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Carlton Pools Advises Customers on off-Season Pool Maintenance and Care

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Updated 10:49 AM CDT, Wed, October 09,2019

Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2019 -- The falling leaves, cooling temperatures, and upcoming holidays that signal the start of autumn also brings about the sad realization that pool season is over. Those who are not ready to let go of summer yet might still sit by their pools waiting for the odd hot day, but most people are looking through storage for the pool covers. Carlton Pools would like to inform customers on the proper off-season maintenance steps required to extend the lifespan of all pools and equipment.

Off-season pool maintenance requires more than throwing a pool cover on, then walking away and forgetting it exists until next spring. Like all other home improvement equipment, pools need to be maintained even when they're not being used. Proper care and protection will ensure pool equipment doesn't get damaged during the harsh winter months so that it's prepared for its grand opening next spring.

Carlton Pools, Ocean County's leading swimming pool builders, warns pool owners to not completely drain the water in their pools before closing down. Instead, the water level should be drained to reach 4-6 inches below the pool skimmer. Adding winterizing chemicals, such as mid-winter algaecide and chlorine, to the remaining water will keep the pool safe during the colder months. When closing the pool, homeowners should be careful to properly secure the cover so that debris does not find its way under the tarp. Frequent cleaning of debris around the pool area and on the cover itself will ensure an effortless spring opening.

It's important for pool owners to keep an eye on their pools even when pool season is over. Those who are conscientious of the state of their pools year-round will never find themselves with unexpectant surprises or expensive repair bills. Carlton Pools also advises customers to think about off-season swimming pool renovations, available in Lehigh County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and more. To learn more, please visit https://www.carltonpools.com/.

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