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A Super Cartoon for Kids: "Happy Friends" HAPPYTOON Released the 11th Season of This Super Animated Series

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Updated 8:15 PM CDT, Wed, August 15,2018

Chinese children have grown up together with the five protagonists: the lively Happy Superman, the lovely Sweet Superwoman, the strong Smart Superman, the cold Cool Superman, and the forgetful Careless Superman.

Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2018 -- HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd has released the 11th season of "Happy Friends", a famous Chinese cartoon also known as "Happy Heroes". The protagonists are five cute superheroes who fight to defend their planet from the invasion of a group of aliens. "Happy Friends" is the first superhero cartoon ever made in China. Since its first release in 2010, it has received the love and support of a whole generation of children and parents. In these eight years, HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd has released one season per year, more than 600 episodes in total, two movies, and thirteen games. Chinese children have grown up together with the five protagonists: the lively Happy Superman, the lovely Sweet Superwoman, the strong Smart Superman, the cold Cool Superman, and the forgetful Careless Superman.

This cartoon became famous not only thanks to its story but also for the team who keeps working hard behind the scenes. HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd has more than a hundred employees, and most of them are in their mid-twenties. They are enthusiastic about their job and believe that animation can be both educational and fun. They aim to make the world a better, happier, and more exciting place. Founded in August 2009, HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd employs some of the most advanced techniques in its animation, music, storyline, and design. "Happy Friends" has helped to promote the Chinese animation overseas, even though it was not easy at the beginning. Before its release, the Chinese animation industry had created many cartoons, but they were struggling to become famous abroad. Besides, the Chinese younger audience had no local superheroes to look up to. The market was focused on American and Japanese superheroes. "Happy Friends" was initially released also to respond to this need and its great success has shown that it was indeed a great move. HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd has received several awards, some of which are the 2012 Asia Animation Venture Capital Award for Outstanding Works, the China Top Ten Most Valuable Cartoons Award in October 2010, the 7th Golden Dragon Award for the Best Animated Series in September 2010.

This project originated from the passion and hard work of its founder, Leo Huang. Born in the 80s, this Guangdong animation-lover has created another famous cartoon called "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf." The animation became enormously popular with Chinese schoolchildren after its debut in 2005. In 2010 Disney gained the license to broadcast it on their Disney Channels. Father to a young daughter, Leo Huang considers his two most popular cartoons almost as his second and third children. He genuinely believes in what he is doing and always strives to keep up with the public's expectations. After the release of the first movie in 2010, he watched it more than 10 times in different parts of China together with the young audience. When describing "Happy Friends" in an interview, he mentioned that 'the idea behind this cartoon is to describe everything from children's perspective, avoiding what is not instructive and not suitable for their age. "Happy Friends" is as pure as the driven snow'. HAPPYTOON Co., Ltd. has succeeded in uniting the Chinese communities from all over the world. It has allowed parents to transfer their culture, language, and values to the future generations. After being broadcast in more than 50 TV channels in China, "Happy Friends" is ready to take up to the rest of the world, probably even to the stars and beyond.

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