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Living to 100? Club Turning Aging on Its Head

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Updated 10:00 AM CDT, Wed, October 02,2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Traits And Lifestyle Secrets Of People Who Live To 100 Are Revealed By Experts In A Live Interview On Voice America

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2019 -- The Living to 100 Club Radio Show will interview Nick Buettner, an expert who has studied the world's Blue Zone, at 2 pm PT on October 11, 2019, on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel, VoiceAmericaHealth.com.

Blue Zones are the geographical regions around the world, where people have lower rates of chronic disease and are home to some of the world's oldest people.

Blue Zones
Five geographical areas on the world map have extremely high rates of centenarians - the Greek island Ikaria; Okinawa, Japan; the Ogliastra region of Sardinia; Loma Linda in Southern California; and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. There may also be other such geographical areas as yet unidentified.

Researchers, Dan, and Nick Buettner, alongside their colleagues, have identified certain traits and lifestyle factors that are common to the oldest living people in these Blue Zones. Nick will be discussing these factors, including nine diet and lifestyle factors – the Power 9 © that keep people spry past the age of 100.

Research published by the National Institute of Health in 2016 on the topic of longevity shows that genetics accounts for only 25 to 30% of a long life, while a whopping 70 to 75% is decided by lifestyle. This suggests that we have more control over our life span than previously thought and modifying our diet and lifestyle could promote successful aging.

Is your lifestyle consistent with the traits shown to be common to longevity?

Tune in to learn about Nick's expeditions around the world to explore these areas where people are living longer, better lives.

Nick is taking these incredibly important longevity lessons to 50 communities across the United States - learn more on the show.

The Living to 100 Club, is the creation of geropsychologist Dr. Joe Casciani and focuses on re-thinking stereotyped views about getting older and throwing off the limitations we put onto older adults.

Living to 100 is as much a mindset as it is a destination - club members don't slow down in their advancing years, successful aging means coping with whatever struggles come their way.

Join us every Friday at 2:00 pm PT for LIVE INTERNET TALK RADIO on the Voice America Health and Wellness Channel, VoiceAmericaHealth.com.


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