Global Genesis Group LLC.

Global Genesis Group (GGG) is a USA based, private equity funded entertainment, digital media and marketing company. The business with offices in Los Angeles and New York is focused on the production and distribution of professionally produced entertainment product and live events. In addition the key division within the Company is focused on sports and consumer brand marketing. The Company uses our in-house marketing arm for internally produced or distributed properties across traditional and digital platforms. Corporate offices and our call center management is based in Nevada with an additional seven satellite marketing offices located throughout the US. The primary demographic focus for company entertainment properties is the kids’ market (3+). However our marketing arm works with brands that reach into all adult demographic groups. The entertainment and digital business is expanding to early teen and Young Adult (YA). While the Company is based in the United States, its reach and expertise is international. In fact, senior management has extensive experience producing, financing and distributing entertainment product globally. In conjunction with its private equity partners, the Company is looking at a myriad of opportunities to expand the type of media distribution platforms and media types owned within the Company mix. This will be accomplished through organic internal growth, acquisition and majority investment. Some but certainly not all areas the Company looks to expand into are: eBooks and eBook distribution, international marketing firms, digital media software development and platforms as well as search and analytics technologies. In addition to traditional entertainment product production, we are also currently producing programming for pure digital platforms. Because of our deep experience in brand marketing, GGG brings a unique perspective to its entertainment products (and partners), with a marketing focus that includes but goes far beyond promotion and public relations activities. The Company through its partner SBS Global combines the services of a promotion agency, premium and promotional merchandiser, consumer product sales, product placement, fulfillment and luxury merchandise consulting agency. In addition, the Company works with all the major and renowned sports brands in the United States (i.e. MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, etc.). With its seven marketing offices throughout the continental Untied States, the Company is able to offer its clients national and local marketing coverage in the USA and Canada. GGG engages actively in digital paid and social marketing on behalf of its clients and its internal products. In addition to sports and consumer brand marketing, GGG/SBS has a long history working with many entertainment studios in product development, promotional activities and project marketing. Because of its understanding and sensitivity to the needs of top global brands, whether they are consumer goods or sports oriented companies, the GGG has a unique perspective in the way it handles the launch and marketing of new and existing analog or digital properties. We have similar relationships with the professional sporting industry and work with many professional sports teams in the US, Canada and China. Consumer brand clients include (but 2 are not limited to) Pepsi-Cola, Verizon, Pepperidge Farms, Frito-Lay, Nabisco, P&G, Home Depot, McDonalds and many more. Our licensing and fulfillment business gives us deep experience, know-how and capabilities in all financial aspects of entertainment projects. Company management understands how to deploy projects efficiently and how to grow digital, live and analog businesses to mass scale. We work with our own entertainment projects or with third party clients to build a plan that combines traditional marketing with an online and social media strategy to help clients harness the power of online marketing. We have helped corporations revitalize and reintroduce stagnant corporate brands. Using SEO and SEM as well as targeted social media campaigns we are able to harness the power of word of mouth to build a brand in a relatively short period of time. We take pride in our disruptive brand-building pathway across multiple digital-media that builds audiences, drives revenue, and provides sustainable shareholder or partner value. In-depth internal SEO and analytics capabilities allow us to track and measure data to perfect programs. At Global Genesis Group our experienced marketing strategists help clients successfully launch effective branding campaigns for consumer products, business-to-business services and motion pictures. Our entertainment group has a combined leadership team with more than 100 years of combined experience in developing, producing and distributing successful properties for TV, movies, and now for digital distribution. With our focus on building mobile capabilities we intend to use mobile platforms for all devices to expand our reach for home grown and acquired properties.

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