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Jumbie Art Opens a Riveting Booth at Electric Forest and Other Major Festivals Showcasing Unique and Innovative Art and Rave Clothing

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Updated 12:22 PM CST, Fri, January 19,2018

Jumbie Art is an art and apparel company dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality artwork and products. In order to make their artwork more accessible to the standard festival attendee, Jumbie Art has taken their art and transposed it onto unique, high-quality rave clothing. The combination of high-quality United States crafted materials, as well as carefully constructed pieces of art, make for a collection of rave clothing that cannot be mimicked or found elsewhere. Visit them at 315 West 7th Street San Pedro, CA 90731 (Jumbie@JumbieArt.com).

San Perdro, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2018 -- Jumbie Art's rave clothing is created in a specific manner so when shown under a blacklight, an illusion of movement is created. Black lights are prevalent in major festivals such as Electric Forest and Bonnaroo allowing individuals who wear Jumbie Art rave clothing to take full advantage of it's hidden visual aesthetic. When not at a festival, Jumbie Art's high-quality material makes any item from the Jumbie Art rave clothing collection the perfect comfy addition to any everyday outfit.

Jumbie Art also has a wide selection if differing collections of rave clothing designs to choose from. Taking inspiration from concepts such as space, all the way to inspiration from ancient Egypt, each rave clothing collection is completely unique while still capturing the same illusion that makes Jumbie Art so famous. From color to design, Jumbie Art has a collection to appeal to every festival lover.

In addition to having the drive to create the highest quality rave clothing possible, Jumbie Art also has an incredibly unique connection to its fan base. Jumbie Art often sets up stands at major festivals such as electric forest and Bonnaroo. These stands are meant to allow the staff at Jumbie Art to connect with their fans as well as offer unique rave clothing to create the best experience possible.

About Jumbie Art
With a line of rave clothing that cannot be found anywhere else, and with a connection with their customers that is completely unique, Jumbie Art offers a brand experience filled with quality and care. With almost a decade of experience under their belt, Jumbie Art continues to expand its collection with high-quality art. If you are looking for a unique look and or high-quality rave clothing, be sure to look for Jumbie Art's booth at major festivals such as Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Lightning in a Bottle and more.

For more information, visit them at 315 West 7th Street San Pedro, CA 90731.

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