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Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Female-Centered Book on Coding to Help Readers Start Programming in Less Time

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Updated 9:00 AM CDT, Wed, October 23,2019

Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2019 -- Women are more likely to have full-time careers while also taking on caregiving responsibilities. In turn, women with full-time jobs and outside responsibilities have less free time for career development but skill-building opportunities such as coding bootcamps are major time commitments. With this in mind, Data Scientist Orthi Rabbane created The Python Planner: Beginner Coding for 30 Minutes a Day to make coding more accessible to everyone by reducing the amount of time necessary to learn basic coding skills.

This book was written with the objective of helping readers understand how to develop useful Python code quickly and effectively, using a minimal and functional approach. Python is a programming language with a large and growing community and is the tool of choice for many professionals for its wide applications and intuitive syntax. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for print production. Contributors will be able to receive one of the first print copies of the book. Printed in the United States, The Python Planner will be released as a softcover book.

In the words of Rabbane, "I wanted to give people that foundation I wish I had so that they could get started with the right set of lessons, have plenty of time to practice those skills over several exercises, and confidently continue their Python journey. This book strives to provide readers with the same immersive language-learning experience they would gain in visiting a foreign country. By centering on skill-building and problem-solving, this book will help students get started in writing useful programs in Python right away."

Orthi Rabbane created The Python Planner to help readers develop a fundamental skill set to start programming while practicing reasoning skills with exercises focused on solving real-life problems. The curriculum is tested on Johns Hopkins students in non-STEM fields for several semesters with successful results. The book was also reviewed by a test team of 21 readers, 18 of which were women. The book includes more than 70 exercises, solutions and sample code, alongside an introduction to popular libraries and guided projects with warmups to help readers further their education. Students will learn how to automate tasks, interact with websites, send messages through an email server, pull and analyze tweets from the Twitter API, and more in just 4 weeks.

To learn more about the campaign, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/725769191/the-python-planner-beginner-coding-for-30-minutes-a-day?ref=1ybij6

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