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Crowdfund Offer Brings the "Amazon Lockers" of Cannabis to Investors

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Updated 11:32 AM CST, Wed, February 13,2019

Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2019 -- QwikLeaf, a technology company bringing automation to the cannabis industry, is announcing a Regulation Crowdfunding (Regulation CF) offer merging investors with legal cannabis sales. QwikLeaf's revolutionary new technology aims to bring automation to the cannabis industry using the world's first click-and-collect cannabis platform. The low overheads and high returns QwikLeaf has promised by the automated, custom-designed and manufactured kiosks and lockers make this a lucrative venture for investors looking to get in on cannabis sales with a promising return.

Besides the promise of rapid, on-demand sales through automation, what makes the investment so lucrative is the offering itself: For a $300 minimum investment, investors can grow and profit with QwikLeaf from legal cannabis sales.

And it's not just the market's rapid rise nor its impending maturation that investors can look forward to. In 2018, the market for cannabis sales was valued at $8 billion. In 2019, however, that number is projected to rise nearly 50% to $12 billion, eventually making its way to the $22 billion mark by 2022 -- and that's a figure sure to be helped along by QwikLeaf's rapid click-and-collect, automated dispensing technology.

This makes it the perfect opportunity for investors who love to get in early and reap the rewards of a new trend. Since cannabis, in general, has yet to gain mainstream adoption, QwikLeaf sees its technology as an "of-the-moment" opportunity, which will gain full momentum once cannabis has been legalized for recreational use across the United States.

QwikLeaf LLC provides cannabis retailers the technological infrastructure necessary to sell and dispense cannabis products to customers who want to purchase and receive on-demand. Since many cannabis stores face issues like long wait times and lines, as well as additional overhead and employee management during peak periods of sales, QwikLeaf's fast dispense kiosks and lockers would facilitate payment and collection of the product. Using their custom hardware and software, QwikLeaf relieves retailers of these burdens, enabling faster sales times, higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and safer payment methods.

The revolutionary new hardware-and-software combination would allow consumers to order online and then simply pick up their cannabis products at a dedicated locker or "cube". Dispensary owners and retailers will also gain easy access to the online space while the QwikLeaf platform gives customers instant access to products. A simple notification when the order is ready keeps the process neat and clean.

To maintain profitability, QwikLeaf plans to generate revenue from the sale of its custom software and hardware platform, "QwikCollect," featuring kiosks,lockers, and cubes. It also plans to offer retailers monthly and yearly software licensing options and, ultimately, integrate strategic partnerships through initiatives such as e-commerce, loyalty rewards, point-of-sale, inventory management, and additional components for a robust and profitable business model.

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