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Dr. Angela Wilson Launches Done-for-You Transformation Program

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Updated 6:15 PM CDT, Tue, August 13,2019

Interactive program designed to assist high-achievers stay on the path of success

Brisbane, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2019 -- Dr. Angela Wilson has earned the nickname the "Mind Power Lady" thanks to her work with individuals seeking to improve their productivity and become more successful. Wilson has launched her latest transformation program Done-For-You aimed at helping wealthy, successful individuals become mental suffering-free of the issues that plague them. The all-new program helps individuals retrieve wealth loss and secure lifetime success.

According to Wilson, many of the entrepreneurs and individuals suffering from mental and emotional issues turn to quick fixes. Expensive luxury trips, drugs and alcohol, excessive shopping, and poor investments have been the cause for many wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs to lose their fortunes.

While many people believe millionaires and billionaires have life easy due to the amount of money they possess, wealthy individuals are often susceptible to depression and other mental health issues. Due to the number of entrepreneurs who have become successful during the Internet age, mental health has become a worrying problem as more depression has caused poor decision making.

Wilson's Effortless Wealth and Success: Mind Power Refining courses aim to bypass the mental health issues entrepreneurs and successful people encounter. The interactive program can be accessed online allowing individuals to reach Wilson conveniently. Wilson has been featured on NBC News, ESPN, the LA Times, and numerous other media outlets for the work she has done.

"I created the Done-For-You transformative program to help individuals take back their lives and feel stress-free," Wilson said. "The program is perfect of global achievers looking to find mental freedom and power."

The Done-For-You program seeks to help individuals free the blockage that prevents them from learning and growing. Wilson's teachings and work enables them to erase the blockage to gain sustained positive results.

Wilson is capable of taking achievers out of their mind prisons Remotely. Here work transforms the mind into a wonderland helping them secure a lifetime of success.

"I have been able to interview and speak to many successful people from around the world," Wilson explained. "I have learned what made them successful and I have used their tips and ideas in my programs to teach others."

The successful motivational speaker has helped thousands with her programs. For more information on Wilson's new program and to become mental suffering-free, please visit https://www.achievers-resources.com.

For not-for-profit organisations, Dr Offer her service free at https://www.peacetalk.org

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