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Kentucky Author Publishes New Murder Mystery Novel

Books, Authors and Artists (BAA) is announcing the official release of the latest novel by Kentucky-based author Marc Hirsch. Hard Case will be available on and as of Wednesday, 15 July 2015.

Go2Brian Steps Up to Market an Advanced Eye Wrinkle Cream Formula

A new advanced eye wrinkle cream brand Andre Lorent has recently enlisted the help of Go2Brian, a marketing company for the marketing of their new eye wrinkle cream. Go2Brain has taken up the challenge of launching a marketing initiative to raise the visibility of their eye wrinkle cream within the beauty & cosmetics industry. Both companies believe that the superior quality of this eye cream with its Advanced Formula combined with marketing expertise of Go2Brain people will be aware of the best eye wrinkle cream the market has yet to offer.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group Inducted Into TripAdvisor Hall of Fame for 2015

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, and is one of the most sought after travel destinations for tourists. Staying in the right hotel can guarantee a luxurious experience filled with facilities, amenities and adventures. The Royal Cliff Hotels Group operates four award-winning hotels in Thailand, providing tourists from home and abroad with the ultimate experience. For this reason, The Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, Royal Cliff Beach Terrace, Royal Wing Suites & Spa and the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel have all been inducted into the TripAdvisor 2015 Hall of Fame.

The Top Health Publishes New Editorial About the Benefits of Ayuverdic Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an unusual technique developed hundreds of years ago in India, under the tradition of ayuverdic medicine. Putting a tablespoon of oil into the mouth and pushing it through the teeth, swilling it around the mouth and allowing it to rest there is said to have numerous health benefits when performed for 10-15 minutes a day. The Top Health has published a new article about these benefits, to help more people discover the practice and feel its effects for themselves.

Steampunk Junction Launches Jewelry Collection

Steampunk Junction has showcased its collection of jewelry in the style that has made its mark amongst women all over the world.

"Digital Banking Tips" Book Launched

Tolga Tavlas recently launched a book called "DIGITAL BANKING TIPS" that will provide tips on how to implement or improve digital banking services to bankers as well as professionals who either offer services to financial institutions or wants to learn about digital banking.

NYC Ghost Hunters Ushers in Paranormal Activity This Summer

New York City comes alive during summertime which according to the Ghost Doctors is definitely different than the dead of winter -- from a paranormal perspective -- making it the perfect time to take to the great outdoors for a close encounter of a ghostly kind.

Gay Marriage from the Inside Out: Meet Two Diverse Couples Who Will Share Their Journey with Us

LogoOn Tuesday, July 14, 3-4 pm Pacific, host Beth Green will be interviewing two gay couples about the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage throughout the nation. The topic won't focus on the fight for the right to marry. It will focus on the impact of legalization on gay people themselves.

The Finale to Zack Scott's Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy 'Their Dead Lives' Is Available for Pre-Order at Publishizer

LogoA Blanket for Decay is the finale to a zombie apocalypse trilogy from Zack Scott that has recently been launched via Publishizer. Zack mentions the trilogy, titled Their Dead Lives, is full of action, adventure, love, hate, good vs. evil, friendship, sex, destiny, and a few laughs. With some fantasy and sci-fi elements, this trilogy promises to be an excellent choice for people that enjoy suspense, non-stop action, romance, some satire, and zombies.

Millions of Dogs in the US Struggle with Stiff and Painful Joints Due to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that does not just affect humans as they age but also causes severe pain and stiffness in adult dogs. It is estimated that about 20% of adult dogs (older than 1 year) suffer with osteoarthritis pain and joint inflammation and a huge 80% of dogs aged 8 years old and above are affected. This joint condition is caused by the progressive deterioration of joint cartilage resulting in chronic joint inflammation and pain. Dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis suffer severely and since it is irreversible, there is no cure and lifelong treatment is necessary.

An Introduction to Movie Making: A Beginner's Guide to the Move Making Process

LogoMovie making can be quite mysterious to the filmmaking beginner. Whether you're a would-be professional screenwriter or hopeful film director, getting a grasp of the movie making process can be a great boost to one's confidence. (And help film industry newbies plot a course for their future career.)

What Is Script Coverage: An Insider Look at Screenplay Coverage

LogoScript coverage might be one of the most confusing aspects of the film business. (That and the films of David Lynch.) And as any would-be professional screenwriter knows, screenplay coverage is a vital next step to getting your screenplay noticed and eventually purchased for production.

Charmosa Swimwear Is One of the First Emerging Brands to Be Invited Back to the Phoenix Fashion Week Competition

LogoBikini designer and founder of Charmosa Swimwear, Neide Hall, has been selected to compete in Phoenix Fashion Week's Emerging Designer Competition for a second time. The continued interest in Charmosa comes from Hall's uniquely exotic designs that feature hand-painted patterns and hand-embroidered embellishments that make each piece unique.

Get a Spacious Chapel from Le Beaux Chateau to Make Weddings Special

Everyone needs a spacious chapel where they can exchange vows and get married in the presence of their family and friends. To fulfil this need, Le Beaux Chateau provides a spacious chapel to their clients. They provide a chapel made up of rows of gleaming hardwood pews that has a seating capacity of 160 people and can accommodate more guests in their standing room area also. Individuals who are planning to walk down the aisle in regal elegance, can opt for this wonderful place where natural light streams through the large windows.

Get Exceptional Amenities from Le Beaux Chateau for Wedding Events

Planning a wedding can be hectic and tedious and often requires professional assistance. To make this once in a life time event successful, Le Beaux Chateau offers excellent amenities for wedding events. The company offers ample space to their customers so that they can accommodate their guests in a hassle-free manner. The wedding coordinators of the company assist in rehearsals, arrangement of the ceremony and taking care of every other possible detail.

OctaFX Shooting Challenge Raised Money for Saints Foundation

OctaFX, an award-winning broker, has activated its sponsorship shortly after signing the contract with Southampton FC – English Premiere League Football Club. The first co-branded event was devoted to the charitable cause. Three prominent Southampton players - Jay Rodriguez, Kelvin Davis and Sam Gallagher were engaged in "OctaFX shooting challenge". By scoring goals through specifically designed OctaFX goalmouth, the players were raising money for the Saints Foundation, a charitable organization aligned to SHFC. Participation in OctaFX shooting challenge brought £3000 to the Saints Foundation.

Mole Street's "Molestice" Block Party + Music Festival Draws 1,500 Guests

On June 20th, 2015 Molestice—the annual block party + music festival for the summer solstice—returned to the 100 block of N. Mole Street for a day of live music, food and community. And community it was. Over 1,500 Philadelphians, Mole Street neighbors, families, tourists (and even wedding guests) gathered for the 30-year tradition. Differentiates the Three Basic Types of Photo Booths and Their Latest Innovative Features

LogoWith the latest trends in celebrations and parties such as kids' birthday parties, weddings, graduations, promenades, reunions, and corporate events; photo booths are fast becoming the hit and the highlight of every party. There are actually different kinds of such being offered by photo booth rental in Toronto, and they are: Unveils the Best Wedding Destinations of 2015

LogoOne can almost hear the wedding bells and imagine the best ways to finally say "I do" to the person one has dreamt of building a family life with. But what's more daunting is choosing the perfect location that suits both the bride and the groom's personality; the couple should be scrupulous in choosing the location with the perfect atmosphere to host the most-awaited celebration, the wedding. Advocates the Use of Safety Precautions to Take in Case of a Home Invasion Robbery

LogoThe world is no longer a safe place because of the alarming and disturbing number of crimes that people see in the daily news. It's no longer safe to walk in the streets even in broad daylight as criminals lurk around waiting for the perfect time to attack a defenseless prey and rob him with all his money and important belongings. Not only the streets are the places where robbers and thieves prowl to do their criminal deeds, unsecured and unguarded homes are also one of their best choices to rob and steal from; this makes even the homes perilous and risky from these criminals. on Choosing Between the Wired and the Wireless Home Security Systems - "A Life-Changing Decision"

LogoWith the escalating number of terrible crimes people witness watching the daily news particularly burglary and break-ins, they can't be too careful enough to protect their homes from people with criminal minds. This is why choosing the best ways to deter these burglars from illegally intruding the home is really imperative.

Alkaline Water: Not a Marketing Hoax but a Healthy Beverage That Promotes Homeostasis

LogoIncluding alkaline water in the diet is now the new trend in getting fit. This became even popular when Kate Hudson has admitted in one of her interviews that alkaline diet has tremendously improved her overall wellbeing. Alkaline diet is composed of regular drinking of alkaline water and eating green foods and restricted acidic foods so that people could maintain the PH levels in their body. Many were encouraged to drink this kind of water because of the alkaline water benefits that people could get such as detoxification, hair growth, improve mental clarity, and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Michael's Jewelers Named 2015 Best of Bucks Jewelry Store and Precious Metals Buyer

LogoFor the ninth consecutive year, Michael's Jewelers is proud to announce they have been named Best of Bucks Jewelry Store and Precious Metals Buyer. With locations in Yardley and Fairless Hills, their loyal customers have supported the jewelers and appreciate the personalized attention they receive when entering either store.

Kaleidoscope Solutions Announces Event Planning Services Available for Labor Day Festivities

LogoLabor Day weekend is one of the most anticipated three-day weekends of the year, as it marks the end of the summer season. The holiday is a popular time period for hosting premier events such as barbeques, launch parties, fundraisers, milestone birthdays, and more. To help with time management during the busy warm months, companies and individuals can receive event planning assistance from experienced production consultants. The premier event planners of the Philadelphia region, Kaleidoscope Solutions, is pleased to announce that they are available to provide event planning services for Labor Day functions.

Baton Rouge Louisiana G3 Community Office Votes Clayton Thomas and George Antarr (March 2015) Jeunesse-Global "Most Reliable" Team and "Top Sponsor" for FINITI Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.