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51 States Is a New Short Film That Aims to Shed Light on the Dangers of Discrimination

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 12:22 PM CST, Fri, January 19,2018

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2018 -- 51 States is a short film set in a not-too-distant future that is eerily possible. In this dystopian future, there is a supremacist state that splits off from the rest of the United Kingdom. The inhabitants build a wall around the state to keep outsiders from getting in.

Unfortunately, the construction of the wall separated a Sikh woman from the rest of her family, and she must embark on a perilous journey to reunite with her loved ones. Even after she finds her family, they are not out of the woods just yet. The supremacists are hunting them and they risk execution if caught.

The end result is a thrilling tale that makes viewers think about the very real possibility that the world could become unsafe for people who are different. The film reinforces the importance of tolerance and acceptance to ensure that our world never gets to that point.

51 States was created by writer and director, Cassandra Virdee. As a woman of mixed race, she is all too familiar with discrimination in her own life. She created the story for the film with the goal of drawing attention to discrimination and the pitfalls of letting it go too far.

The lead role has already been cast and the creators are in the process of locking in actors to play other roles in the movie. They expect to film for four days but they still need to create sets, costumes and other essentials to make production a reality.

To help with this, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign has a funding goal of $13,500 and must receive the full amount by February 4. At the time of this release, the campaign had generated over $5,000 from more than 40 backers. However, there is still plenty of time left for the campaign to hit its target.

Those who contribute to the campaign will be rewarded for their donations. Backers who contribute $14 or more will receive a thank you on social media and a link to view the film online. The creators expect to have the film finished by February to deliver to campaign contributors. They will also submit the film to a variety of film festivals in June.

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