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Canadian Author Kai Kazi Leaks Film Poster for Ocean of Oneness, Movie Based on Life of Rumi

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Updated 11:19 AM CDT, Thu, October 19,2017

Ottawa, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2017 -- Anyone who is a fan of Rumi's teachings and sayings will undoubtedly be staying up to date with the latest news and information relating to Kai Kazi's upcoming film "Ocean of Oneness", an indie movie based on the life of Rumi.

The movie, which revolves around the Persian poet and mystic, recently had its poster leaked which greatly excited and intrigued the fans of this feature film. Many are awaiting the portrayal of Rumi himself on the big screen, while also wanting to see Kai Kazi's directorial debut.

Canadian author and musician, Kai Kazi, is known for his previous works such as the Alien God trilogy and the Human Tragedy series both of which are of the genre of dark fiction. Thus, this new film will not only act as a breath of fresh air for the followers of Kai Kazi, but will also act as an amazing platform to see the extent of his ability and prowess in direction.

Rumi's Ocean of Oneness is set to be a psychological thriller, and will be a modern retelling of Rumi's life, answering a plethora of ancient and mystical mysteries that take place in Rumi's masterpiece, The Masnavi.

Featuring poetries from amazing poets like Rumi, Al Ghazali, Ashley Newton, Ahmad Saakamini and Inayat Khan, the movie will without a doubt be a treasury for people who truly enjoy literature.

Zahir Khan, a virtual artist and actor based in Montreal has been selected to play this role, alongside Canadian singer Sabina Rosegold. Zahir Khan has worked in various films such as Horn, Riddick, and This is the End. He will also be playing a lead role in the upcoming short thriller, "Into the Mind".

Rosegold is Canadian Electropop/Indietronic singer & songwriter whose debut album Rosegold Touch is coming out Fall 2018. Together, the duo plans on adding a touch of delicacy and mysticism to the film, allowing it to be a perfected retelling of Rumi's life.

About Kai Kazi
Kai Kazi is Canadian musician and author that is currently working on a movie called Ocean of Oneness, a modern retelling of Rumi's life that will answer the mysteries of his mystical masterpiece. The Rumi movie has already gained quite a lot of traction and popularity.

The film recently released a poster than has fans erupting with excitement as the look onwards to the release of the movie in the near future.

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