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Méa Collection Launches New 3d Mascara Duo in the United States

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Updated 7:15 PM CST, Thu, January 17,2019

Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2019 -- To celebrate this important event for the company, the company has added free eyeliner to the 500 mascara boxes. that means 1 in every 10 purchases, mea customer will get mea's calilliner for free. The Duo Kit. The kit is available for purchase at their brand website and on amazon with prime delivery. Additionally, the company's running another special promotion: first-time customers will get a 20% discount for their first purchase of Mea's 3d Mascara Fiber Lashes (details below).

Mea's Latest Addition took 10 months to hit the market. According to Mea's officials, the most recent entry in their catalog is a quality product, which took approximately 10 months to be ready: 6 months were needed to create and perfect the formula behind the final version of the Mascara and an extra 4 months were required to actually make the product line.

Mea's 3D Mascara Duo Fiber lashes – the most important feature is that they are designed to provide length and volume to eyelashes and Mea's new line of products stays true to this concept. Mea's 3D Mascara comes in a personalized box, together with Magnifying Gel and All Natural fiber. These are standard additions for a line of products that has the purpose to replace extension gels.

In the features' department, the 3D Mascara Duo Fiber lashes is all natural and easy to clean product, which is also smudge-proof, has high Resistance to run & sweat and stays on all day without running down. The solution is made with non-toxic ingredients that are safe for most sensitive types of skin.

Useful Tips on 3D Mascara from Mea:

-use Mascara wand to ensure there is no clumping (the wand is included in the box)

-use proper eye makeup remover and be sure to take off Mascara before going to bed in order to keep your lashes healthy, strong and to prevent them from breaking

*The above-mentioned details can be found under the products' description on Mea's official website (link to the product page).

How does the new 3D Mascara Duo work – Mea explains

The 3D Mascara fiber lashes line is designed to enrich the eyelashes in a very easy and straightforward way. It requires a simple 3-step application. During the first step, users are advised to apply an even coat of Transplanting gel to lashes, followed by the 3D fibers while the gel is still wet. The third step consists of sealing the 3D Fibers with the Gel used at step 1. The process must be repeated until the preferred fullness of the lashes is achieved.

For best results, Mea recommends doing step one and step two on the same eye, then moving to the second eye for the same procedure. Step three should be done after the first two steps are completed for both eyes.

About Mea's brand
Mea's Collection was founded in Bangkok. The term "Mea" is derived from the word ?? [Thai me-ah], which describes a strong and bold woman, who is married or engaged. As a small family business run by a dedicated and passionate couple, Mea was designed to become a durable, high-quality and affordable solution to customers all over the world.

The company started in late 2017 and launched its first product, a waterproof eyeliner, during the first months of 2018. The eyeliner turned out to be such a big hit that its first lot was already sold in under a month. Following this success, Mea decided it was time to work on a follow-up product: the 3D Mascara Duo Fiber lashes. Mea's offering delivery in 14 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and more. Including Free shipping within the United States. They offer 7 days customer service and has a satisfaction or money-back guaranteed policy.

The 3D Mascara' s Duo Launch promotions reminder, the company's running another special promotion: First-time customers can get a 20% discount for their first purchase of Mea's 3d Mascara Fiber Lashes (link to the signup page https://www.mea-collection.com/news-special-offer)

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