has devastated the entire globe and the author has discussed global solutions to this menace.

Jonas Brothers Tickets on Sale for Sprint Center in Kansas City at

LogoThe Jonas Brothers are hitting the road for a 40 date North American tour. One of the most anticipated tour stops is Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO on September 22, 2019.

Multiamory Provides Thought-Provoking Podcast Episode, "The Science of Jealousy"

Jealousy happens in all types of relationships, but what is the science behind why we respond with jealousy to certain situations? What happens inside our bodies and minds in response to things that make us feel jealousy?

U-Lace No-Tie Sneaker Laces Offers Unique and Innovative Navy Blue Shoelaces

LogoModular sneaker laces by U-Lace are all about the fun of heading towards a lace-free future. The company creates unique and innovative sneaker laces in a multitude of colors. You can buy navy blue shoelaces or simply go for classic black, the choice is yours. Apart from being an amazing invention, the no-tie modular elastic laces are made from woven materials for resilience and flexibility.