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Homeowners Can Free Crawl Spaces from Mold and Mildew with Dehumidifiers

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Updated 10:29 AM CDT, Mon, October 07,2019

Let's Remove Mold from The Crawl Space Faster

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2019 -- Dehumidifiertable Air Quality Control INC 2019, the dehumidifier review platform - has advised that homeowners wishing to remove mold from the crawl space of their home as winter approaches should consider installing a dehumidifier. Thousands of buildings each year have their foundations compromised due to high humidity levels. If untreated, this can lead to the building collapsing or developing serious structural problems Excessive humidity is also known to cause health problems. The dehumidifierTable team is advising homeowners to install a dehumidifier in their crawl space to curb the menace of high moisture.

The crawl section is a space constructed below the normal house level. This area serves a number of different purposes. Some people use it for duct work or electrical wiring and plumbing etc. while others are guilty of treating it as a dumping ground. Whatever purpose the crawl space serves, most lack ventilation, meaning moisture coming from the ground level has nowhere to go. It builds up over time, thereby causing mould formation and infestation.

Mold and mildews can appear as dark spots or discoloration on walls where humidity levels exceed 60%. Moderating the level is key to maintaining a healthy crawl space, but can a dehumidifier protect crawl spaces from high moisture?
[Fred Oley][Products Reviewer] said, "A dehumidifier is designed to withdraw moisture from the atmosphere by passing collected air over its refrigerant coil and dumping it inside the unit tank or into the drainage as condensation. As such, a dehumidifier regulates the humidity level to discourage the growth of allergens.

"There is no doubting the effectiveness of a dehumidifier as moisture reduction device. Mounting one in your crawl is going to benefit you."

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