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Business Leaders Learn How to Lead Through Uncertainty from Wild Horses and the People Who Protect Them

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Updated 3:55 PM CDT, Mon, July 09,2018

Business Leaders can learn effective leadership skills from wild horses and the people fighting to protect them. While leveraging the wisdom of these formidable creatures can bring businesses greater success, the wild horses need help to survive their greatest threat: human policies that rip them from their herds, often sending them to slaughter.

Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2018 -- On Monday July 9th at 10:00 am EST, We Lead Radio will interview Neda DeMayo, President and Founder of Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary, to discuss her successful leadership strategies in her quest to save America's wild horses. Return to Freedom, in partnership with TeachingHorse, LLC, has worked with hundreds of leaders and executives to learn what wild horses have to teach us about shared leadership. Neda has found ways to educate and inspire thousands of individuals to take action, but her quest is far from over and the wild horses still remaining need help.

In an interview with We Lead Radio on VoiceAmerica, Neda shares the lessons she's learned about motivating individuals to action while maintaining confidence and drive against seemingly insurmountable odds, but there is still work to be done. On the Return to Freedom website (https://returntofreedom.org), Neda urges listeners to action: "Please call House and Senate leaders. Urge them to allow the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 113 in the House, S. 1706 in the Senate) to be put to a vote."

For more information on Neda DeMayo and her ongoing journey to save America's wild horses, tune in to We Lead Radio on Voice America Monday July 9th at 10:00 am EST (7:00 am PST), or listen to the archived show any time after the the show airs.

About Neda DeMayo and Return to Freedom
Neda DeMayo, president and founder of Return to Freedom, has worked for over twenty years on wild horse and burro issues with a focus on solutions, and is a recognized authority on wild horse behavior. Neda works nationally to elevate the status of America's wild horse and burros through advocacy, education, media, programs, and events. Today, Return to Freedom (RTF) provides care and refuge in three locations for over 400 wild horses and 29 burros who have been captured and removed from state or federal lands. RTF has pioneered minimally-intrusive, natural management of wild horses utilizing Native PZP fertility control, a method that has allowed the sanctuary to maintain horses in their natural social bands.

For more information, refer to the Return to Freedom website at: https://returntofreedom.org

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