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Go Wild Helicopter Hog Hunting This Winter with Skyhunters Outfitters LLC

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Updated 12:39 PM CDT, Thu, October 12,2017

Bonham, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2017 -- Save the eco-system of the beautiful state of Texas while experiencing the ultimate aerial hog hunting adventure, and even keep the ham. Feral hogs, not indigenous to the area, have swelled in ranks in the last 300 years and are extremely destructive, causing major damage to crops, the environment, to domestic animals, even attacking humans.

A recent study shows the population of feral hogs is estimated to be up to 5 million. In order to keep the wild pigs in check, 7 of every 10 hogs must be killed. Hunting from the ground can be hot and difficult as the pigs are always on the move, and can scatter and hide. Skyhunters Outfitters LLC has come up with a unique solution.

The passing of House Bill 716, also known as the "Pork Chop Law", has allowed Skyhunters to make agreements with landowners to rid them of the feral pests by taking shooters helicopter hog hunting over their lands. Landowners are happy as the shooters thin the ranks of the hogs, protecting them from costly damage of feral pigs running hog wild, while hunters can enjoy bragging rights to this one of a kind experience.

For helicopter hog hunting Texas, Skyhunters Outfitters LLC is the ultimate place to be. Owner and Operator Chris Hitt, a native to the area, has been hunting there all his life. A helicopter pilot, with 15 years of flying experience, his knowledge of hunting, the area and wildlife, coupled with his experienced support staff, has earned Skyhunters Outfitters LLC a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted companies to provide the best hog hunting in Texas.

A Skyhunters representative stated, "We provide an invaluable service to landowners, helping to prevent damage to land and crops, while providing a tailored hog hunting experience of a lifetime."

About Skyhunters Outfitters LLC
Owned and operated by a US Army Veteran and former Calvary Scout Pilot Chris Hitt along with his qualified staff, Skyhunters Outfitters LLC provides shooters with the ultimate aerial feral pig hunting experience. Help preserve the state of Texas while experiencing this unparalleled opportunity.

Hunters that want to experience helicopter hog hunting can visit https://sky-hunters.com/.

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