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Influencers Shop for Free- Trendship Launched March 2018

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Updated 1:53 PM CDT, Mon, March 12,2018

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2018 -- TRENDSHIP (http://www.trendship.com), an online platform for Influencers to shop free products and services in exchange for Instagram posts, launched in March 2018.

TRENDSHIP allows Influencers to shop a myriad of products and services, completely free, and Brands to choose who they want promoting their products. It's a simple process: when an Influencer joins TRENDSHIP, they're asked to link their Instagram profile. After entering their shipping address, they may begin shopping the Brands they love. Only once a Brand has approved of an Influencer's request can they begin communicating.

It's an effortless process for Brands, too; finding the right people to support one's Brand has never been easier or more cost-effective. After answering a few questions and providing links, Brands pay a $50 fee for each promotional "Trendship". There is no limit to the number of products or services a Brand can offer in a single Trendship, which provides emerging Brands with an equal opportunity for exposure alongside distinguished Brands. Trendship's focus is on keeping things mutually beneficial for all involved parties.

Before TRENDSHIP, businesses had to do the work of determining who is right for their Brand with their own research, using expensive outsourcing, or costly intermediaries. From there, the Influencer— who often has little to no interest or knowledge about the service/ product— would typically reply with their rate of payment (i.e.: "I will post about your product, with hashtags, for $50.00-$10,000"). TRENDSHIP takes away the awkward payment song and dance, eliminating any uncertainty between Brands and Influencers. No more guessing whether an Influencer will want to promote your products: on TRENDSHIP, Influencers are the ones interested in the Brands, having fallen in love with, or developed an interest in them already. All of TRENDSHIP's Influencers have agreed to exchange accolades for the free products and services offered— if they violate that agreement by asking for additional payment, they are banned from our site. TRENDSHIP is revolutionizing the collaborative relationship between Influencers and Brands, keeping things smooth, stress-free, and professional. And asking the questions, "What is better for a business's image than a genuine endorsement from someone who believes in your product? And what is better than free stuff?"

Founded in 2017 by the CEO of Sternbach Holdings LLC, Eli Sternbach, and social media strategist/founder of Morning Coffee Creative, Steven Martinek, near NY's Empire State building, TRENDSHIP has garnered attention from major movers and shakers online— despite a silent launch. Magazine editors, radio hosts, professional athletes, food bloggers, travel writers, etc. are touting TRENDSHIP as an essential secret weapon for one's marketing tool belt.

For more information visit http://www.trendship.com.

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