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Fountain Mountain Providing a Stunning Range of Fountains and Lighting Options

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Updated 10:01 AM CST, Mon, February 11,2019

Fountain Mountain is offering Kasco and F-tech range of indoor and outdoor fountains, including decorative and aerating fountains, and energy-efficient lighting options for fountains.

Santa Maria, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2019 -- Fountain Mountain is a leading provider of a variety of premium-quality fountains for indoor and outdoor use. The retailer offers a wide range of Kasco decorative fountains, aerating fountains, and aerators. Decorative pond fountains focus on pond beauty, and they aerate less than aerating fountains. On the other hand, aerating pond fountains balance between pond beauty and pond aeration. The ones that are only aerators work exclusively on pond health, with no decoration. Fountain Mountain also supplies its own F-tech range of fountains as a budget-friendly option.

While attending an exhibition event recently, the spokesperson of Fountain Mountain in a public interview shared, "We specialize in Kasco and FountainTech floating pond fountains. We also sell fountain pumps for tabletop to large fountains, ponds, or waterfalls (35-14000 gallons per hour). We sell solar pumps, synchronous and asynchronous fountain pumps, and inline and submersible pumps. Our customers can also get pond lights on our online store. We carry a variety of Kasco Marine products, as we consider them a reliable manufacturer that delivers quality and energy efficiency in every product."

Further, Fountain Mountain offers several energy-efficient lighting options and all of them are LED. Customers can get white, color or remote-controlled changing color options for their fountains. They can have LED pond lights in either hard-bodied composite or stainless steel fixtures. The RGB kits may be programmed with music. Some of the popular lighting options that the retailer provides are Kasco 6LED Light Kit Stainless Steel, Kasco Universal Stainless Steel 4 Fixture LED, Kasco Universal Light Set, KascoColorChanging-6, and Kasco LED-8012 Puck Lights.

The spokesperson also stated, "While we sell our products to homeowners, we also continue to work with HOAs and municipal projects on 30-day terms. At Fountain Mountain, our customers can choose from a variety of Kasco decorative fountains that are available in many displays. They offer the classic V pattern. On the other hand, for more aeration with a beautiful display, we have Kasco aerating pond fountains that are energy efficient, available in up to 5hp. We offer free shipping on these fountains, while our customers can also enjoy discounts that we keep providing on our products."

Customers that buy aerator fountains for ponds receive a great combination of aesthetic pleasure with utility. Surface aeration of the pretty kind comes from the use of fountains. A pump is placed beneath a float and a fountainhead is placed above. Agitation under the water decreases stratification. In addition, the water is forced into the air so that the pond's water is always being re-circulated. Surface aeration, with fountain lights, can give a nice display, and yet at the same time get lots of aeration done to enhance pond health.

About Fountain Mountain
Fountain Mountain was established as an online business in the year 1999 selling tabletop fountains online. Since then, it has come a long way to be delivering top-quality products and true value to its customers. The retailer offers a wide range of fountain for pond, including aerators, aerating fountains, and decorative fountains. While Fountain Mountain supplies beautiful pond fountains, it also provides floating fountains, pond lights, fountain parts, pond treatments, and fountain and pond pumps.

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