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Bucks County Soapstone Presents Easy Hacks to Declutter Kitchen Countertops

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Updated 10:41 AM CDT, Wed, October 03,2018

Perkasie, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2018 -- With a handcrafted artisan soapstone sink or countertop, homeowners gain more than simply a way to upgrade the decor of their kitchen; they have an authentic and one-of-a-kind piece of art that adds lasting beauty to the room. Bucks County Soapstone understands these benefits, which is why they're offering tips to declutter and create more space for stone countertops homes across Bucks County.

With busy lives and schedules, it's easy to get sidetracked and allow a countertop to devolve into no more than a place to store appliances, pots, pans, and even mail, bills, and other paperwork. However, with some creative approaches to space saving, homeowners can clear their soapstone countertops and truly enjoy the elegance they bring to a kitchen.

For instance, mounting a pot rack near the stove can free up counter space by moving pots, pans, and colanders out of the way. Additionally, many large utensils also feature holes or hooks for attaching them to the rack.

Appliances also take up a significant amount of real estate on a countertop. Bucks County Soapstone recommends that homeowners should prioritize which appliances they most frequently use, and move other devices to alternative spaces.

Knives may be an essential kitchen utensil, but knife blocks take up a deceivingly large amount of space. By using a magnetic rack, knives and other utensils can be stored out of the way, but still within reach.

Additionally, while it may be tempting to drop a microwave on top of a soapstone counter, hanging it under a cabinet or above a stove can create extra space without losing utility.

Following these simple tips from Bucks County Soapstone can help homeowners organize and arrange their kitchen to gain a true appreciation for their soapstone sink or countertop.

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