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Jumbie Art Continues to Provide Colorful, Unique Rave Clothing to Festival Attendees Across the United States

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Updated 3:43 PM CST, Thu, December 28,2017

Jumbie Art is an art and apparel company with a passion to providing people with premium quality, beautifully designed rave clothing and festival gear. Founded in 2008, Jumbie Art has expanded its audience, reaching massive festivals such as Electric Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, Bonnaroo and more! With an incredible track record of customer satisfaction, and a staff of artists passionate about the entire music festival scene, Jumbie Art is a rave clothing company that cannot be emulated elsewhere. Visit them at 315 West 7th Street San Pedro, CA 90731 (Jumbie@JumbieArt.com).

San Perdro, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2017 -- Jumbie Art specializes in psychedelic art that is printed onto rave clothing. When exposed to a black light, a unique effect is achieved that can not be found in any other rave clothing brand. Each collection of rave clothing that is released utilizes the same psychedelic effect, tying Jumbie Art customers together, both old and new.

Jumbie Art takes art as its primary purpose. Jumbie Art has real artists working behind the scenes to create original pieces that are later transferred to clothing, creating high quality, unique rave clothing and festival attire. Each piece is created with passion and the soul of major festivals such as Electric Forest and Bonnaroo in mind. Through this, Jumbie Art's rave clothing is able to capture the essence of each festival in a breathtaking, psychedelic pieces of clothing.

Each collection that is released by Jumbie Art has a unique vibe and aesthetic while still capturing the same psychedelic effect that made Jumbie Art so unique and amazing in the first place. Jumbie Art keeps the creativity of their audience in mind when designing rave clothing. A majority of Jumbie Art rave clothing are reversible and or can be worn in a variety of different ways. This allows people who shop with Jumbie Art to express themselves with unique rave clothing in their own unique way. Additionally, this allows festival attendees to keep themselves warm in winter/ spring festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, and cool in summer festivals like Burning Man.

About Jumbie Art
Jumbie Art has operated for almost a decade with a passion to bring the highest quality art and rave clothing to new customers and returning customers. Because of the company's passion for the music festival scene, as well as its hands on involvement in festivals such as Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Lightning in a Bottle and more, Jumbie Art has been able to create a unique brand, with unique rave clothing unique to itself.

For more information, visit them at 315 West 7th Street San Pedro, CA 90731.

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