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Hammock Chairs for the Warmer Weather

LogoThe spring weather seems to be feeling a lot like summer weather these days. For those thinking about spending some time outdoors, a great way to add some more enjoyment when outside is having great company and great conversation. For such an occasion, consider one of our hammock swings.

Enjoy the Fall Weather with a Hammock Chair Swing

LogoThe Hatteras Hammocks® brand immediately conjures images of relaxation, and its classic rope hammocks remain favorites among its loyal customers. The Cushioned Double Swing requires minimal effort to set up and it's so cozy, it's possible to doze off by just swaying back and forth. There is an optional canopy that can be attached to create shade and it's a great option for anyone wishing to relax and dive into a great book or maybe take a revitalizing nap. The swing is large enough to comfortably seat a person or two so customers can swing solo or have another person swing by their side.

Fun Towables for the Summer Season

LogoIf there is one thing we can all likely agree on, it's the fact that these summer temperatures are no joke! The weather is practically begging for spending the day cooling off on the water, and with Nicamaka's many freestyle boat towable products, customers can look forward to an incredibly fun and incredibly cool day this summer!

Stay Cool This Summer with Water Sports Products

LogoFor those that want to relax on the water with their friend, family, or special someone, the Pool-N-Beach Cabana is a lounger contoured to comfortably fit the body. The lounger has ample space for two people and it includes an optional adjustable shade canopy to protect from the rays of the sun. Use it at the pool, at the beach, in a lake, just about anywhere there is water.

Versatile Umbrellas for the Summer

LogoSkyspan Umbrella is an ideal solution for customers looking to transform a space into a setting such as a garden cafe, for example. Style, elegance, and durability are a trio of adjectives frequently used to talk about Skyspan products, which are available in four different styles/product ranges known as Panorama, Horizon, Sunset, and Vista.

Relax This Spring with a Nicamaka Hammock

LogoThe Nicamaka Sprang-Woven Hammock products are made with factory-dyed, high quality imported polyester by a team of skilled artisans. Each hammock acts as a beautiful accent to whatever setting it is placed in and it is designed for long-term durability. These hammocks are available with or without spreader bars. Choices include the Klaus CHENILLE Brazilian Style Hammock, the TRINIDAD Cross Weave Brazilian Style Hammock, and more.

Fun Products for Spring Break Courtesy of Nicamaka Distributors

LogoThe WOW Water Walkway 6' x 10' is large, rectangular walkway big enough to comfortably fit up to six adults and its design allows adults to walk on it if necessary while remaining soft enough for relaxation. The walkway is a great way to relax and unwind and it can also be used as a path to connect a pair of neighboring boats.

Special Outdoor Products by Nicamaka Distributors

LogoThe elegant Nicamaka Klaus Chenille Brazilian Style Hammock is a synthesis of beauty and simplicity perfect for the upcoming spring. It is a Brazilian style hammock which utilizes the incredible softness of Klaus Chenille fabric. The velvety smooth feel of Klaus Chenille makes the hammock supremely comfortable and it is available in four distinct colors. Customers can also add an optional matching pillow set.

Purchase Christmas Tree with Nicamaka Today

LogoFor customers with a limited amount of time to decorate, the pre-lit Christmas trees are a fantastic option available at competitive prices. Some of these trees include the Flocked Alaskan Pine, the Vickerman Flocked Aspen, and the Flocked Olympia Fir. The extensive selection of styles means you can easily find a tree to match your home décor.

Comfortable Hammock Chairs for the Fall

LogoThe Nicamaka Granada 34 Hammock Chair is a practical and elegant chair featuring a wonderfully comfortable sprang woven seat. The support frame has an inward-curved seat that provides comfort while also creating a cozy nook you can set up on the porch, in the corner of your home, in a dorm room, just about anywhere. It is available in a variety of colors including black, lilac, tomato red, and more.

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