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BEDR Wildlife Removal Follows a Proven Plan to Keep Wildlife Out of Commercial Properties

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Updated 10:33 AM CDT, Tue, May 14,2019

This press release is to announce readers that BEDR Wildlife Removal provides commercial wildlife inspection services following a comprehensive plan to keep wildlife out of the properties.

King George, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2019 -- As the population is rising, human/wildlife contact is becoming more prevalent. Virginia's Department of Game & Inland Fisheries reports that the expansion in population across the state has led to the increase in the number of wild animals in urban and suburban areas. The unexpected presence of wildlife on the property can alarm everyone and may put people lives at risk. Keeping this in mind, BEDR Wildlife Removal follow a proven plan to keep wildlife out of commercial properties in Virginia.

Designed by experienced professional, their wildlife inspection plan is consist of 11-step, including:

Step 1 – The inspection begins with client's call. The professionals then ask specific questions to pinpoint their wildlife problems.

Step 2 – They then investigate the site and identify evidence of nuisance animals that may have invaded clients' property and caused damage

Step 3 – The professionals then locate all points of entry to find out why varmints claimed the property as their home

Step 4 – Now the experts inspect attics, outside & interior walls, siding, roofs & ceilings, all vents & exhaust systems, foundations and outbuildings and everything in between

Step 5 – Now comes the process of documenting everything from damage, breaks or deterioration to structures allowing unwanted access to wildlife

Step 6 – Client's will then receive a detailed written estimate, after which the experts of the company work closely with them to find the best options for wildlife removal, control or exclusion, including suggested repairs and the most effective remedies for removal of contaminants or other biohazardous materials

Step 7 – Now comes creating a custom step by step plan to Evict Nuisance Wildlife

Step 8 – Once the plan is created, the company's experts during their first visit provide necessary clean up and repair of wildlife damage at the client's request

Step 9 – The professionals then suggest wildlife prevention strategies, including any structural alterations for immediate and future animal control problems

Step 10 – Next, the experts' co-ordinate with the clients to review exclusive wildlife removal, control & exclusion Guarantee & Warranties

Step 11 – Finally, they also schedule follow-up visits for persistent or on-going wildlife controls and problems.

Speaking about their services, a representative from BEDR Wildlife Removal stated, "Our Wildlife Removal and Critter Control Experts provide total wildlife control solutions to remove nuisance wildlife and offer pest animal control. We provide animal trapping and removal services as well as services to repair animal damage and offer wildlife waste cleanup when required. We conduct a thorough onsite inspection to identify and suggest actions house owners and companies can act on to exclude and keep wildlife from going back into your facility."

About BEDR Wildlife Removal
BEDR Wildlife Removal is a family-owned wildlife removal company serving the Greater Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland & DC. BEDR Wildlife Removal services include trapping and removing squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, rats, birds, foxes, snakes, groundhogs, beavers, and just about any wildlife critter that is evading homes. BEDR also fixes the damage wildlife animals do to homes and attics.

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