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Deepak Chopra and United Nations Leaders Join the Convergency for Special VoiceAmerica Broadcast

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Updated 12:10 PM CDT, Mon, September 09,2019

Dr. Deepak Chopra joins United Nations leaders moving into the September-October “event season” at the UN including “The 11 Days of Global Unity”

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2019 -- VoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, today announced the "11 Days of Global Unity and the International Day of Peace" show as Dr. Deepak Chopra joins United Nations leaders moving into the September-October "event season" at the UN. In this inspiring and deeply thought-provoking program (available 24-7 from September 6), Dr. Chopra is joined by UN Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury (previous Under Secretary General of the UN and President of the Security Council) along with other UN and NGO dignitaries and prominent community leaders from New York, Washington D.C. and California. The episode was broadcast live on VoiceAmerica.com on Friday, September 6th and found can be found on VoiceAmerica at https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/117205/11-days-of-global-unity-and-the-international-day-of-peace .

Dr. Chopra, an original co-launcher of the "11 Days" (in 2005 with Marianne Williamson, Jane Goodall, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and a host of others) discusses the human potential implications in his new book Metahuman (which will launch in New York City during the event season) with Ambassador Chowdhury, UN Committee representatives and leaders Monica Willard and Brandon Perdomo and prominent NGO and community leaders Rev. Sylvia Sumter (D.C.), Rev. Kevin Ross (Sacramento), and co-host Rick Ulfik (New York), a co-founder of the 11 Days celebrations.

Dr. Chopra is also joined by Heather Shea, CEO of New York City's famous United Palace, which will host Dr. Chopra's Metahuman event on October 2 (tickets: www.unitedpalace.org) and Claudia Welss, Chair of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Reprising the recent anniversary of America's moon landings, their discussions move from the implications of the "Overview Effect" of seeing Earth from the moon to exploring with Ambassador Chowdhury and the other UN and American city leaders the prospects of our planet actually developing a future "Culture of Peace". Global issues deeply discussed include climate change, racism and social justice, the advancement of women, the future for children, fundamentalism and terrorism, and many more.

Deepak Chopra and United Nations dignitaries headline this Special on The 11 Days of Global Unity and The International Day of Peace, spotlighting the Sept.Oct. United Nations and global event season. Dr. Chopra discusses his new book Metahuman, and its relation to the human potential themes of the Global Unity celebrations, with Claudia Welss of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Heather Shea outlines Dr. Chopras Oct. 2 event at NYCs United Palace. Co host Rick Ulfik, founder of 11 Days of Global Unity and WE.net is joined by the UNs Ambassador A.K. Chowdhury, Rev. Sylvia Sumter, Monica Willard, Brandon Perdomo and other guests from the US and Europe. Ben Bowler and Adam Collett of UNITY EARTH then connect these exciting 2019 events to upcoming India, Holy Land, and 2020 US and European events highlighting The Road to 2020 and the Caravan of Unity. This and our Aug. 9 VoiceAmerica Special outline the upcoming exciting 2019 2020 event panorama with details on all events. Join us

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