Climate Change Activists Greta Thunberg Wins the Hearts and Soul of the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland

LogoGreta Thunberg, age 15, known worldwide for her school strikes every Friday at the Parliament House in Sweden until the Climate Crisis is treated as crisis, speaking from the Media Center’s Press Conference Room in far flung Building F upstaged the press coverage of Sir David Attenborough’s address opening the UN Conference.

The Power of CHANGE

LogoLife is all about Change! Our 'CHANGE EXPERT' is Jim Britt, Co-founder of the International Change Book Series. From the moment we were born, we learned to walk, grow and progress through life. Sometimes, complacency moves in. Many people today are stuck in their jobs, their careers and the future looks bleak. Are you one of those people who are looking for 'What's Next?" or 'Where do I go from here?'

Cat Talk Radio Launches on Voice America on January 11, 2019

LogoCat Talk Radio will launch on January 11th, 2019 through Voice America™, the leader in internet talk radio. The show is an outreach program of Cat Behavior Solutions and is hosted by Molly DeVoss, a Certified Cat Behavior Specialist. More information can be found at http://www.catbehaviorsolutions.org/

Metcalf & Associates, Inc. Will Enter the New Year as the Innovative Leadership Institute

LogoMetcalf & Associates, Inc is evolving. "We are a very different organization today than we were when we formed Metcalf & Associates back in 2001, so adopting a new name and brand identity is a logical next step in our growth strategy," said Maureen Metcalf, Founder and CEO of Metcalf & Associates, Inc.

Are You Handing Your Toddler the Keys to the Car

LogoIn today's world far to many of us our handing our kid's a phone and device without properly educating them on how and when to use them!!! If we were to give them the keys to the car without educating them first, would we be upset if they wrecked it? To many children are becoming addicted to their phones at a young age. Is the rise in suicide and depression in young teens and adults associated with increased social media use and electronics? Stay tuned for this episode to find out!!!

Part 1: Recap of Top 10 Episodes of 2018 W/ Actor, Producer, and Marketing Expert Gordon Fraser

LogoActor, Producer, & Marketing Expert Gordon Fraser will be interviewed about His Life & Part 1: Top 10 Episodes for 2018 on December 18th at 3pm Pacific Time by host Kristen Harper on "Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, & Motivated" radio show on VoiceAmerica.com.

WeConnect International- South Africa Leader Jean Chawapiwa Speaks About the Growth of Women-Owned Businesses in the Supply Chain

LogoKimberli Lewis provides surprising information about women owned business opportunities in Africa during her interview with Jean Chawapiwa, head of WeConnect International, South Africa. This interesting and thought- provoking interview with Ms. Chawapiwa will air on 18 December at 3:00 PT and be made available to stream after the initial air date.

A Merry Mindset with Thomas and Leslie DeSchutter Discusses Fun Mindset Strategies for Thriving This Holiday Season on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoThomas DeSchutter and his wife of nearly 20 years, Leslie Hopps DeSchutter engage in a fun and festive conversation about mindset strategies to take you from surviving this holiday season to thriving this holiday season. Listeners may recognize Leslie from television shows such as SUPERNATURAL, HBO'S A GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE TO DIVORCE and R.L. STIENS THE HAUNTING HOUR.

The Cervelo Cycles Story - To Make Riders Faster with Phil White on Voice America's Business Channel

LogoPhil White and Gerard Vroomen took their bike company, Cervelo on a 16 year roller-coaster ride from a basement workshop in Montreal to the pinnacle of triathlon and road cycling. They realised their dream of seeing their bikes win in the Tour De France,the Olympics and Ironman. Gerard and Phil built the most sought-after brand in the cycling world in less than a decade. Join us to learn from my guest Phil White about his lessons from this incredible journey and how he and Gerard faced the fight of their lives to keep the company alive. If you love entrepreneurship and sport then this is a show you simply must listen to.

Douglas Vermeeren, Filmmaker and Author of "Personal Power Mastery" to Appear on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoHave you ever fantasized about being in Napoleon Hill's shoes as he was gathering the wisdom of the world's leading industrialists for Think and Grow Rich -- but doing it today and getting guidance that is not only ageless, but spot-on for today's world? Douglas Vermeeren has done just that! This internationally renowned speaker, leader, mentor and filmmaker has interviewed 400 of the world's business and motivational leaders to glean the wisdom that creates Personal Power Mastery, the skill of leading a life of achievement and success on every level.

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