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BODYSOME Celebrates Their 50th Fitness Class Since Launching Their Premium Body Transformation Service in the City

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Updated 8:12 AM CST, Tue, November 21,2017

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2017 -- How? By moving, eating and recovering better, more consistently. BODYSOME is making a name for themselves by finding the sweet spot for these three fundamentals to make the city fitter.

The two sisters at the wheel of BODYSOME, Marietta and Paula, left the stressful office life in London behind, setting out instead to find the perfect formula for helping people integrate health and fitness into their lives, recognising the need for bespoke solutions. They're now some of London's most sought after body transformation coaches.

On BODYSOME's success, Marietta said, "Just exercising, without being aware of what we eat and completely forgetting about recovery is what keeps us from getting results. No wonder people dread exercise and find their motivation levels down. This costs people time, money and creates more stress. It's a vicious circle. I'm just so pleased we're making a positive dent in people's lives by helping them find their individual solutions"

The sisters founded BODYSOME after their own trials with the work/life balance in a busy city like London. Paula's results were so dramatic that her story was even picked up by Women's Health Magazine.

The tactics BODYSOME use to achieve such dramatic results include:

- A series of intense, but fun fitness classes

- Added support with personalised nutrition and recovery elements.

- A personal assessment and individual plan that fits your lifestyle, driving you towards your fitness goals.

BODYSOME is a unique, all-inclusive fitness programme, including 24 group sessions of integrated Training, Nutrition and Recovery. The programme provides optimum strategies specifically designed to get you lean, strong and healthy in just 12 weeks. Bringing movement, food, mindset and recovery into one comprehensive solution to reach your goals. There are no enforced memberships or joining fees - just book your spot in the programme and turn up twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays) at Fitness First on Gracechurch Street.

In a world where we spend so much time in our mind, this is a space to give the body the respect it deserves too.

Marietta or Paula Curteanu
Address: London, UK
Tel.: +44 1904 289 015
Email: info@bodysome.com
Website: www.bodysome.com

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